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Stop Emotional Eating and Overeating

by Vashte on December 12, 2012

Most people learn emotional eating from a very young age. They see their parents over eating to compensate for negative as well as positive events and the spiral begins. A habit is formed whereby food is used to sooth stressful feelings, alleviate boredom, reward and comfort ourselves, boost the spirits as well as in celebration with others- to name just a few scenarios.

We are not dogs so I wonder why we reward ourselves like them, with food?!

Emotional eating and overeating will not satisfy an insatiable appetite. How is it that some people believe it can?  The question to ask ourselves is.. what is actually triggering this emotion? What emotion am I really allowing myself to experience? Am I really hungry?

Emotional eating is used in a variety of settings, certainly not confined to the following but some classic examples can be:

  • soothe feelings of stress,
  • depression,
  • loneliness,
  • frustration or
  • boredom, anger, hate, loss of control and so much more….

Overeating to supposedly make yourself feel better is completely illogical when you look from the outside in. We have somehow tricked ourselves into believing that the artificially laden, sugar filled produce made by man, overflowing with toxins comprised of zero nutritional benefit will actually make us feel better!! We KNOW, hands down, that after we eat this stuff we feel sick, tired, confused, lethargic, bloated and generally unwell. The feelings that sparked this event in the first place are still there, accentuated now with guilt and even more feelings of low self worth – a nasty negative spiral to engage in.

Where does this stem from today even more so than through learned behaviour via parents? Try analysing TV. How many people watch TV on a daily basis? Most. How many use TV as a babysitter for their children on a daily basis? Most.  Do they realise they are welcoming subliminal teachings through ads, themes of shows, language and poor grammar?  Branding, repeat advertising, repeat images- all help create what is acceptable and what is unacceptable  in many people’s lives’.. because WE let it.

Step out of the matrix and unplug yourself from the system before it is too late. You ARE in control of your life. Even if you think life is spiraling out of control take one step towards taking back the reins. That one step could be, and often is, by choosing to control your eating. It may seem an insignificant step to others, but it can be the catalyst for many other positive aspects in your life.

Stop Emotional Eating – Don’t Use Foods to Soothe Moods

Overeating high-fat, high-calorie, sweet, salty and unhealthy food won’t fill that void inside. Figure out what is triggering the given emotion, recognise what emotion/s you are experiencing, and then do something else to replace that behaviour of going to the kitchen/fast food drive through/ corner store- wherever your usual ‘feeding’ place is. Avoid it like the plague. If you avoid the temptation it will be easier for you to replace it with something positive. Don’t keep your ‘binge’ food in the house, don’t even look at the shop/takeaway as you drive past. Keep your eyes focused on what you can eat and train your brain to fall in love with healthy options by speaking the words. If you speak the words, your brain must fall into line eventually. Life and death is in the power of the tongue so speak your future reality as if it was already here, today, right now.

This time of the year can be a stressful one for some. There seem to be so many ‘requirements’ on families to come up with ‘presents’; relationships can become strained for so many reasons. The end of the year is nearly here and we all look forward to closing another year out, and starting fresh for the new year coming.

This time of the year is designed around love. Focus in on that. You don’t have to buy all the presents, you don’t have to buy all the chocolate, you don’t have to go overboard with food. If you remember to smile at your loved ones, give them a hug first thing in the morning, tell them you love them and mean it.. have some fun together… those things will all take the focus off you and on to other people.. you will totally forget about the overeating and emotional eating thing.

Over eating and emotional eating is a form of self abuse and self harm. By not honouring our bodies, which we rent, we reduce our capacity to live life abundantly. We reduce life expectancy as well as quality. Too many people walk around with one foot in the grave already. Why not make each day count and enjoy every moment we are blessed to walk this earth?

Learning how to stop overeating and control emotional eating can support healthy permanent weight loss and give you control and power over your actions in so many aspects of life. It is empowering. Through you making the change- you will encourage others by your actions as opposed to so many people who just talk. You WALK the WALK.

Start NOW. You are a human being, not a dog. Don’t treat yourself as a dog!

(steps on my suggestions for HOW to stop emotional eating will follow this post)

xx Vashte xx