Green Tea

Green Tea Rivals!

by Vashte on November 20, 2012

If you have followed my posts you will know that I am an avid fan of green tea! Rather new to the green tea scene, it has taken my palette a little time to acclimatise and stop reminiscing for my daily injection of ‘skinny flat white’ thank you…!! However, I am well and truly classified as a ‘high use’ green tea consumer. Very rarely will you find me without my green tea and jug of water close by to top me up thanks! (I drink from a mug- a really big very common of me 😉 ..)

I’m still on the green tea bags and expect to graduate to loose leaf.. in a little while.. 😉 Mean time I have discovered some great options in the green tea department!! Clearly not the only one jumping on the green tea bandwagon as even at the local supermarkets there is a plethora to choose from! How exciting!! (yes I that excites me).

Green tea and Jasmine is a favourite of mine when green tea alone becomes too much- and it can. (Green tea overdose! How clean must one be at such a point?!!!) Whilst I am a creature of habit, one would also say I do like a little variety to spice things up every once in a while. (Not too often mind you, and only when I decide..)

You can find this combination of green tea and jasmine in tea bag form at your local supermarket- it is a popular blend.

Only recently I have discovered ‘Madame Flavour’!! with a very cool website to boot!!! Madame Flavour has blended Green Tea, Jasmine Tea and Pear together to create a really light, delicate flavour that will have you topping up for more if you are anything like me! There is no bitter aftertaste, and it smells just as it tastes- light and refreshing. I love it and again, easily found in your local supermarket.

Jasmine tea has been used in China for over 700 years and has a huge range of health benefits such as:

  • may health prevent cancer
  • high in antioxidants which may assist in preventing heart disease as well as other things
  • may help to reduce bad cholesterol
  • aids with the body’s digestive process
  • may help reduce blood sugar levels
  • may boost the immune system and reduce stress levels

This list is by no means exhaustive- please make sure you research more benefits! Coupled with the many benefits of green tea this is health in a mug- or china tea cup depending on your preferred delivery method 😉 The pear makes this tea a smooth light flavour. Madame Flavour truly nailed this tea for me! Perfect in flavour and perfect in health benefits! 10 points!!

Now to the rival:

Branching out as I have been, I have allowed myself to get out of my ‘green tea only box’ and move forth into the world of.. other flavours and varieties of tea!! Exciting world that this is and boy have I unearthed a smorgasbord of choices! There are people out there who love tea to pieces! Shops dedicated to the sale of aromatic and heavenly flavoured teas! A pleb like myself; drinking this basic tea bag variety ought to be ashamed of myself 😉 It is loose leaf all the way or no way at all for an expert!! But I am not expert and this is where I am starting! Perhaps even leading you to start on the cleansing health filled detoxing teas available too?!! AND from the supermarket as well!!

Lets talk about my green tea rival.. Higher Living has produced an organic herb infusion (sounds good already) and caffeine free Ginger Tea that just tickles me pink! I like ginger anyway, I could add it to most meals without batting an eyelid. Its that zing it gives me that has me hooked. Higher Living have blended ginger with lemon peel and safflower to produce a warming, soothing tea which leaves the most pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. It feels so cleansing and light! As this is an organic brand you know you have the highest quality product with no adding ‘cides’ in your water.. pesticides, herbicides, toxins…

Ginger not only tastes good but it has loads of health benefits as well:

  • Digestive (great to have after eating too much food- so when you are next out at your favourite restaurant, when the waiter asks you if you would like a digestif, instead of choosing an alcoholic option- ask for ginger tea!)
  • Can soothe nerves and prevent vomiting, as well as get rid of headaches and migraines.
  • May prevent motion sickness
  • May help improve blood flow and prevent chills, fever and excessive sweating. If you have circulation issues, add ginger tea to your diet!
  • May help prevent cardiovascular disease by helping blood flow smoothly.
  • May help lower bad cholesterol levels, help prevent cancer, and improve the immune system.
  • Inhibits fatty deposits from clogging the arteries.
  • Loosens phlegm so can help with the common colds and coughs and assist by expanding the lungs helping breathing!
  • Ladies listen up! Drinking can soothe menstrual pain! Try this grannies remedy on for size – Place a hot towel drenched in ginger tea on your uterine area. This could help overcome the pain and relax those muscles. Sip on a calming ginger tea at the same time and see what effect this gives you!.

Let me know what happens!


So whilst my new world of tea may seem insignificant and down right boring to some.. to me, and its IS my little world here.. it is very exciting! Healthy foods and drinks are NOT boring. They are incredibly exciting, tasty and colourful! What results from eating and drinking 100% natural, organic (as much as possible), whole, clean produce, is very clear. Fat falls away without you even trying, food and drink tastes amazing once again, and low and behold- your moods change and you actually become a REALLY NICE person to be around!! The mind changes as your body is working less on trying to digest the toxins you throw in it as if it were a rubbish bin, and can focus more on functioning as God created you to function. COMPLETE!! You get to enjoy more of life without the aches and pains and lethargic, tired state so many people drag themselves around in!!

Get OFF THE ROUNDABOUT and start living again! It CAN be simple and easy if you start NOW.

So.. ditch the coffee and explore your herbal tea options TODAY!!!

xx Vashte xx