BE A Champion

by Vashte on September 21, 2012

I have totally fallen in love with this tune: Hall of Fame by The Script. The tune, the lyrics..listen to them and apply them to your own life! “Standing in the Hall of Fame; the world is going to know your name”.  Be a CHAMPION. YOU CAN be the best. Dedicate yourself to your dream! LIVE your dream. Run when you can walk!! MAKE your dreams your reality.

Don’t rush; plan and move with stealth and strategy. Be adaptable. Move with the times.

When you fall, get straight back up. When you have a bad day, get over it and move on. Do not let people, words, or situations hold you down. Work around them and walk THROUGH them. BE A CHAMPION!

WHAT do you want from life? NO REALLY! KNOW the answer to that question and then go out and GET IT. Do not wait for things to come to you. They don’t; and you will let opportunity after opportunity pass you by if you wait. You CAN have ALL you desire IF you take action and CREATE your world. If you do not have to work for the things you want in life, you do not appreciate them as much, if at all.

We learn big lessons from the mistakes we make in life, so do not worry about making them! BUT make sure you do learn from them, AND MOVE ON.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Look for mentors/guides in the fields that apply to you. These are people you respect and look up to. Ensure they have integrity. Aspire to be LIKE them but do not wish to BE them. YOU are uniquely and wonderfully made so BE the best YOU that you can be!!! The world needs YOU. It does not need another imitation copy cat of someone else. YOU were born for a reason! I spent many years wondering WHY I was here.. instead of developing and appreciating my kind and gentle nature at that time. I thought that was my greatest weakness, when in fact I have slowly learnt these are my greatest strengths. STRENGTH THROUGH VULNERABILITY. Do not let the world dictate to you the way I did, on what it thought I should be.  Now I am free and growing from strength to strength through my vulnerability and femininity. Let YOUR strengths shine through and enjoy them!!

Enjoy WHO you are and work towards bettering yourself each and every day by constantly learning. GIVE to others. The more you give, the more you get! This is a Spiritual Law as well as a Biblical one. Stands to reason as God IS Love.

As opposed to focusing on ourselves constantly, try focusing on others by GIVING and helping other people over and above ourselves. Experience the JOY of the Lord as He gives YOU strength to do so! Watch the blessings come streaming into your life as a side effect.  This beats any ‘side effect’ from those pharmaceutical drugs the world is hooked on that is for sure! (she laughs).

BE… WHAT do you want to be??






Only YOU can answer that! Be honest with yourself. There is nothing too big nor too small; just listen with your heart and follow it. You WERE born for a reason- no matter how big nor how small. Your small might be very big to someone else out there in this world. I didn’t know why I was born for such a long time. I pains me to think of these times. I felt lost and without hope thinking there was no point for me on this earth. WOAH… I know know how wrong I was. Every single one of us is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Every word you speak, every smile you give, every breathe you take counts. You might just make someone’s day just by smiling at a complete stranger. So BE the blessing in other people’s lives.


Walk straight through hell with a smile… I did. It works at treat. Face your fears. NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU WHEN YOU HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH.

Do not try to be perfect. There is no point as we are human. There was only one perfect human being, and His name is Jesus.

Enjoy life. Make the most of your every day. Smile in the face of adversity.

BE A CHAMPION. BE THE LIGHT. Shine BRIGHT on the good days AND the bad days!!!

Go out and LIVE your life to the full! Keep your goal always in your mind and do not let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in your way. Create the ripple in this life your were designed to create!!