Weight Loss

January 16, 2012

How to STOP Emotional Eating!!  

Follow these basic steps to help get you on track..

Almost everyone is overeating in the Western World. Australia and America vie for the fattest nations in the world. YOU don’t have to make up part of this horrendous statistic. If you are sick of feeling fat, lazy and almost dead; if you are ready to destroy that cop out habit of feeding-your-feelings then read on. These steps outline my basic 12 step program for how to stop emotional eating:

1. Plan ahead. The age old saying ‘fail to plan = plan to fail’ is never more apt than in this circumstance. It takes time to think about meals, as well as prepare them. Planning is not negotiable. Plan, plan and plan some more.

2. Make the Commitment. Set the day you will start this plan and tell friends/family you are embarking on this journey. The more people you tell the more likely you will stick to it as we can kid ourselves but we tend to be less likely to kid others as easily.

3. Get rid of temptations. If it is not on the menu plan, get it out of the house. End of story. If it is not in the house you cant eat it. NEVER shop when you are hungry.

4. Get enough sleep. It is easier to give in to emotional eating when you are tired. The body looks for an energy source when tired.  If you deprive the body from sleep the next thing it will resort to is food.  Consider taking a cat nap if possible and get quality sleep as often as you can.

5. Eat mini-meals often. By eating 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day, you help keep blood sugar and moods stable. Space your meals 2-3 hours apart. A ‘meal’ is not a plate laden with food, it can be a very small balanced snack to sustain you for the next couple of hours. You just need to stoke the fire of your metabolism, not overburden it.

6. Track everything. Keep a diary of the times you eat, the quantities and foods you are eating, how you are feeling and the activities you are involved with. 90% of people who diarise their journey are successful. Avoid ‘food amnesia’ – write down EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth.

7. Start eating alkaline foods. When you eat for health you will choose more high fibre,  raw, organic wholefoods, such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and healthy high protein foods, like fish, lean poultry and high quality red meats in small portions. Ditch the pre-made, pre packaged, microwaveable, low fat options.

8. Be physically active. Move, move and move some more!!! Exercise reduces stress and is a great mood enhancer too. Find something you enjoy and you will stick with it for longer.

9. Create new comforts. Make a list of healthy activities you enjoy. Whenever you feel the need, treat yourself to something on your list. You are not a dog so do not reward yourself with food. Fall in love with something else to do and focus your attention there. Focus on what you CAN have.

10. Manage your stress. Healthy emotional DE-stress management is an important life skill. Positive ways to reduce stress include regular exercise, relaxation techniques and getting support from family and friends.

11. Use healthy distractions.
Take a walk, surf the internet, spend time with your pet animals, listen to music, enjoy a warm bath, read a good book, watch a movie, work in the garden or talk to a friend. Make yourself accountable to someone you respect; call them if you need to. Do whatever it takes to think of something different, positive and fun!

12. Get some support. It is easier to control emotional eating if you have a support network of friends or family. If no one you know is supportive, make some new health-oriented friends, go online and join health forums- they are a dime a dozen- you will soon realise you are not the only one in the world with these habits! It may help you to know this! Who knows – you may end up helping someone else and in the process forget about the issue YOU were having.. funny how life works that way!

These are just a few of my basic steps on how to destroy emotional eating and self sabotage. Just remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither were you. It has taken you years to get to where you are now, don’t expect it to magic away the minute you decide you are trying something new.

Have patience with yourself. Be firm but loving. If you do not love yourself and respect yourself to give YOU time for real results, you are setting yourself up for failure. Make the commitment? Yes! Have the focus,? Yes Be accountable? Yes! Know that you are made in the image and likeness of God and can do all things through Him who strengthens you? YES!!

Realise you are human and you will fall over. Its not about how many times or how hard you fall.. it IS about how many times you get back up. So get up NOW.

You are here reading this blog for a reason. You are here and you want to make a change in your life. You CAN. You HAVE. You have read this blog and now have the basics on how to move forward. There are many recipes on this blog to help you get alkaline and healthy, to keep you full and energetic and  don’t take a lot of time to make. Quit letting the world walk all over you. Take back your life and let the strength rise from within. The time is now. Do NOT wait another day.

Live a life LESS ORDINARY. Live a life LESS LETHARGIC. Live a live free from guilt and condemnation.

For more information on a personal programme to help overcome emotional eating email: info@vashte.com


xx Vashte xx


Stop Emotional Eating and Over Eating

Most people learn emotional eating from a very young age. They see their parents over eating to compensate for negative as well as positive events and the spiral begins. A habit is formed whereby food is used to sooth stressful feelings, alleviate boredom, reward and comfort ourselves, boost the spirits as well as in celebration with others- to name just a few scenarios.

We are not dogs so I wonder why we reward ourselves like them, with food?!

Emotional eating and overeating will not satisfy an insatiable appetite. How is it that some people believe it can?  The question to ask ourselves is.. what is actually triggering this emotion? What emotion am I really allowing myself to experience? Am I really hungry?

Emotional eating is used in a variety of settings, certainly not confined to the following but some classic examples can be:

  • soothe feelings of stress,
  • depression,
  • loneliness,
  • frustration or
  • boredom, anger, hate, loss of control and so much more….

Overeating to supposedly make yourself feel better is completely illogical when you look from the outside in. We have somehow tricked ourselves into believing that the artificially laden, sugar filled produce made by man, overflowing with toxins comprised of zero nutritional benefit will actually make us feel better!! We KNOW, hands down, that after we eat this stuff we feel sick, tired, confused, lethargic, bloated and generally unwell. The feelings that sparked this event in the first place are still there, accentuated now with guilt and even more feelings of low self worth – a nasty negative spiral to engage in.

Where does this stem from today even more so than through learned behaviour via parents? Try analysing TV. How many people watch TV on a daily basis? Most. How many use TV as a babysitter for their children on a daily basis? Most.  Do they realise they are welcoming subliminal teachings through ads, themes of shows, language and poor grammar?  Branding, repeat advertising, repeat images- all help create what is acceptable and what is unacceptable  in many people’s lives’.. because WE let it.

Step out of the matrix and unplug yourself from the system before it is too late. You ARE in control of your life. Even if you think life is spiraling out of control take one step towards taking back the reins. That one step could be, and often is, by choosing to control your eating. It may seem an insignificant step to others, but it can be the catalyst for many other positive aspects in your life.

Stop Emotional Eating – Don’t Use Foods to Soothe Moods

Overeating high-fat, high-calorie, sweet, salty and unhealthy food won’t fill that void inside. Figure out what is triggering the given emotion, recognise what emotion/s you are experiencing, and then do something else to replace that behaviour of going to the kitchen/fast food drive through/ corner store- wherever your usual ‘feeding’ place is. Avoid it like the plague. If you avoid the temptation it will be easier for you to replace it with something positive. Don’t keep your ‘binge’ food in the house, don’t even look at the shop/takeaway as you drive past. Keep your eyes focused on what you can eat and train your brain to fall in love with healthy options by speaking the words. If you speak the words, your brain must fall into line eventually. Life and death is in the power of the tongue so speak your future reality as if it was already here, today, right now.

This time of the year can be a stressful one for some. There seem to be so many ‘requirements’ on families to come up with ‘presents’; relationships can become strained for so many reasons. The end of the year is nearly here and we all look forward to closing another year out, and starting fresh for the new year coming.

This time of the year is designed around love. Focus in on that. You don’t have to buy all the presents, you don’t have to buy all the chocolate, you don’t have to go overboard with food. If you remember to smile at your loved ones, give them a hug first thing in the morning, tell them you love them and mean it.. have some fun together… those things will all take the focus off you and on to other people.. you will totally forget about the overeating and emotional eating thing.

Over eating and emotional eating is a form of self abuse and self harm. By not honouring our bodies, which we rent, we reduce our capacity to live life abundantly. We reduce life expectancy as well as quality. Too many people walk around with one foot in the grave already. Why not make each day count and enjoy every moment we are blessed to walk this earth?

Learning how to stop overeating and control emotional eating can support healthy permanent weight loss and give you control and power over your actions in so many aspects of life. It is empowering. Through you making the change- you will encourage others by your actions as opposed to so many people who just talk. You WALK the WALK.

Start NOW. You are a human being, not a dog. Don’t treat yourself as a dog!

(steps on my suggestions for HOW to stop emotional eating will follow this post)

xx Vashte xx

Green Tea Rivals!

If you have followed my posts you will know that I am an avid fan of green tea! Rather new to the green tea scene, it has taken my palette a little time to acclimatise and stop reminiscing for my daily injection of ‘skinny flat white’ thank you…!! However, I am well and truly classified as a ‘high use’ green tea consumer. Very rarely will you find me without my green tea and jug of water close by to top me up thanks! (I drink from a mug- a really big one..how very common of me 😉 ..)

I’m still on the green tea bags and expect to graduate to loose leaf.. in a little while.. 😉 Mean time I have discovered some great options in the green tea department!! Clearly not the only one jumping on the green tea bandwagon as even at the local supermarkets there is a plethora to choose from! How exciting!! (yes I that excites me).

Green tea and Jasmine is a favourite of mine when green tea alone becomes too much- and it can. (Green tea overdose! How clean must one be at such a point?!!!) Whilst I am a creature of habit, one would also say I do like a little variety to spice things up every once in a while. (Not too often mind you, and only when I decide..)

You can find this combination of green tea and jasmine in tea bag form at your local supermarket- it is a popular blend.

Only recently I have discovered ‘Madame Flavour’!! with a very cool website to boot!!! Madame Flavour has blended Green Tea, Jasmine Tea and Pear together to create a really light, delicate flavour that will have you topping up for more if you are anything like me! There is no bitter aftertaste, and it smells just as it tastes- light and refreshing. I love it and again, easily found in your local supermarket.

Jasmine tea has been used in China for over 700 years and has a huge range of health benefits such as:

  • may health prevent cancer
  • high in antioxidants which may assist in preventing heart disease as well as other things
  • may help to reduce bad cholesterol
  • aids with the body’s digestive process
  • may help reduce blood sugar levels
  • may boost the immune system and reduce stress levels

This list is by no means exhaustive- please make sure you research more benefits! Coupled with the many benefits of green tea this is health in a mug- or china tea cup depending on your preferred delivery method 😉 The pear makes this tea a smooth light flavour. Madame Flavour truly nailed this tea for me! Perfect in flavour and perfect in health benefits! 10 points!!

Now to the rival:

Branching out as I have been, I have allowed myself to get out of my ‘green tea only box’ and move forth into the world of.. other flavours and varieties of tea!! Exciting world that this is and boy have I unearthed a smorgasbord of choices! There are people out there who love tea to pieces! Shops dedicated to the sale of aromatic and heavenly flavoured teas! A pleb like myself; drinking this basic tea bag variety ought to be ashamed of myself 😉 It is loose leaf all the way or no way at all for an expert!! But I am not expert and this is where I am starting! Perhaps even leading you to start on the cleansing health filled detoxing teas available too?!! AND from the supermarket as well!!

Lets talk about my green tea rival.. Higher Living has produced an organic herb infusion (sounds good already) and caffeine free Ginger Tea that just tickles me pink! I like ginger anyway, I could add it to most meals without batting an eyelid. Its that zing it gives me that has me hooked. Higher Living have blended ginger with lemon peel and safflower to produce a warming, soothing tea which leaves the most pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. It feels so cleansing and light! As this is an organic brand you know you have the highest quality product with no adding ‘cides’ in your water.. pesticides, herbicides, toxins…

Ginger not only tastes good but it has loads of health benefits as well:

  • Digestive (great to have after eating too much food- so when you are next out at your favourite restaurant, when the waiter asks you if you would like a digestif, instead of choosing an alcoholic option- ask for ginger tea!)
  • Can soothe nerves and prevent vomiting, as well as get rid of headaches and migraines.
  • May prevent motion sickness
  • May help improve blood flow and prevent chills, fever and excessive sweating. If you have circulation issues, add ginger tea to your diet!
  • May help prevent cardiovascular disease by helping blood flow smoothly.
  • May help lower bad cholesterol levels, help prevent cancer, and improve the immune system.
  • Inhibits fatty deposits from clogging the arteries.
  • Loosens phlegm so can help with the common colds and coughs and assist by expanding the lungs helping breathing!
  • Ladies listen up! Drinking can soothe menstrual pain! Try this grannies remedy on for size – Place a hot towel drenched in ginger tea on your uterine area. This could help overcome the pain and relax those muscles. Sip on a calming ginger tea at the same time and see what effect this gives you!.

Let me know what happens!


So whilst my new world of tea may seem insignificant and down right boring to some.. to me, and its IS my little world here.. it is very exciting! Healthy foods and drinks are NOT boring. They are incredibly exciting, tasty and colourful! What results from eating and drinking 100% natural, organic (as much as possible), whole, clean produce, is very clear. Fat falls away without you even trying, food and drink tastes amazing once again, and low and behold- your moods change and you actually become a REALLY NICE person to be around!! The mind changes as your body is working less on trying to digest the toxins you throw in it as if it were a rubbish bin, and can focus more on functioning as God created you to function. COMPLETE!! You get to enjoy more of life without the aches and pains and lethargic, tired state so many people drag themselves around in!!

Get OFF THE ROUNDABOUT and start living again! It CAN be simple and easy if you start NOW.

So.. ditch the coffee and explore your herbal tea options TODAY!!!

xx Vashte xx

Fresh Vegetables ARE Sexy!

We are not eating enough of them. We are not eating them frequently enough. And when we do eat them, they are often from frozen packets kept in the freezer.

Our society is so microwaved that we want, expect and demand everything on tap and right now. This has produced intensively farmed vegetables as well as meats. It has us reaching for ready made meals lacking in any nutrients whatsoever. We then zap these ‘meals’ in the microwave. To heat an oven up, wait for it to get to the correct temperature and then wait even longer to cook a ready made meal, let alone a meal from scratch.. is too long for our impatient selves. So we choose to microwave all the goodness OUT of what was only slightly edible to start with. Our animals eat higher quality foods than us.  


And we wonder why diseases are rapidly increasing; we wonder why our children as well as 70% of Australian adults are overweight or obese; we wonder why children are rude and obnoxious; we wonder why so many people are dieing TOO YOUNG AND PAINFULLY; and we wonder what can do to possibly stop this? Then we give up hope for the generation and those to come.

If you have never cooked a meal from scratch for your family, may I ask how you can possibly expect your children to know any better? FOOD does NOT come from a cardboard box or a packet. Pretty much EVERYTHING you buy in a plastic packet, cardboard box, tin, paper bag comes from whole food.

Whole food is: food from the earth.. it is not man made.

Be aware that just because it LOOKS healthy, comes in a paper bag and SAYS it is healthy.. does not necessarily mean that it IS healthy! These companies have not become globally dominant by employing stupid people 😉 Smart companies have cottoned on to the fact SOME people are wanting to become more aware of health as well as the environment so market their product to meet that clientele.

Buy whole foods and cook them from scratch! Better still, DON’T cook them – eat as much as you can raw! Go to the farmers markets in the weekends and get fresh produce grown locally! Make a morning of it in the weekends! They have great breakfast options, usually have live music, stalls, and even sell locally produced meats. Often you can get organic produce there too which is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Organic produce actually tastes like real food– try it you will be surprised as to how much you have actually forgotten what  a real apple tastes like… what a real tomato tastes like.. and what real meat tastes like…

How does a person get arsenic poising? By ingesting small amounts on a regular basis.. hmm think of all those pesticides, herbicides, preservatives on the foods you eat. Most people think a little bit wont hurt. Oh really? Then why does a little bit of arsenic cause so much damage. Why would any of these other poisons be ANY different hmm?

Food for thought perhaps?

Stop buying ready made meals, ready made veges, and  convenience foods. How convenient will it be when your body starts to malfunction due to the plethora of chemicals, preservatives and poisons you have happily poured down your throat? Hospital is a festy place, it’s no fun and you don’t belong there.

One life; Live it well. Feed your body whole foods. Loads of green leafy vegetables. Oh, seriously.. you can’t eat too many vegetables and you won’t get fat eating vegetables so there will be no need to DIET… Eat them raw, blanch them, steam them, add seasoning to them, snack on them, drink them as juices..!! Sexy them up!! Yes it is possible!! Don’t buy into the mass marketing of ‘boring’ vegetables!! Vegetables rock!! They keep you regular (oh yes), they keep the fat OFF, and they keep your mind alert, as well as your skin clear and give you loads of energy!!

Go to town on your vegetables! Ditch the packaged lifestyle and CHOOSE life. Bounce off the walls till your time is up!! Don’t be the one with the alert mind and the failing body locked up in a hospital, or nursing home. Be the one overflowing with life and energy every single day of your life here on earth.

Choose vegetables. Organic if you can. And eat them like they are going out of fashion – which they never will. Choose 5 servings of vegetables per day, and make as many as possible green leafy veges. Watch as your body responds in health and vitality. You will never pick up a bottle of Red Bull again and your eyes will shine brighter than the stars twinkling in the summer skies.

To your health- get alkaline – eat your greens!!!

Gluten Free Pancakes for Weight loss

Gluten Free Spinach Pancakes with Light Cottage Cheese and Fresh Basil








I thought I might share a popular dish I make at home for breakfast, lunch or dinner… simple, easy, fast and of course healthy and great for weight-loss. Tasty and delicious, just the way all good food ought to be.
I have mentioned time and time again how I actually do NOT like to be in the kitchen cooking.. I far prefer meals cooked for me, BUT I am very picky as to who can cook for me, and what type and style of food I like. Clean whole food is always a winner!
Due to being picky, and ..perhaps not having anyone TO cook for me.. there is little choice BUT to make ones own meals..or starve.. and THAT is not an option in my world!!  Neither is fast food bought out! So…. looks like I DO actually know how to whip up some great meals!! 😉 Shhh don’t tell anyone!

This little delight has proven to be very popular and the best thing about it is.. it is SO easy to create and low in calories- perfect for weight-loss! I love pancakes, but rarely make them from scratch. I buy the gluten free free packaged ingredients for gluten free pancakes, buckwheat if poss as I love it! -From Woolworths if you are in Australia!
These pancakes are so versatile! Add berries for a traditional style, sweet style, or do what I have here and add my favourite vegetable..SPINACH!!!! Add paprika, Himalayan salt and pepper. Mix. I use paprika a lot in my cooking due to its thermogenic properties to aid digestion and assist with weightloss. I also love spice so this is a double whammy win win situation for me!

Gluten Free Spinach Pancake Mixture








If you have been told not to use oil to cook before, then ..WRONG.. if you ask me. When cooking use rice bran oil or coconut oil as these oils do not lose their properties under heat. I LOVE coconut oil (virgin, organic) and I love the added flavour. Please research the benefits of coconut oil or wait for me to post them. You will be blown away AND it can HELP you lose FAT = healthy weight loss… As well as make your food taste even more delish!

Gluten Free Spinach Pancakes cooking in Coconut Oil








So mix all ingredients together, heat the oil in a fry pan and pour your pancakes!! Done deal!!

Gluten Free Spinach Pancakes on their own. SO GOOOD!!!








Serve with lemon juice sprinkled over top- alone;  or add light cottage cheese as your protein portion to make a perfectly balanced meal. This is such a delicious meal and great for any meal of the day. Admittedly I will try to avoid eating this as a dinner due to the carb content..but on  some days.. anything goes. This is a healthy, balanced gluten free, fresh, delicious meal, low in calories, filled with goodness and can aid weightloss. Fast food made healthy, and EASY.

Gluten Free Buckwheat Spinach Pancakes w Light Cottage Cheese, Fresh Lemon and Fresh Basil. DELICIOUS!










xx Vashte xx









Coffee vs Green Tea

Coffee vs Green Tea

An interesting phenomenon happened over the past 14 months or so. I started drinking coffee. This was new to me and something I had never believed I would do. I thought the taste was absolutely horrendous. Don’t get me wrong; having managed a number of fine restaurants in my life, I knew the importance and significance of a ‘good’ coffee. The creme, the aroma, the grain of the bean, the pour, the milk, the presentation… the meaning!! To a coffee drinker, what a person orders can tell you quite a bit about the person drinking that coffee…so look out!! You are in the coffee box!!! I have always loved the atmosphere and ambiance of a good cafe, loved the aroma of a good coffee, but couldn’t drink the stuff! When friends said “hey Vashte, lets go for a coffee!” Id would jump at the concept and then think it ironic that I sit there drinking herbal tea..it just wasn’t quite the same!! That is of course, until I found coffee in a time of crisis.. I turned to coffee as my vice for the buzz it gave me initially AND because the person I cared about dearly vehemently didn’t like me to drink it. As he was gone, I could do what I liked right?! (That’s the silly little child rebel in me- we all have that at times). Thus the coffee habit began.

Why drink coffee??

No longer could I speak and advise people not to drink coffee!! I was doing it myself! To give myself a break I guess I could have turned to other things… but that’s not where this story is going. I chose coffee.

Coffee: One of the most acidic substances one can put into the body, along with sugar. The skin on my face would break out in horrid spots that were painful after drinking coffee. They were awfully painful things but I did not stop. I just covered them up with good makeup. I reasoned (as we do when we know we are wrong) that I am allowed a vice and if other people drink it every day then so can I.

Love hate relationship….

The buzz from coffee soon waned and I was drinking two coffees a day bought from the best barista in town. I had researched this by actually sampling most coffees in town by this stage. I was a coffee snob! She and I are great friends now, although I am not helping her income as I have finally STOPPED!!!


I speak on nutrition virtually on a daily basis. Coffee is just not good for us. It is an industry making a lot of money out of our addictions and we think its cool. It is SO NOT. It stresses the adrenal glands no end and if you are like approximately 75% of the adult population of Australia, then you are in need of losing some fat. Coffee can inhibit this for many reasons, one of them being -stressed adrenals. What it did to me was this- stress my already stressed out adrenal glands, resulting in cystic spots on my face. You would never know as I was good at covering them most of the time, but I would do anything and everything to avoid being seen without makeup or something covering my face. It really affected my confidence.
If you drink coffee with ANY type of milk, you are adding even more sugar, lactic acid, unnecessary calories to your system. For what reason? Coffee ages you from the inside out, and yet you drink it to give you energy? Stop you eating food?? Because you can’t go without it?? You actually CAN. If you WANT.

Two weeks ago I stopped drinking coffee altogether. I had a headache for two days as the caffeine left my body. That tripped me out somewhat as I really did not think I had ‘the habit’. Funny how these things creep up on you. I have made major changes in my eating and exercise programme as well to complement this change. My mind is clearer than it has been in a long time, I am saving $40 per week!! (=$2,080.00. For those of you who think that’s nothing, that to me is a round the world flight, or $2,000.00 off debt. Now does it sound like a good idea?) AND…something VERY important to me is this: my skin is finally clear!

Bad skin is often a product of what is going on inside your body. I had been examined by highly qualified facial technicians who all said the actual skin itself on my face was lovely, whatever was causing this was coming from the inside. It was stress related. Stressed adrenal glands.
Coffee was not the sole cause of this, but by eliminating it from my diet, changing my mindset and attitude, freeing my time for relaxation, and changing my diet and exercise, I experienced almost immediate results and allowed my insides to chill out. NO pre work out supplements allowed. I had started on those too as my energy levels were dropping and I wanted to stay on that high. What resulted? You guessed it – more skin issues.

Pure Green Tea

I swapped coffee for green tea. When I was considering this option I was almost gagging on the concept. I did not like green tea. I had tried time and time again to drink the stuff and to me it tasted bitter and left an aftertaste in my mouth.. hmm where have I heard that before?? Did not coffee do the same thing initially?! ABSOLUTELY!! SO if I could learn to love coffee then I could learn to love green tea. Its all in the attitude. As with everything in life.

Not all green teas are the same. The best quality are the loose leaf green teas straight from the source, Japan. However, I am not quite a connoisseur in this department YET..and if there is one thing I have learnt in life about myself, I don’t know about you.. but with me.. I like to make a significant change but ..not one that’s going to be SO drastic that I hate it and rebound off it.
First step is a baby step: drinking green tea from the local supermarket in bags. Organic and not too strong. Just like weight loss and fat loss: if I give an obese person a nutrition plan tailored for a person one week out of a body sculpting competition I am setting them up for an epic failure. Blood sugars will go nuts, they will STARVE, and then BINGE. Same goes for making a change like this.
As a result I am LOVING my green tea and drink it by the bucket load! The goodness found in green tea is astounding, packed with antioxidants to combat aging, illness and nasty free radicals, it also can help reduce appetite and fat cells. Man, I should have learnt about green tea a long time before this!! (I did  but choose to believe I was all good without it..) I have dropped from 18% body fat to 15%, as well as increased in muscle.  No it is not ONLY because of drinking green tea, but I can tell you this: the green tea sure helps in all areas!!

I’m loving it now, and I am loving the results I am getting. I am sold. Why don’t you you take the leap into the green tea world too!!!

Green Tea from the supermarket! Easy!!

xx Vashte xx



How to Speed it Naturally…

I see you cringing like the coyotes from the Lion King when they repeated “Mufasa”…


You don’t have to! Many of us think that the metabolism we have today is the metabolism we are stuck with for life. This is simply not true.

How to increase your metabolism NATURALLY

If you choose not to do anything about it, your metabolism will stay the same tomorrow as it is today. BUT if you choose to do something about it, you could help control and coach that metabolism of yours back to life, or slow it down; whatever your goal is.

I will speak on how to speed that metabolism up as more people in Australia and most Western countries urgently need to address this issue to combat the grossly rising rate of the overweight and obese. If we do not care for the health of ourselves, surely we care for the health and longevity of our children and their children? We have a duty to teach them how to eat, what to eat and when to eat, many people have forgotten this and stuff their children full of fast food, junk food. This addition to sugar and complacency must end before it is too late!

Stop before it is too late…

Most doctors are likely to advise pills, potions and drugs to increase the metabolism, maybe, if you are lucky-  peppered with a sprinkling of exercise;  although whilst taking those prescribed drugs you are unlikely to have the ability to fully participate in strenuous exercise due to the plethora of negative life -threatening side affects produced by those miraculous metabolism boosting synthetic drugs…. please do your research before popping those puppies.

21st Century. A pill popping generation.

The metabolism CAN be sped up naturally through the foods you eat, the timing of your meals and through regular exercise to name just a few options.

If you have in your past been a yoyo diet junkie, then my friend, you have taught your body to fend for itself well. It is likely that today that body of yours stores fat easily in preparation for the next onslaught of fad dieting, starvation, or the next trip to Africa- all whilst you live day to day life here in this wealthy country of Australia. You may feel as though your metabolism has ground to a screeching halt. It may even LOOK that way HOWEVER-  you CAN change it.

If this is you, then please listen up: YOU have to be patient.

You didnt get to where you are now over night….

You are going to have to make a decision here today, right now that YOU are taking the driver’s seat once and for all. NO MORE FAD DIETS..THEY SIMPLY JUST DONT WORK. LOOK IN THE MIRROR and you will see it is true.

Through regular balanced meals, and regular balanced forms of exercise, you can coach your body into trusting you again. It may take time, if fact, it WILL take time, but it took time to put it all on too didn’t it?

Here are some simple, natural ways to help get that metabolism cooking with gas again. No drugs allowed. Oh and ditch the coffee as a cheat way to increase metabolism. You know as well as I do that you need more and more of the stuff to get you going the more you drink it. So what does that tell you?

Too much coffee, adrenal over load. PRO AGEING.

Don’t know? I will tell you then – your body gets used to the buzz and needs more to create the same kick.

Why is that Vashte? Glad you asked my friend!

You body is getting lazier and lazier through you relying on the coffee for the kick. So this means your adrenal glands get totally stressed out through working so hard and before you know it (not long at all) they give up the ghost and stop working the way they are designed to.

Result: you -exhausted, fatigued, no energy ever. Grumpy, short tempered and no fun to be around. Pimply skin as well just to name a few nice endings.

Main side effects of caffeine

So try these at home! They are safe, effective and all natural. Great ways to begin speeding  that metabolism  up all by yourself. When you read them, ask yourself if they make sense. I am sure you will find they do.

They did for me, so I hope they do for you too.

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

FRESH Organic fruits and veggies

I have spoken on going green and getting alkaline before. Here I go again. I choose green vegetables over fruit as a rule, but rules do get broken. Before 12 noon most days, I will eat only vegies or fruit. Very rarely do I combine vegies and fruit. It is usually one or the other due to the fermenting gases that are produced in the gut when they are combined.

One exception to that rule is apples. You can throw in an apple with a vegie juice without reaping the gaseous exchange result :)

Watermelon in season is a favourite to eat first thing on its own, as it is very cleansing and filled with water.

Other fruits I choose are usually low GI, high fibre fruits like apples and pears.

High fibre, non-starchy vegetables are rich in nutrients and take longer to breakdown and absorb. Perfect. The metabolism will increase as this food is broken down and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Green leafy vegetables are alkalising and often high in fibre so eating this kind of food for breakfast will help flush the body of waste and toxins as well.

2. Drink lots of purified water.

Alkalised Filter Fresh Water

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Even mild hydration can slow down your metabolism which means you are slowing down your weight loss.

Water can help you feel full if you drink it before a meal. By adding a squeeze of lemon to your water prior to eating a meal, you can aid digestion and help your body remain or get, into an alkalised state. Lemon in the water gives it a refreshing flavour also.

Stay hydrated, it improves digestion, increases metabolism and decreases fat absorption.

Caffeine leaches goodness from your body and dehydrates the body faster than a lear jet travelling at the speed of sound.

3. Eat high protein foods.

SuperFood Sources – Super Protein

Currently I am off the high protein, low carb way of eating. In my personal opinion, too much animal protein in the diet can cause a strain on the digestion and keep that body in an acidic state. This is the exact opposite to being alkaline.

Animal protein takes longer to digest hence causing acidity as the body is working hard to digest that food. On the one hand this is good as it revs up your metabolism and helps you feel full for a longer period of time; however this food remains in your body longer and can contribute to making you feel sluggish, then get stuck in the colon due to improperly chewing which can add weight and toxins to the body. Not all protein comes from animal protein so I am choosing dairy free and meat free protein sources over animal protein as often as possible. Fish and white meat occasionally and red meat only when my body asks for it.

It has been shown that people who get at least 30% of their calories from high protein foods hold onto more lean muscle while losing fat, than those who get less. Muscle is important to keeping your metabolism faster than the autobahn in Germany.

4. Exercise and lift weights regularly.

Sculpted by good nutrition and good exercise.

Daily exercise is one of the best ways to increase metabolism so do what you love. If there is nothing you love …yet…Do something you don’t absolutely hate!!! Learn to love your exercise!! I know some of you may not believe this but wait for it… we actually were not designed to sit in front of the tv or computer all day every day!!!! It is true!! I kid you not!!!!

Find some form of exercise that you enjoy enough to do every second day, and build it up to consecutive days as often as possible. MAKE the time for it, or you will pay for it later in life…. By not making it at all… or being dependent on other people to EXIST in a nursing home.

The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn all day long. Lift some weights or do  some resistance exercise every second day. Girls- you won’t build muscles like a man. You will increase your metabolism to burn that layer of fat sitting on top of your toned, slim alkaline body.  
5.  Go with small meals more often.

Small meal

Our portion sizes have grown to coincide with the heavier numbers showing on the scales. We eat big meals and big servings. A small size is now a med/large portion of food. Cut it down, cut it right back.

It doesn’t take much food to kick your metabolism into action. We eat too much and make poor food choices. Stop. Each mini-meal from noon onwards should include some form of protein.

Eating small meals more frequently till 8pm also gets your body used to eating less in a sitting – which is a very good thing. One mini meal every 3 hours will keep your metabolism burning like an Australian bush fire.

6. Get some good fat in your diet.

Fat in my diet???

Yes FAT in YOUR diet.

Good fats to help increase metabolism

Omega 3 fish oil and olive oil (not heated), coconut oil, and avocado can help boost metabolism. SMALL amounts of these types of good fats will help your body release the fat stored in your body. Your body will learn to trust you as you stop starving it of good nutrients. It in turn will release those fats cells producing a slimmer, leaner more energetic and detoxed NEW YOU with a metabolism faster than a speeding bullet burning fat while you sleep.



Things to avoid if you want to keep your metabolism pumping fast:

Logic prevails but I will list them just in case you think you can get away without it…
Unhealthy high fat foods,

  • fatty meats,
  • fried foods
  • poor quality, cheap, nasty cooking oils.

Low fibre carbohydrates

  • refined grains,
  • sweetened desserts
  • alcoholic beverages
  • Man made processed foods.  
  • Cigarettes and tobacco are especially destructive. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which actually decreases metabolism and life expectancy in the long run. Dramatically.

Done. Go stoke that metabolism of yours up NOW!!!!

xx Vashte xx

xx Vashte xx






Tips for Weight Loss:

(from my smoothie page- for smoothies) http://www.vashte.com/recipes/breakfast/healthy-smoothie-recipes/

  • Use filtered or alkalised water as opposed to milk in your healthy smoothies.
  • Ice makes your healthy smoothie thicker and fluffier.
  • Use the blender over just shaking your smoothie. The blender increases the bulk of your smoothie adding volume. – I recommend the MAGIC BULLET. You will never look back once you use one of these. EASY to clean.
  •  You know the old saying – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. DO NOT SKIP IT. If you do not like eating breakfast- these smoothies are the perfect solution. They are light but filled with right nutrients to get your metabolism started and help prevent the common blood sugar crashes at 10am for those who skip breakfast.

  • Protein in your healthy smoothie will assist in building muscle, and  help prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Muscle burns fat. You WILL NOT look like a body builder simply by adding 30g of protein powder to your slimming smoothie.  It really is OK :)
  • Choose fruit with LOW GI levels. (GI is basically the sugar level of foods and how fast they are absorbed into your body. For weight loss you want to choose LOW GI FOODS.  Here are some fruits  I particularly like for smoothies: berries – frozen or fresh; apples; peaches; plums.  Avoid bananas when focused on weight loss.
  • Here is a Low GI food list for you to investigate and experiment with: http://www.the-gi-diet.org/lowgifoods/

Go get em tigers!!

xx Vashte xx

Losing FAT and Losing Weight.

Losing weight is a very individual and personal thing. While realising this, don’t let it be your excuse. In fact, get down, get dirty with yourself, get real and get truthful.. to YOU.

Figure out what your excuses are and destroy them.

Excuses are well formed LIES we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better:

“It runs in my family”

“It’s in my genes”

“I can’t help myself”

“I have no self control/self discipline”

“My metabolism is so slow there is nothing I can do”

“I just look at food and I put on weight”

“I hate my…thighs, arms, stomach… etc.. “

“I will always have…..”

Do not buy into ANY of these.

In 90% of cases they are simply not true, and when you believe one is- work around it. It is no real surprise the world is getting fatter and fatter? Why?

I believe it is simple…. ‘THEY’ want you to be in this state. If the world were healthy, most economies today would likely collapse!!

Why do you think it is so easy to go out and buy food (cheap too) which feeds this epidemic?

Highly processed white sugary products, chocolate, white bread, frozen readymade meals, MICROWAVE meals, FOODS stuffed with artificial ingredients, sweeteners, NUMBERS, ‘NO FAT’ this that and all that jazz…

= so called instant quick fix solutions for a society who wants everything yesterday. A society who is willing and prepared to sacrifice their health as well as the health of their children for a no brain, no effort, no thought ‘solution’ to their time poor lives.

Lies lies and more lies Mr Blair!!!

STOP NOW PLEASE before we REALLY see the tragic effects!!!!!

Ok so what to do??

1.       Take control.

Whose life is it? Yours, Yes?!!

Or are you a puppet on a string?? Cut them.  It IS your life!

Why allow external influences control your life? Inanimate objects controlling you?? Food controlling you?? Emotions controlling you??

It is time to put your foot down.


You are!!!

You were created with purpose and reason. You are an intelligent and marvellous being, made in the image and likeness of God. OK you might be a larger version than you think is your ideal.. but regardless, you ARE still made in the image and likeness of God.

Get that, it is important.

When you realise this, you are stepping into a realm of control and power, and sense of loving that body that houses you today. It has been loyal to you to this point, so let’s get loyal to IT and get healthy!

2.       KNOW YOUR ‘WHY’.

This is the single most important question to answer.

WHY do you want to change your current situation in health? As this is THE MOST important question you can ask yourself; you HAVE to implant the answer FIRMLY in your brain and soul.

WRITE the answer out and stick it everywhere in your house, in your purse/wallet, car… make sure you read it every day and keep it foremost in your mind.

It MUST be real to you and it MUST have a deep meaning for you. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it is personal to you but THERE HAS TO BE AN ANSWER to this question and it HAS to be the truth.

If you don’t answer this question, you are wasting your time.


Because when it gets tough; when temptation arises; you know it WILL get tough and temptation WILL rear its ugly head..

…you have to know your WHY in order for you to SAY NO THANKS and stick to it.

You WILL NOT say no if you haven’t connected emotionally/soulfully to your reason why you want to change. That is just a fact.


What is your ideal outcome? Do not make your goal so farfetched that you think it is an impossibility.

For those who fall into the obese or severely obese category:

  • If losing 1kg is a goal you haven’t hit for a long time, this could be a great goal to start with. Secret – I have not lost 1kg since the start of this year 2012, so this is one of MY goals.
  • Once you lose that 1kg, celebrate your success by buying yourself a rose, or telling a friend or by doing anything that will make you feel good aside from eating.
  • Reschedule your next goal, immediately- lose the next 1kg… One step at a time.

For those wanting to lose the ‘last 5kgs’:

Ask yourself if the 5kg as a weight is important; or is it the size that matters the most? Do you want to fit into those jeans, that sexy dress, that top; do you want to see a slim sleek body in the mirror..?

Focusing solely on the weight as a goal is highly likely to result in:

a. A smaller-wobblier-bad tempered-ravenous-lethargic YOU –who-can’t-stop-thinking-about-food-AND –when-you-look-at-food-you-put-it-on version of YOU


You can choose this option:

b. A tight-toned-slender-firmer-SMALLER, YOU; calm-cool-and-collected, who thinks life is fun-energetic, and can-eat-more-food-than-you-ever-before-whilst-losing-more-fat-than –ever-before version of YOU….

If you like option B; so do I. I will work with you.

If you like option A; then sorry – this page is not for you!!

To the energetic, fun loving, tight, slender wannabe bods out there:

  • Lose the scales.
  • Get yourselves a measuring tape.
  • Measure your body once a week, at the same time, in the same places.
  • Keep a record of these measurements.


What the?

Muscle is more compact and denser than fat. Five kgs of fat will take up more space (volume) than five kgs of muscle; thus the more muscle you build and fat you burn, the leaner you will look.

As you do not have a lot of ‘weight’ to lose, it can be ‘harder’ to lose ‘weight’ as you do not have as much fat on your body unless you are losing MUSCLE and retaining your fat.

You need your muscle to keep your metabolism active.

Question: When you lose ‘weight’ fast in kilograms, what do you imagine  you are losing from your body if you lose ‘weight’ fast?

Answer. Mostly Muscle = Not Good. 

  • By losing muscle, the metabolism slows down.. further.
  • The vast majority of females (now men too) have crash dieted once, twice (twenty times)  ..last week… that is BAD news.
  • The metabolism generally slows due to muscle loss in a slowing and less active aging body. Combine to that crash and fad diets during any stage of life = an even slower metabolism.
  • Anorexia and bulimia..past or present..? Consider your metabolism screeching to a hand brake halt.


  • The good news is this can be reversed.
  • YOU can get control of that metabolism and kick that baby into gear..at ANY STAGE IN LIFE.
  • Stop the fad diets, crash diets, shake diets…. they CLEARLY DONT WORK!!!
  • Stay off the scales, and keep what muscle you have on that body of yours. It is the ONLY way to keep the metabolism intactL pills and potions just won’t do it for you.

Strip the fat NOT the muscle.

How do you do that?

Strategic planning of meals. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Simple.

It is so simple and non profitable that gyms, and big businesses won’t tell you about it!  Most gyms won’t educate you as they need to you to join and yoyo your workouts every 6 months to stay in business!!!

Big Businesses such as most protein supplement companies need you to buy their ‘fat stripping, sugar laden (disguised as fructose, sucrose, artificial sweetener-carcinogenic amongst other things), caffeine pumping, artificial products’ to make any money.


80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

Think about it…

You got into your present condition by:

  • Picking and
  • Nibbling and
  • Grabbing fast food on the run,
  • Not thinking about what you are putting in your mouth.

You woke up one day to realise there is a mysterious unwanted layer of fat that somehow crept up on you LITERALLY overnight!!! Seriously!! It wasn’t there yesterday was it????!!!

My point is… it really wasn’t through your lack of pummelling the body at the gym that added the layer of fat that now seems unwilling to budge. HOWEVER; you decide the best way to remove this offensive spare tire, bat wings, love handles..or whatever your issue is by punishing your body at the gym through hours and hours of sweat laden, hard core exercise. After all, you’ve seen the pictures of the ripped bodies dripping in sweat,  so clearly that IS how they do, it MUST be how they do it right?!!

Hmmm mostly wrong.

Nutrition is key.

You can spend hours at the gym dripping in sweat..’training ugly’ as I say.. and then:

a.       Overtrain

b.      Under nourish

c.       Over nourish

  • = ruin everything
  • =burn out
  • =give up.

Get your nutrition on track and you are 80% there.

That body of yours will respond by up-ing the anti. YOU teach it that YOU can be trusted by giving it the right amounts of nutrients at the right intervals. It will sigh a huge sigh of relief, and thus begin releasing the fat it has been holding as a protection layer on your behalf for those frequent bouts of starvation you previously subjected it to.

Your body will thank you BY cleaning you out and dropping excess water, fat and toxins which are stored in your fat cells. Your body relaxes and can now get on with these much more important things. You have finally smelt the roses and changed track!!

You in turn..feel wayyy more energetic, light, happier, and in love with life!

Win-Win situation!!.

4.       Make your goals fit the S.M.A.R.T system.

S. Specific. – Be specific with your goal.

  • Know the size you want to be
  • Know the shape you want to be
  • Know the weight you want to be..although I don’t endorse weight based only goals.
  • Know the clothes you want to fit.

Whatever goal it is you aim for- be specific.

Focus like a laser beam. Do not look to the left nor to the right, but put those blinkers on like the blinkers on a horse at the races and focus. Use any or (even better) all the specific ideas suggested, and more of your own.

The more specific you make your goal; the more you know what your goal is; the more likely you will achieve your goal.

M. Measureable. –In order to hit your target you must be able to measure and track your progress.

I am a huge fan of measurement in cms as opposed to weight.

You may use weight alongside measurements in cm, understanding that some weeks you may put ‘weight’ on the scales and lose it in cms. This is a significant result if your goal is to increase metabolism for a firm, toned, svelte body. Who cares about the weight on the scales if you are dropping in size?

What is more important to you?


A.      Achieveable.  Make your goal achievable.

Don’t aspire to look like your favourite figure model in the first week… and in most cases EVER. It takes years to achieve a body found in those magazines.

Keep your goals within reach of what your mind can actually grasp at this point in time. Goals are not set in stone. They can move and mould depending on how you progress.

By taking one step at a time and celebrating each step forward, you empower yourself, build your faith that you CAN actually do this; and will often amaze yourself with the results you achieve by focusing on the baby steps.

Setting the goal to be extreme usually proves detrimental to the body transformation journey as the mind cannot link reality to that goal at that point in time. It appears impossible.

Consistency is key with body transformations so keep it simple and keep those goals achievable for where you are today. As babies we learnt to crawl first, then walk and then run. The same principle applies here. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by wanting super model status in a heartbeat. Lets go one step at a time.

R. Realistic. Be cool with your body shape.

We all have a given a body shape. A pear cannot transform into an hour glass without a HUGE amount of blood sweat, tears and surgery.

Appreciate your shape and make the most of what you have been given.

Don’t wish for something different. You are setting yourself up for failure.

Keep your transformation real by making baby steps and celebrating those steps along the way.  The part of your body you hate the most, will transform last. Stop hating any part of your body – it will allow the body to release the fat cells a lot faster from that area.

Understand that you will fall over every now and again. When you do;

  • get up
  • shut up
  • don’t beat yourself up.

Just get back on track and keep looking forward. Learn from your mistake.

Take note of what triggered you. What emotion/situation/person was the trigger  and remove that from your life.

YOU are in control, not the environment.

The more you awaken to these triggers/temptations and see them for what they are… the more the power is given to you and you flick those events away like sandflies.

Keep your eye on the prize.

T. Time Frame. Set a date in your diary for you to complete your goal.

  • Keep it realistic.
  • Write it in your diary.
  • Tell people you respect the date. This makes you accountable.
  • Count down the days to this date.
  • Book a photographer for the set date.
  • Make a statement in this form:

“It is the 31st Dec 2012. I have incredible energy, I am size 12, I fit my favourite pair of jeans.” Make the statement as if it has happened, “I AM”, “I HAVE”.

Speak this everyday first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

If you miss the date, reset the date and reset the goal. Work with your body and where you are at, and under no circumstances are you to beat yourself up for longer than 5 minutes. We are not robots and our goals can move and change to suit your life.. within reason.

Get that you missed the first goal, but get back on the bike and reset your time frame to a realistic achievable goal and hit the ground..walking.

You will have your ideal outcome ONLY IF you have set a realistic time frame.

Go get em tigers!! And thanks for reading this long post!!!

xx Vashte xx


 10 Tips to Aid Weight Loss  (FAT Loss)


I will use the term FAT loss when I speak on WEIGHT loss. Weightless is a fallacy on my blog. I cannot stand the terminology. Why? It encourages you to turn to the scales to see how much ‘weight’ you have lost. Why does it matter how much you WEIGH? It shouldn’t. FAT loss is what you want, and FAT does not weigh as much as MUSCLE. You need muscle to increase your metabolism which in turn burns the food you eat.

If you consistently turn to the scales and want to see ‘weight loss’ in kgs, it is more than likely you are losing muscle and gaining fat; which means you are SLOWING your metabolism down. When you do come off your crazy DIET, you can eat even LESS than you could before you started that diet, which results in you gaining even more FAT.

= yoyo dieting.

If you are serious about transforming your body by changing your physique; and want to become a lean, tight, healthy fat burning machine start with these tips and follow my blog. You do not need pills, potions and lotions to increase your metabolism.

All you need is education. It is not that hard, and it certainly does not have to be expensive. You DO have to want it and be prepared to change habits.

You won’t get it by wishing on a star, or thinking it happens overnight. But you CAN do it. If I can do it: YOU CAN TOO.

XX Vashte XX

  • Eat small balanced meals (snacks), frequently.

5-6 snacks per day to satiate hunger and fuel the body with just enough energy to burn to 2-3 hours. This way you will burn the food you eat and teach your body not to store fat. Portion control is important; SMALL snacks, every 2 to 3 hours burn FAT.

  • Life style choice, this is not a ‘diet’.

Ever noticed what the first three letters of ‘diet’ spell? Take note. A diet is something that has a start date and an end date which often results in bingeing after the finish date. Make educated lifestyle changes to your eating habits to stop the yo-yo dieting. Short term fixes do not work in the long term. Lifestyle = your entire life.

  • Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail.

Get organised. Know what snacks you will eat each day, and week. How often do you just reach for the closest thing because you do not know what to eat? Be honest; it is often if you are like most people! Plan your snacks in advance so you know the time, portion size and exactly WHAT your next snack is. That saves you time, often money, and the thought process of ‘wondering’ what to eat when hungry.

  • Allow one ‘cheat’ meal per week.

Eat what you like. Go out for dinner, or have the coffee and cake/pizza; whatever it is you think you are ‘craving’. This will teach your mind and body that you are not ‘deprived’, and not on a ‘diet’. You will eventually surprise yourself when the ‘cheat’ meal is no longer a craving. In fact, you will eventually find that your taste buds change and you no longer desire foods you first wanted when starting this lifestyle change. Until that time, allow yourself this meal, and do not permit guilty emotions to be associated with this meal. After all; you have changed every single other meal this week right?! How fantastic is that?

  • Leave food on your plate.

Leave a small amount of food on your plate with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not a lot, but just enough to make your mind think you want to finish it. This will train a habit of control over food and destroy compulsive eating. We live in an abundant world here in the Western World and yet ‘poverty mentality’ is rife. Create an abundant attitude, a WEALTH mentality. Flip it. Take control.

  • Eat slowly.

Food takes 20 minutes to hit the stomach; and longer to digest if not chewed well. Chewing food tells the stomach to prepare for digestion. If you ‘inhale’ food, the portion sizes are larger to hit the stomach and sufficient digestive juices may not have been produced, thus making that food harder to process. This will result in efficient fat storage. By eating slowly you also allow the food to reach the stomach and tell your brain that you are full. Ever eaten food and suddenly you realised you were OVER full ie Christmas? Often the result of not letting food even reach the stomach before overloading it with MORE food.

  • Focus on the meal at hand.

Sit down, turn the TV off (get rid of it preferably 😉 ) and enjoy your mini meal. Don’t use the computer, read a book or do ANYTHING else. Enjoy your meal and appreciate the food you are eating. This will psychologically tell your mind that you HAVE eaten. Have you noticed that when you eat on the run, or whilst doing other things you tend to get hungry again quickly? You think you haven’t eaten all day when in actual fact you have been eating empty calories all day long.  Sit down, relax and take a moment to eat food. It doesn’t have to take a long time. Just focus on the task at hand.

  • Sleep.

8 hours for a female, 7 for a male. Depriving the body of sleep can have disastrous consequences for efficient long term fat loss and weight loss. By structuring sleep patterns you will help regulate your metabolism. As often as possible get to bed before midnight as this is reported to be the best quality sleep for your body. If at all possible, go to bed with the sun set and rise with the sun.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and is produced by your body in response to stress, physical, mental or emotional. This can include extremely low calorie diets, intense training, high volume training, and lack of quality sleep. Too much cortisol can play a part in slow weight loss. (fat loss)

  • Enjoy your food!

Food is one of life’s many pleasures so enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty about eating food. If you have a plan and stick to it, you control your food intake; not the other way round. Make food fun!

  • MOVE.

It took longer than a day to put it on so don’t expect the fat to disappear overnight. Get moving. Exercise is key to fat loss. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from the shops than necessary. Walk for 30 minutes in the mornings, then take it up to run once your fitness increases. One step at a time, and every step counts. Get rid of the TV and do something else with your spare time. Make sure you choose exercise you like so that again, it becomes part of your lifestyle and not something you only do for a short period of time.

One life live it well!

xxx Vashte xxx

Emotional Eating – What is it?

These are my personal thoughts and suggestions to beat emotional eating. Emotional eating can affect anyone at any time. If you look around, you will see more and more people resorting to emotional eating to satisfy missing pieces from their lives. Emotional eating can be used as a crutch, a substitute for love, or a way to punish oneself through hate.

Emotional eating is unnecessary eating resulting in weight gain. It is completely illogical however, we as humans, prove time and time again that we are NOT logical creatures. We are emotional creatures driven by our heart. We constantly look for love, and some people find solace in eating.

These suggestions are from me to you. Try them. They work. Bit by bit you CAN and you WILL take control of your life and your eating habits.

Ditch the victim mentality. Put on the SURVIVOR WARRIOR mentality. This is war!!

  • Do you habitual eat?
  • Do you reach for something ‘bad’ and then feel guilty and go in for the kill to eat even more because you have stuffed up?
  • Do you eat when you are bored…for something to do?
  • Do you eat because you feel bad, sad, angry, revengeful, hateful, frustration…
  • Do you eat unconsciously? i.e in front of the TV or watching a movie…
  • Do you eat even when you are NOT hungry?
  • Do you eat past the point of feeling full?

These are all signs of emotional eating; a very common phenomenon in this day and age as resources of high fat, high sugar, cheap, nasty ‘foods’ are readily available. Big corporations believe they have us ‘hooked’.

They don’t. You are not. So breathe a sigh of relief.

If you answered yes to one or ALL of the above questions; do not fear. There is HOPE and it is simple. It will take practise and discipline but so did learning to walk.

You didn’t quit as a baby learning to walk, so you won’t quit here either.

Becoming aware and conscious of the foods we eat, when we eat them and the mood we are in when we eat can DRAMATICALLY change the type of food you choose and how you digest that food.

YOU are in control of YOUR body not your body is in control of YOU.

Do you ‘habitual’ eat?

Plan your meals by actually writing them down in table form for an entire week. Sound boring and difficult? Well, how is your current weight loss programme working out for you now? Be honest.

By planning your meals, YOU are taking control of WHAT you eat, the QUANTITY you eat, and WHEN you eat. Emotional eating is taken out of the equation as it is not in the schedule. This plan is not fool proof but the thing is…

Do you reach for something ‘bad’ and then feel guilty and go in for the kill to eat even more because you have stuffed up?

…if you fall over and come off your plan, you can quickly and easily get up, dust the dirt off and get back on track.. just like when you learnt to walk as a child. You ARE human and this IS a journey. Go easy on yourself when you make a mistake. Know we ALL make mistakes – that’s what makes us human. The ones who succeed are the ones who realise their mistake, pick up the pieces and move on. Focus on the OUTCOME, NOT the past. Learn from the mistake and get over it. That is it. If you choose to be like a pig in mud and marinate in your own … then so be it. Or you can take a shower, and realign yourself, and quit the negative self talk. MOVE ON!!! Keep your eye on the prize and you will learn to make fewer and fewer booboos!!!

Do you eat when you are bored…for something to do?

Do you eat because you feel bad, sad, angry, revengeful, hateful, frustration…

AVOID at all costs eating when upset, stressed or on the run. These are times when the body is highly acidic and is hard for the body to digest any food in this state. If you are eating when upset I doubt you are munching out on celery sticks either… ditch the high-calorie-chocolate-coated-rubbish-masquerading as a ‘protein bar’ too. They are just expensive fat bars. Let’s get honest. One every now and then is fine but so is having an ice-cream once a week – so just call it what it is – an expensive chocolate bar usually filled with artificial sweeteners which are TOXIC in every way shape and form to the human body.

Do you eat unconsciously? i.e. in front of the TV or watching a movie…


DO NOT eat while watching TV – have a meal with the family at the table instead and turn the TV  off!!! Try it, it’s amazing. Reduce your TV time by half the time you currently watch now. This simple action alone will have you burning more calories. You will have to find SOMETHING ELSE to do!!! Don’t replace it with the computer either.

While watching a movie… replace your high cal foods with raw carrot sticks and a hot herbal tea! You can drink as many herbal teas as you like. ‘Swop it, don’t stop it!’ Just change your habit.

Do you eat even when you are NOT hungry?Do you eat past the point of feeling full?

This issue can be wiped out by simple planning! When you know the time, quantity and type of food you are going to eat…. there is no room for this issue to arise.

Fail to plan = Plan to fail.

Do you label foods as ‘GOOD’ or ‘BAD’?

By giving foods this label we are setting our bodies up for success or failure. We can re-programme all food to be GOOD -by calling it GOOD.

Ditch the ‘bad’ food concept. Life and death is in the power of the tongue so by labelling something you are about to put in your mouth that you want your body to digest as ‘BAD’, can set you up for failure. It doesn’t matter what that food is, your body is going to have a hard time digesting it; and an even harder time psychologically getting over the ‘bad’ food in your body.

Call all food ‘GOOD’. There is no such thing as BAD food unless it is off, in which case, it wouldn’t even be considered.

Try this exercise:

Don’t think of a purple rhinoceros….


OK- so what are you thinking of RIGHT NOW? Let me guess.. a purple rhinoceros right?

I know I’m right.

This illustration should hammer home the fact that if you say you CAN’T have something, or WON’T do something, you immediately start to think about that thing you CAN’T have or DON’T WANT to do.

The brain has an inconvenient way of circumnavigating negatives in certain situations such as when you say you CAN’T, WON’T, QUIT etc, especially when you are working to change a behaviour for the good. Very inconvenient.


“I don’t want to eat chocolate”.

The brain thinks: ‘I WANT to eat chocolate’, and puts the object -chocolate, in your immediate thought pattern. This is exactly the opposite behaviour to that which you what to achieve.

  • What you have just done is focus ON the problem.
  • You want to focus on the SOLUTION.

Here is how to nail that sucker and change your thinking process!!!:

  • Think about what you CAN have.
  • What are the options for your next meal, or better still what is the PLANNED meal and when?
  • By making the object of your next meal your focus, all other thoughts vanish. You cannot think objectively of more than one thing at a time – so KEEP IT REAL!! Keep it positive.
  • Don’t think about what you can’t have, stay focused on what you CAN have.

Follow these simple rules and you will empower yourself to make strong healthy conscious decisions. Take control of your life. You only have one, so make it COUNT.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

There are more important things in life to do xx

 One Life Live It Well

xx Vashte xx


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Manisha March 8, 2012 at 2:37 pm

yet another great article! thanks…


Vashte March 11, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Thank you Manisha. I am pleased you are enjoying them!


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