December 5, 2011

Wholefood Workshops: 

15th Nov 2014

A Wholefood Healthy Christmas!!

Workshops with Vashte.com Christmas

I decided to offer some options for Christmas.. again swopping out old, dead ingredients for healthier, wholefood choices. We don’t miss out when we eat healthy. On the contrary- we really enjoy deep, intense, flavours, packed with nutrients and complete deliciousness… without the bloat, the gas, the toilet troubles, the foggy thinking, the over full feeling- usually associated with celebrations like Christmas.

The result was really cool. For the elite group of people who could make it during this busy season, I am pretty sure they considered it money invested! Where else can you get all this food for this price…. ??! and everyone walked away with awesome recipes to use at home!!

Pauline and Kylie in Vashte's Wholefood Christmas Workshop

Here is what they thought about it:

” I got some great ideas for Christmas Day snacks. Much better than store bought” A Marchitto

Adam in Wholefood Christmas Fun

” Fantastic workshop. Food was amazing, flavour, easy, healthy. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge in a friendly relaxed environment”  P Cote

“Yes and MORE! I learnt so much Vashte and have been so inspired to make further changes and get my Vitamix out of the cupboard and into use! Very informative and the food was DELICIOUS!” J Kearny

Christmas with Vashte

” I did not have much of an idea of what today was about but I am SO THRILLED to have done your course today! LOVED hearing about how to REPLACE the not so good for the wholefoods. I loved learning about activating nuts etc.  Thank you so much Vashte – I have thoroughly enjoyed today and learnt HEAPS!! Keen to do more of your workshops!” L Tweedie

” Affordable, practical, DELICIOUS” K Upton

IN workshop for Christmas wth Vashte.com

I have some of the same people coming back to my workshops… I must be doing something right! Do you want to fall in love with these workshops too?!

You are welcome to register your interest, by subscribing to my website (top right corner of home page). I will keep you posted for further workshops in 2015!!!

xx Vashte xx

Starters with vashte.com



1 Nov 2014

Lighten Up. It IS Summer!!

www.Vashte.com Wholefoods

“Delicious Food. Great ideas. Loved it. It was wonderful to share with friends” K Upton

“Fabulous Workshop. Learnt heaps and feel confident to take the small steps t better healthy eating! Thankyou Vashte” E Tunn

www.Vashte.com Wholefoods

“Really good to hear new ways to nourish the body and to interact with the other people in the workshop group. A great afternoon. ” Z Shalley

“Easy dishes. Was so easy and quick to make and healthy and filling” M Necombe

www.Vashte.com Wholefood

“Yes, great Workshop! Very informative and easy to follow recipes to incorporate into daily life for my family including 2 small children. it was a great day!! Loved finally meeting you and the food was absolutely divine! Feeling inspired!” S Dambergs

“Excellent Vashte. I loved that the workshop was hands on. The recipes were straight forward an easy to follow. The pace of the workshop was good and you were happy to answer questions throughout the workshop. Very inspiring! Thanks HEAPS! The dishes were so yummy. I highly recommend your workshop to everyone. ” M Dixon

“Love that kitchen! ” C Doherty

www.Vashte.com Wholefoods

“The last class was awesome. Can’t wait for the next ” A Marchitto

“I really enjoyed the workshop and it has given me ideas on things to try at home and or things I can swop so I can still enjoy the foods.” L Webster

“Obtained some tips for healthier eating. It was very enjoyable” M Thompson

October 2014

“Great class. Showed me a better way to eat and educated me on the dangers of today’s foods.” A Marchitto October 2014

www.vashte.com Wholefood Workshops with Vashte

“Very impressed with the alternative options for foods and the flavours were so intense and rich. I will certainly be introducing these into my life. ” F Cook October 2014

“Great! Freely asking questions! Vashte is full of knowledge and explains in layman’s terms. I look forward to attending another workshop. It was a relaxed and friendly environment” P Cote October 2014

wholefood workshops with Vashte.com

“Loved the Wholefood experience – thankyou Vashte and Craig for sharing your kitchen and your amazing knowledge!” C Doherty October 2014

“Amazing. Simple inspiration to go home and make changes to my eating habits. It was full of information and tips with questions answered. Vashte, you rock” R Doherty October 2014

Wholefood Workshop dates with Vashte Oct- Dec


“Great! Enjoyed it! It was a fun day and that chia – oh my gosh – So amazing – can’t wait to buy some and get making for home. Loved it and thanks Vashte for the experience. It was great and the knowledge you shared too …My soup was amazing and I shared with my parents they loved it too so good with my Curry plant in it chia pudding is next to make “ G Ritchie.

“The workshop is jam- packed full of great ideas for tasty and nutritious meals and snacks. I really enjoyed the workshop. The ladies were all lovely, and the ideas were just fantastic. I got an incredible amount of new ideas and recipes out of the day, which I have already started to use. I am off to the shops today to get a few additional things also. Can’t wait to permanently make even just a few changes (lemon in the morning, himilayan salt, coconut oil to cook etc etc) I really appreciate that you are a wealth of knowledge and experience, so I wanted to ask what I could. Thanks Vashte” C Borghouts.

wholefood workshop dates Oct-Dec 2014

“Amazing! Thankyou for inviting me into your home to learn and taste some incredible recipes. I can’t wait to try my hand at the pizza and soup. Actually I cant wait to try them all! For me today has shown me that healthy eating is easy to make and so amazingly tasty and filling….Quinoa salad made last night! Yummy but think I overdid quinoa a bit :/ next to try…… Vegetable soup!” Sarah

“I felt this workshop was highly beneficial to me. I learnt so much about health, food and about weightloss. I thought it was great to learn while we were cooking” Liliana.

“Becoming more aware of the chemistry of the foods was invaluable. The food was delicious and nothing was too difficult or expensive, and I will be able to implement this at home.” Kylie

chia truffles. www.vashte.com

Definitely learnt how to use healthier products and had a lot of fun learning.Thank you once again for your teaching of wonderful food ideas. My son and I had a lovely time shopping at Flannery’s on Sunday and purchased lots of new food. I made the slow cooked soup for dinner tonight and we loved it. Thank you for your fabulous recipes and we look forward to making most of them. I look forward to learning more from you. You are just so passionate.

“It was fantastic – great information and learning with practical doable recipes. I really liked that it was interactive.Thanks for yesterday Vashte it was a great workshop! And I’m definitely going to commit to making the pizza, sushi, cereal and chia pudding this month – one new thing a week :) I had lost some momentum with my clean eating so your workshop has rekindled the spark – thank you. I meant to ask you for the recipe for the dehydrator cracker which were fantastic – is there any chance I could get that off you as I can’t wait to try out me dehydrator!
Thanks again Vashte and I look forward to the release of the dates for your next workshops :)

“The combination of clear food- totally delicious! Plan ahead, empower myself and choice. Many new ingredients were used today that I am excited to apply to my lifestyle. Thankyou so much. Loved today!” Elizabethrose

“I came to get fresh cooking tips and I got it” Darren

Slow cooked soup www.vashte.com

“I found you very knowledgeable and passionate about what you do. It was great to learn about new ingredients I have never used before. I will enjoy testing some of them out.” Jo

“Yes, I was very impressed. So many good things to try” Barbara.

“What a fun, interesting afternoon! Have learnt so much and can’t wait to try ideas and ways of cooking” C. Campbell

Wholefood Workshop Dates.. are you coming? www.vashte.com

“Inspiration and encouragement. We are on the right track. Keep doing what we are doing”. Gina

“Yes! Plenty of great information. Best part is making unknown ingredients far less scary. And everything tastes so good!  Change can be so difficult that often we don’t even take the leap at all. Attending your food workshop on the weekend not only took away our fear but inspired us to experiment and have fun with food that will only serve to nourish us… This morning we enjoyed your “Heaven in a Glass” and from a 5 and 9 year old, it got thumbs up. (Mr 5 said maybe less seeds would be good, but his glass was still well eaten from lol). Thank you Vash Te, we are so happy to have begun this path with your help.  Such an awesome afternoon. Would recommend to anybody wanting to take action toward real health xx Dylan was walking on clouds when we left, actually muttered “that was one of the best days of my life” haha, bless his little heart xxx  Love Paula and Dylan xx My kitchen has never smelt soo good. …Thanks to Vash Te and her amazing food workshop! ‪#‎vegesoup‬ ‪#‎pearledbarley‬ ‪#‎coconutheaven‬ And the best part is, it’s ALL GOOD! ‪#‎ohmygoodness‬!! Lol xx ” Paula

Do YOU want to be part of the wholefood revolution?!!

Come to my workshops where I keep the numbers low so that you can ask questions, get involved and play.

I take the pretentiousness out of healthy cooking.

I refuse Superfood Snobbery at the door.

We laugh, we try new ideas, we taste, we eat and we learn at our own pace.

Guest speakers and goodie bags are often available.

Topics coming up:

Lighten up It’s Summer!  Foods- Snacks – Weightloss

A Healthy and Delicious Wholefood Christmas!

Healthy Sweet Treats that will not make you fat, sick or bloated.

You are welcome to join me in any or all of my workshops coming up in Oct, Nov and Dec– but first….you will need to do a couple of things…:

1. You need to be registered to my website for an invite- that is easy… just add your email to the top right corner of my home page www.Vashte.com

2. Keep an eye out for dates- those subscribed have already been invited.

3. Email me at info@vashte.com with these details:

Full name

Full address

Phone number

The date you are interested in.

If you want to invite your friends- I need have all these details too thanks xx

Register to show your interest…. and get an invite!!!!!


xx Vashte xx

Taking the mystery out of Healthy Eating- and the Snobbery.

Wholefood Workshops new available! 2014 www.vashte.com

xx Vashte xx

Please subscribe to the website to show interest for these workshops – thanks in advance xx


























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