Gluten Free, Wheat free, Alkalising, Whole Food

Fast, easy and mouth-wateringly tasty!! Alkalising; whole real food that your body will love you for! This slice will not over fill you, but will give you a power packed meal/snack for any time of the day or night filled to the brim with loads of good protein, good fats (that wont make you fat) and alkalising green vegetables and nuts; combined with thermagenic properties of cayenne pepper to aid your metabolism even more. You just cant go wrong with this recipe! I LOVE it!!

In a bowl mix: 5 organic free range eggs, Himalayan salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste, cumin, 1 diced onion, 4 zucchini, lace it all with pest- as much as you like 😉  and add a handful of spinach. If you have a magic bullet you could really mulch the dry ingredients up if you like! I like them chunky though. Then all you do is get a casserole dish or a loaf tray and pour the ingredients into the dish you want to bake in. I sprayed mine with cold pressed virgin coconut oil to help stop it from sticking to the edge. You are going to slice it- so use a rectangle shaped dish- but that really doesn’t matter.

Top with diced raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sprinkle with more cumin and cayenne pepper for a great zing! bake at approx 150C for 20-30 minutes or until its cooked all the way through.

Almonds are a fantastic alkaline nut, jam packed with essential fats, protein, antioxidants and fibre to help keep you fuller for longer. Nuts are great for keeping you fuller for longer! Almonds are also high in the amino acid glutathione – one of the most powerful antioxidants that also occurs naturally in our cells.  Glutathione is needed by the body to repair cells and maintain a healthy immune system.

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is filled with lauric acid which helps nourish the immune system and aids metabolism! It tastes delicious and is one of the rare oils that is holds its properties when cooked ie – is a safe oil to cook with.

Enjoy it!!

xx Vashte xx


Working Out With Vashte

by Vashte on August 23, 2012

So I am back in the gym again lifting weights!! Admittedly I haven’t lifted weights in some time. Although I manage Anytime Fitness Robina, there is a huge difference to working there, as opposed to working out!!! Someone has to make the gym run smoothly!! That’s where I step in!!

I love to run more than anything so after a long day, going for a run along the beach is such an awesome way to wind down. Besides, it is very hard to stay longer in the establishment you work at every day once the day is done!!

However, spurred on by of my amazing gym members; Rachel Clarke, I am now lifting weights 3 times a week with her. It is important to continue with your strength training, no matter what sport you love. You must engage those muscles to stop atrophy. – Muscle shrinkage- this is what happens to us as we get older if we do not use our bodies in their correct manner. The correct manner is not sitting in front of the television or computer day in and day out.

I have heard so many people say “oh I have such a slow metabolism” , “it runs in my family”. This is such a pile of crock, don’t believe it. Your metabolism is directly proportionate to the amount of muscle mass you have in your body. And no girls and ladies, this does not mean you have to be a bodybuilder, nor does it mean you have to be bulging with grotesque muscles.

Females cannot build the same muscle mass as men unless they are taking a significant amount of (usually) illegal stimulants and drugs. Lifting weights, strength training and or plyometric training (lifting your own body weight) is amazing for your posture, will help you create a lean sexy toned body with no wobbly bits, and help make you feel more alive than you ever have before. The body releases natural endorphins after training sessions like these and you absolutely DO NOT need pre workout supplements!! Pre workout supplements will only dampen your body’s natural ability to release these endorphins (the happy feeling you get after training and that’s not just because you are finished!!). Pre Workout supplements can actually stop your body from being able to regulate your weight, and result in you feeling tired ALL THE TIME for no reason at all (adrenal fatigue) as well as cause you to GAIN WEIGHT long term.
That has to be bad!! -It is for me!!

Coupled with a good nutrition programme, sensible training will help you utilise your muscles to help increase your metabolism -meaning you CAN actually eat food without gaining FAT. There is is huge difference between fat loss and weight loss.

If you monitor your progress through weight alone, you will quickly grow disheartened as the scales do not reflect an accurate representation of what is actually going on in the body. We need a number of different measures to even begin to ascertain what the body is doing.

If you have a good strength conditioning programme coupled with a good nutrition plan, some weeks your weight may actually increase, whilst your measurements in cms decreases. If you were monitoring your progress by the scales alone- you would think you are on the wrong path when in fact, you are on the perfect path is you goal is to lose fat, increase metabolism and become a leaner more sexier version of you!.

If you are significantly overweight, do not use this as an excuse when the scales do not reflect weight loss. It is ‘easier’ for people who are more overweight to show weight loss than those who are not. Think about it, the more overweight you are, the more you have to lose- the body does not ‘want’ to be overweight, so will help you shed fat and weight at a faster rate.

Once the body gets to a more ‘normal’ range the weight loss slows down and this is where the work begins, again!

Today I am leaner than I have ever been, with a lower fat percentage than I have ever recorded. How have I done it and how am I doing it? Through very sensible and calculated nutrition mainly. No I do not spend hours in the gym- I used to though. I used to over train and under eat like so many. It has taken me a long time to release this mentality and in doing so, I have released the excess fat storage. Stop buying those trashy magazines with those ridiculous diets. Diets DO NOT WORK. Not long term, no short term.

I power walk most days first thing on rising – this stirs the metabolism for the rest of the day. And I use little 1kg dumbbells as I walk. People are constantly commenting on my arms.. try that on for size. No I do not bicep curl!!! Just walk with straight arms, moderately fast for about 40 minutes – awesome way to wake up. Don’t have the time? Then get up earlier.

I don’t have the time to sit on front of the TV. Ever. How about that? Your IQ drops more than 25% watching the TV.. now thats SCARY considering many peoples IQ’s!!!

Now I have added weights as Rachel wanted a training buddy, nothing too intense, and boom.. more size is being lost – fat is being lost. There is not too much to lose now!! Got problem to have!!

Mix your training up a little! Make it fun!! I did a pole dancing course a while back- that was hard!! Awesome core work!!!; and I like a bit of Bikram Yoga every now and then- strength training in a very hot room. Cross training was a blast- love the hard core training; as well as urban training to fatigue. If you mix your training up and keep it interesting, you will not get bored.

Results stop you from getting bored. Well they stop me that’s for sure! Want results? Email me at and I may be able to help you achieve them! I am not qualified in nutrition but …have researched this topic for many years and get amazing results for people who follow my guidance; I am a Personal Trainer and have a BA in Psychology along with being a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. So in short- can coach you very well through many aspects of this journey to health.
Health is my passion, for many reasons- personal and global. And I DO care about your results. Every single one of us is different, and there are no two people walking the same journey- which is why each of us needs a different approach. Accept no excuses, especially from yourself.

Love the skin you are in and make the most of your body. Your body is rented, so you have the responsibility to care for it. It has to house you for as long as you live on is earth. Why treat it like a theme park so that it gives way too early. I can’t imagine what it is like for people who are able mentally able, but not physically able. When we create this situation ourselves.. it is our own fault. Challenge yourself!!! Make it a goal to get in the best shape possible! Not for the aesthetics primarily- that is pure vanity; but for your own health, and the enjoyment of this awesome life!!

If you would like to know more about how I could coach you, please feel free to email me and drop me a line:
I dont bite 😉 Often…



by Vashte on April 14, 2012

How to Speed it Naturally…


I see you cringing like the coyotes from the Lion King when they repeated “Mufasa”…

You don’t have to! Many of us think that the metabolism we have today is the metabolism we are stuck with for life. This is simply not true.

How to increase your metabolism NATURALLY

If you choose not to do anything about it, your metabolism will stay the same tomorrow as it is today. BUT if you choose to do something about it, you could help control and coach that metabolism of yours back to life, or slow it down; whatever your goal is.

I will speak on how to speed that metabolism up as more people in Australia and most Western countries urgently need to address this issue to combat the grossly rising rate of the overweight and obese. If we do not care for the health of ourselves, surely we care for the health and longevity of our children and their children? We have a duty to teach them how to eat, what to eat and when to eat, many people have forgotten this and stuff their children full of fast food, junk food. This addition to sugar and complacency must end before it is too late!

Stop before it is too late...

Most doctors are likely to advise pills, potions and drugs to increase the metabolism, maybe, if you are lucky-  peppered with a sprinkling of exercise;  although whilst taking those prescribed drugs you are unlikely to have the ability to fully participate in strenuous exercise due to the plethora of negative life -threatening side affects produced by those miraculous metabolism boosting synthetic drugs…. please do your research before popping those puppies.

21st Century. A pill popping generation.

The metabolism CAN be sped up naturally through the foods you eat, the timing of your meals and through regular exercise to name just a few options.

If you have in your past been a yoyo diet junkie, then my friend, you have taught your body to fend for itself well. It is likely that today that body of yours stores fat easily in preparation for the next onslaught of fad dieting, starvation, or the next trip to Africa- all whilst you live day to day life here in this wealthy country of Australia. You may feel as though your metabolism has ground to a screeching halt. It may even LOOK that way HOWEVER-  you CAN change it.

If this is you, then please listen up: YOU have to be patient.

You didnt get to where you are now over night....

You are going to have to make a decision here today, right now that YOU are taking the driver’s seat once and for all. NO MORE FAD DIETS..THEY SIMPLY JUST DONT WORK. LOOK IN THE MIRROR and you will see it is true.

Through regular balanced meals, and regular balanced forms of exercise, you can coach your body into trusting you again. It may take time, if fact, it WILL take time, but it took time to put it all on too didn’t it?

Here are some simple, natural ways to help get that metabolism cooking with gas again. No drugs allowed. Oh and ditch the coffee as a cheat way to increase metabolism. You know as well as I do that you need more and more of the stuff to get you going the more you drink it. So what does that tell you?

Too much coffee, adrenal over load. PRO AGEING.

Don’t know? I will tell you then – your body gets used to the buzz and needs more to create the same kick.

Why is that Vashte? Glad you asked my friend!

You body is getting lazier and lazier through you relying on the coffee for the kick. So this means your adrenal glands get totally stressed out through working so hard and before you know it (not long at all) they give up the ghost and stop working the way they are designed to.

Result: you -exhausted, fatigued, no energy ever. Grumpy, short tempered and no fun to be around. Pimply skin as well just to name a few nice endings.

Main side effects of caffeine

So try these at home! They are safe, effective and all natural. Great ways to begin speeding  that metabolism  up all by yourself. When you read them, ask yourself if they make sense. I am sure you will find they do.

They did for me, so I hope they do for you too.

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

FRESH Organic fruits and veggies

I have spoken on going green and getting alkaline before. Here I go again. I choose green vegetables over fruit as a rule, but rules do get broken. Before 12 noon most days, I will eat only vegies or fruit. Very rarely do I combine vegies and fruit. It is usually one or the other due to the fermenting gases that are produced in the gut when they are combined.

One exception to that rule is apples. You can throw in an apple with a vegie juice without reaping the gaseous exchange result :)

Watermelon in season is a favourite to eat first thing on its own, as it is very cleansing and filled with water.

Other fruits I choose are usually low GI, high fibre fruits like apples and pears.

High fibre, non-starchy vegetables are rich in nutrients and take longer to breakdown and absorb. Perfect. The metabolism will increase as this food is broken down and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Green leafy vegetables are alkalising and often high in fibre so eating this kind of food for breakfast will help flush the body of waste and toxins as well.

2. Drink lots of purified water.

Alkalised Filter Fresh Water

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Even mild hydration can slow down your metabolism which means you are slowing down your weight loss.

Water can help you feel full if you drink it before a meal. By adding a squeeze of lemon to your water prior to eating a meal, you can aid digestion and help your body remain or get, into an alkalised state. Lemon in the water gives it a refreshing flavour also.

Stay hydrated, it improves digestion, increases metabolism and decreases fat absorption.

Caffeine leaches goodness from your body and dehydrates the body faster than a lear jet travelling at the speed of sound.

3. Eat high protein foods.

SuperFood Sources - Super Protein

Currently I am off the high protein, low carb way of eating. In my personal opinion, too much animal protein in the diet can cause a strain on the digestion and keep that body in an acidic state. This is the exact opposite to being alkaline.

Animal protein takes longer to digest hence causing acidity as the body is working hard to digest that food. On the one hand this is good as it revs up your metabolism and helps you feel full for a longer period of time; however this food remains in your body longer and can contribute to making you feel sluggish, then get stuck in the colon due to improperly chewing which can add weight and toxins to the body. Not all protein comes from animal protein so I am choosing dairy free and meat free protein sources over animal protein as often as possible. Fish and white meat occasionally and red meat only when my body asks for it.

It has been shown that people who get at least 30% of their calories from high protein foods hold onto more lean muscle while losing fat, than those who get less. Muscle is important to keeping your metabolism faster than the autobahn in Germany.

4. Exercise and lift weights regularly.

Sculpted by good nutrition and good exercise.

Daily exercise is one of the best ways to increase metabolism so do what you love. If there is nothing you love …yet…Do something you don’t absolutely hate!!! Learn to love your exercise!! I know some of you may not believe this but wait for it… we actually were not designed to sit in front of the tv or computer all day every day!!!! It is true!! I kid you not!!!!

Find some form of exercise that you enjoy enough to do every second day, and build it up to consecutive days as often as possible. MAKE the time for it, or you will pay for it later in life…. By not making it at all… or being dependent on other people to EXIST in a nursing home.

The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn all day long. Lift some weights or do  some resistance exercise every second day. Girls- you won’t build muscles like a man. You will increase your metabolism to burn that layer of fat sitting on top of your toned, slim alkaline body.  
5.  Go with small meals more often.

Small meal

Our portion sizes have grown to coincide with the heavier numbers showing on the scales. We eat big meals and big servings. A small size is now a med/large portion of food. Cut it down, cut it right back.

It doesn’t take much food to kick your metabolism into action. We eat too much and make poor food choices. Stop. Each mini-meal from noon onwards should include some form of protein.

Eating small meals more frequently till 8pm also gets your body used to eating less in a sitting – which is a very good thing. One mini meal every 3 hours will keep your metabolism burning like an Australian bush fire.

6. Get some good fat in your diet.

Fat in my diet???

Yes FAT in YOUR diet.

Good fats to help increase metabolism

Omega 3 fish oil and olive oil (not heated), coconut oil, and avocado can help boost metabolism. SMALL amounts of these types of good fats will help your body release the fat stored in your body. Your body will learn to trust you as you stop starving it of good nutrients. It in turn will release those fats cells producing a slimmer, leaner more energetic and detoxed NEW YOU with a metabolism faster than a speeding bullet burning fat while you sleep.



Things to avoid if you want to keep your metabolism pumping fast:

Logic prevails but I will list them just in case you think you can get away without it…
Unhealthy high fat foods,

  • fatty meats,
  • fried foods
  • poor quality, cheap, nasty cooking oils.

Low fibre carbohydrates

  • refined grains,
  • sweetened desserts
  • alcoholic beverages
  • Man made processed foods.  
  • Cigarettes and tobacco are especially destructive. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which actually decreases metabolism and life expectancy in the long run. Dramatically.

Done. Go stoke that metabolism of yours up NOW!!!!

xx Vashte xx

xx Vashte xx