Vashte’s watermelon detox for alkalising.

by Vashte on July 15, 2012

Day two: Watermelon Detox.

Day two of my watermelon detox for alkalising my body and flushing waste stored in unmentionable places :) Got to love our bodies for hoarding stuff, but not really. Let’s get alkaline!
I often get asked why I choose to detox when I appear to be healthier than the average Joe Blogs – so I thought I might pop the answer up for any curious George’s out there – and for those who are interested in cleansing and alkalising their own bodies.

Right now there is an abundance of watermelons available so – we can eat them, drink them, enjoy them. Watermelons are slightly acidic due to their natural sugar levels but highly alkaline-forming in the body. This helps to produce an alkaline state during digestion = good thing.

Watermelons are approximately 92% water, but have a low calorie content of about 48 calories per cup of watermelon. This categorises them as a nutrient dense food (which is very good). They are high in Vit C and A, dietary fibre, magnesium, potassium and vitamins B-1 and B-6. That makes this fruit is not only delicious to eat, nice to look at and fun to eat..but packed with essential nutrients that we all need. Watermelon is high in the antioxidant ‘lycopene’ as well as many others. Lycopene helps to protect against skin, lung, breast, colon and prostate cancers, and can lower the risk of heart disease and macular degeneration (eyes) , according to “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.” The lycopene is what makes the watermelon its red in colour.

I am an advocate of preventative medicine as opposed to chasing one’s tail through last minute stressed filled scientific drugs, costing an arm and a leg and usually a life.. so I believe health through good nutrition, coupled with a sound mind and solid Spirit wards off most issues, and fights harder than any of the Big Pharmaceuticals will have you believe. But this is my opinion.

So to do my watermelon detox, I choose 3 days where I know I am not too active, I won’t be too tempted with choices, and can just chill out for a while to cleanse this body and empty my mind and soul a little- to fill her up with all good stuff afterwards. I love watermelon so I don’t find this hard – a glass for breakfast, along with my choice of green smoothie, probiotics, and Vit C sets me up for the day. I will blend up a couple of slices in my Vitamix (you DO have one don’t you – life is not the same without one of these babies!) with filtered water and ice, pop it in a drink bottle and take it with me for during the day. A glass at lunch and dinner, loads of water and green tea and I am on a roll! If I get hungry, I will have another green smoothie at night. I find it is easiest done over a quiet weekend, just keep out of the kitchen and busy your mind with other projects. Focus on something else.

This kind of detox is not a juice detox where you are only drinking the juice- the vitamix blends the entire ingredients- pips and all- so you get the dietary fibre along with all the other necessary enzymes.  If you don’t have the vitamix- no drama! Just eat the slices, or cut up the watermelon into pieces.

A word on alkalising, if you are stressed, upset or negative in any manner; there is little point in trying to achieve an alkaline state. It is of my opinion that the mind controls much of what goes on in the body – so if you are negatively charged with your adrenals working overtime, blood pumping and energy racing a million miles an hour- you are unlikely to have the ability to reach a state of relaxation and calm. When the body is in ‘fight’ mode, the digestive system is not functioning at full capacity. This is where alkaline state is achieved. So choose your times wisely for detoxing. This can be your chill pill Gill.

Who would benefit the most from this kind of detox fast?
Most people in the Western World today due to our poor dietary habits, fast paced lifestyle and roller coaster attitude we have towards our bodies. I know we all think we are invincible, and that is a great attitude to have to a point but come on guys and girls, take a look around…take a look in the mirror and tell me your body able to keep up with your mind and Spirit? If yes today, what about in 10 years, 20 years time? Don’t think that far ahead? Well why the heck not? If you don’t care about what happens to you, do you care about the people who love you..and may have to LOOK AFTER YOU WHEN YOUR BODY FAILS YOU????? How will the ego be then? When your wife, husband, mother, brother, CHILDREN have to wipe up after because you can’t use the bathroom alone????? And you have gone in your own bed??

Simple measures now mean you CAN be crazy FOR LONGER!!!! Have the freedom to go nuts and keep having as much fun as you like WHATEVER age you are!!

Too many people today have the following chronic medical problems- especially involving congestive (blocked) conditions. They could greatly benefit from this kind of detox fasting in conjunction with working alongside their chosen medical practitioner.
Why experience these things when they are not necessary and ultimately lead to worse health?

  • Constipation
  • Sinus
  • Bronchitis
  • Obesity
  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Indigestion
  • Back pain
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Acne and inflammatory skin problems
  • Fatigue
  • the list goes on….

Growing up I used to get Irritable Bowel Syndrome – I soon figured out the food I ate greatly affected what was happening to me. The doctors mentioned that maybe I should avoid bread and oranges(!!) due to the sugar content in the orange… But they filled me antibiotics as often as I visited them, which lead to other horrible things. I started on the ‘alternative’ route through frustration and tears in knowing I cannot take those antibiotics as they invariably lead to other issues, which kept me at the doctors. A vicious circle the doctors cared little about, only their wallets it would seem.

Check your family history for illnesses- be aware of where the weaknesses in your family occur. It is not to say you WILL get what they had. IF you are aware of the weakness – you can treat it by preventative medicine = nutritional and supplementation and completely avoid what they did not know BEFORE any symptoms occur! It is our responsibility to look into the future, and we do this by assessing the past. Not living in it.
My family is gluten intolerant, there is no doubt about it. Some of my Uncles and Aunties have/have had bowel cancer. Noone knows the actual cause of this illness, but digestion is one key for this. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, untreated can lead to worse issues. Some family members are coeliac – which means they cannot eat gluten- found in most foods these days. They  do. They  drink coffee by the bucket load and not drink enough water. This puts the body in a dangerously dehydrated state, which can lead to diverticulitis. This is a seed caught in the bowel, which can puncture the bowel. It is dangerous and they have been been hospitalised on more than one occasion.

Why do people continue to do the things they know they shouldn’t as it ultimately leads to one outcome, and that is death. Why not just get a loaded gun and put it to your head, then pull the trigger? It will save time and a lot of pain.
You smoke? Fine. Expect to get emphysema and you may even share it with the people you live with as you love them so much. My question is: who is going to look after you as you die slowly, painfully and in disgusting manner? Oh that’s right, the people who love you the most.
You are obese? Have type 2 diabetes? Come on- sort it out. Don’t you want to run the race of life to WIN? Don’t give up! It can be turned around- it takes determination and dedication YES. Stop looking for the quick fix and take the first step. It didn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect to magically wake up one day free from fat. Stop eating that preservative laden, fat filled, sugar coated, carbohydrate cacked poor excuse for food and find some fresh whole foods to enjoy! YOU make the first move. Its up to YOU.

My friends, I choose to live this life as healthy as I can. I don’t want you or anyone I love having to wipe my bottom due to my own negligence and knowing I could have prevented that kind of non- life existence. Being dependent on others is not an option for me. I want to share my life with others and be a light! Not a drag. I want to live for as long as I can as healthy as I can, traveling the world, laughing, smiling without a worry in the world about my health. It does not mean I can’t have fun and go wild every now and then, but this body of mine is a temple, not an amusement park. Its a temple 80% of the time – it means there is more of a chance of lasting the distance.

This kind of a detox can help start to reset your body, purge it from toxins without absorbing new ones, and give our digestive system a well earned break! It has kept you going to this point right!! Our food plays an important role in our lives- make it a lifestyle choice as opposed to a diet or quick fix. Make the changes for life to give you the life you know you deserve.

No detox should be attempted without the supervision of a trained practitioner. This page is purely my own thoughts and explanations as to why I do the things I do.

xx Vashte xx

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