Why Chia Seeds?

by Vashte on September 29, 2014

superfood- weightloss – fatloss – vegan- detox- raw- healthyeating – all natural- glutenfree

chia seeds

Chia seeds have received a rise in popularity again since  hhmmm about 2008-2009- if you ask me.  That was when the health food stores started seeing more brands coming on board, more marketing and then, as a result of that marketing.. more demand. Stands to reason- supply and demand. Today you can buy chia seeds from the supermarkets. You find them in the health food sectiona section that is growing faster than many other sections in the supermarkets as more companies understand that you and I are eduating ourselves and no longer demanding spoon feeding.

Chia is almost a household ingredient… almost, but not quite… but …why are we demanding it?

Well.. its one of those…‘ superfoods ‘.. right? So it ‘must’ be good for us- so we want it. … That is pretty much how it goes isn’t it?  “I heard it was good for me so I want it.”  “My friend puts some in her smoothies and she feels great. I want to feel great too. ” ‘” Someone said it helps with weightloss -I will have that too. ” You know the story.

I thought I would pop down a few facts I found for you to peruse over as to why I use chia in my foods, and why I have found it good for me. Yes, I do think chia is a great ingredient in the pantry. Pretty much any day you come to my house you will likely find some either in my pantry unopened or in the fridge- (that is where I keep most opened product due to humidity and weevils..such is life in QLD) .. lol. or you will find foods that that I have made and have frozen ready for eating – with chia in! Yes chia is a friend to my body and mind! Love it!

The good stuff:

100g chia provides:

  • 9x more omega 3 than salmon and zero mercury! Bonus!!
  • 2 x more protein than 3 eggs
  • 2 x more fibre than oats and ZERO GLUTEN
  • 5 x more calcium than a glass of milk and ZERO PUS!!!

So as a celiac- of which I am, and many people are although most do not know it – it is highly beneficial for me to choose not to eat gluten/grains (due to the gross genetic modification and gluten content) as well as choose not to consume most dairy products esepcailly milky, processed, pasturised pus filled milk and cream. Chia can give me what you think I am missing out on!! Yay!

100gm of chia is a truck load though- don’t go out and stick 100 gm of chia in a glass and drink it- you will explode! Chia, when coming into contact with fluid produces a gel like substance around the chia seed. It is pretty cool to watch. Place a teaspoon  in your glass bottle of water, some lemon, shake it up and leave it for an hour- you will see how the chia ‘expands’ and results in a gel like substance – a bit like little frogs eggs lol. Drink throughout the day! I do, it keeps me full between meals as well as keeping my mind alert, and my energy high providing me with nutrients without ‘eating’ a meal. Perfect.

Chia is high in :

  • fibre
  • calcium,
  • complete protein
  • amino acids
  • slowly processed carbohydrates
  • and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega-3

Chia seeds added to meals and drinks can:

Vashtes Green Smoothie

  • boost energy
  • improve brain, heart and skin health
  • thicken soups and casseroles instead of flour based thickeners- or thickeners filled with fillers.

Chia keeps me healthy from the inside out. And that is the only way to achieve true health- from the inside out.

Chia are called a ‘superfood ‘ yes- but don’t fall into the ‘superfood’ trap. Keep it real. Superfood is now a term that is coined by those clever marketers to sell you more of what you don’t really need. In this case- ‘superfood’ is a good term to use. The benefits from chia are outstanding. The Mayan’s are believed to have, in times of scarce solid food, only consumed chia and water and been able to run for days.  So great for running!! lol!!

Chia are said to be a complete superfood as they are supposed to be the richest plant based source of omega 3, protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants.  And because of their high fibre content they keep the body feeling fuller for longer which can result in eating less as the body feels full. When the body is filled with nutrients dense food(of which chia is)  the brain switches of the ‘hunger trigger’- so the mind moves away from being all consumed with food too. Make sense?  This can help  with weightloss/ fatloss – and sanity!

So all this said and told, I think chia is fabulous for the yummy and delicious foods I can make with it as well!!

Chia can be used as a breakfast.. in homemade cereals (grain free and nut free if  you, like me prefer grain free, sugarfree and often nut free foods…) chia breakfast

Chia pots- which can be eaten any time of the day as well as a desert.. certainly beats all those horrible refined sugar options out there!! As a breakfast pot this will keep you going till lunch easy!!! Watch the 10am sugar crash disappear without you even thinking about it! Goodbye ‘diets’.

chia breakfast

Chia in soups and casseroles to thicken them up.

chia in soup.

Chia in bliss balls/protein balls (chia is high in plant based protein)/truffles.

chia truffles.

If you want to detox your body as so many people seem determined to do these days .. instead of buying some packaged premade juice drinks delivered to your door …containing preservatives to keep them looking pretty for longer. Or instead of buying into the latest and great scam I have heard of in a long time.. marketed as a detox system– selling you low quality whey protein drinks overflowing with poor quality ingredients/fillers and …SUGAR….

Why don’t you just pop on down to the supermarket or health shop and get yourself some fabulous gelatinous plant foods like… hmmm oh I know… chia!!! or aloe vera or and seaweed!!!. All natural just the way God made them.

chia in water

These foods form the gel- the gelatinous fibre- in fluid. This gelatinous fibre moves through the intestinal tract absorbing and binding waste. They particularly absorb bile salts produced by the liver (oooh a liver detox type thing….); taking with them fat soluble toxins (sounds good yes?) that the body needs and wants to get rid of. Without foods such as chia, aloevera and or seaweed – all foods that produce this fabulous gel- the body finds it very hard to rid itself of the toxins we consume or absorb. When the body can’t pass toxins, the toxins get dumped…into fat cells… and the more crap we eat, the poorer our lifestyle choices.. the more we produce fat cells as we need a place to dump toxins.. which eventually turn into more  insidious things if left uncleared…. The small intestine is where it all starts, when foods/toxins are left there- they are just reabsorbed back into the body.- This is bad.

We need to release all toxins so they do not pollute the body.

Drinking pre made juice, proteins, whey or non dairy, as ‘detoxes’ just does not compute. Don’t waste that $600 odd a month on some MLM scheme no matter how amazing they say they feel. Just wait till they start back on real food again!! Or check back on them in 5- 10 years time- and see who is the healthy one..or who is still actually around….

eat wholefood for weightloss.

Eat loads of green veges.. bought from your local farmers markets, or permaculture farm.. they are everywhere- you just need to have a squiz for them. Now they are just as reasonable in price as the supermarkets if you are buying in season. Stop demanding all foods all year round. It just isn’t natural! We are seasonal for a reason! So enjoy the foods that are available in season and watch your body detox naturally, and easily!

I hope this gives you an idea of why I dig chia seeds! You are welcome to comment or ask me questions!

My info comes from a documentary I sell – if you want it- let me know and I will get you a copy Expand your knowledge and resources- empower yourself. Take back the control. ONE LIFE LIVE IT WELL!!!!

Here’s to your health and a better world for you, and your children’s children.

Keeping health real, realistic and attainable for everyday people xx

xx Vashte xx













Beef, Chia and Feta Rissoles made EASY!

by Vashte on October 30, 2013

15 min meal – wholefood- gluten free – weightloss- superfood- family friendly

Vashte's Beef, Chia and Feta Rissoles

I dont eat a whole heap of red meat so usually, when I do; I like to slow-cook it so that my body can more easily actually absorb the nutrients; but every now and then I like something different.  So here is my ‘something different’ from the other night! This meal is mega healthy of course, mega easy, and mega fast. There is no excuse. Lets get you in and out of the kitchen as fast as possible whilst ensuring you obtain healthy, tasty, nutritious meals that are good for you, and the family!

Always use organic produce where you can. Always use fresh produce as opposed to canned, or bottled products, but as you will see, sometimes we just need to opt for the bottled version for whatever reason. Yes- I use canned and bottled products, but I make this as rare as possible. Food has to be suited to your lifestyle- don’t make it a big deal. Make it real for you and your needs. Simple. We complicate too much in life. Don’t add food to that list! Make your meals fun, healthy, and delicious! When you do, you will gag the next time you grab a falsely ,marketed ‘healthy’ meal anywhere. Beware of marketing- very clever lies indeed. Healthy food is not rocket science. Your body soon educates you as to what you like to eat- if you give it half the chance. You are your own guru!!

Note to you: I have recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Greek Islands and Turkey (happy dance). What I would like to point out to my fellow Australians, as I reside in this beautiful looking country is, the food down here.. has NO TASTE. Yes really!!! I popped in to the supermarket and bought some ‘fresh produce’ the other day shortly after returning.. pfffff. NONE of it had any taste. And it was all giant size, and farrrr to perfect looking to be REAL. Be aware of the food you are eating, and what it has gone through to get to you.

Thankfully I visited my local Farmers Markets on the first possible Saturday and bought some local produce. It was better, but certainly not the quality I enjoyed whilst in the Greek Islands in particular. Do you realise most of us have forgotten what real food tastes like? I was dancing happy dances over the Greek Salads… wow the kaleidoscope of flavours I enjoyed from the REAL tomatoes, cucumbers, onions.. oh Lord -the Feta cheese!!!! The yoghurt!!! WOW!!! Our food down here is abysmal. Try to find the best quality you can via organics, free range, pesticide free, grass fed meat NOT GRAIN FED!!!! It is not as easy as it ought to be, but if we vote with our money… the farmers HAVE to change as supply and demand dictate what is popular. DEMAND BETTER. The more we buy AWAY from the supermarkets, the more the BULLIES have to sit up and take notice as the ONE thing they HATE is losing MONEY. This is the language they speak in. MONEY. They do not care for my, nor your health. They do not care about reducing terminal illness. They do not care about you not being able to afford food. They do not care.

They care about MONEY. That is it. So search out your local farmers. When you buy food that is IN SEASON it is not as expensive. It is also much better for you. Our bodies need different nutrients at different times of the year- hence why certain foods  grow at those times. It is all natural, and logical (neither of which can the supermarkets claim to be!) Remember: supply and demand.

If you want some options on potentially affordable organic produce, often delivered to your door- message me and I will help you find some close to you. Make little changes first. Don’t try to change everything all at once. If you make a little change, you are often surprised at how easy that change is, and then you become encouraged to make more little changes. Before you know it… you are more healthy, happy and vibrant than you were when you started! It gets easier and easier! All you need to do is take one step, then the door opens and you start to really see things you previously had been dulled to.

It is time to wake up and take charge of your life. Take charge of your health. And so NO to things you absolutely dont agree with. Like experiencing ANY lack whatsoever; ANY health issues whatsoever; ANY helplessness whatsoever.  You dont know what you dont know. Take the blinkers off- they were often unintentionally put there by people who love you from birth, because they have them on too! We live in a beautiful, but mixed up, muddled up world if you believe everything you are told and see on that evil contraption in your living room – your TV. Quit it. Life is not lived fully by sweeping issues under the carpet, nor by circumnavigating around topics trying not to ‘insult or hurt’ people. It is time to get direct and ask questions point blank, and expect point blank answers. Figure out for yourself how to solve the issue, and/or connect with people who can help you. Not keep you down.

xx ONE life. Live it well. xx

Vashte's Superfood Rissoles

You deserve the recipe now that my rant is over!!! xx

What you need:


  • 300- 500 gm organic, grass fed beef mince. (as healthy as you can get it)
  • 1-2 onions
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Himalayan salt and pepper
  • herbs, fresh is great but you can use packaged as well. I used  thyme, and cayenne pepper today. Cayenne pepper is a thermagenic. This means it can help boost the metabolism whilst digesting. It is also very spicy if you are not used to spicy hot foods, so go easy on it especially to start.
  • A few leaves of kale

To bind the ingredients:

  • 3 Tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 eggs
  • Organic coconut oil for flash frying.


  •  40 gm Feta cheese
  • Organic tomato sauce from a bottle- found in supermarkets – or make your own if you have time!

How To Make It Work:

  • Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix with your hands. Add more veges if you like- try grated carrot, zucchini, peas…
  • The eggs will help to bind the mixture as will the chia seeds. Allow the mixture to sit for 5-10 minutes. This will permit the chia to expand. If you think the mixture is not binding well enough, add one more egg and mix well.
  • Roll into balls and flatten to make patties:

Vashte's superfood rissoles

  • In a large saucepan, melt 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil over low to med heat.
  • Add your rissoles once the oil is melted and warm. Brown slowly on both sides.
  • Once browned, add tomato sauce and sprinkle feta cheese in with the tomato sauce. Leave rissoles in the pan with the sauce.
  • Allow the sauce to heat and cheese to melt. If you think you need more sauce, add just a little water to make the sauce less thick and enable it to become more viscous. (runny).
  • Once warmed through, ensure the rissoles are cooked completely. Once this is achieved- they are ready to serve.
  • Serve with gluten free spaghetti- a VERY  small portion; and a LARGE portion of leafy green salad. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get too many green vegetables so go wild!!

Bon apetite!!This is a complete, filling, nutritious meal. Suitable for the entire family. If you are looking to lose weight, opt to enjoy this meal without spaghetti. Enjoy it with the rissoles and green leafy salad. It is a rare day that I ever eat pasta- Gluten free or not – I am just giving you options to suit all members of a potential family.

Vashte's Superfood Grass Fed Beef Rissoles

xx Vashte xx






-Raw, Wholefood, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free –

-Sweet Treat AND good for you!! Easy to make-

-Delicious!!- Coconut Chia Dessert

It’s winter. It is cold and getting colder. We seem to gravitate towards winter wholesome foods in cold seasons.  Many people slow riiight down, and some come to a complete stop. All because it is winter and it is cold. Bad combination! We are not bears, and we do not need to store fat for our hibernation period… fact is, it is very hard to hibernate away from the world for a long period of time. People start to wonder… But very easy to build up fatty deposits due to this combination of behaviour and then freak out when Summer sneaks up on us all of a sudden!! I mean, who can predict Summer coming??? sigh, we do it to ourselves each and every year… how about making this year- 2013- the year you started preparing for Summer IN THE WINTER. LIKE NOW!!!

I thought I would share this little gem with you for the Winter season! (and the Summer, Autumn and Spring). These little glasses of sweet delight come packed with chia seeds. Chia seeds are one of the many ‘superfoods’ (I really do not like that term if you must know, it is so over marketed) available in the supermarket, from health food shops and every where on the net these days. It is a good thing. These little seeds are incredible in and of themselves, and incredible for many human beings and their digestion! They are unobtrusive, don’t have a strong flavour and can be added to pretty much any liquidy substance, including bread and cake mixtures to add nutrients and aid digestion.  I used to pour a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds into my bottled water and drink throughout the day. Not only do they fill me up, they keep things moving along nicely which is an issue many people have due to poor nutrient levels in the readily available foods of today. If you are going to try this- adding chia to your water- start with 1 teaspoon per 1.5L water, and increase as your body dictates. You know your body, it is up to you to monitor how it processes foods. If this is a new concept to you, I encourage you to start to take note of how your body digests certain foods and drinks- take note of how you feel after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. How you feel when you snack, (what are you thinking and doing at the time), what time you snack, what foods you snack on… After eating are you energetic, clear headed, focused, satiated or over full, do you get tired, bloating, gas, do you pass fluid and solids easily every day? These are all things you can take note of, monitor and be aware of changes BEFORE they turn into something bigger than necessary.

It is your body. One life, Live it Well!

As we seem to love reaching for the sweet treats during the colder months (or is it all months?!) I thought these Coconut, Cashew , Mango Chia Desserts could help satisfy your sweet tooth without adding ridiculously high amounts of refined sugars to your chosen diet. It works for me, maybe it will work for you too? chia dessert

To make 4 decent sized portions, or 8 taster sized portions you will need:

  • 1 cup chia seeds. white or black.
  • 750 ml coconut milk (can use coconut cream but watch portion size, and you can use coconut water for a runnier lighter dessert. I reduce the water content or increase chia seeds)
  • 1/2 cup frozen mango Options: add whichever fruit you like or just leave the fruit out. Play with this and figure out what you like the best!
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla. I use organic vanilla bean from the supermarket. It is available in powder form too from the health shops.
  • Rice bran Syrup to sweeten if necessary. Options: stevia, or xylitol. If you add honey, agave syrup, or any other sweetener you are adding sugar.
  • Chopped raw cashews (activated are best). Options: any other nut you personally prefer! No rules!! Mix them in or just sprinkle on top.
  • Options: add goji, craisins, coconut flakes, cacao powder and or nibs… it really is up to you and what you have in the cupboard!!!

To Make It Work:

Mix everything together! Watch as the chia expands and thickens into the mixture. If you feel the need, add water to ensure the dessert does not become gluggy, or more coconut water.  An option is to mix the milk, chia, vanilla, and sweetener together, allow the mixture to thicken, then layer the chia dessert into serving bowls as a base. Add  fruits/nut/custard… use your imagination, and then top with the remaining chia dessert. It looks pretty special, tastes amazing too!! Best served in a glass, or glass container if you are going for the pretty look! chia desserts

Let your desserts set in the fridge before serving. Great as a sweet snack to banish those sweet cravings mid afternoon; the kids love this and best of all this is an incredibly healthy snack. Low in sugars and high in good fats.  These will keep in the fridge for a couple of days or you can freeze them for longer periods. Save them for rainy days as opposed to store-bought chocolate.

Chia was an ancient food for the Mayan’s. It is said they would run for miles on chia and water alone and maintain complete  nourishment. Chia has been used for thousands of years by civilianisation’s living well over the average age of our ‘developed’ countries. I am no expert on any subject– the more I learn the more I learn there is so much to learn!!! I do think it pays to investigate for yourself and start to question why we as a developed nation are so horribly ill, obese and overweight. Why are our children being born with terminal illnesses? Why are so many young people falling to terminal illnesses? Why are no valid, black and white answers coming from the plethora of ”councils’ set up to ”çure’ these diseases especially when they have such black and white definitions, rules and regulations ON the diseases AND how to supposedly CURE them? CLEARLY THEY DON’T WORK. Why won’t they look for alternative answers and preventative treatment as opposed to just band-aiding a festering sore?! Science??! Why are diseases  increasing and our quality of life decreasing?

Start asking questions for yourselves before you need them. You too may find the real hope for any chance of an answer lies in the ways our ancestors lived, to a large degree.

  • How they ate.
  • What they thought.
  • How often they moved.

To start- there was no processed, packaged, microwaved foods back then. Not really even in our grandparents, or great grandparents days. Doesn’t that make you wonder, just a little? Not everything they ate was laced, nor, overflowing with refined sugar which is more relevant for 2013. They ate good fat and…they were lean. Leaner than the majority of the developed nations today. They moved more. Get up and go for a walk for crying out loud! Get some fresh air! That alone can change toxic thoughts and toxic energy into recharged and revitalised energy. It really is not rocket science. It can be easy if you look in the right places.

This blog could be a good basic place to start! On this blog, I am exploring my life in 2013 filled with health, happiness and wholefood living. I am real. I am grounded but I promise you I am reaching for the stars. If you too want to get a fresh approach, and start exploring the very real possibilities of a truer  health from within, without the mumbo jumbo, then feel from to pop your details up there in the box to keep updated on this blog. Make some recipes I post! :) Make some comments on the thoughts and suggestions I have! Tell me what you want to hear?! Ask questions!! Lets do this together. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

We CAN change- you CAN change.

If you imagine it, you can dream it and anything you imagine and dream.. is yours if you just take the steps to make it happen. That starts with ONE step. That is all- followed by another step. There is no race, there is no rush. Take it at your own pace. There are no rules, no regulations, just you exploring the very real prospect of a healthier life, through healthier living based on healthier choices in nutrition; in the thoughts you think and the things you find important in this day and age.

Don’t live “it is not until you lose something, or someone dear to you that you realise how important that really was to you”. Cherish your life, and the life of those you love. Live a healthy long and prosperous life- the only way to do that, as I see it, is to start to ask questions and do your own research. Not everything people in ”authority” say is truth, not everything those with doctorates’ degrees know or say is fact, and an answer is only AN answer- it is not THE answer until you make that decision yourself. Get MORE answers and make your own decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this blog- please try this recipe, adapt it- comment on it and share my blog with people you think might enjoy it, share it with people how may get something out of it, and have fun exploring life with me/us!!!

xx Vashte xx

One Life Live It WELL


Alkalising Green Energy Balls

by Vashte on June 10, 2013

Alkalising- Raw-Vegan-Paleo Friendly- 100% Natural – Wholefood-Organic-Gluten Free

My recipe today is a combination of incredible goodness, laced with a tad of naughtiness at the end if you feel the need. The thing is- sometimes ‘naughty’ is not so bad..depending on … the INGREDIENTS!! It is the little things that count in life.. and in your food choices. It is the ‘ little things’ that have been taken out of the mass produced crap they call food, ingredient they don’t tell you about; and the ” little things” that have been added-  then sold to the consumer as being good for us that keep us in a state of perpetual low key sickness!!

Learn how to read a label, realise the poor quality of produce that is out there, and go  in search of healthy options! (loads on this little blog alone!) Click HERE If we demand healthy options, this ”food” we wouldn’t even feed our dogs will no longer be in demand. Result: no demand, removed from the shelves. If we choose farmers markets over supermarkets.. organic over factory farmed- this will become the norm and thus drive prices DOWN for the healthy stuff as competition increases!!! Vote with your money!!! Happy days.

Vashtes Green Balls!

Do these look yummy to you?! They should! They were!! And they are all gone now… so I will be back in the kitchen making a fresh batch but the awesome thing is they are so easy to make! No cooking involved aside from the melting of dark chocolate if you do not make your own- in this case I did not so that that brings the excellence of this treat down just a tad (still better than any bought ‘treat’ any day!!!! Don’t lose perspective here!!!) but if you are like me.. you might like your balls bald. I will show you bald balls below and the 3 step process on 1. alkaline, raw, green, sugarfree  bald balls or 2. alkaline, raw, green, sugar free, sweeter bald balls, or 3. decadent dark chocolate laced sweetened sugar free alkaline, raw green balls!!! You choose the style of ball you feel like on the day!!! Always: your choice 😉 Right?!

So to make number one!

Alkaline , Raw, Green, Sugar Free, BALD Balls

Always use organic where you can-You will need: 3 bananas, 1/2 Cup chia seeds, 1/4 Cup Barley Grass (or any green powder you prefer), 1/2 Cup LSA (Linseeds, Sunflower, Almonds ground up), 1/4  cup of goji berries- or any ”super-fruit” you like! (craisins, raisins, chopped dates, what about chopped nuts?- but the red with the green looks good :) , water for binding if necessary.

Mash up the bananas then just add chia, greens, LSA, then finally your choice of fruit or chopped nut. I found a tablespoon to mix this recipe. It is going to look green! -With a splash of colour in your chosen fruit. The chia will absorb a lot of the moisture so add some water and make it a slightly soaky ball. Make them the size you like- no rules. The longer you leave the balls in the fridge, the more the chia will absorb. Taste the scary looking mixture. 😉 Is it sweet enough for you? Get over the fact it is green. Just think Christmas lights and fun stuff! I love these bald balls at this stage so if you are like me, you can stop here, roll into balls and keep  in the fridge for nibbles. They are best after about 5 hours and will keep for two weeks. Roll them in coconut, toasted sesame seeds, cocao powder… if you want to give them some clothing. I’m happy with them bald:

Vashte Bald Green Alkalinsing Balls

Ok so if you need a little extra sweetness on your palate, then to make option 2..still all natural and sugar free and alkalising– just add rice malt syrup to taste. This sweetener does not convert straight to fat as other sweeteners like honey and golden syrup can. Organic honey is great for you though, and an option if you are making the transition to de-sweetening the palate. I think, the important thing to remember here is these ingredients are all whole foods and healthy. These balls are high in energy, high in good fats, low in sugars. Too much of them can cause weight gain if you do not burn energy! It is not rocket science really. One-two as a snack to satisfy your hunger is perfectly fine and great to fill the hole- warding off the sugar craving around 10am and 3pm. Take responsibility for your own body and be honest with yourself- only you know what works for you and what doesn’t!!

Option Number Three: Naturally Sweetened Decadent Dark Chocolate-laced Sugar Free Alkaline, Raw Green Balls!!!

How to melt chocolate

I thought I would show how I melt chocolate as this was something I didn’t know to do for some time. Just grab a saucepan, pop some water in it; pop your chocolate in a different saucepan, sticking it on top of the saucepan with water in it. Just as the picture shows! The heat can be high to warm the water. The heat from the bottom saucepan will melt the chocolate without burning it. Happy days! I use 85% cacao organic dark chocolate. Don’t think chocolate in large qualities, dark or not, is good for you. A little MAY be but… these days- they usually have so many other ‘little’ things added- that bought chocolate is redundant in many health benefits. Really. In all honesty. And again, it is up to you to figure out the truth for you. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I had to get over myself and face the truth- it is just not good for me. Marketing is clever and had sold me on perhaps dark chocolate was good for my body…but that was only me wanting to believe in a fairy tale and fall prey to clever marketing techniques. I don’t know where you stand on that but being honest with myself is the best decision I made, and have to continue to make each day… a work in progress!

You can make your own chocolate- that way it is pure, wholefood and.. CAN actually good for you! No additives allowed! You are the boss!!

Vashtes Alkaling Balls!

For a bit of pizazz you can add fresh chilli to your dark chocolate.. hmm aphrodisiac apparently!!

Enjoy my balls!!! Alkalising, wholefood, healthy,  and ohh yes…. delicious on every level!

Please make them, tweak them and tell me your versions, or what you think of mine! Make your comments below! I would love to hear from you!!

XX Vashte XX