What inspires you in the morning?

by Vashte on January 19, 2012

When I wake to a view like this it is hard NOT to be thankful for where I live. Wouldn’t you agree? This is a small part of what inspires me to drag myself out of bed early in the morning to go for my walk whilst chatting to God or choosing Bikram Yoga at Sparrows Fart O’Clock 😉
Hearing the ocean crash on the sand all night long is a very peaceful way for me to sleep. It is So therapeutic. I choose to sleep with my doors wide open and let the sea air and sounds waft in all night long. I choose no  air-conditioning despite how muggy  it can get where I live.
Inspirationit is all an attitude, this is something we create ourselves.
This view is priceless to me, and yet, I know for a fact there are people who live all around me who don’t see my point of view. They choose to focus in on the negative, either through conditioning in life or allowing circumstances to get on top of them. They have the same opportunity to live a wealthy lifestyle without it costing an arm and a leg but you will hear them complain of the noise from the traffic, a siren every now and then, noisy (young) neighbours- ahem,-were they not young once also?, oh and don’t forget the obnoxious noise from the ocean!!!…The sun streams in too early, too bright, its too hot, too cold…
YOU choose my friends. YOU choose your inspiration and whether you have any in your life.
You don’t need millions of dollars to enjoy a view worth multimillions. This awesome world is at our fingertips; at our DOORSTEP so WAKEUP!! Get up and recharge your batteries with the inspiration from the world around us!!!
You may not live on the ocean but so what? I ask you: what is special about where YOU CHOOSE to live? Is it the quiet, safe cul-de-sac? The friendly neighbours? There must be something special about where you live.. or you WOULDNT LIVE THERE.
Here in Australia we have a huge amount of choice. MAKE your life enjoyable.
Bless you x

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