Why Detox? Try Detoxing With Me!!!

by Vashte on July 29, 2012

Why I choose to DETOX…

We live in a fast paced, hectic world and it is not slowing down for anyone. Our lives revolve around technology; encouraging us to expect things completed immediately, leaving us wondering why we have why we have to wait…for anything. We want it all ..and we want it now.
How does this translate to the quality of life for the average human being? Poorly, in my opinion.
Look around and spot someone freely smiling or looking relaxed as you walk the streets! This is a rare person in any country. Our stress levels are through the roof and time is a commodity no one appears to have enough of.
So what happens to our quality and choice of food we eat as a result of this fast paced lifestyle we live? Again, it results in poor choices revolving once again around that microwave mentality where we want it now, packaged, processed, frozen and ready to go. Fast food society for a throw away society.
It is time to stop and smell the roses before we become the fertiliser FOR the roses before our time is due. Poor quality fertiliser too if if we have been eating that fast food, frozen food and prepackaged foods..we will more likely kill the roses themselves!
Come detox with me!
Detox that amazing body of yours- and yes it is amazing- You are still standing after all the garbage you throw at it, are you not? This body is nothing short of a living miracle for many people in 2012.
What are the benefits of detoxing the  body from the toxic load it carries each and every day? So many I can not name them all! Here are just a few good reasons I personally detox my body, they might benefit you too:

  • can improve the immune system and it’s function so that it can fight illnesses WITHOUT the need or use of drugs. The height of ridiculousness to me: the flu injection.
  • can help eliminate free radicals (the bad guys that makes you grow old before your time and help to keep you sick); as well as can help eliminate toxins.
  • can build the body’s ability to fight cancer cells and generate healthy cells- rock on.
  • can help to cleanse the digestive tract of mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation = keeps the body regular, reduces auto-immune disorders, flushes toxins and waste resulting in less bloating and fat/toxin storage.
  • can help purify the blood
  • can build the body’s ability to reduce ‘addictions’  – to sugar, salt, high Glymemic Carbohydrates (sugar), alcohol, junk foods, nicotine…

Simply put a detox can:

  • lessen the strain on the organs in the body. These organs are designed for many reasons, only one of which is to cleanse the  body. By overloading them with the job of cleansing, they can not function effectively and efficiently. By lessening the strain of cleansing, more energy is produced overall to live day to day life.
  • reduce the amount of toxins and pollution being put INTO the body by YOURS TRUELY therefore promoting healthy eating, healthy thoughts and healthy results as those cravings disappear. The body yearns to reach alkaline state more than it wants to be held in a constant acidic state. Illness CANNOT be housed in an alkaline body.

How does the body detox?
No hard and fast answer or rules to this question  from my readings. Each person is different. Some people do not even believe it is necessary. I do, and I often cleanse my body with fasting in many different forms. How strict and what particular fasting detox I choose  is dependent on what foods are in season, and what I am detoxing from.  Considering toxins are stored in the fat cells, I have decided I want to be as lean as I can, maintaining a normal healthy weight. I like energy and a fit athletic body with a killer metabolism personally – so that is one of my many goals.

A detox is generally considered to be a bodily process that transforms health threatening toxic substances from the environment around us, from our diets and from our bodies into something harmless. We do do this through excretion.  Physically, we pass toxins out as waste material in the bathroom, through our sweat, breath, or as a last resort through the skin as acne.

Crucial organs we absolutely must use for this are..all of them.. so let’s consider the main contenders:

  • liver
  • colon
  • kidneys
  • gall bladder
  • lungs
  • skin
  • lymph
  • blood

All very important in keeping the body alive correct? And all are key in detoxifying the body. When the body is overloaded with toxins, we can stop or slow their primary functions in keeping us sprightly happy little human beings.
Blood for example wants to be as clean as possible. It’s primary function is to get hemoglobin around the body. Hemoglobin carries our life force – oxygen. Why jam pack it full of toxins reducing this life force? I personally want as much oxygen as I can get! When one organ is overloaded, don’t you think this will cause a knock on effect for the rest of them?
Too many people, especially young people are suddenly experiencing organ failure; heart attacks, liver malfunction; developing terminal illnesses like cancer and way too many lives are being being affected or taken. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING BEFORE THEIR TIME IS UP FROM ILLNESS. I’m over it! I think a large cause is due to the fact we live in a toxic world, we think toxic thoughts, eat toxic foods and …just don’t much care about anyone but ourselves…
“I don’t want to live forever Vashte so it doesn’t matter”. How often do I hear that! OK I have said this phrase too but no longer use it. Time to get with the programme people!! No I DON’T want to live forever- that is a ridiculous concept in itself but I DO want to live this life to the full. I want to experience as many things as I am blessed to experience and MAKE this life amazing. No one else is going to do that for me so it is up to me to take action and MOVE! HOWEVER, if this body gives way before I achieve what I want in this life …THAT is not good enough. How would YOU feel if your body fails you before your time? But this is exactly what IS happening to those of us who treat our bodies like amusement parks.. being bedridden and having someone else clean me, feed me, take care of me..is far worse than death. This is what happens with organ failure.
Why not help your body function at full capacity? Choosing to go without that deep fried, sugar laden, fat producing poor excuse for food..is not giving up much at all. Why not choose life and energy? Help your organs to function effectively through choosing healthy whole foods in their natural state. You might amaze yourself at the increased energy levels experienced. You won’t ‘need’ that energy drink- it’s just sugar and caffeine when you look at the ingredients list anyway…you’re being sucked in by hyped up advertising.

Why not enjoy more energy every single day; obtain a slimmer healthier body; experience clear skin, clear thoughts and be more comfortable in the skin you are in? Just remember, this body is rented.. how you treat it is a direct reflection of your house.
I choose to be healthy from the inside out, you can too!
Fast healthy food is my choice! Use my recipes for ideas- they are delicious, nutritious and easy!
Detoxing will just come naturally when you choose healthy whole clean foods free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, fillers, preservatives, chemicals… Real food like apples, a real cabbage – food you actually chop and create yourself.. it’s incredible 😉

Our bodies are masterpieces. We are uniquely and wonderfully made, just you remember that! If these bodies are kept clean from toxic waste they can keep cancer away and other disgusting degenerative diseases, and ensure we are filled with life and life abundantly!!

It is written.

xx Vashte xx

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