Fathers Day

by Vashte on September 7, 2014

Today, in Australia, it is Fathers Day. I wish all the Fathers out there a wonder day, embracing the gift they have been given in this life.

fathers day

It is my brother’s first Fathers Day. He seems to be a pretty cool Dad. His son even gave him a book called “Why I love my Daddy”. When I asked him what the book said, my brother remembers “He is funny” and “He is clever” – straight off the cuff.. not too much else 😉 His son is about 5 months old… so .. I guess he must be as clever as his Dad is… :) They have a beautiful family- filled with love and it shows.

I respect and honour all parents out there. It is a mammoth task and one I have not experienced. Yet or perhaps ever. Who knows.

I know it takes a strong man. A loving man. A true man to be a Dad.

In church today the paster gave us this quote which I loved: “It is easier for a Father to have children, than it is for children to have a good Father”. Hands up those who know this to be true – on both sides of the fence. My hand raises.

An ideal family celebrates this day with their Dad. The man they lean on, trust, feel safe with. This is the image I imagine in my mind about Fathers Day and the one I pray you are celebrating today!:

fathers day2

For me, Fathers Day has been a day of unexpressed annoyance I guess. I don’t remember my Dad being around, and certainly don’t remember words of encouragement, much love or support from him. Every girl wants the love of her ‘father’. But my ‘father’ was never really much of a ‘father’. I remember fighting though. Too many families are like this today. I pray that more people understand how important it is for a child to have a Mum AND a Dad. If they have issues- keep it away from the children. He was never very good at that. Children are smart and see through everything – it is funny how some adults think they don’t. -Especially when those adults were once children too..

I had a step father once for a while- he tried to be a good man, and a good father. I still respect the role he played in my life as that person. He spent time helping me with certain classes in school, and he tried to be the ‘man’ we needed in our family. As a Dad. But he is no longer in our lives either.

My biological Father is alive. I don’t speak to him very often. I’m not angry with him or upset with him. I still love him because I have a small understanding of who he is, and what it might have been like growing up in his family as a child. And I believe it would have been horrible. HIS father was a bad man. It is harder for  a person who has never been shown love, to give love or express it. It is not impossible, but my Father, chose not to change very much. That is OK with me- it is what it is.

I’m still a girl who wants the love of a Father. I know he loves me even though he doesn’t show it, or know how to show it well, or has bothered much to try..

I am safe though- because I found a real love from The Father of all- Christ Jesus’ Father: God.  So for all the people out there who have not experienced love from their Dad’s. For those who have been mistreated. For those who have been abandoned- and for those who actually do have the coolest Dad’s in the world! -There is One out there who really does love unconditionally- no matter what- through thick and thin- is never angry with you – and always forgives. There is One who will make you feel safe, and keep you safe from all things.. and He is with you all the time.

His name is God. Jesus Christ’s father. Our creator.

God IS love so everything He does is in love. Pretty cool to have a Dad who always, always, always walks in love. It’s very safe. It’s very empowering.

fathers day3

So I leave you with this thought:

Dad– I do love you- even though I don’t speak to you often.


God is GOOD and something GOOD is going to happen today and everyday with God our Father walking with us.

Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

Forgive your children. Forgive your parents. Forget it all- there is no point harbouring memories that only eat you up, spit you out and end up destroying lives.

xx Vashte xx


Gone Troppo!

by Vashte on April 28, 2014

Golden sands, hammocks, beach houses, bikinis, and a wedding! Oh and sunshine, delicious food and drink, reuniting friends from all corners of the world, loads of laughs, conversations and, general mayhem 😉

Beaches of Thailand

I’m on holidays. Such is the life of a Vashte :)

Dear friends are getting married in the tropics of Thailand so attendance is necessary to celebrate this momentous occasion! Many of us met on or very near the dance floors of London Town. Many of us remain good friends throughout the ages :)

This will be a reunion of people who may not have seen each other in up to 10 years! And all to celebrate one friend who unites us all :)

Personally, I cant think of a better location as the rain sets in here on the Gold Coast of Australia! Chasing the sun! I’m thinking poolside cocktails, mocktails, beaches, warm ocean waters, friends, friends and more friends :)

Happy days!!

I will let you know how it went on my return 😉 Don’t wait up !!!

Pool side

Twisting by the pool…

Seat for two

Seat for two ..beachside

White sands, aqua blue water, clowning around!


All this sunbathing requires a relaxing massage…on the beach… 😉 Don’t mind if I do thanks!

Working hard on the beaches of Thailand!! Miss you all!! Where are you???

xx Vashte xx




Emotional Stress

by Vashte on March 12, 2014

Lets talk emotional.

Stomach ache

Emotional stress and what it can do to a body.

Emotional Stress can be a major contributor to a vast majority of illness, directly and non directly. Illness from the common cold (how frequently do you get a simple little cold, the sniffles, or some other ‘minor’ illness that keeps you únder the weather’ – just slightly) – to more ‘serious’ illness in terms of acute or terminal illness. Yes, stress affects them all.

Every part of the human body can be impacted negatively (or positively) by ‘stress’..

Stress experienced in a negative way, and for too long contributes to:

  • depression
  • reduces the immune system
  • delays healing- emotionally and physically
  • may cause heart attack/stroke
  • impairs memory
  • can increase risk of cancer
  • increases inflammation
  • unwanted weightloss/gain
  • worsen diabetes
  • impairs sexual function
  • increases ageing
  • and more…so much more

Stress makes the body age faster at a cellular and genetic level by shortening ‘telomeres’. Telomeres are DNA at the end of chromosomes that directly affect how quickly cells age. The shorter the telomere, the shorter the life span. Research it. BUT all is not lost if you are a stress head, or are in the middle of an incredibly stressful situation!!!

Stress -Management techniques have been shown to lengthen telomeres (yay!!) So there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

A life without Stress does not exist. You don’t see every person ageing rapidly, developing chronic illness and living a shortened life by living a life filled with stress. Some do, some don’t. Interesting. This poses the question- why is that? Why can some people handle stress in their stride; whilst others collapse the moment one thing falls out of place? Could it be that the people able to handle stress have implemented stress- management techniques giving them tools to manage stress on higher and higher levels? hmmm maybe…

I think it wise to look briefly at what stress is before we delve into that.

What is stress?

By definition ‘stress’ according to the Oxford dictionary for this purpose is:

  1. 2.
    a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.
    “he’s obviously under a lot of stress

‘Stress’ is often viewed as “what is going on in a person’s life”. Change; good or otherwise; is stress. A change in perception, understanding, belief, circumstance, lifestyle, weight, marriage/divorce, life/death…. the list goes on and on and on…Stress can be ANY factor contributing to change.  Good change can be just as ‘stressful’ as adverse change for some people. 

The degree to which a person experiences stress is directly related to how that person reacts to that stress. It is how you, or I, as an individual person perceives the stress, which in turn dictates how much if any, stress is involved. Stress is completely subjective, non quantifiable, and entirely personal. I cannot judge judge your stress levels, and you cannot judge my stress levels. Does this make sense?

In a world where we are seeing more chronic illness, more depression, more suicide, more loneliness, more nervous breakdowns, more meltdowns, more encouragement towards being an ‘individual’ so therefore supposedly ‘stronger without the need for anyone else’s help……??!!, and more drugs than ever expected in pharmaceutical drug companies wildest dreams prescribed- with that number exponentially risingwhy are we not ALL taking a moment  to ask ourselves:

pills pills and more pills

  • WHAT exactly is going on here?
  • WHO has created and continues to create this Monster?
  • HOW do we stop it? Or at least- how do I stop it in my own world. If you stop it in your world- you will be the light for others to see and give them the strength to believe that they can do it to. I mean if i can do it, you can too right? So if you can do it- so can someone else. And so it flows.
  • Why is a “meltdown” or “nervous breakdown” so accepted today? Why is it virtually expected at some time in life for many people today???

The people of today must be experiencing obscene amounts of this ‘stress’ to lead them down the road to breakdowns. What is going on????

Perceived Stress.


If you feel stress; you are stressed. It really is that simple. Your body will respond to how you are feeling; so if you ‘feel’ stress- the body will result in stress. The mind affects the body just as the body affects the mind. We cannot dissociate one from the other.

It does not matter what the stress in any given person’s life actually is. What matters  is how that person deals with or manages that stress. For example: making billion dollar investments on high risk stocks can be experienced or perceived in exactly the same magnitude as changing jobs, losing/gaining weight; having a haircut to someone else!!!!  Stress is as individual as we are, and is often compounded by a sequence of events. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is not what actual breaks the camel’s back, but it is the one thing that often gets blamed for doing so when in fact, the sequence of event that lead up to that straw is responsible. That sequence may have started years prior! 

HOW do we stop Stress? Or at least manage it? 

We don’t stop ‘stress’ in life. Without ‘stress’ we would like devolve as opposed to evolve. There would be no challenge in life. No goals to hit. No obstacles to overcome. ‘Stress’ is a necessary and healthy co-factor in our existence. I have learnt the most, the fastest, and more robust lessons through times of ‘stress’ and even tragedy. HOW I choose to face stress directly affects HOW stress affects me. Am I a victim? Or am I an achiever? Do I overcome obstacles with one mighty bound (Superman!); do I take a few mighty bounds?; or loads of mighty bounds which might not appear to the outside world as mighty, but in my world, and where I’m at for that moment- they are mighty!!! This is the mindset of a Mighty Warrior. A Princess warrior. A Compassionate Samurai. Whatever you want to call yourself to give you empowerment- do so! Never the victim. Never.

Some keys I use to manage stress are as follows. They are my Stress Management Tools. If you have not got some tools in place that are used on a daily practice, perhaps you too might like to implement some, if not all, of these too. They just might save your life, as they have mine :)

Vashte’s 9 Stress Management Tools:

1. Learn HOW to turn stress OFF when it is not beneficial. 

In certain circumstances such as when I’m working, exercising, creating… stress is good! I ask myself which areas of life I thrive on stress and allow it in for a short time. This is controlled. I like it. What is life without a challenge or two? There are certain seasons when even a little stress can be too much, so learn to pull back in those times. We all have different seasons and thresholds dependent on what is happening in life, and how we deal with them. Many factors are completely out of our control- what we DO control is HOW we ‘react’ to them or manage them.

Stress in this manner can be healthy when I turn it on and turn it off. I turn it on to produce the goods, being mindful of how I am with others around me at work; then leave it at the door when I go home, or change roles. When I go home at night, I relax. My choice. My rules. Turn it on and turn it off. Just like a light switch. 

2. Pray.

Fear Not

As a Christian I turn the The Lord as often as I remember. I do forget sometimes and thats when I end up tripping over my own feet. :) I’m human; I forget. I talk to Him, I read my Bible, I use work books to help me interpret the Bible and develop my relationship with Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God. I read 21st C books written by Christian’s on how to live in this world- being relevant. I apply these principles. I ditch worldly affirmations and worldly self help books- they just don’t work like The Truth. Nothing does! If you want to know where my ‘wisdom’  comes from- as some have asked- it’s not my wisdom – it comes from God. I dont pray crying out ‘why has this happened to me??!!’ I pray using stregnth and promises from the Bible. I pray from a place of empowerment. Always. With belief that God will show the the way, the truth and light. And He does. Every time. HERE is how I pray to get results x.

3. Meditate

The Bible encourages us to meditate on God’s Word daily. So I meditate. On Him and the truth he has written about me and for me. 

I find meditating first thing in the morning and (if I’m being particularity awesome….) last thing at night. Definitely first thing in the morning. This sets my day up in gratitude, love, clarity and focus. I usually incorporate a brisk walk to help physically charge and awaken my body at the same time.  I walk without music. Just me, God and the other early risers getting ahead start on all the late starters in life! If I quiet my mind, am present in the moment, I hear the answers I seek. Effective mindfulness. Effective communication with the One True God. Effectively developing my relationship with Him. Having fun with Him.

Meditation is about focusing mental energy.

Focusing energy increases power.

Increased power is empowerment.

Empowerment allows for more concentration.

Concentration results in better function and effectiveness: in school; in business; in sports; in LIFE.

4. Exercise


Ooh a life without exercise would be equivalent to a life without music! = NO Life at all!!!!

Walking is GREAT!!! Most people can walk. So do more of it. Faster. 😉 Walking with purpose and appreciating that we CAN walk will change the state of the mind. Try it. Gentle exercise is better  for the vast majority of people in today’s society regardless of fitness level. Walking is one of the BEST fat burning exercises you can dream of doing. Dancing is another. Walking is easier see?! 

I run as nothing makes me feel more alive than when I finish a run. But this is a very jarring exercise and certainly has it’s faults. I walk in the mornings :) Join me! Walk. Walk with power. First thing in the morning. Change your life. Change your stress levels. Empower yourself.

5. Stretch!

Pilates is a brilliant practice for stretching, lengthening the body and strengthening the core. It will give you an amazing posture and free any creaky or stuck bits (frozen shoulder anyone?) Instructors are usually highly trained and focus on core strength. True change comes from the inside out- from the core. Start stretching.

By working with the body, and focusing on positive change, we can manage stress far more effectively.


Blood Red Sunset

I finally bring this up. One of my favourite topics!! The food I eat plays a direct role in how I process information and how I handle situations. If you are any different, then… you my friend, are an alien from a planet far, far away.

  • Foods that make us sleepy and tired such as: heavy, creamy foods, pastas, breads, dairy; can slow the body and mind as energy is used in some attempt to digest this crap. Loads of energy is taken as these so called foods produce an inflamed response in many people sending the body into overdrive, causing stress internally.
  • Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and foods with chemicals (most supermarket foods) go straight to the brain and cause neuro-toxic responses. In ‘Vashte’ words: cause brain farts, toxic ones, resulting in behavioural changes in the vast majority of people. Myself included. I used to drink a product called Defin-8. Sold as a ‘mostly natural pre-workout’ – used by  people who use the gym, or in my case for energy. Much like an energy drink. Well, there is nothing natural about this product. Beware of the label ” natural sweetener”. WHAT EXACTLY is this? It is not labeled. For your information: MSG is a NATURAL PRODUCT. I drink Defin-8 and my brain shuts down. Like flicking a switch. Boom. I’m in lala land. I get agitated and itchy. BAD. Really bad. Here is what is happening: brain cells are dying. Just by me drinking a product sold as ‘mostly natural’. Lord knows I have damaged enough brain cells without adding to the equation!
  • Stimulants like coffee and energy drinks can and often do result in dependency. They sure will stimulate the brain and therefore nervous system producing some degree of false energy, and just as surely, they will result in a crash around 1-3 hours later producing a sure fire crash. Hence reaching for another hit.

Choose real food. Real food is whole food. Whole food is made by God without man’s intervention. We stuff it up every. single. time. Wholefoods are: vegetables, good fats, proteins and a little fruit. If you don’t know where to start with healthy, whole foods I have a wide range of FREE easy recipes to get you going!  Click HERE NOW!I’m not one to hang out in the kitchen unless its a party and that’s where it’s at, but only ever then! My recipes are simple, easy and clean eating. AND DELICIOUS!!! Give them a go!!

By changing the food and drink I consume, I directly changed how I experienced and will continue to experience stress.

7. Breathe!!!!

So simple, yet so many forget about it!

Physiologically, when we are stressed it is completely natural to breath shallow, fast breaths. Why? The body is preparing itself for danger. It senses attack. It is preparing me for a fight or a flight. Blood rushes to muscles in my arms and legs leaving digestion – don’t eat when stressed! Eyes dilate. Blood rushes to my heart and increases beats per minute. I’m ready to fight or run. This is an inbuilt defense mechanism that has kept us humans alive since the dawn of time. Its awesomely clever.  God is pretty on to it! When I am stressed I can get tunnel vision- my vision becomes like a laser beam to the exclusion of everything else. Good if I’m looking for an escape, bad if there is oncoming traffic….or I’m not needing to run like a black panther to escape one. Which has never happened by the way. I’m still here. When I say I like to run.. it is not fast by any stretch of the imagination :)

If I were to experience that every time I experienced stress, I would be a train wreck. Some people live in this state day in, day out. This is chronic stress and is guaranteed to make a human body very sick. If not now, eventually. I lived in this state for two years. A human can live like this for a large part of their lives. What often results is sudden cardiac arrest. Often the first sign of cardiac arrest is death. Which is why cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the Western World. It is too late at the first sign of cardiac arrest.

  • Breathe.
  • Notice your breath.

The breath is usually the easiest sign indicating stress. Sometimes I notice I am shallow breathing when my conscious mind has not quite connected to any perceived stress. All I need to do to regain control is stop doing whatever it is that I am doing and focus on my breath. By taking long, slow, deep breathes, I regulate my heart rate and slow my breathing and heart rate down.

Stress can be controlled by breathing correctly! So simple. Why are we not all aware of this and taught to practice this? In school would be the best place to start. It may help with bullying, exams, sports events.. life after school.

Breath is the link between the mind and the body. It both reflects and affects the body’s level of stress. The mind affects the body; the body affects the mind.  The whole is in the part and the part is n the whole. 

8. Focus.

Vashte Bawden

Determine my focus. I ask myself: what is it I am focusing on? Is it beneficial or toxic? Ditch the toxic. This revolves around forgiveness, letting go and forgetting. There is no forgiveness without forgetting. Chronic hatred and anger are among the worst forms of stress. If I remain angry with a person or situation, I empower that person or situation to lord over my life, take control of my thoughts and create a toxic, sick world for me to live in. No thanks.

Forgiving a person does not excuse the behaviour, but it does free my mind from stress, suffering and physical illness. Let it go. There are many situations in my life where I could ‘justifiably’ be angry and harbour resentment and hatred. pfff. No way. I give it all to God and He can deal with the mess. I have a life to live.

Determine your focus with a pure heart = freedom.

It takes strength and courage to forgive. Just try it. A courage you will never experience if you choose not to forgive, let go and foeget. Live an empowered life, not a life lorded over by those who have hurt you.

9. Reach Out.

Connect with the people! Find support groups, or people similar to you who are also moving forward and getting on with life. DON’T connect with people who marinate in the past and tell their story over and over and over..and over. Toxic!! Run Forrest RUN!!!

We all have sad times in life. Don’t choose to stay there! Move on. Join sports groups, reading groups, computer stuff that you find FUN!!! FUN!!! The key to life!!! Dont LOOK for happiness!!! Do the stuff that interests you and you ARE the happiness and fun in the world!!!! Just get out and start connecting with good people! Get on with LIVING!! 

Vashte Minta jump 12

This is NO  dummy run, although it sure looks as though there are some dummies sleep walking around this world! DON’T be ONE!!!

Quit hiding out on your own. That is dangerous. Being alone is when the lies your head tells you appear real. Get out and about. Dust the cobwebs off and start Living Life OutLoud!! Watch the stress melt away, seemingly without you even trying too hard.. because you are having fun! Before long you will wonder what that old life was all about and how it was even possible in your world. 

Life is for Living. Manage the stress using techniques proven over the ages. Life involves stress. We can’t stop it but we sure can manage HOW we deal with it.

Live Your Life OutLoud.

xx Vashte xx

Vashte has a BA majoring in Psychology; is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Master Results and Performance Coach, and holds qualifications in advanced neurological re-patterning. She has a Diploma in Christian Biblical Studies and is a Qualified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia.  She has been researching nutrition for 20 years; composing wholefood food plans for 6 years, focusing on weight and fatloss via wholefood.

Vashte is a health and wellness ambassador, specialising in spirit, mind and body. 

Vashte is currently based on the Gold Coast and consults from there. Skype sessions are available for those outside this area. Please contact her via email: for further information.





SkyDive ByronBay. What WAS I thinking!!!

by Vashte on February 20, 2014

I jumped. I really jumped!! Byron Jump

From the video you can see the moment I lost all sense and sensibility when I jumped out of a perfectly good place, 14,000 feet above sea level to hurtle at a mere 200 kms an hour towards earth. It really is not pretty. Attached to the back of me is a man. He is cool, calm and collected. I was absolutely not! Jump Byron

  • Note the complete loss of colour from the neck up, loss of colour to the lips; shielded by a heavy layer of makeup on the face.
  • Note my poor neck. I think I pulled all my neck muscles as I looked this way all the way down.
  • Note the open mouth. In pretty much every photo….lol Jump Byron

  • Note the bright red chest and collar bones. what have i done!!

  • Note the wide eyes, tiinnnnyyyy, pupils, the constant licking of the lips..Somehow my lips no longer fits my mouth….?!

Vashte Byron Jump

I AM smiling OK?! THAT IS my smile dude. You get a grimace as I’m trying to play along to the ‘fun’ you guys are clearly having!! (Oh shiiiiit..what HAVE I got myself into!!)

I am so scared. This is sooo totally not normal. Crazy eyes. Skydive

My parachutist was very experienced, and put me at ease as much as it is possible to put one at ease when they are clearly doing something so far out of their comfort zone one has to question the reasoning and sanity behind it…?!

It was a perfect day in Ballina. Stunning in fact. Perfect conditions for a first time jumper. For many years I have contemplated jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute attached. Never have I brought myself to do it.. until now. I don’t know what changed. Byron Skydive

Well, maybe I do.

For the first time in a very long time (perhaps ever), I am beginning to feel safe and secure. Since 2011 I have been running around with my adrenals in overdrive the entire time reassuring myself that I was fine. And I was. In actual fact I have never felt more alive. Nothing like death to throw life ones face.  I guess that’s a way to put a positive spin on it.

So now, I feel enveloped in safety. Security. Surety. Byron Jump

I am not sure I have ever let myself experience these things to the degree I am today. It is amazing. I recommend it! And yet, in allowing this I can feel my adrenals slowing down even more. And this scares me.

So I went looking for the adrenalin buzz.

I wanted that high those adrenalin junkies all seek..and get apparently. I wanted it for the day. To feel the high of life. Natural but forced excitement to have me bouncing off the walls and into infinity again. Because in my security, I am letting that go. Well that’s how it feels sometimes. So jumping out of a place ought to slap me around a bit, wouldn’t you think?

Slap me around is the word.

One of my favourite sayings is “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars’’. Perhaps I mean it literally! Some people are programmed for air time. It scares the crap out of me. I like to run, short or long distances…I don’t mind. But I’m rarely far from the ground. And have never hurtled like a space cowboy AT it! Until now.  Roller-coaster rides used to thrill me to a point, but underlying it all I was petrified. Now that I am older and wiser… I am OK with admitting this… I’m petrified with this sort of behaviour. I quite like the earth, with me standing on it.  My ears wouldn’t equalise when I tried to scuba dive as well- that was a bummer as that was quite beautiful and surreal down there… but I’m figuring … as some people are vegan; others meat eaters; some like raw foods; others love a good home roast… so it is for adventure seekers!!!

Some are designed to spend time in the air. As much time as possible! Like all those instructors who went up with us. Something has to be said for the thrill seekers- their eyes- wow. Crystal clear and filled with life and excitement.

My eyes, showed utter horror and fear. I have to give myself some credit as I think I did a pretty good job of covering up the terror until we got to the open door of the plane (which I was sitting right next too btw); and then my survival mechanism smacked my consciousness aside, telling it in no uncertain terms that the pathetic little show of ‘’I’m cool, calm and excited is WAY OVER BABY, time to let the truth out.”


Seriously. Dangling from another human being, complete stranger, with my life entirely under his control; 14,000 feet above the earth, OUTSIDE the freaking aircraft…. with him telling me to look DOWN (isn’t that what I’m exactly NOT supposed to to); wind smashing me at however fast we are travelling in the lovely little aeroplane above the sea; its COLD dude!! (Breath Vashte just breath)… Why am I not hot from adrenalin!!! Petrified. That’s the best word to describe how I was feeling. Now look up…what?! Seriously wtf???? Look up at what???? Oh the camera. Smile? You have GOT to be kidding me. Note the shortness of breath, the worry lines etched across my forehead– I look like a rolly polly dog. Quite frankly I don’t CARE! (Don’t you worry, I had prayed the night before and all the way up- like I was going to take any chances! All my sins had been forgiven I am sure of it!!) And finally we tumble. petrified

Into …nothing. Somersault, in thin air. Wooahhhh. Literally. And rocket towards the ground faster than a speeding bullet. Surely? Can’t breathe, Oh My G. This is scary. It’s going forever. So loooong. He hasn’t pulled the shoot. Mann…through some clouds, woooah.Cold. Really cold. Still can’t breathe. Yes I I can’t…. Vashte- pull yourself together woman!!!!  It’s a long way down you know. Stuff being pulled from a plane without a parachute- there is a lot of time to think whilst plummeting that fast towards earth. Too much time. Jowls flapping and my skin flapping around trying to depart from my body… it’s so wrong on so many levels …. There goes the botox. Hahaha In actual fact,  I’d recommend not jumping with Botox- you’d just waste the stuff- the speed at which your metabolism goes to- pfst gone in a flash with a jump. Now that’s funny. Jumper

Boom. FINALLY the chute is pulled and I can breathe. Farrrrkkkkkkk. With the chute pulled we could drift gracefully down, but noooooo. Selwyn gives me the controls and gets me to pull hard to the right and then to the left. Yeah. Not funny. Seriously…. I think when they tried to make up the video and pictures they may have been hard pressed to find shots of me screaming for fun. Petrified till we landed. And that’s a fact. skydive

I jumped for joy on landing  because it was OVER at last. I didn’t want to tell him that. He obviously loves this stuff. Me. I crashed and burned 30 minutes after landing. Almost vomited on a number of occasions as we drove to Byron., and for some reason gravity in Byron was so much heavier that afternoon.. I was dragging myself up the street!!! Surreal.  The intention was to catch up with one of my BFFs there but after eating, which helped momentarily, I was back to close to comatose state, and had to drive straight home to lie in darkness till the next day. Skydive landed

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I jumped with Byron Bay- Sky Dive The Beach and Beyond; click here for their website –  and Selwyn was my instructor. The company is brilliant, professional, very friendly. Awesome team. Skydive ByronThe guy deserved a hug. Technically speaking, he just saved my life.  I’m ALIVE!!!!!

It was way out of my comfort zone. Yes, I am glad I did it. I can cross it off my bucket list finally, but inherently I knew it was not a natural thing for me to seek out. I was looking for the high…and used it all up on the way down being so terrified. Once landed my body just shut down. That sucked! I was surprised and disappointed the high didn’t last but having looked back on the video ( I couldn’t bring myself to watch it till the next day); I can see that if I had continued that buzz I would have been greedy, and the crash following would have been even more scary.

I’m not normal. On so many counts.

I have spoken to many others who didn’t feel this way- they loved it. I was petrified. Horses for courses huh, but I say, if you have contemplated a jump, then go do it. You only live once and stuff missing out on fun things in life.

Fun things are scary- especially when they take you out of the boundary conditions of the box you live in. I was well out of my boundary conditions. Perhaps this will help me open more doors to more adventures that are out of my ‘normal’ adventure box!

Do it!

It’s a blast!

Not once did I see my life flash before my eyes. So I knew I was not in any danger. That, I think, was the real head spin; My logic rationalising it out, and my unconscious self having a right royal hissy fit.

Stunning view on the way down. Personally, I prefer it from the window seat comfort of a plane or helicopter where I can breathe without fighting 200km wind rammed down my throat, or ice particles swallowed at that speed but …what a hoot.

Go jump. Try it on for size.

Watch the video HERE. It is 6 minutes of total adrenalin and…. new experience 😉 Byron Jump Skydive


It’s my birthday!

by Vashte on February 5, 2014

5 February.

All day long- it is my birthday.

What a fabulous day this is, as it is every year!! So I thought it would be timely for me to return to my blog which has been on hold since Dec 18.. I’m sorry to anyone following my site!!

A birthday can symbolise many different things for many different people. To me, I am grateful for the year that has passed and look with excitement into the year that is to come. The day itself is my day. In fact, the entire month is a great celebration and considered, on the whole, as my birthday so any and all gifts and well wishes are welcomed !!! lol.

I will not let the day go by without honouring my mother, without whom none of this would have been possible!!! An amazing lady highly exonerated in my eyes, and worthy of respect and praise. Lord – I think I have put her through a lot even as a good girl… for the most part!!!! :) (shhh) This is my beautiful Mother who raised me as a solo parent pretty much all my life along with my siblings. Incredible lady.

My Mum

www.vashte.comThis year I plan to take this page in a more focused direction or two. Perhaps three. Still making my mind up. I’m thinking- books to come- recipes to include all my instagram updates and more. Perhaps some inspirational pearls. Youtube channel stoked and moving forward.. Coaching programmes -automated and one on one. What do you think? I probably shouldn’t speak before they are created but as this is my page I’m rolling with it. Lets get this project rolling exponentially.

I’ve been thinking way too long about things but am now in a stable place to take the direction I feel called towards most strongly and then see how the wind blows. In all honesty I may have been under the banner of ”analysis paralysis” and some ”disbelief in self”- can you relate? But the thing is; I have learnt slowly, and the hard way, that life is no dummy run. This is it folks! So give it a go! Just do it! What have we got to lose? The ones who succeed are not the ones whith all the ducks lined up in a perfect row. The ones who succeed are the ones who just give it a go! And you know what? What does it matter if it doesn’t work out?! Life does not end in a puff of smoke! It carries on and you get back up, dust of the dirt and start again. Only this time you have a little more wisdom if you have learnt from the mistakes of the past.

So learn from those mistakes.

This page is an exploration of who I am, what I learn, and how I function in this world of ours. Any thoughts I write are indeed my thoughts and beliefs. You can take them on board; marinate in them; or disregard them. All your choice as is everything in life. I figure if you are following me then there must be something you connect with in me, so that is a good thing. I am your girl next door with a sparkle in her eyes, ready to play when I feel like it, share recipes, ideas, inspiration, and even a little coaching tacked on it you want it…

My mistake has been inertia. That little doubting Thomas sitting on the shoulder whispering: ‘”You can’t do that. You can’t say that. Who do you think you are?” But everyone has this voice at some stage in life. Walk right over that voice and speak what you want. Take action to achieve those goals and you will find, as I will, that the voice gets more and more distant as you trample it with the Truth in Who you Really Are. And that is Success.

Remove the people who bring you down and doubt you. They do not serve a purpose in your life other than to keep you where you are. Mediocre. Do you want to Live Your Life OutLoud? Do you want to live a life Less Ordinary? Then hang out here with me and walk with me in the direction of  your dreams. Make those dreams a reality and therefore a goal. It does not matter how long it takes. It matters that you get up every time you fall and keep going. Lord, sometimes just standing is a momentous feat. Celebrate standing for a moment!!  Life is not a race. There are more people on this earth than you are aware and whatever it is that you have to offer is there for you to access. Your people; your circles of influence, are different to anyone else’s. Do not get into the ”lack” mentality thinking you are too late.

You are right on time. As am I.

And right on time is where I want to be for my birthday dinner so I love you and leave you today – encouraging you for an empowered year this 2014.

Subscribe to this site and I will keep you posted with all developments and updated posts. This year I want to take it to the next level and beyond, so come ride the wave with me. If you dare! Subscribe by adding your email to the top right corner of my home page. I will email you regularly if you want to Live Your Life OutLoud with Vashte!!

Birthday dinner – here I come!!!






God’s Love

by Vashte on November 14, 2013

I have this prayer hanging over my desk. I find it helpful when I lose sight of direction, who I am and/or how God really see’s me. I thought it may help you too in times when you feel like you need something, or would like something of substance to hold on to. It may help you see a little more clearly how very precious you are and how much He so very much loves you. Especially in those times when you find it hard to love yourself. I have been there too you know. x

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God…

Child Of God Vashte Bawden

Pray this prayer based on Ephesians1: 17-18; Ephesians 3: 18-19; Colossians1 9-11 and Philippians1:9-11

“Dear God (or Dad),

I ask you to make me intelligent and discerning in knowing you personally and make my eyes focused and clear, so that I can see exactly what You are calling me to do. I ask that I grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life that You have for me. I pray that Christ may live in my heart so that I be rooted and grounded in love and I may be able to understand all the dimensions of this love and be filled with the fullness of You Lord.

I pray that I am filled with the knowledge of Your Will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and that I live worthy of You Lord. I pray that I am fruitful in every good work and as I am increasing in the knowledge of You, I am strengthened with Your Power.

I pray that I may still have more love – a love that is full of knowledge and every wise insight. A love that always recognises the highest and best and sees my life full of the true goodness produced by the Power that Jesus Christ gives me to the glory and praise of God.

In Jesus Mighty Name,


If you pray this prayer, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you may then see things with open, loving eyes; and have a better understanding of why you are here, and how much you are loved.

Notes on great ways to pray:

  • Whenever you pray, make sure you use God/Dad/Jesus’ name when you start. Just like a letter. This way you address your prayer to the one true God and He will hear you.
  • Base your prayer on promises written in the Bible, if you can. If you haven’t read the Bible yet, or haven’t started, that is fine as He will hear you anyway. When you base your prayer on biblical promises, it is a very powerful prayer. God NEVER breaks promises xx.
  • Always end your prayer by saying “In Jesus name, Amen.” This way you seal the prayer in Jesus’ name. Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus, above the earth, on the earth and below the earth; so this way you start the prayer to the One you are talking to, and you end it in Jesus’ name. Nothing and no one can stand between you and your prayer.

Awesomely powerful. xx

God Bless you

xx Vashte xx

If you ever want to connect with me asking questions on Christianity, you are more than welcome. Or if you have questions on life itself…




Your Reality- What does it look like?

by Vashte on September 27, 2013

Thoughts – Questions – Ideas

Dreams- Goals- Your Reality


  • Are you aware of your thoughts as you progress through your day to day life?
  • What words do you speak over yourself each day? Are they positive and encouraging, or are they actually negative and dis-empowering?
  • What do you REALLY believe for yourself? -For your today, and for your future?

I am a firm believe that we create our own reality. I know I do. If I do not, then who is creating my reality for me? Media? Friends? Family? Work? The wind? If I take control of my mind by becoming aware of my day to day thoughts, I can then see how I am processing information coming at me, every day in every way. You can do the same too.

Through becoming aware of our thoughts and observing them as they pop up, we can then understand what filters of ‘reality’ we have chosen to live through. And change them if we like.

  • Empower yourself.

  • Empower your world.

I know ‘things’ have happened to each and every one of us that are unfortunate. Very unfortunate. And many downright stink. We have two choices; to live in the past and marinate in what was, has been or could have been; or we can move on.

What do you choose?

I believe the way to live an empowered, successful, easier life is to observe. Observe everything, and choose what you allow in and then choose how those things make an impact on your life. You choose.

You are not governed by emotions. You govern those emotions. That takes practice, and awareness- just as you practice to learn to play a piano or play a sport. Develop the habit of strength. Strength of mind resulting in strength in character.

If we insist on turning back and living in the past, what happens? You turn to salt. You will be preserved back there, in the past,  stuck in an existence that is no longer relevant or meaningful to a world progressing ever forward. You are left behind. What use are we to anyone, including ourselves, by choosing that life? You are born for such a time as this. TODAY. To LIVE in the today, and build into your future. Not remain in the past. So come with me, let go of those memories, learning from them and letting them go.  This is not ignoring the past. This is strength of character.  Acknowledge the past as that which happened, back then. That ‘then’ is not now. Become aware and alert so that you do not have to repeat that learning again.

Use your wisdom.

You do not have to be the sharpest tool in the box to do well in life. No, no, far from it in fact! Look around and truly see who you respect the most in life. Research these people. You may be surprised as to their past, and their upbringing- it takes all sorts. YOU are an allsort too! You do not have to have the highest grades, nor an intellect that surpasses your peers. You do not have to have the most active social media know-how;  be clever,  be smart,  be fancy…. You do not have to be the skinniest, the prettiest, the biggest, the smartest anything in life to rise sky high.

You DO have to grow your wisdom- and you all have that. It resides in each person’s heart. Listen. Take a moment to stop, and BE. When you stop, exit out of the rat race and take a moment to feel the pulse of life.. that is when your wisdom can grow. Learn from life. Become aware of events in and around you. Question everything. But live through love and you will develop an innate ability to discern truth when you hear it and see it. Words, words, words – So many words, so little action following through. Come out of the sleepwalking slumber so many have permitted to fall over their lives. Come out of the matrix.

So many things do not add up in life- why. Ask the question for yourself, and start to look for your own answers. Too many of us have permitted a life of intravenous drip consumerism… must have, want to have, need it.. we have turned our brains off and along with that- our hearts. It is time to wake up world. It is time to reclaim what is yours- your life.

Vashte Bawden

I believe we are created in the image and likeness of God. Why? Because it is written by the handbook of life- The Bible. What Jesus says goes- more-so now than ever before. Oh I realise many people trip out at the name of Jesus, and immediately barriers are raised, ears are closed. I was one of these people as well, until 2008. The thing is- what is written makes so much sense! It resonates with your heart, and plucks at your soul– when you hear the Word of God spoken through Love – something goes off on the inside of you- that is Truth. So many of us do not understand what that feeling, or emotion is.. because we have never heard it, or felt it before. If we get past the wall of anger- and for many there are valid points to that anger – (humans are humans so often twist anything to be used to their own advantage), but when we allow the love of God to flow through and to you- life changes like nothing else.

But back on point- if we are made in the image and likeness of God, as I believe; and if we treat our bodies as the temple they are designed to be, then we permit our minds to function at a optimum levels through correct treatment of the body in which the mind is housed. Right?!

If we unplug ourselves from the factory farm in which so many live, and take back our lives and learn to think for ourselves, then it stands to reason we will live a more productive, fun filled, free life, right?!

  • Do not allow your thoughts to run wild. I used to.
  • Do not allow your emotions to rule your world.
  • Do not allow others to speak negative over you, invalidate their opinions.
  • Do not allow yourself to speak negative over your own life, and stop criticising others!
  • Stop doing things to yourself that you know harm you!

Choose your thoughts wisely- choose your words wisely – choose your food and drink wisely- choose your actions wisely….

You control everything about your life. Take back those reigns. You were born to reign. It is high time men stood up to be men and women stood up to be women!

I am over seeing big bullies push individuals around. It has never been more prevalent than today; patients being bullied by doctors because doctors are being bullied by sales reps of BIG corporations-as well as bribed; Govts being bullied by Big Pharma; boutique shops and restaurants being destroyed by fast food chains with money to market and lie; lies, lies and more lies on your TV which you watch every single day – for how long????

Unplug!! Unplug!!!

Live the life you were designed to live. And if you don’t know what that is, there is little wonder as you have likely been plugged in most of your life!! The wonderful, exciting thing is though, that you are stronger than you know and a very fast learner! Once you start listening to your heart, and doing the things that make you tick- you will soon get a desire stronger than you have ever felt before.. and it is at that point my friends that you have begun to find your passion.

We live in an age where we can reinvent ourselves at any age. So – go for it! Stop and change direction completely if necessary! Just get off that conveyer belt system churning out pork sausages filled with crap!

YOU are better than that!

YOU can do it!

I Believe in YOU!!

It is time for YOU to believe in YOU too :)

xx Vashte xx


Time Out

by Vashte on May 15, 2013

My last post was way back at the beginning of April- that’s a month and a bit Vashte. What is your excuse?!Time Out

Fact: I needed some time out. I did not want time out. I was encouraged to take time out, by my body. We all need time out every now and then- don’t wait until you are forced!

It would appear that I have been running on adrenalin for many years. I then ramped it up in the past two. Having drive, and being driven are two very different concepts for the body to work with. Most often we do not know we are being driven while we are ‘being’ driven. Isn’t that great news?! (sarcasm intended). Our adrenal gland is needed to respond to stress. Too much for too long can cause chronic fatigue as well as a number of other health issues. Add a sudden unexpected event in life and our body’s ‘fight or flight‘ response can be activated.

The fight or flight response is activated in a healthy person when that person is suddenly frightened, or when someone surprises them (for example). They will feel a sudden surge of energy, with all senses wired for action and they will usually scream, jump out of the way, or prepare to attack. Then, once the surprise is realised, the body returns back to the normal state of being- the heart returns to its regular beat, and they could laugh, scold or react in some way and the senses then ‘chillax’.

Many people today are running on empty through the stresses of day to day living. Work/career expectations, deadlines to meet; children to care for involving a mammoth amount of running around for social activities these days, feeding their hungry little mouths and dealing with their high octane energy; business and social expectations, meetings to attend; personal goals such as in fitness; further education; making time for your husband or wife not to mention family events .. and then there is you. Our calenders are overflowing with events- there is ‘never enough time in the day!’  Sound familiar? We live in constant adrenal overdrive– as our bodies are put under more and more stress, good and bad; we deal with it. You know it’s true! You make a way for all these things to happen somehow. We are all some form of Superman or Superwoman – not really through choice but through expectations we either allow other people to put on us, and those expectations we put on ourselves.

The body is an incredible machine. It is designed to survive and win. And it does- look at you now! After all you have put it through it is still here, doing the absolute best it possibly can- with or without your help. Most people today offer it no help whatsoever. Some (many) seem to have a death wish and choose to punish their bodies in every way possible. Who is winning? You, or your body? That body is. No matter what state YOU put it in- it is fighting to keep you breathing and functioning at optimum levels for the state you have put yourself in.

So ‘running on adrenals’ is a common thing in the world today. Many do not make an effort, let alone a concerted effort,  in caring for this body we have been given to rent. Not really. Not the majority. We push our bodies to the extreme; we do not allow them to rest nor sleep enough; we do not choose healthy food options opting to overeat in most cases, or undereat in others; many drink alcohol in excess especially in the weekends; many take drugs legal and illegal, we cover ourselves in toxic chemicals and clean our homes with those same toxins; we work REALLY REALLY hard. We are constantly tired. This is adrenal fatigue. This is running on empty.

What happens when a major event in life occurs to a body running on empty, and or fueled with toxins, and filled with all the wrong ingredients?

A major event in life does not have to be a bad one! A positive event can tip the scales just as much as a negative if the equation has been set!! So; enter a sudden major positive or negative life event such as: a sudden change in career, moving home; a breakup of a long-term relationship, an introduction to a relationship; a death, a birth; there are many events that can cause a sudden shock to our already stressed out bodies. What then happens? How do we survive? ah ..But we do. That body is determined to keep you functioning at your peak state, whatever your peak state looks like for you in your current body.

Enter: Fight or Flight state. Fight or Flight state is not designed for long term use. It is designed to fill you with adrenalin to get out out NOW, or fight for your life. It is a response the body makes in a crisis situation. It is momentary. Then it is designed to stop. A major shock/crisis in life can result in a person living in this state for much longer than intended.- Not good.  Most people do not realise they are there, until they come down. With a thud. The fact is- we have to come down at some stage. It is possible to live for years in this state, and the health repercussion are severe. Why?

In fight or flight state you are in overdrive. You are alert, ready for action at any given time. If you are living in this state you are ready for action anytime, anyday. You do not rest. In order for the body to function at this level, it decides that certain other everyday functions can be slowed down or even switched off if we push the body for long enough. Take for instance, the following:

  • The digestive system – shut it down, not needed in this state.
  • The immune system – shut it down, not needed in the state.
  • The blood system – activate thickening of the blood.
  • The BRAIN system – concentration on high alert 24 hours of the day. Shut down short term memory and other unrelated functions in this state.
  • The reproductive system – shut it down, not needed in this state.
  • The excretory system – shut down bowel movement, not needed in this state.

Oh dear.

Our body’s total focus is on fight or flight now. Nothing else is needed in this state. Fine for a very short period of time, but absolutely not fine for any longer. Too many people today are living much of their adult lives in this state until, they crash. And they have to. And it is nasty at that point.

The importance of slowing down and making time to relax, coming to terms with events in our lives, relaxing and accepting, then letting go is momentous. Ask yourself:

  • What is it you are running away from, or what is it you are running to? Why?
  • What have you loaded your plate with and why? Really ask yourself this.
  • And give yourself time to answer these questions.

I fully realised my body had been in fight/flight state only recently. You see, you do not always see it when you are living it.-When you are in it. Especially when you are determined not to let anything hold you down or slow you down.  How can you when you think you are doing all the right things, you are moving in the direction you think you want to go in; when everything is exciting and fun but you have no time to spare; people need to schedule 2 months in advance to see you- family included; you fall in a heap every night and can hardly get out of bed in the mornings- but that is normal isn’t it? It will pass. You tell yourself to “Eat some cement- harden up”. You have a million balls and you are juggling them perfectly– well, so I thought... Then along comes one more and oh my. I drop them all…

That was NOT part of the plan Jan!

Focus focus focus– get back on track. But you can’t. No matter how hard you try; and the harder you try the slower you become. The more painful it gets. Well that is how it was for me. Perhaps you can relate?

I started gaining weight in Oct 12, I could feel it but it was not showing till Dec 12. As I was so lean I looked ‘normal’ in Dec 12- no alarm bells went off for other people. Inside I was panicking but again, thought it would pass… wrong!!  In Feb 13 I was in agony. I was not eating excessively during this time so what was happening?! Finally in that month, when I could not stand the sight of food at all (it is true!), and when I was dry retching at the sight and thought of an apple; I went to hospital. I had an impacted colon!!!! How on earth could this happen…. to me??? Look at what I eat! Look at what I drink!! Look at how I exercise!!! This makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I felt like throwing everything away as this ‘health stuff’ clearly does not work. I was over it! I felt defeated, by my own team.

It was time to get real with myself and time to get honest.

My body had been in fight/flight for the past 2 years. Many functions had shut down. But as I have mentioned time and time again on this blog, our bodies are incredible. They just keep on keeping-on until they just really really can not any more. The more you ignore the gentle signals they send you- the more the body will shut down the basics and run in survival mode. If you, like me, ignore the warning signals in the early stages, you can and likely will find yourself in desperate circumstances. That is painful. On every level. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you are in that hospital, which is where most people end up, as I did, you are at the beck and call of random doctors. Doctors who treat you as a number. Doctors who treat you with every pharmaceutical drug available as the first and only answer. Scary stuff. What a roller coaster ride I had dealing with this added onslaught!!! Please do not be like me and ignore those early symptoms. It takes so much longer to get back on track.

This all came about due to an unconscious and conscious (I suppose), emotional response to a trauma two years ago. I had to truly come to terms with that loss. I thought I had. My body clearly proves I had not. I had to truly come to terms with the fact I had built a brick wall around myself so that I would not hurt again. Ludicrous, yes but this is what I saw when I looked at my actions in the past two years. I had to pull that down so that I could be loved, and love again. I had to slow down!!!! (NOOOOOOO) Yes Vashte.

Sometimes in life the best thing we can do is slow down and stop, if we can. Contemplate and conceptualize life as we know it. Then start again refreshed; either on the same track;slow down or with a slight change in direction; or go for gold and flip it completely. You call the shots. What do YOU want in life? I had to ask myself that again, and will continue to ask myself that to ensure I am on track.

Things change the only thing constant in life is change so do not wish for people to stay they same. They won’t. Do not wish for things to stay the same. They wont. Educate yourself and empower yourself to prepare for change- BE the change!! And it is OK to realise you have made mistakes. I have, you have, we all have. Learn from them, forgive yourself, forgive others and carry on.

Everything is OK. Everything is MORE THAN OK now! I know I am always in the right place at the right time, in every circumstance.  I know I stumble occasionally- I am human and in saying that – that is exactly why I have my hand in Jesus’- so that when I do He is there to stop me falling. My strength is found in Him and I know I can do all things through Him as He strengthens me.

Who strengthens you? If it is you, in your own strength.. you will tire. As I did. What happens then? Who strengthens you then?

I am back on track and excited for this next chapter in life! It looks bright. It is filled with love, and excitement, PEACE, and expectation of the things I can do in and hopefully for, this world! Are you excited about the things you can do in this world? Oh get excited! Believe and have faith that you are destined for great things! You are!

So I thought I would share part of the reason for my silence throughout the month of April. Noone is bulletproof -as much as I loved to imagine myself to be 😉 It was a time of honesty with myself; forgiveness; breaking down of barriers; rest and recuperation in my health and love life. I am blessed to have been given this time out. Thank you x. It was time to get truly excited again; fall in love again with life and all that it offers- it offers so much! A time of gratitude and a time to recalibrate my direction.

Life is amazing! Keep doing what you do if you love it- and change it if you don’t! Be grateful for all that you have today– set goals forrelax what you want in your future and set a path to make them happen- always live in the TODAY as that is where we are- IN today. Be open for lessons in life; do not be too proud to accept them. Lessons are not something to be embarrassed about, rather, they are something to cherish and be thankful for. If you do not learn, you do not grow! Thus you stagnate. Keep growing into a new you; a brighter you; a more refreshing you! And take time out to relax and be aware of those emotions, be aware of the subtle hints your body sends you. Let your emotions out sensibly- if you do not, they will affect you negatively, as well as affect the people around you; take action on those physical warning signs to negate a crisis in the not too distant future.

One life live it well!!!

xx Vashte xx




How To Live Life Outloud a-Z “J”

by Vashte on March 11, 2013

joy , jump, jiggle, jubilation, juice

Joy – a life without joy is a life not lived. There is a significant difference between ‘happiness’, and joy. Joy rises from the heart and fills the essence of your being. Joy fills every cell Vashte minta about to jump 12of every atom that makes you a human being. Joy is uncontainable. Joy is magnificent and full. Joy is complete jubilation. There is much strength in joy!

Our lives are so fast paced these days. Too many of us forget to laugh; let alone smile. As it takes less muscles to smile than  frown, isn’t it interesting that we walk around with permanent frowns on our faces in the Western World?! In a world where we can pretty much have anything we set out minds to when we truly apply ourselves.. we frown. We lose our joy! We lose the essence of who we really are in the quest to obtain….more ‘stuff and things’ . – for what REAL purpose I ask?

Observe the pictures of children before they learn the ‘rules’ of the world.. the joyous smiles that capture their faces.. capture us as adults too. We can not help BUT fall in love with a smiling, giggling, innocent child. How many of us have watched the youtube videos of children giggling uncontrollably and found ourselves laughing along with it?

Isn’t it great when we do lose ourselves to laughter, resulting in stomach pain through laughing too much! When was the last time YOU experienced that? Me..? hmm a long time ago too. That is sad. Our joy should radiate from us and capture all those who see us! Our lives are a major blessing! We are so incredibly fortunate to live in such abundance! Look around and appreciate the blessings you have in your lives. Count them. The smallest blessings are usually the biggest.

My favourite scripture, the one that has got me through thick and thin in the last 2 years is this: “the joy of the Lord is my Strength” Neh 8:10. It certainly was, and is.  It wasn’t my personal joy- that had to be built up again from scratch! This continues to be built every single day,  but why focus on the negative like everyone else?! Focus on the positive and you will find you invite more and more joy into your lives- even when you don’t feel it yourselves. Focus on the joy. Focus on the laughter and when you cant laugh, let others laugh for you and embrace it.

MOVEVashte Minta jump 12

Feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and off your butt and MOVE. Start jumping, start jiggling. MOVE. You may feel foolish to begin with but you will feel more foolish if you sit and wallow in your own self pity. Jump.. something happens when you start moving:

a. you may begin to perspire as not so many people move as often as they ought to these days..

b. you release endorphins in the brain when you move MORE. Endorphins release joy in your brain… so you naturally feel better.. you may even smile! If you move more, you may even prevent your body from turning INTO jelly through lack of movement! Learn to jive!! lol that will get the blood pumping!! Jive yourself into jubilation and joy and have fun jiggling and jumping round your living room!


Get yourself a good juicer and have an alkalising green juice every morning before breakfast- or for breakfast.

Choose vegetable juices as they are lower in sugars. Fruits are fantastic but generally we tend to eat too much sugar as a nation, so adding a freshly squeezed fruit juice to the mix is only going to add to in imbalance of sugars in the body.

A beautiful organic green based vegetable juice first thing in the morning will start your body off with some amazing nutrients, and keep you cleansing from the inside out until you add more solid foods. Your body will love you for it.

Juicing is great as the body does not need to break down the nutrients to access those nutrients. They go straight to the blood system- which is why we want to limit the actual fruit juices.

Do not drink pre-packaged fruit juices as a general rule as they are made up from concentrate and have even more sugar added to them. Don’t be fooled, there is little health benefit in a juice bought from the corner store..if any.

Freshly made organic juices, esp vegetable juices will be your best friend in health!

Choose organic. If you juice non organic fruits and veges, you are obtaining the juice but also obtaining all the pesticides, and toxins sprayed on that produce, in a highly concentrated manner. Toxic overload.

Always choose organic juices, or none at all.

Jump for Joy and the world will think you are mad.. but who cares!!!


 xx Vashte xx


How To Live Life Outloud “A-Z” I

by Vashte on February 23, 2013

Integrity – Intelligence – I – Intuition – Inspiration- Immune System

“I , I,, me, me”. This is how most people view the world in 2013. “How can the circumstance, situation benefit me?”  “I am the most important person in the whole world”. “The world revolves around me.”

Hold up there Skippy. Actually .. it REALLY doesn’t. So how about coming down off our high, lonely horse and putting our feet back on the ground and running with that hmm?

The use of  ‘I’ has to be one of the most overused words in the English language! Only when we want to point the finger of blame at others to accuse them or blame them for our mistakes, do we take the attention off ourselves. This is when we remember there are actually other people in the world in 2013…

This world is so very self centred and opinionated. In actual fact you are currently reading my opinion on this matter 😉 So from one ‘I’ to another ‘I’.. I think the concept of ‘I’ is used far too frequently in our world today. If we all took a step back and put ourselves in the shoes of others; considered the possibilities of why people do what they do, say what they say and feel how they feel; we would all be in a better space.

World problems are now all solved we can all go on and live in peace and harmony ( she giggles)

Consider this: God gave us two ears and one mouth.. for a reason. Perhaps if we took time to actually HEAR the words and the message others are giving us, we could actually communicate! In the same language even 😉 The fact is, most people are too busy formulating their own response in their head to actually hear what the other person is saying..let alone developing the ability to read body language. (Again two eyes.. use them).

It is actually very easy to get people to ‘like’ you everywhere you go. All you need to do is focus on them, LISTEN to them, observe their body language and make them the subject of conversation. Take the focus off ‘I’ or me..use your ears and your eyes more than your mouth. Simple. Why is it so difficult for the vast majority of people today?

Consider what you could do to be a blessing to others without the primary objective being some personal gain for yourself. Often, just ‘listening’ to others is more than they have been given in a very long time –without interrupting or ‘giving ‘ them your answers… trust me- they don’t want to hear them!

Forget the ‘I’ in 2013!

I once belonged to a business whose primary motto was “If it is going to be, it is up to me”. Interesting fact is: the business went belly up and took most people with them. Not to mention the CEO leaving his wife and family for an up and coming single female highflyer. I guess they took that motto to the appropriate level for this worldly day and age. Leading me to my next topic:


Walk tall today and every day. Say what you mean and do what you say as often as you can. Apologise for mistakes, and mean it. Learn from them. Speak the truth. Always. No matter how hard it may seem at the time, it will always be much better than living a lie until the lie pops. And  having to clean up your own mess when it does. And it always does- pop. A white lie is.. a lie. Not speaking the entire truth.. is a lie. Not telling ‘because you didn’t ask’ a lie. Have integrity. A person with integrity is an unbreakable person. This world has no ammunition for a person with integrity. The world needs people with integrity. BE that person.


A gift from God. Listen to it. I call it the Holy Spirit, you may call it other things- that gut feeling, the inner voice. Whatever you call it- develop it and listen for The Truth. It is always there, in every situation.

When all the answers are no..but you have this niggly feeling that it is yes… go with it, against all odds. Who said ‘they‘ are always right? Lord knows ‘they’ make mistakes just like all the rest of us. Understand the difference between your ego wanting something, and the Holy Spirit speaking Truth. In business, in personal matters, in life, in health, in relationships. Use your intuition, listen to the Holy Spirit in life to show you how to BE, how to conduct yourself, how to protect yourself, how to rise high and fly like the eagle with poise and grace.


Develop this. Learn by studying in the traditional manner- yes, but develop your intelligence in life skills also. Watch how people interact, learn how to make the most of yourselves as well as how to bring the most out in other people. Use your intelligence in knowing when to speak (rarely) and when to listen (often).

The sum of all these things is Inspiration!

If you live your live with integrity; listening to your intuition and using and developing your intelligence– you will BE the inspiration the world lacks. BE the change you are looking FOR. Inspire yourself and in doing so, you will inspire others!

Immune System.

Your health. Without it you have nothing.  NOTHING. All the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health.

Build your immune system. BEFORE you get ill. Most people are functioning well below acceptable levels for a human being in the Western world. Just because your results from your ‘doctor’ show you to be in the ‘average‘ range..does not mean you are healthy. What is ‘average’ by their system anyway and who set that ‘average‘ range hmm?

If you don’t spring out of bed every morning and have energy all day until you go to bed at night… If you have a short attention span and/or short term memory loss… If you need more than 7-8 hours sleep or cant sleep at all…. If you have sugar cravings, or any cravings full stop…. If you are overweight or underweight, feel sluggish and tired, are snappy, get PMT, are emotional…. If you just exist.

You are NOT OK. This is NOT cool.

The best doctor is YOU. You know your body better than any ‘expert’ in the field- you have lived with it for your whole entire life right?! Start to pay attention to it.

Build your immune system NOW. With healthy whole organic foods. Natural foods. Ditch the prescribed drugs we reach for so readily. Ditch the panadol- how about drinking some filtered water?! Eat fermented foods. Don’t drink tap water, or bottled water either! Buy a GOOD filter for your water. make sure you drink 2-3 litres per day – more if you exercise. Get PROBIOTICS into your daily nutrition- FOREVER. Balance the good bacteria in your gut so that you CAN actually digest foods and have your body use the nutrients then get them out of your house (your body) once their job is done. Do you poop 2 hours after a meal? No?- Then your food is putrefying in your body leaking toxins in your house! Get rid of the toxic load in your life – emotionally and physically. Find natural cleaners and products for your homes. Remove the chemicals. Give yourself a fighting chance to live a vibrant healthy life..well into your 100’s! Don’t pretend its too hard. ‘Hard’ is dealing with a life changing illness, many of which claim lives. Don’t put yourself in that box. Build your immune system NOW.

One life, live it well.