How to Live Life Outloud

Two Eyes. One Mouth.

by Vashte on April 1, 2014

In my humble opinion it could be wise to use our eyes more than is popular, and save our vocal chords…. well, wise for me. I cant speak for you…so I decided this year to make a commitment to read more. As you can see from my library below.. I have a few to choose from :) I feel quite proud in the fact that I have culled so many. I started with twice this amount… So book by book, page by page, I will read! (And I keep buying new books too…bizarre).

My library

This does not mean it will take up all of my ‘off’ time, but it means I commit 20 -30 minutes most days to reading, something from a book, with a purpose. 

In an ideal world I would commit to: 20 minutes reading my Bible; 20 minutes reading on nutrition; 2o minutes reading on personal development and 20 minutes reading on fitness. But just writing that sounds scary to me, even though all subjects are passionate aspects of my life! So, in order to get started, I commit to 20 minutes per day. Give or take 😉 Last week was unaccounted for- I don’t know what happened to last week.. do you??– no reading whatsoever from my designated books. It works best if you make the commitment and stick to it. This way a habit is formed and therefore becomes part of everyday living, without an issue. Trying to catch up by binge reading every few days is not the solution. Its all about making a habit. Habits grow from consistency, and through desire.

Lets face it. We could all turn the TV off 20 minutes earlier each night, couldn’t we? Did you know the TV, and any electronic device, gives off artificial light and electronic waves stimulating the brain therefore making it harder to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep? So if you are one of the many who use the internet, check emails/facebook/instagram/twitter….(the list goes on) until you are falling asleep with your phone in your hand… and wonder why you don’t sleep so well.. perhaps herein lies your answer!

Why not try this on for size? Get a book. Any book – it has to be something you are actually interested in. Promise yourself to read it in a given time frame. Be lenient with the goal posts- this is a new adventure remember. Be OK if you fall asleep reading.. perhaps decide not to actually lie in bed reading, but sit up on the couch and read for the 20 minutes prior to sleeping. Or any other time of the day that best suits you. 

You, like me, could be pleasantly surprised as to how many books you chomp through!

Reading can also enhance one’s use of the English language.. and (ahem) I think we could all do with a little improvement there…. 😉 

My chomping so far:

Trace Elements

Great book and defiantly one I recommend if you are interested in getting to the crux of any issues you might be facing. In a nutshell: This book explores trace elements and minerals and how they affect our bodies- too much and too little. Often the hidden reason behind many issues that just won’t budge. Hair Mineral Analysis is what the book is pointing towards, and something I think worth exploring in our journey towards healthy living. Explains things like- calcium and how calcium deficiency does NOT usually benefit from taking calcium supplements… it is a great read. Click HERE for more information on trace elements; David Watts and where to buy the book.

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly by William Davis MD. (MD sounds so intelligent dont you think?!)

Get your fingers on the trigger and BUY THIS BOOK!! BRILLIANT!! This man is a doctor, and most doctors don’t really have much of a sense of humour. This guy, he’s funny. And he’s on the ball. This guy knows what he is talking about. It was as if he wrote the book just for me!!! And any other gluten intolerant/celiac person out there in this world.. which is pretty much everyone as he very subtly exposes the filth of the mutated wheat grain in the very recent 40 years or so. So when your grandparents and some parents give you the line ‘ I don’t know what’s wrong with you kids today- you are allergic to this, and allergic to that…we used to eat everything in our day…’ well- they are telling the truth. Perhaps they might like to read this book too and see just how swiftly our food has changed, and by design-Not for our health. I will read and re-read this book. It’s tops. Please do yourselves a favour and read it too. No more diets!! Just change certain foods and watch the bloated, inflamed bodys deflate, without the drama of a ‘diet’ . Surely THAT sounds appealing?! Buy it HERE

Life Skills

Two books:

5 love Languages by Gary Chapman– again- another book every human being in the entire world ought to read in my humble opinion. Not only could it save your marriage/relationship but it can shed light on what floats your boat- and surprise you! It applies to ALL people, across ALL nations and age groups. If you think you are misunderstood- read this book. If you don’t understand why some people do the things they do – read this book. If you want to understand your kids better- read this book. If you want to know how to be more effective in business- read this book. If you deal with human beings- ever- read this book. This is a fun book! In a nutshell: READ THIS BOOK!! Click HERE to buy.

Read it with the intention of learning more on who you are personally, what you like and don’t like; and how to understand pretty much every other person in your whole entire world– if you want. It really is that simple. When you understand yourself, and you make a small effort in understanding people– you will find life shines back at you with a whole lot of goodness. It’s not rocket science. Its people. We are not that complicated.

Boundaries before Marriage – a book I am currently reading as recommended by people I respect. So far, it is a book I think every single person would benefit from reading. It encourages you to explore what you accept and expect in life, get to know who you are, and dive into what you want. All great topics to know before you enter into ANY kind of relationship. Two halves don’t make a whole. Two halves make a co-dependent relationship that explodes in misery. Too many relationships are like this today. Spend some time on you and enjoy finding out what makes you tick. Keep your standards high, and dont make compromises which go against who you are Spiritually.

My next book which I am super excited to get into is:

Books with

So again- in line with my whole food, celiac/gluten free (which is sugar free) way of eating. It all makes sense once you start to unravel the lies. They are not hard to start to unravel- we just need to switch our rains into first gear instead of walking around like zombies – half dead. That is pretty much what we are, and what we are doing to ourselves. Don’t think it is too hard. These books are mega easy to read. Start with one!! If my books don’t get you excited, then find some that do! Personally I love reading about how to swim away from mainstream lies. I’ve swum with mainstream before; it’s so refreshing to swim against the masses. Here you find people who actually care about life. Here you find people with passion and zest. Here you find spunk and personality. Here you find individuals who just want to Live Life OutLoud without the feeling of apathy, grumbling and negativity. We don’t all speak the same language. We don’t all have the SAME passion- but what we DO share is a determination to BE the change we want to see in the world, instead of wishing on a star. And THAT desire, brings all walks of life together. Empowering each other, speaking truths that we actually believe in, walk and live live authentically.  No zombies exist here. Its all fun and interesting and refreshing.

My Bibleis part of me. I read it as often as I can- because I love it. Because it is part of me I sometimes forget to read it. I can tell when I’m not reading my Bible. My energy drops. You see, I love talking to God and having Him guide and instruct me. What is a Bible but God’s Word written just for me every single day as and when I need it; and sometimes when I think I don’t want it- I’m human- it stands to reason – I have attitude just like you 😉 He’s the coolest, most inspiring, most tremendous ‘person’ I turn to for advice and guidance. He is LOVE. He is God. He answers all my prayers. He gives me the desires of my heart. Those are only SOME of the magnificent promises He gives His children. We are ALL His children. All we have to do is pray and invite The One who was, and is and who is to come, to live in our hearts. And there He will live, to gently guide you, just as He guides me. That quiet, beautiful, loving voice that speaks to me through the madness of the world out there. Peace. Love. Joy.

Happy reading!

If you are looking for a coach or mentor in life;  perhaps I can help. Subscribe for free to my site- just pop your email address in the top right box and I send out a weekly update of new posts and upcoming events with SHARE the LURVE xxxxx

xx Vashte xx

Vashte has a BA majoring in Psychology; is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Master Results and Performance Coach, and holds qualifications in advanced neurological re-patterning. She has a Diploma in Christian Biblical Studies and is a Qualified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia.  She has been researching nutrition for 20 years; composing wholefood food plans for 6 years, focusing on weight and fatloss via wholefood.

Vashte is a health and wellness ambassador, specialising in spirit, mind and body. 

Vashte is currently based on the Gold Coast and consults from there. Skype sessions are available for those outside this area. Please contact her via email: for further information.


SkyDive ByronBay. What WAS I thinking!!!

by Vashte on February 20, 2014

I jumped. I really jumped!! Byron Jump

From the video you can see the moment I lost all sense and sensibility when I jumped out of a perfectly good place, 14,000 feet above sea level to hurtle at a mere 200 kms an hour towards earth. It really is not pretty. Attached to the back of me is a man. He is cool, calm and collected. I was absolutely not! Jump Byron

  • Note the complete loss of colour from the neck up, loss of colour to the lips; shielded by a heavy layer of makeup on the face.
  • Note my poor neck. I think I pulled all my neck muscles as I looked this way all the way down.
  • Note the open mouth. In pretty much every photo….lol Jump Byron

  • Note the bright red chest and collar bones. what have i done!!

  • Note the wide eyes, tiinnnnyyyy, pupils, the constant licking of the lips..Somehow my lips no longer fits my mouth….?!

Vashte Byron Jump

I AM smiling OK?! THAT IS my smile dude. You get a grimace as I’m trying to play along to the ‘fun’ you guys are clearly having!! (Oh shiiiiit..what HAVE I got myself into!!)

I am so scared. This is sooo totally not normal. Crazy eyes. Skydive

My parachutist was very experienced, and put me at ease as much as it is possible to put one at ease when they are clearly doing something so far out of their comfort zone one has to question the reasoning and sanity behind it…?!

It was a perfect day in Ballina. Stunning in fact. Perfect conditions for a first time jumper. For many years I have contemplated jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute attached. Never have I brought myself to do it.. until now. I don’t know what changed. Byron Skydive

Well, maybe I do.

For the first time in a very long time (perhaps ever), I am beginning to feel safe and secure. Since 2011 I have been running around with my adrenals in overdrive the entire time reassuring myself that I was fine. And I was. In actual fact I have never felt more alive. Nothing like death to throw life ones face.  I guess that’s a way to put a positive spin on it.

So now, I feel enveloped in safety. Security. Surety. Byron Jump

I am not sure I have ever let myself experience these things to the degree I am today. It is amazing. I recommend it! And yet, in allowing this I can feel my adrenals slowing down even more. And this scares me.

So I went looking for the adrenalin buzz.

I wanted that high those adrenalin junkies all seek..and get apparently. I wanted it for the day. To feel the high of life. Natural but forced excitement to have me bouncing off the walls and into infinity again. Because in my security, I am letting that go. Well that’s how it feels sometimes. So jumping out of a place ought to slap me around a bit, wouldn’t you think?

Slap me around is the word.

One of my favourite sayings is “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars’’. Perhaps I mean it literally! Some people are programmed for air time. It scares the crap out of me. I like to run, short or long distances…I don’t mind. But I’m rarely far from the ground. And have never hurtled like a space cowboy AT it! Until now.  Roller-coaster rides used to thrill me to a point, but underlying it all I was petrified. Now that I am older and wiser… I am OK with admitting this… I’m petrified with this sort of behaviour. I quite like the earth, with me standing on it.  My ears wouldn’t equalise when I tried to scuba dive as well- that was a bummer as that was quite beautiful and surreal down there… but I’m figuring … as some people are vegan; others meat eaters; some like raw foods; others love a good home roast… so it is for adventure seekers!!!

Some are designed to spend time in the air. As much time as possible! Like all those instructors who went up with us. Something has to be said for the thrill seekers- their eyes- wow. Crystal clear and filled with life and excitement.

My eyes, showed utter horror and fear. I have to give myself some credit as I think I did a pretty good job of covering up the terror until we got to the open door of the plane (which I was sitting right next too btw); and then my survival mechanism smacked my consciousness aside, telling it in no uncertain terms that the pathetic little show of ‘’I’m cool, calm and excited is WAY OVER BABY, time to let the truth out.”


Seriously. Dangling from another human being, complete stranger, with my life entirely under his control; 14,000 feet above the earth, OUTSIDE the freaking aircraft…. with him telling me to look DOWN (isn’t that what I’m exactly NOT supposed to to); wind smashing me at however fast we are travelling in the lovely little aeroplane above the sea; its COLD dude!! (Breath Vashte just breath)… Why am I not hot from adrenalin!!! Petrified. That’s the best word to describe how I was feeling. Now look up…what?! Seriously wtf???? Look up at what???? Oh the camera. Smile? You have GOT to be kidding me. Note the shortness of breath, the worry lines etched across my forehead– I look like a rolly polly dog. Quite frankly I don’t CARE! (Don’t you worry, I had prayed the night before and all the way up- like I was going to take any chances! All my sins had been forgiven I am sure of it!!) And finally we tumble. petrified

Into …nothing. Somersault, in thin air. Wooahhhh. Literally. And rocket towards the ground faster than a speeding bullet. Surely? Can’t breathe, Oh My G. This is scary. It’s going forever. So loooong. He hasn’t pulled the shoot. Mann…through some clouds, woooah.Cold. Really cold. Still can’t breathe. Yes I I can’t…. Vashte- pull yourself together woman!!!!  It’s a long way down you know. Stuff being pulled from a plane without a parachute- there is a lot of time to think whilst plummeting that fast towards earth. Too much time. Jowls flapping and my skin flapping around trying to depart from my body… it’s so wrong on so many levels …. There goes the botox. Hahaha In actual fact,  I’d recommend not jumping with Botox- you’d just waste the stuff- the speed at which your metabolism goes to- pfst gone in a flash with a jump. Now that’s funny. Jumper

Boom. FINALLY the chute is pulled and I can breathe. Farrrrkkkkkkk. With the chute pulled we could drift gracefully down, but noooooo. Selwyn gives me the controls and gets me to pull hard to the right and then to the left. Yeah. Not funny. Seriously…. I think when they tried to make up the video and pictures they may have been hard pressed to find shots of me screaming for fun. Petrified till we landed. And that’s a fact. skydive

I jumped for joy on landing  because it was OVER at last. I didn’t want to tell him that. He obviously loves this stuff. Me. I crashed and burned 30 minutes after landing. Almost vomited on a number of occasions as we drove to Byron., and for some reason gravity in Byron was so much heavier that afternoon.. I was dragging myself up the street!!! Surreal.  The intention was to catch up with one of my BFFs there but after eating, which helped momentarily, I was back to close to comatose state, and had to drive straight home to lie in darkness till the next day. Skydive landed

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I jumped with Byron Bay- Sky Dive The Beach and Beyond; click here for their website –  and Selwyn was my instructor. The company is brilliant, professional, very friendly. Awesome team. Skydive ByronThe guy deserved a hug. Technically speaking, he just saved my life.  I’m ALIVE!!!!!

It was way out of my comfort zone. Yes, I am glad I did it. I can cross it off my bucket list finally, but inherently I knew it was not a natural thing for me to seek out. I was looking for the high…and used it all up on the way down being so terrified. Once landed my body just shut down. That sucked! I was surprised and disappointed the high didn’t last but having looked back on the video ( I couldn’t bring myself to watch it till the next day); I can see that if I had continued that buzz I would have been greedy, and the crash following would have been even more scary.

I’m not normal. On so many counts.

I have spoken to many others who didn’t feel this way- they loved it. I was petrified. Horses for courses huh, but I say, if you have contemplated a jump, then go do it. You only live once and stuff missing out on fun things in life.

Fun things are scary- especially when they take you out of the boundary conditions of the box you live in. I was well out of my boundary conditions. Perhaps this will help me open more doors to more adventures that are out of my ‘normal’ adventure box!

Do it!

It’s a blast!

Not once did I see my life flash before my eyes. So I knew I was not in any danger. That, I think, was the real head spin; My logic rationalising it out, and my unconscious self having a right royal hissy fit.

Stunning view on the way down. Personally, I prefer it from the window seat comfort of a plane or helicopter where I can breathe without fighting 200km wind rammed down my throat, or ice particles swallowed at that speed but …what a hoot.

Go jump. Try it on for size.

Watch the video HERE. It is 6 minutes of total adrenalin and…. new experience 😉 Byron Jump Skydive



by Vashte on December 18, 2013

What does it mean to you?

Christmas John 8 12

  • I love this time of the year.
  • I love the festivity, fun and lightness it can bring.
  • I love my family getting together and just hanging out.
  • I love seeing my nieces excited at the prospect of gifts, fun and laughter.
  • I especially love what Christmas really represents. That is the birth of Christ Jesus, the Son of God; and that God gave His only Son to save us from ourselves. We needed it then and Lord Almighty we need it now!

But what does Christmas mean to most people?  It seems more and more that Christmas means something other than the original gift it actually represents.  More and more we shy away from the Truth of what Christmas is, turning the real meaning of Christmas into a fable untold and forbidden to speak of; and creating some fabricated lie depicting the necessity in  ‘giving’; of a fat man called Santa Claus; of eating and drinking well over satiated state and well into gluttony day in and day out during the month of December and well into January; creating a complete waste as food and gifts are unappreciated, thrown out or resold on ebay.

We are sold movies exploring the lives of complete brats, and wonder why our children behave in a manner much the same. Adults as well. The children are only products of their environment.

Everywhere we look we see gross quantities of presents wrapped under trees; ads instruct us we ‘need’ to have this, that and everything else to keep up with the Jones’;  we are told the Spirit of Christmas is all about ‘giving’- so buy more.

I live on the Gold Coast of Australia. It is hot. Really hot at Christmas here. Even so,  I see Christmas puddings, brandy custards, heavy desserts, cooked hams and meats advertised at me as if I were living somewhere freezing cold where possibly I may have some small desire to consume such foods.. but in the middle of Summer?? Are you kidding??? That is weird- surely you would agree with me here? Summer is a time for light food- BBQ’s; salads, cold cuts.. especially in high humidity and heat. Why are they telling me to eat Winter foods? Yet many people subscribe to this.. “after all it IS Christmas!??” Mental!!!!!

You know something-  isn’t it time we turned around and analysed our own behaviour and the absurdity of it at times? I have to do this constantly myself- am I alone?

Christmas can bring absurd amounts of pressure on families, couples and friends as we ‘expect’ things from others and ourselves. Why? Who made the rules governing the importance of excessiveness?

Christmas represents LIFE. Perhaps we might like to examine HOW we are living LIFE at this time of the year as opposed to just following the herd of pigs jumping of the cliff with the others. We just don’t have to.

Christmas is NOT about GIVING GIFTS. They are nice if you can, without over-exerting yourself or going further into debt. But you can give gifts at any time of the year- remember that. Instead of BUYING gifts, you can MAKE your own if you have the time- most people don’t.  Do you realise that giving your TIME is one of the most important and memorable things you can do?

Think about it- what do you remember most from childhood? Is the gifts you received? If you answered yes, then please name every gift you received last year, the year before that and the year before that- then name the gifts you received as a child and from whom the gift was given…..

Or is it the experiences- the life events – you enjoyed and remember the most and easiest? Many people remember the times in life they enjoyed over and above the gifts. They remember the people they shared those times with; where they were and the feelings associated with those times.

I know we are almost at Christmas now, and many people have done their Christmas shopping- but how about making a decision for next year- that you don’t enter into the rat race of razzle dazzle shopping, stress, urgency. Ditch the gross overabundance in purchasing ‘stuff’ and plan fun times to spend with people you love over and above the gifts.

Christmas John-4-14

I believe Christmas was given to us by God to cherish the people we love, appreciate our year that has passed; and remember our Holy Father and His Son who came to give us life abundantly. It is time of the year we can really remember LOVE and HOW to love. How to appreciate. How to start again.

Christmas ITSELF is the GIFT. It is a time when we can remember that we have HOPE. We have JOY. We have PEACE through Christ Our Savour.

Christmas is a time for peace, love and happiness. It has nothing to do with shopping. Nothing to do with Santa. Nothing to do with gluttony. Absolutely eat, and give if it is within your ability- but it is not the MEANING AND PURPOSE of this time of the year.

Unplug from the matrix and remember the Truth. It will set you free.


(ditch happy holidays!!! What the heck is THAT  slogan all about. Don’t let the modern world suffocate the Truth you know in your heart to be true)

GOD bless you all over this wonderful, love filled season and I pray that you see the light, and seek the Truth to free your Souls now and forever.

xx Vashte xx


God’s Love

by Vashte on November 14, 2013

I have this prayer hanging over my desk. I find it helpful when I lose sight of direction, who I am and/or how God really see’s me. I thought it may help you too in times when you feel like you need something, or would like something of substance to hold on to. It may help you see a little more clearly how very precious you are and how much He so very much loves you. Especially in those times when you find it hard to love yourself. I have been there too you know. x

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God…

Child Of God Vashte Bawden

Pray this prayer based on Ephesians1: 17-18; Ephesians 3: 18-19; Colossians1 9-11 and Philippians1:9-11

“Dear God (or Dad),

I ask you to make me intelligent and discerning in knowing you personally and make my eyes focused and clear, so that I can see exactly what You are calling me to do. I ask that I grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life that You have for me. I pray that Christ may live in my heart so that I be rooted and grounded in love and I may be able to understand all the dimensions of this love and be filled with the fullness of You Lord.

I pray that I am filled with the knowledge of Your Will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and that I live worthy of You Lord. I pray that I am fruitful in every good work and as I am increasing in the knowledge of You, I am strengthened with Your Power.

I pray that I may still have more love – a love that is full of knowledge and every wise insight. A love that always recognises the highest and best and sees my life full of the true goodness produced by the Power that Jesus Christ gives me to the glory and praise of God.

In Jesus Mighty Name,


If you pray this prayer, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you may then see things with open, loving eyes; and have a better understanding of why you are here, and how much you are loved.

Notes on great ways to pray:

  • Whenever you pray, make sure you use God/Dad/Jesus’ name when you start. Just like a letter. This way you address your prayer to the one true God and He will hear you.
  • Base your prayer on promises written in the Bible, if you can. If you haven’t read the Bible yet, or haven’t started, that is fine as He will hear you anyway. When you base your prayer on biblical promises, it is a very powerful prayer. God NEVER breaks promises xx.
  • Always end your prayer by saying “In Jesus name, Amen.” This way you seal the prayer in Jesus’ name. Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus, above the earth, on the earth and below the earth; so this way you start the prayer to the One you are talking to, and you end it in Jesus’ name. Nothing and no one can stand between you and your prayer.

Awesomely powerful. xx

God Bless you

xx Vashte xx

If you ever want to connect with me asking questions on Christianity, you are more than welcome. Or if you have questions on life itself…




How To Live Life OutLoud “A-Z” ‘N’

by Vashte on June 13, 2013

Natural. What is really natural in your world? Really? Don’t just believe the packaging!!! Hint: if it comes in a package….you really do need to make sure the contents inside are what they say they are!! Sad but true!! Companies use ‘100% ‘ natural’ as a marketing technique and it works… clearly. Think about this.. arsenic is natural too so does being ‘natural’ really mean what we want it to mean in the given context? hmmmm natural wonder

The food I eat is as natural as I can keep it. I aim for the 80/20 rule; this means 80% wholefood, natural and organic, 20% not. I would love to have 100% wholefood, natural and organic, be toxin free and live in a bubble but unfortunately I don’t think this is a realistic goal to set for me. I don’t know about you but I live in a city (she giggles as she is not sure the ”çity” she lives in really qualifies as a ”real McCoy city” but don’t tell the locals, they would be mortified). In a city- or any developed area, we cant help but absorb the atmospheric conditions of in a city!!

I am a Personal Trainer. Some of my compatriots and many clients sing about the virtues of the latest and greatest ”whiz-bang-pop” fat burner from America; the pre workouts they take before a training session (as they shake and break into sweats before even hitting their training session); the cheap protein powder they can get from websites galore and the buckets of equally cheap (or not) supplements they absolutely ”must” have in order to stay in shape(?!why?!) Ask them about the ingredient list and most look at me like I am asking them where Magnesium falls in the periodic table. It is wise to question E-numbers, it is wise to research into the effects and side-effects of any ingredients you are not 100% sure on, have no idea what the product is, or just looks plain dubious.

But why just pick on the fitness industry? That is unfair of me! How about getting up right now and going to your cupboard, pulling a packet of ”premade” anything!!… hmm lets think- pancakes, cake mixtures, breads, frozen meals from your freezers, sausages, ready made burger patties; vegetarian? Cool- any frozen ready-to-eat meal- pull that. Now write the ingredient list out and google the ingredients. Give it a go, just for interest. Look up the funny names, numbers and perhaps you will start to see how many of those ready-made meals are really just made up of chemicals, synthetic ‘nutrients’, e-numbers..and more. Some of you may even discover how they try to hide the real name of the ingredients. Some products have up 40 different names in the bid to try to disguise what it really is. Example: MSG.

Fillers, artificial sweeteners and colours are prevalent – synthesized ingredients are apparently ‘just like the real thing’.. are they really???? Nothing man has made has ever stood up to the test in trying to replicate something made by God. Lets get serious in our approach to health.

  • Start to question why so many young people are experiencing and even passing away from heart attacks and other illnesses-aside from the obese.
  • Ask why the athlete, lean and apparently fit who a. experiences the heart attack,  liver or kidney failure, BRAIN aneurism etc etc; and/or b: is seriously affected by such event and worse still loses their life to such an event?
  • Ask why we fall ill to so many ”dis-eases” each year.
  • Ask why there seem to be so many NEW ”dis-eases” popping up each year?
  • Ask why are some living longer in the developed countries- the average age of life expectancy is higher – and yet… (what an oxymoron)- we are fatter, sicker, and more lethargic than ever before.
  • Why is it that the children of today may not outlive their parents???? There goes the average life expectancy increase.
  • Why are we so dependant on quick fix solutions when we know they do not work? Why are we not looking past today, why do we not see nor care about tomorrow, let alone when our children’s children will walk this earth. Are we even having children????

Consider the children being born with cancer ad a range of other terminal illnesses. Why do some develop cancer and a plethora of other dis-eases as children?? Consider the quantities of adults young and old developing these dis-eases and perhaps question WHY the not-for-profit companies supposedly researching such illnesses have not found how to treat them effectively, yet the CEO’s of those same companies drive around in the latest and greatest, secure substantial end-of-year bonuses and often sit on the board for a big Pharmaceutical company or two.

Natural. What  is natural in your life?

Isn’t it time you started to become aware of what you are allowing into your life through:

  • attitudes-what do you want in life and why? How are you setting about achieving those goals? For what purpose have you set those goals?
  • nutrition– what foods do you consume on a daily basis, and what beverages? Have you been sold the adage if it looks healthy, it must be?
  • pharmaceutical drugs– when you get a headache do you automatically reach for a headache tablet or do you ask yourself- how much water have I consumed today and go guzzle some? Children’s headache tablets…don’t even get me started!!!!! grrrrrr
  • ‘experts’ answers or as I prefer to call them- opinions. There are people out here with wisdom and knowledge but no one has THE answer for any given situation. There are always variables, there are always other answers. Always.

Did you know that  60% of people young and old adults fell into the overweight or obese category in Australia in 2012? This number is likely to have increased this year.  This is no mistake, and has taken years of strategic planning by Big Pharma, and Big Corporation. Yes I walk into contentious issues here, and this is certainly my own opinion so do your own research on this topic. I believe we are wayyy past the time when everyday people- you and I- started speaking out; it is time questions were asked and it is time the truth is told; it is wayyy past the time you and I started taking action. One of the best ways to take action is with our wallet. Stop buying the poor quality produce so readily available in supermarkets. Start questioning why you ‘need’ certain drugs. Stop, for heaven’s sake, watching television!!!!! Those ads are evil!!!!

  • Who pushed healthy living into the corner? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who pushed natural ways out? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who wants to keep you sick and tired? Big Business/
  • Who wants to make sure you STAY sick and tired and apathetic? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who painted the natural style of life as alternative and hippie orientated?! Big Business. Define alternative/hippie please!!!

Imagine if everyone in the world was healthy. The economy in every country would fall over.

  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their advertising from TV; TV could not afford to run.
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their advertising from many magazines; those magazines could not afford to run.
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their funding from the education system, particularly medicinal,.. that would fall on its face!!!
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their funding from ‘fun runs’ such as the one I just ran… such events would likely not happen! Who backs the Cancer Council? Big Pharmaceuticals!!!

I have stopped reaching for drugs the moment I begin to feel run down;  I stopped believing the lies from marketing companies campaigns; I unplugged myself from some systems of the world and started questioning WHY I ‘needed’ these drugs (which sent me on a downward spiral producing more issues, which could be band-aided with more pharmaceutical drugs creating more issues… and never addressing the core problem!!! This is not a solution to me. Is it for you????); I research the effects and side effects of those exact drugs I apparently need (and laughed after I cried) …. then took matters into my own hands and started researching on different ways and means to heal but better still PREVENT illness and maybe, just maybe, I have stopped the ever present worsening condition of the human mind and body I see when I walk down the street, and on the scary odd occasion when I actually turn on the television. Perhaps you could start to explore the possibility too? It is very empowering and makes ”dis-ease” a lot less scary.

Fear: We are only afraid of things we do not understand. So start to understand the topics you are ”afraid” of. Once you peel back the layer from the onion you will find more layers, but the more you peel, the closer to the heart you get. You are an intelligent being. You were designed this way. Use your brain to ask questions, get more than one answer. Don’t look for the approval of others. You will know the truth when you find it.

I have never bought a microwave meal. I do not own a microwave so that helps, but I find them putrid things. Do some research on how they have been found to change the molecular structure of the foods they cremate.  I did myself a massive health favour in this and make my meals from scratch!! Hands in the air!!! But how is that even possible Vashte I hear you ask??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My meals take all of 15 minutes to make when I’m pushed for time- (most of the time)..and they are delicious. I bet creating my meals takes about as much time as heating in the microwave or going out to buy that poor excuse for food from the drive through. Why don’t you try it on for size? Loads of recipe ideas here!! You would have energy. You would feel full after eating. You would feel good about yourself. You could even lose that fat  without ‘dieting!!

Baked Eggs

If you want to find healthy alternatives for meals that are quick and fast but do not know where to start; start here on this page! Here there are loads of recipes for you to try that are quick and easy, healthy and delicious.

Keep it simple! That is me- Simple! I don’t like spending my free time in the kitchen- but I love good food. So I make fast food HEALTHY.

Go natural. Start in one area of your life- do not try to change everything over night! You will likely be overwhelmed, throw your hands in the air and give up – without even starting.

An easy way to start is with one step, so choose an area in life that is easy for you. Often this is nutrition. Take back the control. Stop giving it away.

Make your breakfast– not from a cereal box bought at the supermarket!! Actually HAVE breakfast!!!-it doesn’t have to be a lot… some fruit is good, a vege juice is better, a smoothie or eggs if you have the time.. prepare lunch the night before- use your leftovers from dinner! Know what you are having for dinner- get a slow cooker!! This is a God-send for me!! Throw in your meal together in the morning, add seasoning and water, turn on low and leave!!! By the time you come home, dinner is cooked! Your very own personal chef!!! Happy days!!!! There are plenty of options and ideas on the net, so how about instead of coming home to switch on the tv and lower your IQ by a further 25%; spend some time on the net researching healthy alternatives for meals; thus potentially increasing your IQ by 25%- I cant promise that for everyone.. lol!!

Fail to plan in any area of your life, then you plan to fail. So it is in nutrition as well. You do not have to hold a qualification in nutrition or dietetics to know good food. A basic rule of thumb to go by is: if it is made naturally of the earth, be it meat, vegetable, fat, fruit it is significantly better than most things from a pretty box found in the frozen aisle of the supermarket.

Healthy Whole Foods

Check out your local farmers markets for fresh healthy vegetables- they are usually on every weekend. They are a great place to get ideas on healthy meals and healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to dive in head first, make one change at a time- just like learning to walk.

Your mind and body will thank you for it. You will see, feel and experience the positive results . You may even start to question if you really need that private medical insurance and if so- change it to revolve around practises such as naturopathy, nutritionist, acupuncturists, physios, and so forth.

In my opinion, the great majority of GP’s/doctors, ‘Specialists’, in particular psychiatrists specialise in pushing drugs. Drug pushers! There is a place they send those people! Drugs they have no real idea on, nor have any care in educating themselves on. They don’t have the time.  If they cared they would inform you of ALL the side effects then let you make your own informed decision. Doctors who care, educate themselves on how nutrition plays an integral part in preventative medicine and will encourage you to change your diet first, before being so willing to hand over drugs. Drugs from which most get a significant five to six star kickback for pushing onto you, the consumer. Thank you very much.

pills pills and more pills

There are GOOD doctors out there. Often aligning themselves with natural practitioners. Look for recommendations via word of mouth, or through natural practitioners. Natural health and pharmaceuticals should work together as opposed to against each other but it would cause such a loss in profit for pharmaceuticals it is likely never to happen on mass.

There are natural answers, and they do work. IF you take action NOW. TODAY.

Throw out your microwave. Simple first step.

These are my opinions and thoughts. It is up to you to research and make your own decisions. Never before has there been so much information freely available for every person with access to a computer. Make up your own minds. Take the action you deem necessary for a more healthy, prosperous, energetic fun filled life. Before it is too late.

Unplug yourself from the matrix. Swim upstream. You are not a sheep- stop acting like one. You can think for yourself! What I say may be a whole lot of poppy cock to you! So be it- but please- head off and do some research to see if my opinion here could possibly strike some kind of truth chord. Dig a little deeper. Open your mind to other possibilities. Start asking questions for the health and sake of yourselves, your children and your children’s children.

Why have we strayed so far from the natural?

 Be aware of marketing strategies using this slogan ‘natural’ when in fact, they are absolutely not.

Open your eyes. Wake up world!!!!

Change, one small step at a time.

xx Vashte xx






How To Live Life OutLoud A-Z “M”

by Vashte on June 4, 2013

Moments (mmm melting moments..)

Make the most –


Maturity in aspects of life (however never lose your inner child !!)

My Beautiful Mum and I

This is a photo of my beautiful Mum and I. Why would I post this picture here? Well she exemplifies to me: never lose my inner child. Look at the light in her eyes! She truly knows how to live every moment and has done her best to teach me that as well. She has just come back from traveling South East Asia ON HER OWN !!!! with what WAS to be a backpack but after it almost broke her back getting from one suburb in our town to another… she re-evaluated that plan and nicked off with her granddaughter’s suitcase ;)!! She has also just returned from a recent ‘Thelma and Louise‘ trip with her long time friend, who had never traveled overseas before. Three weeks high tailing it all around America! The towns were painted red and every nook and cranny explored! Now as I type this, we are awaiting on the arrival of ‘Tom and Jerry’– two of my many uncles from New Zealand. The three of them are setting sail for South East Asia AGAIN.. this time it looks like a 2+ month stint!! Here’s hoping they have settled all sibling rivalry as they are all about to get close up and personal once again!!

My mother  KNOWS how to make the most out of life! The proof is in the pudding. I have been given everything I ever wanted and so much more through her strength and determination to make our lives (her children) MORE THAN she was ever shown. She is the coolest person in the world to me. We have traveled to many foreign countries together- Puerto Rico; America on many occasions; Canada; around the North Island of New Zealand with some crazy loon in a campervan (oh the videos I have!!!!) ;two fabulous cruises- one through the Caribbean…the list goes on. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to travel with!! And she’s my MUM!! She has the energy of an ever- ready battery, an infectious laugh, a mischievous sense of humour, incredible wisdom and intelligence and when she walks into a room.. everyone stops and stares at the light she produces.

MOMENTS– she MAKES them. WHEREVER she is, WHOMEVER she is with. One smart cookie overflowing with life!! MAKING THE MOMENTS MELT!!!!

A quick plug for her here as I deem it necessary- every trip I have been on anywhere in the world, that has been coordinated by her has been incredible. I am heading to the Greek Islands later this year for a wedding and  she has been commissioned to coordinate our trip for us. I don’t have time, the inclination, nor the patience to research the best places, flights, quirky hotels, best rates, secret luxury locations. She has a gift for it. She can spot a winner a mile off- if you are considering a holiday why don’t you contact her and ask about her rates for planning that holiday you will never forget. I will never forget mine with her and know noone could ever have coordinated holidays with the skill to suit me as well as she did!!! Click here to say hi :)  Back to my post….

Every moment of every second of life that we live is a gift from God. Make every moment special. Occasionally I too forget to do this but, recalibrate, get back on track and refocus in on the blessing of life that is yours. Know that people every day-many people, fight for their lives through illness, war, pain and suffering, loss and so much more.

  • Be aware of the freedom in your life. Be grateful for it.
  • Be aware of the abundance in your life- it may not seem a lot right now but MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE! More will come if you are aware of your blessings.
  • Be aware of the fact you do not have to fight for your life. Be grateful for that. An example – people who have lost use of, lets say, one part of their body often look at those with full use of their bodies and would give all they have to be fully functional again.  Go for a walk, go for a run. Make the most of what you are given.
  • Be aware you have all your facilities about you- and you know what? If you don’t have them all.. make the most of what you have!

I am blessed to know some AMAZING people in my life who may seem on the surface (to the world)  to be ‘less fortunate’. The world could easily brush them off but my goodness they have fight. They have spirit. They have determination. THEY are the ones who make the most of every day as opposed to some people- not you- but some people who have everything,  yet act as though the world owes them something!!! Oh woo is me… poor me.. life is so hard. Pull your head out!!!… The world owes us nothing– the world owes you nothing. WE owe it to the world to make to make SOMETHING of ourselves. We owe it to God.

It is time to Wake Up!!!

You ARE magnificent!! LOOK at you!! HEAR you!!! What is it that makes you tick??? BE the magnificence that lies dormant within- awaken YOUR own giant and start CREATING YOUR success. LOOK at you!!


  • MORE than enough.
  • More than a conqueror.
  • More than is needed.
  • More than capable.

Do not feed the ‘not good enough’ mentality. It is a big fat LIE. Jesus said you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. So GO BE THAT!

YOU have to speak to your mountains and move them into the water. Get them out of your way. Get out of YOUR OWN WAY!!

BELIEVE you can do it.

If you can imagine it, you can dream it and you can do it. It is NO mystery why some people live life outloud and others live in the shadows. Their choice-  your choice.

Empower yourself. Open your eyes to The TruthThe Truth will set you free. The Truth is: you are made in the image and likeness of God, the truth is you ARE more than a conqueror, the truth is you can do all things through Christ as He strengthens you.

Get out of the shadows. Stop allowing other people to dictate to you. Stop letting others tell you that you can’t; that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, big enough, small enough… pfff- stop letting BULLIES tell you who you are. You are letting NOBODIES rule your life. No MAN or WOMAN can tell you who you are, nor who you will be.

Who or what rules your life?

I finally found Christ Jesus, and believe you me, I have never looked back. He is who rules my life- through love, kindness, patience, wisdom, in ALL things.

Who or what rules yours?

Other people? Mentors turned to idols? (-btw you put them there) Work/Career? The desire for power? Your own ego? Fitness and health (or your use of this facade for insecurities you think are out of control?) Your children? Fame?… the list goes on and on and on does the crisis in which these rulers create in your life. Man made- fabricated lies. If I can scratch the surface and see right through it is likely others can too.

Choose maturity in life. Choose maturity in love. Live life through your heart- through your Spirit. Discern The Truth in all things. Discern The Truth about your life. Cut the crap.Trying VERY hard to be serious! It is easy to do, once you decide. It can be a bumpy ride when you get honest with yourself, initially. But hey- how is life treating you living through lies?

You HAVE the power to speak to your mountains and make them move into the sea. You KNOW this is truth don’t you? As you read these words you feel empowered don’t you? You know you are more than a conqueror don’t know? You DO feel the power of these words – I know you do. That is why you are still reading this..

These words are not mine. The are from the Word Of God. The Christian Bible. I encourage you to get a copy and start reading in the New Testament. The Loving Word- read it with your heart, not your logical head. Empower yourself. Every moment of every second of every day is a gift- the greatest gift we are given. We learn that lesson sharply when life is taken, suddenly or slowly; or when life throws that curve ball unexpected; – please don’t be one of many people who has to experience these things before realising life is a series of moments. Make the most of every moment, in every day.

TODAY – is yours to do with what you choose. How will you spend your day TODAY?

Consider this: when was the last time you bought your husband or wife; mother and father; that good friend who is there for you at the drop of a hat…. that someone whom you love dearly but so easily take for granted-  a bunch a flowers? Or something you know they would love? How about making that today? Do something nice, something in love for the people who prop you up every single day, in every single moment, of every single second. TELL them you love them. Make each moment count.

xx Vashte xx

Biblical references:

“You are more than a conqueror through Him who loved us” Rom 8:37

“Have faith in God, if you have faith in God

And do not doubt, you can tell this mountain (your issue)

To get up and jump into the sea and it will.

Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours

If you have faith.” Mark 11:22

“..if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain ( your issue), ‘Move from here to there”, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.’ Matt 17:20


How To Live Life Outloud “L”

by Vashte on May 27, 2013

Hope - Healing- Health- Heart


  • is all you need
  • is the answer to all things
  • wins every time
  • makes the world go round

God IS Love. 


My life is, and always has been based in and on love. I do not know how or why, and I certainly did not make a concerted effort to ‘be’ in love with life.. in fact I can say openly that I made a concerted effort NOT to be in love with life as a teenager and young adult. I was a great actress however, so very few people really knew what was going on inside at that time. But this overwhelming sense of love would always manage to rationalise my mind in my deepest despair (yes love can be rational). I had no idea at the time where that love came from as I was wholly intent on that decision I had made- that I was repulsive and completely unlovable. Now I know where it came from. Thank you Jesus.

Love – really does give you the answer to all things. Love is the strongest emotional state you can put yourself in because God IS love, therefore you are ‘being’ in the state we were created in. In Love.

The smallest candle outshines the darkest of black. Even a pin prick of light outshines the deepest despair. What is Light if it is not hope, if it is not Love? I, like you, have lived through some dark times; have put myself in some dark situations; and occasionally found myself surrounded by darkness in what many would call out of my control.    Can you relate?

What gets me out of these predicaments? It is not my incessant whining and complaining. I have found the more I give in to the situation, the more I complain, worry, cry myself to sleep feeling sorry for myself and talk about it in a negative sensethe more I feed the darkness.

I can pull myself out using my own effort and then with the help and encouragement from others- this gets tiring quickly and only works on the surface. But when I give my burdens to Jesus... they are taken from me and I walk in His love and can then tirelessly give His love. This is easy, yet not so ‘popular’ in society today. Its quite unpopular to be a Christian these days- in fact- its cooler to anything else. Clearly, I don’t run with the pack,  nor care what is popular. There are already far too many fashion victims out there, broken and confused.  I am not going to add to that pile. Obviously, I am a Christian, and love every minute of it. :)

god says

By finding the Light; finding that pinprick of hope, that pinprick of love in my heart and focusing in on that; by listening to the still quiet loving voice within, I am given the answers and I am given hope. This is a huge difference to ‘searching’ for answers and hope. Step by step, my love will grow and step by step the stronger I become. You see ‘The Joy of the Lord is my Strength” Neh 8-10 and as God IS Love, the more I choose to walk in Love the more strength I gain In Him.

Love is strength. Love is power. Love is NOT weak as marketed to us by the world. We will NOT come out on top by being crafty, lying, and cheating our way to the where we want to be. That is a dirty life, the way of the world. Do not think getting there fastest means you stay there for long. There is a price to pay, and often more costly that we could EVER imagine.  Love is honour and respect.  

  • What is Love in the year of 2013?

  • Is there even such a thing as Love?

  • Has it died a quick death along with our demand for a ‘here and now’ lifestyle?

For some perhaps – but for me is it as real as it was when it was created:

What is Love?

Love suffers long and is kind: love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;

does not behave rudely, does not seek it’s own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;

does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;

bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love NEVER fails!!

1 Cor 13: 3-8

Yes there is a thing such as Love and it Lives in your heart. Every single one of us has the capacity to love. No matter what.

It is up to you as to what you feed your Spirit- be it the White Wolf or be it the Black Wolf- you will feed one or the other. It will show in your actions, the words you speak and how you conduct yourself in this world of our today. It will show in your face- the eyes are the windows to your soul.

You were made to shine bright. Each and every one of you. You are here for a reason. You are an important piece to this jigsaw puzzle of life. You have a particular place designed just for you. There you will shine bright and grow. Walk in Love. Walk in Lovingkindness. Laugh at your troubles and give them to God, Christ Jesus’ Father- your Father if you so choose. He will give you the answers you ask for- then you take the action needed.

When life gives you lemons- you make natural, wholesome fresh lemonade. Don’t make a margarita! You choose – live life with the stealth of a leopard, the power of a Lion and the heart filled with love as if it has never been broken.

A little love goes a long way- so imagine what a LOT of love does! Don’t look at the negative. Focus in on the positive. Give it your all, in all situations.

“Without love, I am nothing; I have become sounding brass or a clanging symbol” 1 Cor 13-1

I hear a lot of noise out there in the world today- unplug from that and plug into the love in your heart and BE the change you want to see in your world.


Love kicks butt bayyybeee!!!

xx Vashte xx

ave you found yourself  Have  vcf 


How To Live Life Outloud A-Z “K”

by Vashte on April 2, 2013


Kindness an action lacking in some people these days. Kindness is one of the key ‘fruits of the Spirit’ from the Christian Bible.

” But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, KINDNESS, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control” Gal 5: 22

Kindness is looking outside of our present circumstance and into another person’s life with the intention of benefiting or helping that person in some way. Kindness can be a simple act such as getting up to offer your seat for someone else; holding the door open for the people following you; smiling at a stranger. So easy, yet so lacking in 2013. Be a blessing today and focus on showing some kindness to people  in your life- today.

Knight in shining armour

Calling all females! How to BE in 2013…. so many of us are confused. We don’t know how to act. Many have not been shown HOW to be a lady. How do you attract a knight in shining armour- and more importantly- does such a creature even exist?! Indeed he does; but he does not show himself to girls who flaunt themselves in handkerchiefs masquerading as clothing; nor does he show himself to females who give themselves freely. You know what I mean. Girls.. it is worth the wait. So wait. Wait for your knight in shining armour – do not LOOK for him. Get on with living your own life and he will appear. Take time to grow into you with poise and grace.  Your knight will appear for his princess. Be on alert for predators. Predators are a dime a dozen and easy to spot- predators will want to move fast. Knights are happy to take it slow. A knight will respect you for your elegance; your restraint; your class and your grace. A knight will admire you growing into the amazingness that is you and will encourage you on this path. Stay clear of the trap which is the world- you not need to bare all of your flesh to attract a man of integrity, class and honour. Keep your kisses for your true knight. Save your heart from breaking too many times. Stay away from the dark cold world that demands you sell your soul and your self respect to the first male that shows you attention and you will reap the benefits for finding true love in a world teaching confusion to the masses.

Kombucha and Kefir

…what are these?! Both Kombucha and Kefir are fermented foods. Fermented foods are- very basically- foods that can help balance the gut with good bacteria.  Why do we need foods such as these?

Our world is fast paced. We live in a microwave society where we expect everything yesterday. Our foods are often over processed, pre-packaged, pre-made, and dare I say it-microwaved. ‘Food’ such as this is dead. It provides the body very little to zero nutritional benefit. By introducing fermented foods into our diets, we can help start to balance the bacteria in the gut. This is very important to our overall health-more so than most people realise. Kombucha and kefir are just two of many options that can aid in the growth of pre and pro-biotics needed in the gut via nutrition. Pop into your local quality health food store for more information on probiotics and fermented foods; or message me for guidance. I have recently experienced the result of stripping my gut completely from all good and bad bacteria. It is an awful experience. There are specific steps needed to repopulate the gut with good bacteria in order for the body to have the ability to actually can digest and absorb nutrients in the food we eat, and keep disease at bay. You need a good naturopath to oversee you in this process. Without a healthy gut you have little control over your health and open yourself to dis-ease. Get it right. NOW.

Kale and Sea Kelp

Greens, greens and more greens! Alkalise that body! Fall in love with your greens! Find a great local farmers markets; organic preferably, and visit every week. Green veges are you new best friend! They help you flush the body of toxins which in turn reduces fat resulting in size/fat loss! As 70% of our population is overweight/obese- this is a GOOD THING!

Kale– some of the many benefits of kale include: ” A super food for life – one cup of kale contains vitamins K, A, C, B6, E plus minerals such as, manganese, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.”

Sea Kelp in small doses: “Sea kelp is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. In fact it contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food – 10 times more than milk.”


My meals are largely comprised of protein, good fats and loads of green leafy vegetables. Why? Because meals like this can turn my body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. Polenta vegetarian frittataPerhaps they will do the same for you too! I have no idea as to how many kilojoules they comprise of.

Move more to burn kilojoules but DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME COUNTING THEM! What is the point of counting kilojoules when our bodies use foods in very different ways? Counting kilojoules is a waste of my time and results only in worry and paranoia if I eat clean, whole, organic fresh food!

Eat clean fresh, wholefoods; mostly protein, good fats and plenty of fresh organic leafy green veges; move that body for 30mins to an hour a day (walking is great!); drink plenty of filtered alkaline water if you can; get 8 hours sleep ideally; and reduce your STRESS levels over and above all else.

Health is not rocket science so we ought to stop treating it like it is. Keep it simple. it is time to wake up to ourselves and admit that we know most food arriving in a box; most pre-made food; any fast food… is not food at all. Lets get logical and go back to basics in this life of ours. In order to live a long, healthy, prosperous, energetic life without the BRAIN FOG every single day of our lives.. it is simple:

Choose kindness to reduce stress!; choose to wait for your knight in shining armour to reduce heart ache and…stress;  choose kombucha, kefir and fermented foods to give your body pre and probiotics to help digest your foods; choose kale and kelp and green leafy veges, choose whole foods, choose organic foods to help get alkaline and be filled with energy. Choose to move more and burn kilojoules without the need to count them!

Choose life. One life, live it well!!!


How To Live Life Outloud a-Z “J”

by Vashte on March 11, 2013

joy , jump, jiggle, jubilation, juice

Joy – a life without joy is a life not lived. There is a significant difference between ‘happiness’, and joy. Joy rises from the heart and fills the essence of your being. Joy fills every cell Vashte minta about to jump 12of every atom that makes you a human being. Joy is uncontainable. Joy is magnificent and full. Joy is complete jubilation. There is much strength in joy!

Our lives are so fast paced these days. Too many of us forget to laugh; let alone smile. As it takes less muscles to smile than  frown, isn’t it interesting that we walk around with permanent frowns on our faces in the Western World?! In a world where we can pretty much have anything we set out minds to when we truly apply ourselves.. we frown. We lose our joy! We lose the essence of who we really are in the quest to obtain….more ‘stuff and things’ . – for what REAL purpose I ask?

Observe the pictures of children before they learn the ‘rules’ of the world.. the joyous smiles that capture their faces.. capture us as adults too. We can not help BUT fall in love with a smiling, giggling, innocent child. How many of us have watched the youtube videos of children giggling uncontrollably and found ourselves laughing along with it?

Isn’t it great when we do lose ourselves to laughter, resulting in stomach pain through laughing too much! When was the last time YOU experienced that? Me..? hmm a long time ago too. That is sad. Our joy should radiate from us and capture all those who see us! Our lives are a major blessing! We are so incredibly fortunate to live in such abundance! Look around and appreciate the blessings you have in your lives. Count them. The smallest blessings are usually the biggest.

My favourite scripture, the one that has got me through thick and thin in the last 2 years is this: “the joy of the Lord is my Strength” Neh 8:10. It certainly was, and is.  It wasn’t my personal joy- that had to be built up again from scratch! This continues to be built every single day,  but why focus on the negative like everyone else?! Focus on the positive and you will find you invite more and more joy into your lives- even when you don’t feel it yourselves. Focus on the joy. Focus on the laughter and when you cant laugh, let others laugh for you and embrace it.

MOVEVashte Minta jump 12

Feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and off your butt and MOVE. Start jumping, start jiggling. MOVE. You may feel foolish to begin with but you will feel more foolish if you sit and wallow in your own self pity. Jump.. something happens when you start moving:

a. you may begin to perspire as not so many people move as often as they ought to these days..

b. you release endorphins in the brain when you move MORE. Endorphins release joy in your brain… so you naturally feel better.. you may even smile! If you move more, you may even prevent your body from turning INTO jelly through lack of movement! Learn to jive!! lol that will get the blood pumping!! Jive yourself into jubilation and joy and have fun jiggling and jumping round your living room!


Get yourself a good juicer and have an alkalising green juice every morning before breakfast- or for breakfast.

Choose vegetable juices as they are lower in sugars. Fruits are fantastic but generally we tend to eat too much sugar as a nation, so adding a freshly squeezed fruit juice to the mix is only going to add to in imbalance of sugars in the body.

A beautiful organic green based vegetable juice first thing in the morning will start your body off with some amazing nutrients, and keep you cleansing from the inside out until you add more solid foods. Your body will love you for it.

Juicing is great as the body does not need to break down the nutrients to access those nutrients. They go straight to the blood system- which is why we want to limit the actual fruit juices.

Do not drink pre-packaged fruit juices as a general rule as they are made up from concentrate and have even more sugar added to them. Don’t be fooled, there is little health benefit in a juice bought from the corner store..if any.

Freshly made organic juices, esp vegetable juices will be your best friend in health!

Choose organic. If you juice non organic fruits and veges, you are obtaining the juice but also obtaining all the pesticides, and toxins sprayed on that produce, in a highly concentrated manner. Toxic overload.

Always choose organic juices, or none at all.

Jump for Joy and the world will think you are mad.. but who cares!!!


 xx Vashte xx


How To Live Life Outloud “A-Z” I

by Vashte on February 23, 2013

Integrity – Intelligence – I – Intuition – Inspiration- Immune System

“I , I,, me, me”. This is how most people view the world in 2013. “How can the circumstance, situation benefit me?”  “I am the most important person in the whole world”. “The world revolves around me.”

Hold up there Skippy. Actually .. it REALLY doesn’t. So how about coming down off our high, lonely horse and putting our feet back on the ground and running with that hmm?

The use of  ‘I’ has to be one of the most overused words in the English language! Only when we want to point the finger of blame at others to accuse them or blame them for our mistakes, do we take the attention off ourselves. This is when we remember there are actually other people in the world in 2013…

This world is so very self centred and opinionated. In actual fact you are currently reading my opinion on this matter 😉 So from one ‘I’ to another ‘I’.. I think the concept of ‘I’ is used far too frequently in our world today. If we all took a step back and put ourselves in the shoes of others; considered the possibilities of why people do what they do, say what they say and feel how they feel; we would all be in a better space.

World problems are now all solved we can all go on and live in peace and harmony ( she giggles)

Consider this: God gave us two ears and one mouth.. for a reason. Perhaps if we took time to actually HEAR the words and the message others are giving us, we could actually communicate! In the same language even 😉 The fact is, most people are too busy formulating their own response in their head to actually hear what the other person is saying..let alone developing the ability to read body language. (Again two eyes.. use them).

It is actually very easy to get people to ‘like’ you everywhere you go. All you need to do is focus on them, LISTEN to them, observe their body language and make them the subject of conversation. Take the focus off ‘I’ or me..use your ears and your eyes more than your mouth. Simple. Why is it so difficult for the vast majority of people today?

Consider what you could do to be a blessing to others without the primary objective being some personal gain for yourself. Often, just ‘listening’ to others is more than they have been given in a very long time –without interrupting or ‘giving ‘ them your answers… trust me- they don’t want to hear them!

Forget the ‘I’ in 2013!

I once belonged to a business whose primary motto was “If it is going to be, it is up to me”. Interesting fact is: the business went belly up and took most people with them. Not to mention the CEO leaving his wife and family for an up and coming single female highflyer. I guess they took that motto to the appropriate level for this worldly day and age. Leading me to my next topic:


Walk tall today and every day. Say what you mean and do what you say as often as you can. Apologise for mistakes, and mean it. Learn from them. Speak the truth. Always. No matter how hard it may seem at the time, it will always be much better than living a lie until the lie pops. And  having to clean up your own mess when it does. And it always does- pop. A white lie is.. a lie. Not speaking the entire truth.. is a lie. Not telling ‘because you didn’t ask’ a lie. Have integrity. A person with integrity is an unbreakable person. This world has no ammunition for a person with integrity. The world needs people with integrity. BE that person.


A gift from God. Listen to it. I call it the Holy Spirit, you may call it other things- that gut feeling, the inner voice. Whatever you call it- develop it and listen for The Truth. It is always there, in every situation.

When all the answers are no..but you have this niggly feeling that it is yes… go with it, against all odds. Who said ‘they‘ are always right? Lord knows ‘they’ make mistakes just like all the rest of us. Understand the difference between your ego wanting something, and the Holy Spirit speaking Truth. In business, in personal matters, in life, in health, in relationships. Use your intuition, listen to the Holy Spirit in life to show you how to BE, how to conduct yourself, how to protect yourself, how to rise high and fly like the eagle with poise and grace.


Develop this. Learn by studying in the traditional manner- yes, but develop your intelligence in life skills also. Watch how people interact, learn how to make the most of yourselves as well as how to bring the most out in other people. Use your intelligence in knowing when to speak (rarely) and when to listen (often).

The sum of all these things is Inspiration!

If you live your live with integrity; listening to your intuition and using and developing your intelligence– you will BE the inspiration the world lacks. BE the change you are looking FOR. Inspire yourself and in doing so, you will inspire others!

Immune System.

Your health. Without it you have nothing.  NOTHING. All the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your health.

Build your immune system. BEFORE you get ill. Most people are functioning well below acceptable levels for a human being in the Western world. Just because your results from your ‘doctor’ show you to be in the ‘average‘ range..does not mean you are healthy. What is ‘average’ by their system anyway and who set that ‘average‘ range hmm?

If you don’t spring out of bed every morning and have energy all day until you go to bed at night… If you have a short attention span and/or short term memory loss… If you need more than 7-8 hours sleep or cant sleep at all…. If you have sugar cravings, or any cravings full stop…. If you are overweight or underweight, feel sluggish and tired, are snappy, get PMT, are emotional…. If you just exist.

You are NOT OK. This is NOT cool.

The best doctor is YOU. You know your body better than any ‘expert’ in the field- you have lived with it for your whole entire life right?! Start to pay attention to it.

Build your immune system NOW. With healthy whole organic foods. Natural foods. Ditch the prescribed drugs we reach for so readily. Ditch the panadol- how about drinking some filtered water?! Eat fermented foods. Don’t drink tap water, or bottled water either! Buy a GOOD filter for your water. make sure you drink 2-3 litres per day – more if you exercise. Get PROBIOTICS into your daily nutrition- FOREVER. Balance the good bacteria in your gut so that you CAN actually digest foods and have your body use the nutrients then get them out of your house (your body) once their job is done. Do you poop 2 hours after a meal? No?- Then your food is putrefying in your body leaking toxins in your house! Get rid of the toxic load in your life – emotionally and physically. Find natural cleaners and products for your homes. Remove the chemicals. Give yourself a fighting chance to live a vibrant healthy life..well into your 100’s! Don’t pretend its too hard. ‘Hard’ is dealing with a life changing illness, many of which claim lives. Don’t put yourself in that box. Build your immune system NOW.

One life, live it well.