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Protein, Muscle and Weight Loss

by Vashte on January 2, 2012

1.Your muscles are made up of protein. That is why you need protein in your diet to keep them strong.

2. Building muscle is not easy. It takes a lot of effort, dedication and TIME.

**GIRLS: lifting weights and eating protein WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A BODY BUILDER.  It takes HOURS AND HOURS of dedication and education to look even remotely like that.

3. Your abs are found in the kitchen. THATS RIGHT. Your results are dependant on 80% NUTRITION, 20% exercise. Dont get it mixed up.

4. Train hard with focus, be consistant, eat well –this may include a NATURAL protein supplement.

5. Have patience.

6. Stop looking for wonder products – there are NONE.

7.Starving the body of calories may work for the first few times you do it. This is a very temporary fix. What you are doing is teaching your body how to store FAT, and slowing down your metabolism. The more often you start a fad diet, the more efficient your body will become in knowing how to hold on to and store FAT.  You are doing yourself a HUGE dis-service entering ANY type of ‘diet’.

Examples of what I consider to be a CRAZY fad diet include but are not limited to:

  • Allowing only 500 Calories per day;
  • No carbs;
  • Protein shake ONLY breakfast and lunch diets;
  • NO excerise..and more

If you enter into a diet where they stop you from exercising, be VERY AWARE that you are HIGHLY LIKELY to be about to teach your body how to burn muscle and store your fat.

BIG FAT NO NO if you want to be slim, lean and toned.

When you come off this starvation period, your body will hold AS MUCH FOOD AS POSSIBLE as FAT, even the good food you put in, in preparation for the next famine. You WILL gain all that ‘weight’ back, plus MORE. The body is only trying to protect you and keep you alive by doing this.

  • By training consistently, eating 5-6 snacks each day with a balance of carbs and protein, you WILL lose fat and build muscle.
  • When losing fat, the scales may not move as fast as you think you want them to; however, watch those cms drop and the clothing become looser and looser. Isn’t that what you really want? To change shape, increase your metabolism, eat more and feel energetic?
  • It is vitally important that when you supplement your snacks with a protein shake, or any other supplement for that matter- you do so with a product that is 100% natural. Your body is a temple and understand that what you put in, your organs must process to get out.
  •  Eating CLEAN is vital to long term health. Always check the labels of any food you put in your mouth and ask yourself- can you read the ingredients or do you need to be a bio chemist to even begin to decipher them?

100% clean, 100% natural. Your body will love you for it and the fat will fall off.