How To Live Life Outloud ‘A-Z’ H

by Vashte on February 18, 2013


Health – Healing – Hope

H for me screams Health for many reasons and in many areas. When we speak on health many people think of the body and its image. I propose the health of the body starts deeper than surface issues. I propose the health of the body has a direct correlation to the words we speak to ourselves, how we see ourselves and whether or not we truly and actually love ourselves. Absolutely the food we put into this body will reflect in our health. Absolutely the exercise we give our body will also reflect in our health, but further to that.. how we treat ourselves behind closed doors is more important than these final actions, in my opinion.

If we speak kind, loving words to ourselves, and hold ourselves in high regard we are less likely to self sabotage our body with poor choices in food. If we love ourselves and our lives, then we are likely to be active in life. We are more inclined to be out enjoying the world and all it holds. If we truely love ourselves, surely we will respect ourselves and have integrity in all that we do.

Watch this excerpt about FRANK and tell me if you can relate to any part of this screening- then buy the dvd. See how someone else with the same or similar issues you may have, CAN over come. CAN fall in love with themselves again. CAN let love back in. CAN develop a healthy mind and attitude.

Having a healthy mind reflects outwardly to the world. Listen to the words you speak to yourself and take note as to whether they are said in a positive or a negative light.

Lately, I have been very negative in my mind. It is little wonder that my body is rejecting me. If I spoke to you in the same manner as I have been speaking to myself- you would reject me too. Realise the tone and the manner you speak in- towards yourself. Ask yourself is it a healthy loving attitude you hold yourself in; or are you abusing yourself? If we do not love ourselves how can we love anyone else, or expect anyone to love us? Do not listen to the lies of the world. Do not plug in to the unattainable ideals of today’s society. Every single image you see is airbrushed. Those ‘diets’ are unrealistic and unhealthy.  Do not compare yourself to one single other human being. There is no one in this world like you. You were born for a specific reason- do not let anyone or anything dull your light. The world needs you- just as you are.

Keep your mind healthy. Do not expect to be perfect, we all have flaws. And flaws, corrected,  build character. Character gives you personality. Personality endears you to other people. People build and recreate themselves each and every day. Make each day COUNT- DO NOT count the days. Figure out how you could possibly benefit other people from the mistakes you have made, and learnt from.  How can YOU make a difference to someone else’s life? All it takes is one person. One by one YOU can make a difference with a healthy mind and healthy attitude.

Without health in the body and the mind- what do you have? A shell of a human being. All the money in the world; all the friends in the world; all the status in the world; all the achievements in the world… they all mean NOTHING when your HEALTH is in question. I know this. Do you? Please do not learn the hard way. Do not think you are invincible- you are not. You are a human being. Make healthy sensible choices to grow your mind, to grow your Spirit, to feed your body.

What is so difficult about making healthy choices in nutrition? It is not rocket science although many people think it is. If it grows from the ground or comes from a tree.. it is whole food! Healthy and natural. I eat animal meats sometimes too, but the vast majority of my nutrition comes from vegetables, fruits and good fats – like coconut oil. (This link to Dr Mercola is brilliant. If you have not heard of him, plug in and follow via youtube. Awesome stuff)

I am busy working on my health as we speak. This is a hard article for me to write as I am not as healthy as I have been recently.(Not due to eating burgers you can be sure of that!) Again, we are all human. We all make mistakes, and I have recently. The message is to learn from your mistakes, know where you went wrong, correct the mistake and start again where you are in life. A healthy attitude will get you through the toughest times. A healthy attitude can  get you through the doom and gloom we feel sometimes. A healthy attitude will keep you focused on what CAN be done as opposed to focusing on the circumstance you find yourself in. You got yourself there, so now get yourself out of it with healthy choices and a healthy attitude.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Do not wallow in your poor choices or blame other people for it.

HOPE will keep you alive. HOPE will keep you positive. HOPE will pull you through hell when you find yourself there. If you find yourself in hell DO NOT stop there.. hold on to HOPE and BELIEVE you are strong. Believe you are designed in the image and likeness of God. Believe you have made it through. HOPE breaths LIFE. Hope BREEDS life. Hope BREEDS HEALTH. Suck it up and keep walking!!!

YOU are an over comer. YOU are a success. YOU CAN do all things.. through Christ as He strengthens YOU. It IS written. It IS fact. IF you believe it.

Hope breeds health and health breeds healing.. Healing of your body yes, and also healing of your mind, healing of your Spirit and healing of your heart. Heal the wounds in your life, do not feed them. Heal them and let them go. Your body, your mind and your Spirit are far stronger than you give them credit for. Let the wounds go;  you may find there are not even scars left in their place. Not if you truely let the wounds go. Heal completely. Heal forever.

Hope – Health – Heal

XX Vashte XX