And here..the fairy tale was destroyed.... thank you 21st Century!

And that, my friends, is where the fairy tale ended. You see, by chasing a man you have reversed the roles of masculinity and femininity. If that man allows himself to be caught, then if you ask me, and it Is my blog so I am going to assume you are asking me… then I’d say that man can quite easily be caught by another woman game enough to pursue him, at ANY stage in the game of life…AND in this day and age, there are plenty of vipers out there ready to pounce. I’ve seen it with my own eyes on numerous occasions.
But who am I to write about men and women and relationships? I am single!!! I will remain single too if I am expected to chase a man to get him!! The man I end up with, will have to pursue me , woo me and catch me. I figure if a man can not do that then he does not want me enough. Its really not rocket science. Chasing men ruins potentially good men!! And woman!!

A Gentleman...

I am old school and staying old school!! I look for the man to BE the man, and I will BE the woman. I might wear pants for clothing but let the man BE the masculine one!! Just the way he was designed!! In my world.. men are not allowed to wear skinny jeans!! NO WAY!! My man should not FIT skinny jeans!!! I’M the only one to wear skinny jeans!!! If I have to compete with which one of us looks the prettiest…um something has gone horribly wrong!! And as I look out into the world.. I see it really has.

Driving home the other night I noticed behind me a convertible. Two men sitting in this car. One, in the passenger seat, with a funky hat on, looking a little gruff with stubbly facial hair, the other driving..he’s preening and fixating on himself in the rear vision mirror, playing with his waxed hair flipped to one side and bits sticking up at the top… making sure the wind hasn’t ruined the style, checking out his face..excuse me while I vomit. I think his friend said something to him about playing with his hair… seriously these guys are turning into girls. It is HORRID!!

Girls, if you chase your man down, do not think you have him pinned. No way Jose! You have just undermined his masculinity no end, and even if he thinks that behaviour is hot or cute right now, there will come a time when he needs to assert himself again as a man. It is in their blood. How they do it..Lord only knows. Breakups, abuse, verbal, emotional, or physical it’s all nasty; affairs; diving into work.. the main thing to think about is this..if he was caught once, he can be caught again by something newer, brighter, more vibrant. You are only sewing bad seed by playing the game of the world at the moment!

If he is caught once, he can be caught again...

Me? I’m staying single until someone shows their worth, by making ME feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, and they would move heaven and earth just to spend the rest of their life with me. .or just have a coffee. 😉 Why? Because I’m worth it..and so are you.
Don’t sell out to the need of second best, third best or bottom of the pile. Wait. Its worth it. Well, it will be AND if no one comes to get me..then that is fine! I can live my life single! I would prefer that ANY DAY to finding a man who doesn’t have a spinal cord. I need a man who knows his worth, is not afraid to ask me out and isn’t afraid of the thought of a ‘no’. If a man is afraid of being rejected when asking a girl out, then how on earth is he going to face the world!!! Since when did no become such a horrifying experience? AND if he’s worth a grain of salt.. he won’t even think I or you (girls) would say no!!! A man knows how to have a conversation with a woman..he knows how to make her laugh and he knows how to make her feel like a million dollars.

There is such a thing as Prince Charming :)

Boys do not. Some ‘men’ are still boys. Why give them the time of day? Those men are the ones that can be caught. No thanks!
I’m waiting for a real man..and if it means spending the rest of my life living in my castle in the sky, I’m OK with that! At least I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed every time I look at the man I went to ‘catch’ -because thats what I would be. Where is the love in that? There is none!

To me, Cinderella and all those fairy tales had it right. Let the men BE men and girls ENJOY being a woman!! It is a very powerful and beautiful thing!! Let the man love on you, chase you and catch you, and then you have the power and strength to support and love that man for his strength and power. Its cyclical;.. why on earth are we fighting the system that works!! Whoever said being female was weak, was terribly wrong. (Must have been a man and then a whole heap of women bought in on the scam). There is a whole lot of strength in being feminine. Men love it in women too. Funny that.

So very feminine. SO very strong in her femininity.

I refuse to chase a man or fall victim to the scam of the 21st Century I hope you do too.

Written by a real woman, for the real men and women out there. I know there are some remaining like me out there!!! Don’t get sucked into the world system designed to keep us all alone. We are designed to complement each other, not fight each other. That’s a lonely world out there for those people.

Here’s to old school romance. Love and honour. Lets bring it back. Right now. Girls stop chasing!! Men START chasing!! It is so much more fun in the long run!! breeds a whole love of LOVE that this world is severely lacking.

Bless you and love you. And remember these are my personal thoughts and beliefs, you may not agree, but perhaps ponder for a moment or two and think on it with your heart, not your head would you? And can you? Switch your head off and let your heart lead..just for a moment??

Love and honour

xx Vashte xx