Fathers Day

by Vashte on September 7, 2014

Today, in Australia, it is Fathers Day. I wish all the Fathers out there a wonder day, embracing the gift they have been given in this life.

fathers day

It is my brother’s first Fathers Day. He seems to be a pretty cool Dad. His son even gave him a book called “Why I love my Daddy”. When I asked him what the book said, my brother remembers “He is funny” and “He is clever” – straight off the cuff.. not too much else 😉 His son is about 5 months old… so .. I guess he must be as clever as his Dad is… :) They have a beautiful family- filled with love and it shows.

I respect and honour all parents out there. It is a mammoth task and one I have not experienced. Yet or perhaps ever. Who knows.

I know it takes a strong man. A loving man. A true man to be a Dad.

In church today the paster gave us this quote which I loved: “It is easier for a Father to have children, than it is for children to have a good Father”. Hands up those who know this to be true – on both sides of the fence. My hand raises.

An ideal family celebrates this day with their Dad. The man they lean on, trust, feel safe with. This is the image I imagine in my mind about Fathers Day and the one I pray you are celebrating today!:

fathers day2

For me, Fathers Day has been a day of unexpressed annoyance I guess. I don’t remember my Dad being around, and certainly don’t remember words of encouragement, much love or support from him. Every girl wants the love of her ‘father’. But my ‘father’ was never really much of a ‘father’. I remember fighting though. Too many families are like this today. I pray that more people understand how important it is for a child to have a Mum AND a Dad. If they have issues- keep it away from the children. He was never very good at that. Children are smart and see through everything – it is funny how some adults think they don’t. -Especially when those adults were once children too..

I had a step father once for a while- he tried to be a good man, and a good father. I still respect the role he played in my life as that person. He spent time helping me with certain classes in school, and he tried to be the ‘man’ we needed in our family. As a Dad. But he is no longer in our lives either.

My biological Father is alive. I don’t speak to him very often. I’m not angry with him or upset with him. I still love him because I have a small understanding of who he is, and what it might have been like growing up in his family as a child. And I believe it would have been horrible. HIS father was a bad man. It is harder for  a person who has never been shown love, to give love or express it. It is not impossible, but my Father, chose not to change very much. That is OK with me- it is what it is.

I’m still a girl who wants the love of a Father. I know he loves me even though he doesn’t show it, or know how to show it well, or has bothered much to try..

I am safe though- because I found a real love from The Father of all- Christ Jesus’ Father: God.  So for all the people out there who have not experienced love from their Dad’s. For those who have been mistreated. For those who have been abandoned- and for those who actually do have the coolest Dad’s in the world! -There is One out there who really does love unconditionally- no matter what- through thick and thin- is never angry with you – and always forgives. There is One who will make you feel safe, and keep you safe from all things.. and He is with you all the time.

His name is God. Jesus Christ’s father. Our creator.

God IS love so everything He does is in love. Pretty cool to have a Dad who always, always, always walks in love. It’s very safe. It’s very empowering.

fathers day3

So I leave you with this thought:

Dad– I do love you- even though I don’t speak to you often.


God is GOOD and something GOOD is going to happen today and everyday with God our Father walking with us.

Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

Forgive your children. Forgive your parents. Forget it all- there is no point harbouring memories that only eat you up, spit you out and end up destroying lives.

xx Vashte xx


Two Eyes. One Mouth.

by Vashte on April 1, 2014

In my humble opinion it could be wise to use our eyes more than is popular, and save our vocal chords…. well, wise for me. I cant speak for you…so I decided this year to make a commitment to read more. As you can see from my library below.. I have a few to choose from :) I feel quite proud in the fact that I have culled so many. I started with twice this amount… So book by book, page by page, I will read! (And I keep buying new books too…bizarre).

My library

This does not mean it will take up all of my ‘off’ time, but it means I commit 20 -30 minutes most days to reading, something from a book, with a purpose. 

In an ideal world I would commit to: 20 minutes reading my Bible; 20 minutes reading on nutrition; 2o minutes reading on personal development and 20 minutes reading on fitness. But just writing that sounds scary to me, even though all subjects are passionate aspects of my life! So, in order to get started, I commit to 20 minutes per day. Give or take 😉 Last week was unaccounted for- I don’t know what happened to last week.. do you??– no reading whatsoever from my designated books. It works best if you make the commitment and stick to it. This way a habit is formed and therefore becomes part of everyday living, without an issue. Trying to catch up by binge reading every few days is not the solution. Its all about making a habit. Habits grow from consistency, and through desire.

Lets face it. We could all turn the TV off 20 minutes earlier each night, couldn’t we? Did you know the TV, and any electronic device, gives off artificial light and electronic waves stimulating the brain therefore making it harder to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep? So if you are one of the many who use the internet, check emails/facebook/instagram/twitter….(the list goes on) until you are falling asleep with your phone in your hand… and wonder why you don’t sleep so well.. perhaps herein lies your answer!

Why not try this on for size? Get a book. Any book – it has to be something you are actually interested in. Promise yourself to read it in a given time frame. Be lenient with the goal posts- this is a new adventure remember. Be OK if you fall asleep reading.. perhaps decide not to actually lie in bed reading, but sit up on the couch and read for the 20 minutes prior to sleeping. Or any other time of the day that best suits you. 

You, like me, could be pleasantly surprised as to how many books you chomp through!

Reading can also enhance one’s use of the English language.. and (ahem) I think we could all do with a little improvement there…. 😉 

My chomping so far:

Trace Elements

Great book and defiantly one I recommend if you are interested in getting to the crux of any issues you might be facing. In a nutshell: This book explores trace elements and minerals and how they affect our bodies- too much and too little. Often the hidden reason behind many issues that just won’t budge. Hair Mineral Analysis is what the book is pointing towards, and something I think worth exploring in our journey towards healthy living. Explains things like- calcium and how calcium deficiency does NOT usually benefit from taking calcium supplements… it is a great read. Click HERE for more information on trace elements; David Watts and where to buy the book.

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly by William Davis MD. (MD sounds so intelligent dont you think?!)

Get your fingers on the trigger and BUY THIS BOOK!! BRILLIANT!! This man is a doctor, and most doctors don’t really have much of a sense of humour. This guy, he’s funny. And he’s on the ball. This guy knows what he is talking about. It was as if he wrote the book just for me!!! And any other gluten intolerant/celiac person out there in this world.. which is pretty much everyone as he very subtly exposes the filth of the mutated wheat grain in the very recent 40 years or so. So when your grandparents and some parents give you the line ‘ I don’t know what’s wrong with you kids today- you are allergic to this, and allergic to that…we used to eat everything in our day…’ well- they are telling the truth. Perhaps they might like to read this book too and see just how swiftly our food has changed, and by design-Not for our health. I will read and re-read this book. It’s tops. Please do yourselves a favour and read it too. No more diets!! Just change certain foods and watch the bloated, inflamed bodys deflate, without the drama of a ‘diet’ . Surely THAT sounds appealing?! Buy it HERE

Life Skills

Two books:

5 love Languages by Gary Chapman– again- another book every human being in the entire world ought to read in my humble opinion. Not only could it save your marriage/relationship but it can shed light on what floats your boat- and surprise you! It applies to ALL people, across ALL nations and age groups. If you think you are misunderstood- read this book. If you don’t understand why some people do the things they do – read this book. If you want to understand your kids better- read this book. If you want to know how to be more effective in business- read this book. If you deal with human beings- ever- read this book. This is a fun book! In a nutshell: READ THIS BOOK!! Click HERE to buy.

Read it with the intention of learning more on who you are personally, what you like and don’t like; and how to understand pretty much every other person in your whole entire world– if you want. It really is that simple. When you understand yourself, and you make a small effort in understanding people– you will find life shines back at you with a whole lot of goodness. It’s not rocket science. Its people. We are not that complicated.

Boundaries before Marriage – a book I am currently reading as recommended by people I respect. So far, it is a book I think every single person would benefit from reading. It encourages you to explore what you accept and expect in life, get to know who you are, and dive into what you want. All great topics to know before you enter into ANY kind of relationship. Two halves don’t make a whole. Two halves make a co-dependent relationship that explodes in misery. Too many relationships are like this today. Spend some time on you and enjoy finding out what makes you tick. Keep your standards high, and dont make compromises which go against who you are Spiritually.

My next book which I am super excited to get into is:

Books with

So again- in line with my whole food, celiac/gluten free (which is sugar free) way of eating. It all makes sense once you start to unravel the lies. They are not hard to start to unravel- we just need to switch our rains into first gear instead of walking around like zombies – half dead. That is pretty much what we are, and what we are doing to ourselves. Don’t think it is too hard. These books are mega easy to read. Start with one!! If my books don’t get you excited, then find some that do! Personally I love reading about how to swim away from mainstream lies. I’ve swum with mainstream before; it’s so refreshing to swim against the masses. Here you find people who actually care about life. Here you find people with passion and zest. Here you find spunk and personality. Here you find individuals who just want to Live Life OutLoud without the feeling of apathy, grumbling and negativity. We don’t all speak the same language. We don’t all have the SAME passion- but what we DO share is a determination to BE the change we want to see in the world, instead of wishing on a star. And THAT desire, brings all walks of life together. Empowering each other, speaking truths that we actually believe in, walk and live live authentically.  No zombies exist here. Its all fun and interesting and refreshing.

My Bibleis part of me. I read it as often as I can- because I love it. Because it is part of me I sometimes forget to read it. I can tell when I’m not reading my Bible. My energy drops. You see, I love talking to God and having Him guide and instruct me. What is a Bible but God’s Word written just for me every single day as and when I need it; and sometimes when I think I don’t want it- I’m human- it stands to reason – I have attitude just like you 😉 He’s the coolest, most inspiring, most tremendous ‘person’ I turn to for advice and guidance. He is LOVE. He is God. He answers all my prayers. He gives me the desires of my heart. Those are only SOME of the magnificent promises He gives His children. We are ALL His children. All we have to do is pray and invite The One who was, and is and who is to come, to live in our hearts. And there He will live, to gently guide you, just as He guides me. That quiet, beautiful, loving voice that speaks to me through the madness of the world out there. Peace. Love. Joy.

Happy reading!

If you are looking for a coach or mentor in life;  perhaps I can help. Subscribe for free to my site- just pop your email address in the top right box and I send out a weekly update of new posts and upcoming events with SHARE the LURVE xxxxx

xx Vashte xx

Vashte has a BA majoring in Psychology; is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Master Results and Performance Coach, and holds qualifications in advanced neurological re-patterning. She has a Diploma in Christian Biblical Studies and is a Qualified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia.  She has been researching nutrition for 20 years; composing wholefood food plans for 6 years, focusing on weight and fatloss via wholefood.

Vashte is a health and wellness ambassador, specialising in spirit, mind and body. 

Vashte is currently based on the Gold Coast and consults from there. Skype sessions are available for those outside this area. Please contact her via email: for further information.


Vibrant Life

by Vashte on February 12, 2014

Here I am. In your face :) With a smile. Why frown?!

In my posts on facebook, instagram and here on this site I like to keep an upbeat outlook on life. Why? Because so much we see and hear out there IS doom and gloom when it just doesn’t have to BE that way!

  • Have I lived a life without trouble? No.
  • Is there trouble in my life now? Sometimes.
  • Do I choose to dwell and marinate on the negative circumstance, or do I choose to figure out a way around those times- or through them. You guessed it- the second option. I choose to move through as often and as fast as I can.
  • Why don’t you try that too, if you haven’t already done so?

I have found that when I dwell on worry’s, or the hard situations ‘thrown” at me (could it be a possibility that I may have created that event myself….); or the unfairness in life (?!!)… well, that is what I dwell on and talk about. By dwelling on and talking more and more about these things, I’m sitting in my own little pigsty rolling in the mud. And then I wonder why life looks like, smells like and tastes like… crap!

All  problems are problems of our imagination; just as all solutions are solutions of the imagination. Think about that!

If the thoughts I constantly think are misery, lack-of, defeatist thoughts; then what are my actions likely to be? The same!!! Because as a man thinkith- so is he- A little quote from the Christian Bible. In the same breathe, if my thoughts are uplifting, happy and joy filled, what are my actions then likely to be as a direct result? The sameuplifting, happy and joy-filled. And when a person has those thoughts and those actions flowing- what is possible for that person?? ANYTHING THEY DESIRE.

  1. Strength comes from faith.
  2. Faith is believing in something unseen yet, and perhaps not experienced in the body yet.
  3. Faith is believing.
  4. Believing is power.
  5. With power you can overcome the worst nightmare you can dream up, in your reality.
  6. You CAN.

Every single day people are rising up out of the darkness and into the light. In the light there are no secrets, there is no doubt, there is no fear. But we must make the FIRST MOVE. The first move is to just imagine what it might be like to have faith. Imagine what it might be like to believe that all things are possible. All things ARE possible to the one who believes in Christ Jesus. That, my friends, is a promise of God. And God keeps ALL of His promises. Unlike humans. Once we start to IMAGINE that these things are possible…they become so; as Truth states: as a man thinkth so it he! Because once we start imagining good things, what are we doing? We are thinking these things. If we are thinking these things, then what is a likely follow on effect …? We start DOING good thingsjust because. Not with the intention of getting something in return. Just because. And here-in lies the secret to a fun filled, ease filled life, with the ability to overcome when trouble rises. And trouble does come. This is life. Get with the programme.

Attitude will determine Outcome. Every. Single. Time.

I thought I would write this little post as I believe some people think that I am constantly ”up” and constantly positive. This is simply not true. You see, I, like you, are human too. I have good days and days where I would like to give myself a frontal lobotomy for the things I say and the things I do. On those days, I usually pull away from the maddening crowd and make some attempt at coming to terms with where the brain farts are coming from. I have a couple of people whom I may choose to confide in. It is never via an open forum social media platform :) That to me is unnecessary. The world does not need to hear my dirty laundry, unless I make it the world’s business. lol but what point is there in that, and quite frankly the world doesn’t care; it has enough of it’s own crap to try deal with let alone little ol me.

The higher the platform you put someone on is setting that person up for a higher fall as we are all human. We all make mistakes. Understand every person has their strengths and their weaknesses, be aware of them and love them anyway. I still have to allow others that right too as it is easy for us as humans to fall into ‘self’- righteousness– condemning others for behaviour we believe incorrect. Until we do it.

Join me in 2014 in allowing more forgiveness, more love, more acceptance, more tolerance into my life. Yours too perhaps. And understand that I too am human, don’t put me on a pedestal as I just might fall and I don’t like that; I fall hard. Same goes for anyone else in your life.

Here’s to an EMPOWERED 2014 with more understanding, more love and more truth than ever before.

xx Vashte xx






It’s my birthday!

by Vashte on February 5, 2014

5 February.

All day long- it is my birthday.

What a fabulous day this is, as it is every year!! So I thought it would be timely for me to return to my blog which has been on hold since Dec 18.. I’m sorry to anyone following my site!!

A birthday can symbolise many different things for many different people. To me, I am grateful for the year that has passed and look with excitement into the year that is to come. The day itself is my day. In fact, the entire month is a great celebration and considered, on the whole, as my birthday so any and all gifts and well wishes are welcomed !!! lol.

I will not let the day go by without honouring my mother, without whom none of this would have been possible!!! An amazing lady highly exonerated in my eyes, and worthy of respect and praise. Lord – I think I have put her through a lot even as a good girl… for the most part!!!! :) (shhh) This is my beautiful Mother who raised me as a solo parent pretty much all my life along with my siblings. Incredible lady.

My Mum

www.vashte.comThis year I plan to take this page in a more focused direction or two. Perhaps three. Still making my mind up. I’m thinking- books to come- recipes to include all my instagram updates and more. Perhaps some inspirational pearls. Youtube channel stoked and moving forward.. Coaching programmes -automated and one on one. What do you think? I probably shouldn’t speak before they are created but as this is my page I’m rolling with it. Lets get this project rolling exponentially.

I’ve been thinking way too long about things but am now in a stable place to take the direction I feel called towards most strongly and then see how the wind blows. In all honesty I may have been under the banner of ”analysis paralysis” and some ”disbelief in self”- can you relate? But the thing is; I have learnt slowly, and the hard way, that life is no dummy run. This is it folks! So give it a go! Just do it! What have we got to lose? The ones who succeed are not the ones whith all the ducks lined up in a perfect row. The ones who succeed are the ones who just give it a go! And you know what? What does it matter if it doesn’t work out?! Life does not end in a puff of smoke! It carries on and you get back up, dust of the dirt and start again. Only this time you have a little more wisdom if you have learnt from the mistakes of the past.

So learn from those mistakes.

This page is an exploration of who I am, what I learn, and how I function in this world of ours. Any thoughts I write are indeed my thoughts and beliefs. You can take them on board; marinate in them; or disregard them. All your choice as is everything in life. I figure if you are following me then there must be something you connect with in me, so that is a good thing. I am your girl next door with a sparkle in her eyes, ready to play when I feel like it, share recipes, ideas, inspiration, and even a little coaching tacked on it you want it…

My mistake has been inertia. That little doubting Thomas sitting on the shoulder whispering: ‘”You can’t do that. You can’t say that. Who do you think you are?” But everyone has this voice at some stage in life. Walk right over that voice and speak what you want. Take action to achieve those goals and you will find, as I will, that the voice gets more and more distant as you trample it with the Truth in Who you Really Are. And that is Success.

Remove the people who bring you down and doubt you. They do not serve a purpose in your life other than to keep you where you are. Mediocre. Do you want to Live Your Life OutLoud? Do you want to live a life Less Ordinary? Then hang out here with me and walk with me in the direction of  your dreams. Make those dreams a reality and therefore a goal. It does not matter how long it takes. It matters that you get up every time you fall and keep going. Lord, sometimes just standing is a momentous feat. Celebrate standing for a moment!!  Life is not a race. There are more people on this earth than you are aware and whatever it is that you have to offer is there for you to access. Your people; your circles of influence, are different to anyone else’s. Do not get into the ”lack” mentality thinking you are too late.

You are right on time. As am I.

And right on time is where I want to be for my birthday dinner so I love you and leave you today – encouraging you for an empowered year this 2014.

Subscribe to this site and I will keep you posted with all developments and updated posts. This year I want to take it to the next level and beyond, so come ride the wave with me. If you dare! Subscribe by adding your email to the top right corner of my home page. I will email you regularly if you want to Live Your Life OutLoud with Vashte!!

Birthday dinner – here I come!!!






CREATE your Joy!!

by Vashte on August 7, 2013

In a world where dreams are stolen, shattered and destroyed every day, it is a welcome respite when you find your light, however faint, still flickering away. Although muted by the events of the world, your candle never goes out. It was designed to withstand the greatest of tragedies, and in some cases shine brighter through those times.

HOPE. Vashte

Realise this: the tiniest candle outshines the darkest dark- every time.

There is hope. There is strength. There are possibilities.

  • You can.
  • You will.
  • You are able and capable.

When you find yourself facing those dark times, don’t give up. Don’t turn and run. Don’t cower and hide. STAND tall. FACE your fear, and you will find it turns into a sniveling little willow the wisp and runs away FROM YOU. Fear is most often a fear of the unknown. Why we are afraid of the unknown is intriguing as the unknown is where we grow the most. The unknown is where the possibilities lie! The unknown is where you go when you want change to happen in your life! How can we expect anything different when we continue to repeat the same behaviour, the same thoughts, associate with the same type of people?

Same shit, different day? Well that can be someone else’s mantra. It is certainly not mine or any of my clients!

The world will want you to believe that mantra. ”The world” is not here to support you in your dreams, your goals or your aspirations… until you make it support your dreams, goals and aspirations!

When they say ”it is all in your mind”.. you better believe it! Because it is!

Think about this if you would:

  • 2 children born into the same family, treated exactly the same but-
  • One child believes for some ‘strange’ they will one day win gold at the Olympics, despite the obstacles, despite parents putting them down, despite school mates poking fun at them.
  • The second child who listens to the put downs, and believes them; Owning those condemning thoughts and useless affirmations =  Believes they will never amount to anything.
  • What do you think happens in adult life?
  • The first child grows into a strong adult, capable of anything, overcoming ALL obstacles seemingly effortlessly.
  • The second child grows into a shadow of an adult, timid and afraid. Shy and quiet. Introverted and introspective. Life is difficult at the best of times.
  • Two individual people, dealing with life in very different ways.

It is all in the mind. Build the strength of your mind.

I believe without a doubt we are ALL made in the image and likeness of God; that we are righteous through Christ. My Bible tells me these Truths. These are integral aspects of learning that ‘man’ does not have the final say over who you are, what you are, nor what you amount to – today, tomorrow OR as you were as a child, nor what you did yesterday. Live within the law of man, yes, but don’t let other people’s opinions as to what you are capable of dictate your life to you!! If you can dream a dream, it is yours to achieve it. Why do you think you dream your dreams, specific to you? Your dreams are different to my dreams! Your dreams are created by you and for you to achieve. If you can imagine it, you can dream it, if you can dream it you can set it in your future time line and make it a goal to hit! Make it fun! Step outside that box! You are stronger than you think you are! Oh yes you are!! BELIEVE it. KNOW it. OWN it.

Find your Joy in this life. It is never too late to start. Awaken to see the Truth in every given situation. Understand you are very special. You are needed in this life. You are here for such a time as this and you fit in perfectly, if only you learn to love yourself the way God loves you. If He sees you as perfect, righteous and beautiful- as He does– why do you not see yourself as this also? SEE the Truth. HONOUR yourself. GROW into the YOU that you are designed to be.

Don’t worry about the past. Make peace with it. Forgive every day, and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes. Allow yourself to change. Allow yourself to explore. Find out what inspires you, what motivates you, what EXCITES you? It does not matter what other people think of these things- they are yours! What other people think of you is not your business so long as you walk in love!  BE the type of person you want to meet! Don’t LOOK for what you want in your world! CREATE it!

You CANNOT change other people. You CANNOT change your husband or wife. You CANNOT change your parents, your children, your friends. You CANNOT change another person. So please stop trying! It is a waste of time and completely redundant! So what CAN you change? YOU can change YOU. TODAY. Right NOW. You can start to look at how YOU can change YOURSELF to BECOME the awesomeness of you! BE kindness. BE joy-filled. BE peace. BE love. BE patience. BE faith. BE all the things you value in life. THEN you will open your life to other people of the same calibre. THEN you will create the change you would like in your life.


There IS goodness out there. There IS life! There is faith! There IS fun! There IS an incredible lightness of being and its all out there!! Ór is all WITHIN you … all it takes is a little exploring, a little understanding, a little open-mindedness, and a touch of love and patience. You have all this and more inside of you! Even if you don’t see it, feel it or think it possible – I DO.

I BELIEVE in YOU. If that is what it takes to help you step up, and out of that box that you currently live within, let ME believe IN you and offer my hand in HOPE and BELIEF until YOU can BELIEVE it all for yourself. You have a MIGHTY God looking down on you, wanting so much to love on you, support you, care for you.. one step at a time. That is my mantra for life. One step. That is all it takes.

One step towards your Joy. Towards your Peace. Towards your Strength. When you take one step, you can take another, and then another, and before too long you have taken yourself, by taking ownership of your own life, into a whole new rhelm- a rhelm of life that is very real, and very tangible for those of us who live in it.

JOY Filled Life with Vashte

If you would like to talk more with me on my coaching programmes, please feel free to make contact. My email is:  I offer my hand in help and assistance. Perhaps I can be that person to walk with you for a short time, or for a long time, side by side through life for a while. Empowering you through mindful strategies, giving you tools in life to aid and assist you in making strategic, healthy decisions; encouraging you to find your Joy, find your Peace, Find your Strength when you think all hope is lost, or you are just looking for some direction.

No matter what- you have everything you need within you. Right here, right now. It may be a simple matter of flicking a switch in your mind, changing a couple of behaviours, or enabling you to fall back in love with life… who knows.. you are unique and every single person is different. And important. And so very special.

You are very, very important, and you are needed in this life. You are needed for today.

“The Joy of the Lord is my Strength” Neh 8:10 Maybe you could let that be your joy too!! It is so much easier that way.

God Bless you and thank you for spending time on my blog xx

xx Vashte xx



I ALWAYS get what I want. Do YOU?

by Vashte on July 24, 2013

Vashte and Cilla

I live a very enjoyable life.

And I appreciate it.

If you were to meet me today you may think I have always lead this style of life.

And I would tell you that -this is so.

Does that mean I have been spoilt? Have I always got what I wanted? Two interesting questions and two very different questions which, to me, do not belong together but often are found together. We tend to think that a ‘spoilt’ person gets everything they want in life. Why is this? If a person is ‘given’ everything they want in life without learning to appreciate those things, nor how or what it means to work for those things, then this is would define a spoilt person to me.

There are however, those people out there who do get everything they want but, (and this is a defining but), know how to work for those things and sometimes do not have to because they already have in times past. And now is the time to reap the reward for seed sown. This is not a spoilt person but a person who has likely been through some very tough times; who just kept walking through those very tough times, deciding for themselves not to stop and wallow, nor look to the left nor to the right and just soldier on- with a smile on her or his face. Because this person believes in something bigger. This person believes that they were born for such a time as this, and this person believes that they can and will change their world by the little steps they take every day. This person believes in the light at the end of the tunnel even when fog clouds it like pea soup. This is the type of person that has faith in something bigger than themselves. Something much more powerful. This person knows that they are safe and protected in the midst of heart ache, pain and with the world crumbling around them this is the person who still believes in love when there is none to see; knows they are protected and rests in the presence of God especially through those times when the world turns its back.

There are people out there who know that they know that they know, they are here for a reason. That they are here to give and not take. That they are here to be the blessing they so desire to have. They are here to be the light, and be that smile on that cold miserable sad day- even when there is no smile to give. They still give it. And in doing so, by giving when there is nothing left to give- they are re-fueled and re-fired and re-strengthed through that giving.

So this is the type of person I am. Well I’m pretty sure I am- only you can really tell me that.. but as I look around my life today,  I have everything I created, just the way I created it. There is no such thing as luck. Luck is for the lottery winners- those people with the lottery mentality. If I placed $10 million in their hands today I could bet money on it that 90% of those same people would be bankrupt within two years. What is the benefit of being given something you dont have to work for? –  and therefore do not appreciate, nor have the wisdom in knowing how to care for it? There is none. It is wasted. As such are our lives! If we cannot learn to walk through the dark; if we cannot take a moment and look around and take the learnings from being in the dark, if we cannot grow as human beings through these times- how on earth can we ever make the most of the blessings we have when we cant even see them in the light?!

If we continue to sit in our own mess;  if we choose to sit and marinate in our own little or big pickle; if we choose to sit there and cry and moan and wonder ‘why me‘; if we continue to sit there asking for handouts with our arms outstretched as if we were helpless, weak and begging.. we will always be takers.

Oh I have had many an opportunity to wallow in misery for ‘stuff‘ that happened to me… maybe I didn’t ‘do it’,  maybe it wasn’t my ‘fault’; I could play the  victim…. boohoo… but no- that’s not me. It never has been and never will be.  NEVER. I’m a survivor. I’m a warrior princess. (One that loves being saved but only by a knight in shining armour and they are few and far between so Warrior Princess it is then!) Always have been and always will be. In fact my Bible tells me I am MORE than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens me.  I guess I must have inherently known this all my life way before I ever gave my heart to Jesus. Because I have always known this to be true.   I encourage you to take the same attitude. Learn. Learn and learn some more. Yes it hurts when you get kicked- bashed even, but learn. HOW did it come to that and HOW will you make sure it never happens again. This attitude is empowering. This attitude takes responsibilitynot blame. Don’t point the finger and dont take the blame. Just learn, and choose not to repeat it.

Through our adversity we can grow the most and fastest. If we choose. Come out strong, Come out a champion. Come out victorious- it doesn’t matter how long it takes, just come out bigger and better and more wise. Let the weak feed the weak- you however, you pull away from that mentality- stop asking “why me”? Instead focus on how to change, figure out why it happened, understand it so that you can prevent it ever repeating. And now armed with this knowledge, move boldly and swiftly towards your chosen life, your chosen destiny- a destiny that YOU are creating IN your today.

Live your life AS IF you have already achieved your goals, dreams and wants and you will find, one day much sooner than later, you too will wake up living your dream.

My life IS a dream come true. I created it. I am responsible for it. I took what the world wants to throw at me and passed it on like a professional martial artist- to God. I’m not shouldering the pain!!- I pass it on. I take the good stuff and grow that, nurture that and hopefully pass it on to you and the people I surround myself with. And through that my life grows more colourful, more robust, more blessed as I throw out the bad, ask forgiveness for doing any wrong and there has been wrongs in this life.. as well as forgive those who have wronged me, and continue to love this life in its every day, appreciating the small things as they grow into big things and then they grow into massive things.

You choose- live a well rounded life, filled with fun, love, light and forgiveness and take that ceiling of restricted expectation out of your life.. who said you couldn’t?!! Who said you wouldn’t?!! They LIED.  Who CARES what they said! You have one life to life so live it to the best of your ability and have fun!!!

Why dont you have all that you dreamed of? Because YOU dont believe it is possible for you. In life we dont get what we deserve for, we get what we expect. Start to raise the bar higher in your expectation for your own lives. Start to dream big, set the ball in motion and take the necessary action steps to create and live your dreams as your very own reality today. That is the ONLY difference between those who thrive in life and those who merely exist.

What do you want to do in life? THRIVE or Exist? Your choice. ALWAYS. ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE. Its time NOW, to make some changes so you can live the life you know you were born to live. It is up to you to make a start. Noone will do it for you.

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people and events that have peppered my life. Some people stay, some people go, some people come back after time but no matter what each person and each event has taught me something valuable in life and every person is unique and very special. Every event has been unique and special. I’m chomping at the bit with excitement with the plans I have for the rest of my life!!! I create my life- what do you do?!

Vashte and Craig1 31 Oct12

Live your Life OutLoud and Love every minute of every day. Remember to tell people you care for how much you love them and cherish them. You may turn their day from something dark into something very special and loved. Who will NEVER know what anyone other than yourself is dealing with, so just love on your friends and family. Let them know how important they are to you. BE the blessing- so that one day you too can have EVERYTHING you want. 😉

If you feel the need or desire for encouragement in life, or want to know how to get started with a game plan on this topic feel free to contact me for my life coaching series designed to empower you in today’s world.

Thank you for spending time with me on my page. Now go off and have some fun!!

xx Vashte xx





by Vashte on July 3, 2013


Good enough- what does this mean to you?

  • Are you good enough?
  • Are you worth it?
  • Are you pretty enough?
  • Are you strong enough?
  • Are you rich enough?
  • Do you work hard enough?
  • Should you try harder?
  • Should you work harder?
  • Will you ever be smart enough?
  • Will you ever be fast enough?
  • Will you ever be as wealthy, happy, beautiful, big, strong, clever, worthy enough to associate with ….
  • Are you OK but not as good as… the Jones’…..

STOP!! Please STOP!!! Stop doing this to yourselves day in and day out! Stop speaking these words day in and day out. Take a moment to just BE. Allow yourself to quiet your mind and relax in who you ARE TODAY. Enough with putting yourselves down!! Most people would answer in the negative to some, if not most, of those questions.

Enough already!!!

You were made in the image and likeness of God!! He made you perfect just the way you are and you are here for a reason!

Take some time to look around you. Stop criticizing yourself and just look around. Find 5 wonderful things in your life you can be grateful for. Get a journal and write them down. Let them be the last thing son your mind before you fall to sleep. Every night before you go to sleep, write 5 new great things that happened to you each new day. Perhaps you will find things to be grateful for in your every day lives that were there all along! Wow! You can change your life and your perspective with the blink of an eye.

As a man thinkith so is he.

What are you thinking on? Is it positive or negative? If you constantly think negative thoughts, how can you possibly imagine your outward appearance to be positive and approachable? How could you possibly imagine good things coming into your life when all you do is marinate in the negative? Change your perspective and your world changes with you. Other people don’t ”suddenly become more welcoming one day”. You make the change and as a flow on, you allow them in. You don’t look as scary anymore- you might think you are smiling on the inside (but are you really?) so you need to tell your face that and find that smile!!! A smile willlight up a face like nothing else! Yours included! Opportunities don’t suddenly come knocking at your door due to the where the moon and the stars are- you change and you open your mind to expand the boundary conditions of your current thinking.

What kind of box have you chosen to live in today? Is it small and pokey? Uncomfortable and painful? I would have a good inclination to whinge and complain all day long too if I lived like that.  The thing is, we have all found ourselves in an uncomfortable box every now and then. If we choose to focus on the box and the tight peculiar edges it has, well that is all we see as that is our focus. If, on the other hand, we choose to LOOK OUTSIDE the box for a fresh perspective, we find a whole heap of open, clean space where we can build WHATEVER OUR HEART DESIRES. So what does your heart desire? And are you making some kind of effort to move forward in the direction of your dreams?

Or are you choosing to marinate in your uncomfortable little  box, pickling yourself with your negative, toxic thoughts and emotions, wondering why people and things in life seem to be getting further and further away. Life does not have to be so hard. Life is a blessing from God above. I know when we  choose to live in the pokey, toxic box we think life is a curse more than a blessing but that is only because we choose to believe that.

Think you can, and you can. Think you cant, well you cant.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it! You already use it everyday to create your reality of the world. So instead of feeding into what you don’t want; why don’t you try on for size feeding the desires of your heart? God knows the desires of your heart and will give them to you if you ask Him for them! How I ask is by giving thanks for things that may not be real for me today, but I speak as though they are mine already. That is faith. And if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can speak to your mountains and they will move into the sea through Christ. Always speak in power and never relinquish the power of your mind to a defeatist attitude. NEVER.

WWW.VASHTE.COM Light hearted Fun

The more you use your brain and your mind, the more powerful you become. It is like a muscle- grow it. Use it. Don’t let it atrophy!!

One way to start is by banishing all thoughts of unworthiness and not being good enough!!!

Where did that habit come from? Why do you speak such things to yourself? They often come from our family, or a result of some event(s) in the past; but choose not to blame people or events for those words or habits. Take ownership of your ”self” and become aware of what you do on a daily basis. Blaming others relinquishes the power you have to make the change yourself. Forgive whatever you need to forget, and let it go. Choose to hold on and that ”thing” owns you. I learnt this a long time ago. Stuff letting that which has hurt me in my past, continue to do so. Forgive and let go, take ownership of who you are today so you CAN can love your today, making the necessary changes for your chosen future. Your past DOES NOT define you, unless you let it. Learn from it and move on.

We all make mistakes. YOU however, can change your life TODAY!!! Just through this one thing – become aware of the words you speak to yourself. Catch yourself in the act, and realise what you are doing. Laugh because you have caught yourself with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak! Re-word that phrase or phrases into:

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • I am strong in the Lord and the Power of His might
  • I CAN do…
  • I AM…..amazing, intelligent, fast, wealthy, beautiful….
  • My Business is skyrocketing
  • I have amazing relationships with….
  • I HAVE a magnetic personality
  • I compare myself to NO man or woman on this earth. I am unique. I am made in the image and likeness of God.
  • I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • I was born for such a time as this.
  • The JOY of the Lord is my strength!
  • I focus on the blessing in my life TODAY so that I can grow them exponentially into my future.
  • I AM blessed, so I AM a blessing to all those around me.
  • I have big goals, AND I LOVE MY LIFE the way it is today SO THAT I can walk with confidence in the direction of those goals.
  • I LOVE my EVERY DAY. I love the challenges I face – I face them head on and I RUN WITH A SMILE THROUGH HELL.
  • I am a champion and I am creating my ideal world today and every day, having fun, giving out love.
  • Life is BEAUTIFUL and I am beautiful in every way shape and form.
  • I CAN do anything I set my mind to.
  • I AM doing everything I set my mind to.
  • Life is FUN and I appreciate every moment of every day.

Just by reading those words, don’t you feel supercharged and different? Try speaking them Outloud! The power of the spoken word is SUPER powerful- so watch your words and speak only those words you really want in your today and your future. Those words become your reality. Think I’m on some fluffy cloud here with this? Well, take a look at your present state of reality- really look and what do you see- you’d see the words you have spoken in the past creating your reality today. BE HONEST. You’d see exactly what your heart really believes, in your today and growing into your future. Tell me it is not so?! It is so.

The way I achieved real change in my life is not through meditation on positive affirmations I made up myself. Not through ”hoping”. Absolutely NOT through studying psychology, and definitely not through qualifying in Neurlo Linguistic Programming. These helped on the surface for a fleeting moment. Much like a diet does, and yes, there is a crash and burn at the other end.

The way I achieved true change in life, in my ”unconsious mind” as NLP practitioners would likely call it –  is through asking Jesus to live in my heart. Then marinating on His words- many of them are peppered in this post. The Word of God will NOT return void and the battle is already won so I make sure I personalise the Bible for my life. I make it real to me, today. I got sick of fighting myself and choose to hang the gloves up. It was so much work and so much a fabrication of truth. My life is a dream come true. It has had its ups and downs just like you, but I choose to marinate on the blessings in life, give thanks to my God and amazingly life is easy and joyfilled for me! Even in times of sadness there is always hope now- when before there absolutely wasn’t.  I take the action necessary to run SMILING through what I consider hell on earth by focusing on what God has put on my heart to do here in earth while I am here.

What has He put in your heart? If you don’t know, that is OK. Why don’t you get together with Him and just hangout a while. Noone needs to know- just you and Him. By the beach, at your favourite relaxing spot, why don’t you just talk to Him as you would your best friend? Empower yourself with His presence- a presence nothing on this earth, above this earth or under this earth can break. And then, when you do catching yourself ”being human” and falling into old habits that no longer serve you well, you and He can have a laugh and speak the Word of God over your life breaking those old habits.

The more you do this, the more natural and ‘habitual’ it becomes. For example if you choose to use swear words at home, you likely use them in your everyday language with other people and especially when you relax. Why not choose to upskill your vocabulary and astound yourself as well as others at the wisdom you seem to miraculously have if you choose to look into positive love filled things- like the Bible!! The more you do something, the more it becomes part of your nature.

The more you become aware of the words you speak over your life- the more you can catch yourself with your hand in the cookie jar. Without condemning yourself, or berating yourself, just find it amusing..and correct it. Use the words I have suggested to replace those negative chants you have. Or make your own up. Whatever the case one of many ways to turn your life into a positive, vibrant joy-filled life is by making this small simple change.

It is the little things in life that can echo for eternity on  the legacy of your life on earth. Empower yourself. Take back the reigns to your own life. Learn to love yourself again. Life is so much more fun and exciting that way.

I am currently offering empowering lifecoaching sessions and programmes via skype. If you are sick of being sick and tired of being sick and tired; if you have already decided you want to make that change in life- feel free to explore my site further. If you would like to discuss working with me or have questions or comments either post them below or contact me via my contact page leaving your contact details so I can contact you :) walking on sunshine

Live Your Life OutLoud and Love It!!!

xx Vashte xx






by Vashte on June 18, 2013

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

He who has eyes to see, let him see.

He who has a heart, let him understand. Eyes to see



What is yours thinking today? What is the verbal dialogue you have each day with yourself? Is it empowering, or dis-empowering?  Or do you not even think you talk to yourself? That is OK.  I absolutely do :) This could mean I constantly hear voices.. or it could just mean I like to sound of my own voice- a lot. Let’s roll with the last option thanks very much!

How do you see yourself? Do you view yourself in a positive, vibrant light, or do you constantly compare yourself to others and put yourself down? How do you see yourself engaging with your peers? Colleagues? Friends and family? How do you think they see you?

What do you hear when people speak to you? What topics do you focus on? What words catch your attention? Are they positive or negative? Are they empowering you, or are they disempowering you?

How do you feel about yourself and where you are in life? Do you feel as though you are moving forward at a pace you like? Are you comfortable in your own skin? How would you feel if you changed any aspect of your life and do you want to? How do you feel about making those changes?

Your mindset. Your mind. How you quantitatively place yourself in this world; how you see yourself; what are the words you speak to yourself on a daily basis; what you hear day to day and what do those words mean to you; how you feel about yourself – your mindset can dramatically alter any and all of these experiences through how you translate each meaning for you on a personal level. No two mindsets are exactly the same. Just as no two human beings are exactly the same. We are all unique. We are all designed for a purpose. A unique purpose that only you inherently know or have yet to discover.

Do you, or have you allowed yourself the freedom to explore the desires of your heart? The desires that only you, and God, know?

When you actually take the steps towards your dreams, your experience in life becomes more of an adventure. You begin to walk into the life you were born to create. You empower yourself by stepping out into the unknown. By paving your own walkway you are much like that first person to take those first steps into freshly fallen snow. Do you think others have paved the way for you? Well, perhaps they have paved a similar way to you, with similar dream and goals but no one on this earth has walked your walk. No one on this earth has talked your talk.

Learn from others, absolutely. Be guided by others, absolutely. But you are you and you are here to influence people in your own circle of life. A circle of life that other’s may never be able to reach. You are here for those people. By loving where you are at any given time, you open your appreciation for life and open your learning centre in the mind and spirit to be able to give more. And, just as the smallest pebble thrown into the pond will create a ripple effect- so too you create a ripple effect.

Have you noticed how a tiny little pebble, even thrown gently into a body of water, creates ripples? Not only that, but the ripples get wider and wider and more pronounced as they get further away. And thus it is, living your life.

Never underestimate the power of you. You just being here means something momentous to someone. More often than not, more than just someONE.  Open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear, open your heart to understand.

Life may have thrown you a few rotten apples, perhaps a stinky tomato or two and some of you may even have copped it with a rotten smelly fish on the odd occasion or even too many to remember.. So what are you going to do about it? Sit and wallow in that compost heap? Or would you like to take a look around- see it is a compost heap and decide to make good quality manure from this. This could be very fertile soil if you choose to act in such a way. Interesting concept isn’t it? From what you might believe to be compost, great things could grow.

What happens when you take stinky smelly compost, deposit it on soil, and plant seeds? Hmm Great things grow. Great Things Grow

  • Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people.
  • Good things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people.

What matters is what you do about it. What you do about anything in your life is what matters. What are you going to do to change your life today? You don’t need to leap tall buildings in a single bound and wear a lycra blue and red suit patterned with a spiderweb to make a difference. To make a difference all you need to do is stop sitting IN that compost. Choose to do something about it and turn it around for good! Change your mindset. Change your stinking thinking. Change your attitude on how you experience life.

Stop thinking the world owes you something. The world owes you jack. Fact. You owe it to yourself to make something of yourself. That something can start by a simple act of you… just smiling. That simple! It really is. It can be, if you choose it. Quit with the excuses. They are lame.

It doesn’t matter how big a compost heap you have been sitting in- in fact- If you are sitting in one mother of a compost heap, I have the audacity to turn around and say YOU have a LOT to give and YOU owe the world a HEAP of good compost. Think about it! If you are surrounded by  all this compost- you have been blessed to be able to recognise the same compost- the same pain– in other people’s lives IF you take the focus OFF YOURSELF and start reaching out to help other people. Pull your own hand in. Stop taking from the world, and start giving. This, my friend, could be the single most powerful thing you could ever do for yourself. Through giving- a little thing like a smile- you could change your own life around; not to mention the life of someone else’s.

We live in an incredibly abundant world. Isn’t it time you opened your eyes to see, opened your ears to hear and opened your heart to understand that there are bigger things out there for you. If only you took the focus off  ‘getting’ for you, and started ‘giving’ some love – even if you believe you have none to give. You do. You really do. Simple- be kind to someone else.. keep going -be kind to another person- challenge yourself to see how many people you can be kind to without the expectation of something in return or you will null and void the gift of giving. Be kind because you can. Because you have the ability to recognise the compost- the same hurt– in other people’s lives.

For choosing to open your eyes to the situations other people may be facing. For opening your ears to what other people are saying, or how they are asking for your help. For opening your heart  to understand that they are in compost too and through you offering a helping hand – you have just empowered yourself by standing taller than you did yesterday knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be at such a time as this.

God loves you more than you could ever fathom or remotely begin to understand. Let Him Love you so that you can Love yourself for who you are uniquely made to be, and therefore love on others to move them out of their compost experience of the world to turn that compost into fertile soil also.

BE the change you want in your own life. It starts with you. Noone else.

No excuses. No complaining. No looking back with regret or remorse. You are here, today, right where you are supposed to be for such a time as this. Change your attitude, change your perspective. Change your  ’lack of’ perspective to an ‘abundant life’ perspective, and give more than you think you can.

Some people truly do not think they even have a smile to give. So give it- and make sure you smile from your heart so that it reflects in your eyes. Your life will change as soon as you do this simple act of kindness- your heart will change – you will allow yourself to love again. And this.. is the most important thing of all. If you would like motivation and help with staying in a positive mindset, you are welcome to pop your name and email down in the box in the top right corner of my home page. I will include you in my weekly updates to this page which focused on encouragement, empowerment, inspiration and motivation as well as some delicious meal and recipes ideas for a healthy body and healthy mind. Give a smile

xx Vashte xx

Thanks for reading my site!! You are welcome to share it with friends and family, and I would love to hear from you in the comments below if you feel the desire to converse with me!!!



How To Live Life OutLoud A-Z “M”

by Vashte on June 4, 2013

Moments (mmm melting moments..)

Make the most –


Maturity in aspects of life (however never lose your inner child !!)

My Beautiful Mum and I

This is a photo of my beautiful Mum and I. Why would I post this picture here? Well she exemplifies to me: never lose my inner child. Look at the light in her eyes! She truly knows how to live every moment and has done her best to teach me that as well. She has just come back from traveling South East Asia ON HER OWN !!!! with what WAS to be a backpack but after it almost broke her back getting from one suburb in our town to another… she re-evaluated that plan and nicked off with her granddaughter’s suitcase ;)!! She has also just returned from a recent ‘Thelma and Louise‘ trip with her long time friend, who had never traveled overseas before. Three weeks high tailing it all around America! The towns were painted red and every nook and cranny explored! Now as I type this, we are awaiting on the arrival of ‘Tom and Jerry’– two of my many uncles from New Zealand. The three of them are setting sail for South East Asia AGAIN.. this time it looks like a 2+ month stint!! Here’s hoping they have settled all sibling rivalry as they are all about to get close up and personal once again!!

My mother  KNOWS how to make the most out of life! The proof is in the pudding. I have been given everything I ever wanted and so much more through her strength and determination to make our lives (her children) MORE THAN she was ever shown. She is the coolest person in the world to me. We have traveled to many foreign countries together- Puerto Rico; America on many occasions; Canada; around the North Island of New Zealand with some crazy loon in a campervan (oh the videos I have!!!!) ;two fabulous cruises- one through the Caribbean…the list goes on. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to travel with!! And she’s my MUM!! She has the energy of an ever- ready battery, an infectious laugh, a mischievous sense of humour, incredible wisdom and intelligence and when she walks into a room.. everyone stops and stares at the light she produces.

MOMENTS– she MAKES them. WHEREVER she is, WHOMEVER she is with. One smart cookie overflowing with life!! MAKING THE MOMENTS MELT!!!!

A quick plug for her here as I deem it necessary- every trip I have been on anywhere in the world, that has been coordinated by her has been incredible. I am heading to the Greek Islands later this year for a wedding and  she has been commissioned to coordinate our trip for us. I don’t have time, the inclination, nor the patience to research the best places, flights, quirky hotels, best rates, secret luxury locations. She has a gift for it. She can spot a winner a mile off- if you are considering a holiday why don’t you contact her and ask about her rates for planning that holiday you will never forget. I will never forget mine with her and know noone could ever have coordinated holidays with the skill to suit me as well as she did!!! Click here to say hi :)  Back to my post….

Every moment of every second of life that we live is a gift from God. Make every moment special. Occasionally I too forget to do this but, recalibrate, get back on track and refocus in on the blessing of life that is yours. Know that people every day-many people, fight for their lives through illness, war, pain and suffering, loss and so much more.

  • Be aware of the freedom in your life. Be grateful for it.
  • Be aware of the abundance in your life- it may not seem a lot right now but MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE! More will come if you are aware of your blessings.
  • Be aware of the fact you do not have to fight for your life. Be grateful for that. An example – people who have lost use of, lets say, one part of their body often look at those with full use of their bodies and would give all they have to be fully functional again.  Go for a walk, go for a run. Make the most of what you are given.
  • Be aware you have all your facilities about you- and you know what? If you don’t have them all.. make the most of what you have!

I am blessed to know some AMAZING people in my life who may seem on the surface (to the world)  to be ‘less fortunate’. The world could easily brush them off but my goodness they have fight. They have spirit. They have determination. THEY are the ones who make the most of every day as opposed to some people- not you- but some people who have everything,  yet act as though the world owes them something!!! Oh woo is me… poor me.. life is so hard. Pull your head out!!!… The world owes us nothing– the world owes you nothing. WE owe it to the world to make to make SOMETHING of ourselves. We owe it to God.

It is time to Wake Up!!!

You ARE magnificent!! LOOK at you!! HEAR you!!! What is it that makes you tick??? BE the magnificence that lies dormant within- awaken YOUR own giant and start CREATING YOUR success. LOOK at you!!


  • MORE than enough.
  • More than a conqueror.
  • More than is needed.
  • More than capable.

Do not feed the ‘not good enough’ mentality. It is a big fat LIE. Jesus said you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. So GO BE THAT!

YOU have to speak to your mountains and move them into the water. Get them out of your way. Get out of YOUR OWN WAY!!

BELIEVE you can do it.

If you can imagine it, you can dream it and you can do it. It is NO mystery why some people live life outloud and others live in the shadows. Their choice-  your choice.

Empower yourself. Open your eyes to The TruthThe Truth will set you free. The Truth is: you are made in the image and likeness of God, the truth is you ARE more than a conqueror, the truth is you can do all things through Christ as He strengthens you.

Get out of the shadows. Stop allowing other people to dictate to you. Stop letting others tell you that you can’t; that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, big enough, small enough… pfff- stop letting BULLIES tell you who you are. You are letting NOBODIES rule your life. No MAN or WOMAN can tell you who you are, nor who you will be.

Who or what rules your life?

I finally found Christ Jesus, and believe you me, I have never looked back. He is who rules my life- through love, kindness, patience, wisdom, in ALL things.

Who or what rules yours?

Other people? Mentors turned to idols? (-btw you put them there) Work/Career? The desire for power? Your own ego? Fitness and health (or your use of this facade for insecurities you think are out of control?) Your children? Fame?… the list goes on and on and on does the crisis in which these rulers create in your life. Man made- fabricated lies. If I can scratch the surface and see right through it is likely others can too.

Choose maturity in life. Choose maturity in love. Live life through your heart- through your Spirit. Discern The Truth in all things. Discern The Truth about your life. Cut the crap.Trying VERY hard to be serious! It is easy to do, once you decide. It can be a bumpy ride when you get honest with yourself, initially. But hey- how is life treating you living through lies?

You HAVE the power to speak to your mountains and make them move into the sea. You KNOW this is truth don’t you? As you read these words you feel empowered don’t you? You know you are more than a conqueror don’t know? You DO feel the power of these words – I know you do. That is why you are still reading this..

These words are not mine. The are from the Word Of God. The Christian Bible. I encourage you to get a copy and start reading in the New Testament. The Loving Word- read it with your heart, not your logical head. Empower yourself. Every moment of every second of every day is a gift- the greatest gift we are given. We learn that lesson sharply when life is taken, suddenly or slowly; or when life throws that curve ball unexpected; – please don’t be one of many people who has to experience these things before realising life is a series of moments. Make the most of every moment, in every day.

TODAY – is yours to do with what you choose. How will you spend your day TODAY?

Consider this: when was the last time you bought your husband or wife; mother and father; that good friend who is there for you at the drop of a hat…. that someone whom you love dearly but so easily take for granted-  a bunch a flowers? Or something you know they would love? How about making that today? Do something nice, something in love for the people who prop you up every single day, in every single moment, of every single second. TELL them you love them. Make each moment count.

xx Vashte xx

Biblical references:

“You are more than a conqueror through Him who loved us” Rom 8:37

“Have faith in God, if you have faith in God

And do not doubt, you can tell this mountain (your issue)

To get up and jump into the sea and it will.

Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours

If you have faith.” Mark 11:22

“..if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain ( your issue), ‘Move from here to there”, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.’ Matt 17:20


Time Out

by Vashte on May 15, 2013

My last post was way back at the beginning of April- that’s a month and a bit Vashte. What is your excuse?!Time Out

Fact: I needed some time out. I did not want time out. I was encouraged to take time out, by my body. We all need time out every now and then- don’t wait until you are forced!

It would appear that I have been running on adrenalin for many years. I then ramped it up in the past two. Having drive, and being driven are two very different concepts for the body to work with. Most often we do not know we are being driven while we are ‘being’ driven. Isn’t that great news?! (sarcasm intended). Our adrenal gland is needed to respond to stress. Too much for too long can cause chronic fatigue as well as a number of other health issues. Add a sudden unexpected event in life and our body’s ‘fight or flight‘ response can be activated.

The fight or flight response is activated in a healthy person when that person is suddenly frightened, or when someone surprises them (for example). They will feel a sudden surge of energy, with all senses wired for action and they will usually scream, jump out of the way, or prepare to attack. Then, once the surprise is realised, the body returns back to the normal state of being- the heart returns to its regular beat, and they could laugh, scold or react in some way and the senses then ‘chillax’.

Many people today are running on empty through the stresses of day to day living. Work/career expectations, deadlines to meet; children to care for involving a mammoth amount of running around for social activities these days, feeding their hungry little mouths and dealing with their high octane energy; business and social expectations, meetings to attend; personal goals such as in fitness; further education; making time for your husband or wife not to mention family events .. and then there is you. Our calenders are overflowing with events- there is ‘never enough time in the day!’  Sound familiar? We live in constant adrenal overdrive– as our bodies are put under more and more stress, good and bad; we deal with it. You know it’s true! You make a way for all these things to happen somehow. We are all some form of Superman or Superwoman – not really through choice but through expectations we either allow other people to put on us, and those expectations we put on ourselves.

The body is an incredible machine. It is designed to survive and win. And it does- look at you now! After all you have put it through it is still here, doing the absolute best it possibly can- with or without your help. Most people today offer it no help whatsoever. Some (many) seem to have a death wish and choose to punish their bodies in every way possible. Who is winning? You, or your body? That body is. No matter what state YOU put it in- it is fighting to keep you breathing and functioning at optimum levels for the state you have put yourself in.

So ‘running on adrenals’ is a common thing in the world today. Many do not make an effort, let alone a concerted effort,  in caring for this body we have been given to rent. Not really. Not the majority. We push our bodies to the extreme; we do not allow them to rest nor sleep enough; we do not choose healthy food options opting to overeat in most cases, or undereat in others; many drink alcohol in excess especially in the weekends; many take drugs legal and illegal, we cover ourselves in toxic chemicals and clean our homes with those same toxins; we work REALLY REALLY hard. We are constantly tired. This is adrenal fatigue. This is running on empty.

What happens when a major event in life occurs to a body running on empty, and or fueled with toxins, and filled with all the wrong ingredients?

A major event in life does not have to be a bad one! A positive event can tip the scales just as much as a negative if the equation has been set!! So; enter a sudden major positive or negative life event such as: a sudden change in career, moving home; a breakup of a long-term relationship, an introduction to a relationship; a death, a birth; there are many events that can cause a sudden shock to our already stressed out bodies. What then happens? How do we survive? ah ..But we do. That body is determined to keep you functioning at your peak state, whatever your peak state looks like for you in your current body.

Enter: Fight or Flight state. Fight or Flight state is not designed for long term use. It is designed to fill you with adrenalin to get out out NOW, or fight for your life. It is a response the body makes in a crisis situation. It is momentary. Then it is designed to stop. A major shock/crisis in life can result in a person living in this state for much longer than intended.- Not good.  Most people do not realise they are there, until they come down. With a thud. The fact is- we have to come down at some stage. It is possible to live for years in this state, and the health repercussion are severe. Why?

In fight or flight state you are in overdrive. You are alert, ready for action at any given time. If you are living in this state you are ready for action anytime, anyday. You do not rest. In order for the body to function at this level, it decides that certain other everyday functions can be slowed down or even switched off if we push the body for long enough. Take for instance, the following:

  • The digestive system – shut it down, not needed in this state.
  • The immune system – shut it down, not needed in the state.
  • The blood system – activate thickening of the blood.
  • The BRAIN system – concentration on high alert 24 hours of the day. Shut down short term memory and other unrelated functions in this state.
  • The reproductive system – shut it down, not needed in this state.
  • The excretory system – shut down bowel movement, not needed in this state.

Oh dear.

Our body’s total focus is on fight or flight now. Nothing else is needed in this state. Fine for a very short period of time, but absolutely not fine for any longer. Too many people today are living much of their adult lives in this state until, they crash. And they have to. And it is nasty at that point.

The importance of slowing down and making time to relax, coming to terms with events in our lives, relaxing and accepting, then letting go is momentous. Ask yourself:

  • What is it you are running away from, or what is it you are running to? Why?
  • What have you loaded your plate with and why? Really ask yourself this.
  • And give yourself time to answer these questions.

I fully realised my body had been in fight/flight state only recently. You see, you do not always see it when you are living it.-When you are in it. Especially when you are determined not to let anything hold you down or slow you down.  How can you when you think you are doing all the right things, you are moving in the direction you think you want to go in; when everything is exciting and fun but you have no time to spare; people need to schedule 2 months in advance to see you- family included; you fall in a heap every night and can hardly get out of bed in the mornings- but that is normal isn’t it? It will pass. You tell yourself to “Eat some cement- harden up”. You have a million balls and you are juggling them perfectly– well, so I thought... Then along comes one more and oh my. I drop them all…

That was NOT part of the plan Jan!

Focus focus focus– get back on track. But you can’t. No matter how hard you try; and the harder you try the slower you become. The more painful it gets. Well that is how it was for me. Perhaps you can relate?

I started gaining weight in Oct 12, I could feel it but it was not showing till Dec 12. As I was so lean I looked ‘normal’ in Dec 12- no alarm bells went off for other people. Inside I was panicking but again, thought it would pass… wrong!!  In Feb 13 I was in agony. I was not eating excessively during this time so what was happening?! Finally in that month, when I could not stand the sight of food at all (it is true!), and when I was dry retching at the sight and thought of an apple; I went to hospital. I had an impacted colon!!!! How on earth could this happen…. to me??? Look at what I eat! Look at what I drink!! Look at how I exercise!!! This makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I felt like throwing everything away as this ‘health stuff’ clearly does not work. I was over it! I felt defeated, by my own team.

It was time to get real with myself and time to get honest.

My body had been in fight/flight for the past 2 years. Many functions had shut down. But as I have mentioned time and time again on this blog, our bodies are incredible. They just keep on keeping-on until they just really really can not any more. The more you ignore the gentle signals they send you- the more the body will shut down the basics and run in survival mode. If you, like me, ignore the warning signals in the early stages, you can and likely will find yourself in desperate circumstances. That is painful. On every level. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you are in that hospital, which is where most people end up, as I did, you are at the beck and call of random doctors. Doctors who treat you as a number. Doctors who treat you with every pharmaceutical drug available as the first and only answer. Scary stuff. What a roller coaster ride I had dealing with this added onslaught!!! Please do not be like me and ignore those early symptoms. It takes so much longer to get back on track.

This all came about due to an unconscious and conscious (I suppose), emotional response to a trauma two years ago. I had to truly come to terms with that loss. I thought I had. My body clearly proves I had not. I had to truly come to terms with the fact I had built a brick wall around myself so that I would not hurt again. Ludicrous, yes but this is what I saw when I looked at my actions in the past two years. I had to pull that down so that I could be loved, and love again. I had to slow down!!!! (NOOOOOOO) Yes Vashte.

Sometimes in life the best thing we can do is slow down and stop, if we can. Contemplate and conceptualize life as we know it. Then start again refreshed; either on the same track;slow down or with a slight change in direction; or go for gold and flip it completely. You call the shots. What do YOU want in life? I had to ask myself that again, and will continue to ask myself that to ensure I am on track.

Things change the only thing constant in life is change so do not wish for people to stay they same. They won’t. Do not wish for things to stay the same. They wont. Educate yourself and empower yourself to prepare for change- BE the change!! And it is OK to realise you have made mistakes. I have, you have, we all have. Learn from them, forgive yourself, forgive others and carry on.

Everything is OK. Everything is MORE THAN OK now! I know I am always in the right place at the right time, in every circumstance.  I know I stumble occasionally- I am human and in saying that – that is exactly why I have my hand in Jesus’- so that when I do He is there to stop me falling. My strength is found in Him and I know I can do all things through Him as He strengthens me.

Who strengthens you? If it is you, in your own strength.. you will tire. As I did. What happens then? Who strengthens you then?

I am back on track and excited for this next chapter in life! It looks bright. It is filled with love, and excitement, PEACE, and expectation of the things I can do in and hopefully for, this world! Are you excited about the things you can do in this world? Oh get excited! Believe and have faith that you are destined for great things! You are!

So I thought I would share part of the reason for my silence throughout the month of April. Noone is bulletproof -as much as I loved to imagine myself to be 😉 It was a time of honesty with myself; forgiveness; breaking down of barriers; rest and recuperation in my health and love life. I am blessed to have been given this time out. Thank you x. It was time to get truly excited again; fall in love again with life and all that it offers- it offers so much! A time of gratitude and a time to recalibrate my direction.

Life is amazing! Keep doing what you do if you love it- and change it if you don’t! Be grateful for all that you have today– set goals forrelax what you want in your future and set a path to make them happen- always live in the TODAY as that is where we are- IN today. Be open for lessons in life; do not be too proud to accept them. Lessons are not something to be embarrassed about, rather, they are something to cherish and be thankful for. If you do not learn, you do not grow! Thus you stagnate. Keep growing into a new you; a brighter you; a more refreshing you! And take time out to relax and be aware of those emotions, be aware of the subtle hints your body sends you. Let your emotions out sensibly- if you do not, they will affect you negatively, as well as affect the people around you; take action on those physical warning signs to negate a crisis in the not too distant future.

One life live it well!!!

xx Vashte xx