WATER – are you drinking YOUR quota?

by Vashte on May 20, 2012

You have all heard it before – drink 8 glasses a day! hmm but why?? And what type of water? Tap water? Bottled water? Filtered water? Filtered alkaline water? Hot water? Cold water? Do hot drinks count as part of the 8 glasses a day??

All these questions on the simple topic of ...water!!

Relax, take a deep breath and ..read on. Let me give my take on water, and why we do need to drink it, and enjoy it! (That helps you drink it!)  Then research more and make your own decisions.

Our bodies - made up of 70% water

Our body weight comprises of around 70% water. It is the most abundant substance in the human body. Dehydration can set in quickly if we go without drinking water, or drink too little of it and can affect the mind resulting in that ‘foggy’ feeling.  Often we get confused and think we are hungry as opposed to thirsty. The next time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water first, wait a little and see if the ‘hunger’ goes away. You may find you were thirsty ie dehydrated. This will help you  understand what your body is actually trying to tell you, and possibly help keep your weight down. Over eating may be a thing of the past with one small change- by adding more water to your diet.- It IS possible!
2% drop in water intake results in:
If you are feeling thirsty, it likely that dehydration has started. Dehydration will start at a drop of 2% in water and can stop you flushing unwanted waste – which results in holding excess weight.
4% drop in water intake results in:
Strength and endurance impaired.
10-12% drop in water intake results in:
Decreases heat intolerance and causes weakness.
Affects vital organs, digestion and elimination of body fluids.
Confusion may set in.

OK Vashte but WHY is water so important to drink?

Bodily fluids, digestive juices, lymph, blood (which carries oxygen), sweat, tears and urine have one thing in common- the primary component is water.

Water is needed for:

  • digestion
  • regulation of body temperature
  • absorption and transportation of nutrients
  • elimination of body waste
  • loads of other things!

So then Vashte, how much water do I need to drink?
This all depends on a variety of contributing factors including, but not limited to:

  • Body weight
  • Climate you live in
  • The food you eat.
  • Amount of exercise you engage in.

A general all round approach tells you to drink 8 -12 glasses per day. Coffee, tea, sports drinks, cordials, fizzy drinks do not count. In fact, they give you a negative, meaning-you may need to drink more water to flush or balance your hydration FROM drinking these drinks.
Herbal teas excluded- they can be very good for the body.
Herbal teas to try:
Green tea- filled with antioxidants and great for flushing toxins. If you don’t like it, my suggestion is to look for a different brand and blend. Some are stronger than others, and just like coffee – can be an acquired taste. THIS is worth it. Coffee is not. You may experience clearer skin, more energy, and faster elimination of food waste through drinking this tea! All great reasons to drink it!
Chamomile- super charged with relaxation properties, great for just before sleeping.
Peppermint – aids digestion, great for after meals.
Fruit flavoured herbal teas MAY leach the enamel from your teeth so try to avoid those.

Coffee, caffeinated energy drinks (who is drinking those?..you know who you are…!!!), tea, and alcoholic drinks act as diuretics, resulting in excess fluid loss and are highly acidic. By drinking these ‘beverages’ (poisons) the body may lose essential nutrients like sodium, magnesium and calcium. Long term consumption may lead to poor health.
Soft drinks, sports drinks and juices are mostly made from sugar, or artificial sweeteners if you choose the ‘diet’ versions (danger danger) and are also HIGHLY acidic, can lead to diabetes due to the sugar content and lead to weight gain then obesity. Yes this INCLUDES the DIET versions.

One way to measure your hydration level is to check the colour of your urine. It should be a clear colour most of the time, not bright yellow. If you have brightly coloured urine, up your water intake. There are foods and supplements that may cause it to change colour so be aware that when you take supplements like Vitamin C as Vitamin C can only stay in the body a short time before being flushed. It will come out in your urine which is perfectly NORMAL.
If you drink protein supplements, or are on a high protein diet (popular today) you do need to up your water intake as the body uses water to digest protein and you may find your urine turns more yellow.

  • Pinch the skin: does it stay where it is or rebound back without leaving much of a mark? If it stays- you may be dehydrated. Drink more water.
  • Is your skin dull and lacking that glow? Drink more water.
  • Is your skin more wrinkled than usual- (now if this doesn’t motivate you to drink water..I don’t know what will!!!) Drink more water!!! A body that is hydrated will glow and be less wrinkly! No saggy baggy elephants here!!
  • Want to stay looking youthful for longer? DRINK MORE WATER!!!

Vashte! What type of water do I drink?

Pure water

Personally, where I live, I wouldn’t drink tap water if you PAID ME. Google your tap water and find out what is in it. We NEED to get a GOOD filter. Including in our showers – we actually absorb a huge amount of water (and TOXINS) through the water we wash in due to the heat opening the pores of the body and allowing all that stuff to enter the body. So it’s not just through our mouths/digestion that we absorb things.
Drinking water: Please look into an alkaline water system. If our bodies are 70% water, then it stands to reason you want to get the best quality and  most pure water to drink doesn’t it? Here is a company I know and have worked with in the past whom I recommend: http://www.positivepotential.com.au/
I also recommend Kangen water – if you want a distributor please contact me. I am not a distributor but can probably point you in the right direction.
Its worth it.
Bottled water bought from supermarkets appears to be a have. Many of these bottles have been sitting in the sun potentially leaching poisonous chemicals into that water from the plastic bottles. This water is often just filtered tap water – and you are paying for it. The acidic level of this water is usually very high, which, as you know from my previous posts, is something you DO NOT want..nor should you buy thinking you are being healthy.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and know you know. :)

Fluid pH chart

Reusing those plastic bottles has a high probability in leaching poisonous chemicals into the water from the plastic bottle.
If you are buying bottled alkaline water, you ought to invest in an alkaline water system for your health, and to save you money.
Fizzy mineral water – also acidic. Drink the real mccoy, no ifs, buts or maybes.

Water: we need it, but are not drinking enough of it. Our water IS manipulated, just like everything else we have to eat so please do your research and make sure you get the best possible water filter for your drinking, and for your showers. Live long and prosper my friends. xx

Any questions or comments please feel free to post below and I will do my best to answer them!

Thanks for your reading time to OUR health and beyond!!!


xx Vashte xx

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