How To Live Life Outloud “A-Z” I

by Vashte on February 23, 2013

Integrity – Intelligence – I – Intuition – Inspiration- Immune System

“I , I,, me, me”. This is how most people view the world in 2013. “How can the circumstance, situation benefit me?”  “I am the most important person in the whole world”. “The world revolves around me.”

Hold up there Skippy. Actually .. it REALLY doesn’t. So how about coming down off our high, lonely horse and putting our feet back on the ground and running with that hmm?

The use of  ‘I’ has to be one of the most overused words in the English language! Only when we want to point the finger of blame at others to accuse them or blame them for our mistakes, do we take the attention off ourselves. This is when we remember there are actually other people in the world in 2013…

This world is so very self centred and opinionated. In actual fact you are currently reading my opinion on this matter 😉 So from one ‘I’ to another ‘I’.. I think the concept of ‘I’ is used far too frequently in our world today. If we all took a step back and put ourselves in the shoes of others; considered the possibilities of why people do what they do, say what they say and feel how they feel; we would all be in a better space.

World problems are now all solved we can all go on and live in peace and harmony ( she giggles)

Consider this: God gave us two ears and one mouth.. for a reason. Perhaps if we took time to actually HEAR the words and the message others are giving us, we could actually communicate! In the same language even 😉 The fact is, most people are too busy formulating their own response in their head to actually hear what the other person is saying..let alone developing the ability to read body language. (Again two eyes.. use them).

It is actually very easy to get people to ‘like’ you everywhere you go. All you need to do is focus on them, LISTEN to them, observe their body language and make them the subject of conversation. Take the focus off ‘I’ or me..use your ears and your eyes more than your mouth. Simple. Why is it so difficult for the vast majority of people today?

Consider what you could do to be a blessing to others without the primary objective being some personal gain for yourself. Often, just ‘listening’ to others is more than they have been given in a very long time –without interrupting or ‘giving ‘ them your answers… trust me- they don’t want to hear them!

Forget the ‘I’ in 2013!

I once belonged to a business whose primary motto was “If it is going to be, it is up to me”. Interesting fact is: the business went belly up and took most people with them. Not to mention the CEO leaving his wife and family for an up and coming single female highflyer. I guess they took that motto to the appropriate level for this worldly day and age. Leading me to my next topic:


Walk tall today and every day. Say what you mean and do what you say as often as you can. Apologise for mistakes, and mean it. Learn from them. Speak the truth. Always. No matter how hard it may seem at the time, it will always be much better than living a lie until the lie pops. And  having to clean up your own mess when it does. And it always does- pop. A white lie is.. a lie. Not speaking the entire truth.. is a lie. Not telling ‘because you didn’t ask’ a lie. Have integrity. A person with integrity is an unbreakable person. This world has no ammunition for a person with integrity. The world needs people with integrity. BE that person.


A gift from God. Listen to it. I call it the Holy Spirit, you may call it other things- that gut feeling, the inner voice. Whatever you call it- develop it and listen for The Truth. It is always there, in every situation.

When all the answers are no..but you have this niggly feeling that it is yes… go with it, against all odds. Who said ‘they‘ are always right? Lord knows ‘they’ make mistakes just like all the rest of us. Understand the difference between your ego wanting something, and the Holy Spirit speaking Truth. In business, in personal matters, in life, in health, in relationships. Use your intuition, listen to the Holy Spirit in life to show you how to BE, how to conduct yourself, how to protect yourself, how to rise high and fly like the eagle with poise and grace.


Develop this. Learn by studying in the traditional manner- yes, but develop your intelligence in life skills also. Watch how people interact, learn how to make the most of yourselves as well as how to bring the most out in other people. Use your intelligence in knowing when to speak (rarely) and when to listen (often).

The sum of all these things is Inspiration!

If you live your live with integrity; listening to your intuition and using and developing your intelligence– you will BE the inspiration the world lacks. BE the change you are looking FOR. Inspire yourself and in doing so, you will inspire others!

Immune System.

Your health. Without it you have nothing.  NOTHING. All the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health.

Build your immune system. BEFORE you get ill. Most people are functioning well below acceptable levels for a human being in the Western world. Just because your results from your ‘doctor’ show you to be in the ‘average‘ range..does not mean you are healthy. What is ‘average’ by their system anyway and who set that ‘average‘ range hmm?

If you don’t spring out of bed every morning and have energy all day until you go to bed at night… If you have a short attention span and/or short term memory loss… If you need more than 7-8 hours sleep or cant sleep at all…. If you have sugar cravings, or any cravings full stop…. If you are overweight or underweight, feel sluggish and tired, are snappy, get PMT, are emotional…. If you just exist.

You are NOT OK. This is NOT cool.

The best doctor is YOU. You know your body better than any ‘expert’ in the field- you have lived with it for your whole entire life right?! Start to pay attention to it.

Build your immune system NOW. With healthy whole organic foods. Natural foods. Ditch the prescribed drugs we reach for so readily. Ditch the panadol- how about drinking some filtered water?! Eat fermented foods. Don’t drink tap water, or bottled water either! Buy a GOOD filter for your water. make sure you drink 2-3 litres per day – more if you exercise. Get PROBIOTICS into your daily nutrition- FOREVER. Balance the good bacteria in your gut so that you CAN actually digest foods and have your body use the nutrients then get them out of your house (your body) once their job is done. Do you poop 2 hours after a meal? No?- Then your food is putrefying in your body leaking toxins in your house! Get rid of the toxic load in your life – emotionally and physically. Find natural cleaners and products for your homes. Remove the chemicals. Give yourself a fighting chance to live a vibrant healthy life..well into your 100’s! Don’t pretend its too hard. ‘Hard’ is dealing with a life changing illness, many of which claim lives. Don’t put yourself in that box. Build your immune system NOW.

One life, live it well.