Vietnamese Wraps (Gluten Free)

by Vashte on January 17, 2012

A personal favourite of mine.

These are so easy to make. A little fiddly but soooo worth it.

You can buy the wraps from the supermarket in the Asian section. All you need is a bowl of hot water to drop them into. Once they are in the water they instantly soften and you can add all the goodies you like.

These have smoked salmon, avocado, fresh coriander and mint, baby spinach, and mango. Go nuts!! Add what you like!! Add some nuts!!! A great sauce to have with them is sweet chilli sauce, but I also like them clean – no sauce. Its up to you!!

Very light in calories, fun to make and incredibly tasty.

These are Gluten Free- the wrap is made from rice. Perrfect!!!!

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