When they say you CAN’T, show them YOU CAN

by Vashte on January 16, 2012

What is failure anyway? “If you have never failed – you have never lived.”
Failure would be coming to the end of your life and WISHING you had done the things you didn’t have the time, or courage to do.
If it doesn’t work – WHO CARES!! You will learn from the experience and take that learning to a better place.
We live in the 21st Century where we have the PLEASURE AND BLESSING to reinvent ourselves time and time again. Gone are the days when you enter the work force and keep the same job until you reach retirement age…. and what on earth is retirement age anyway????? Some people today are only JUST STARTING their lives at 60years old!!
Today we have the world at our finger tips. Watch this video and REALISE these people were born before THIS TIME and THEY MADE IT AGAINST THE ODDS.

How much easier is it for us??!! Today, if your family won’t support your dreams, your friends will. If your friends don’t support your dreams, your family might… and if neither of them support your dreams.. you have access to the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD at your fingertips via the internet and you can bet your bottom dollar there are a bunch of people out there JUST WAITING to hear, learn, see, and meet YOU.
It is time to RISE UP and make that impact! Every single one of us is born for a PURPOSE. We needn’t go LOOKING for ourselves in far-off lands… look in the mirror and there you are! Take a trip to explore other places YES!! But let’s not kid ourselves with the ‘searching for ourselves’ slogan.
You are made in the image and likeness of God. You CAN do all things through Him – He strengthens you.
Stand tall and go after what is in your heart. You live once, and once only.. there are no second chances and there is no turning back! Make every moment count!! Come on guys!! Run the race to WIN!

The people who HAVE are the ones who MADE it happen. Don’t sit back wishing and hoping – get up and go after every one of your dreams!!

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