How To Live Life OutLoud A-Z “F”

by Vashte on January 27, 2013

Focus – Freedom – Foundation – Friendship – Fellowship – Feet on the Ground – Ferocious – Follow your Heart – Forgive and Forget – Faith – Fresh Food – Fresh Fruit – Fruit of the Spirit



Focus your energy on the tasks at hand. Focus like a laser beam on your goals and your desires. Follow your heart and Focus in on your natural talents to give you the direction you need in life. Use your head when you follow your heart to take the action necessary to achieve your goals. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, for the moon or whatever you think is just beyond your reach. We need to get UN-comfortable to GET comfortable…and then get UN-comfortable to get comfortable again.. keep stretching beyond your comfort zone to be a better you!!

Be fearless and as ferocious as a tiger in realising your goals. Stay on track. Fellowship with people who stretch you, with people who believe in you, with people you respect and aspire to be similar to. Be the same for them. Find mentors, find accountability, find honour in this world where it is too easy to quit.


Forgive the wrongs you believe have been ‘done to you’. Then you too can be forgiven of the wrongs and hurt you have put on others. Forgive yourselves. In forgiveness comes forgetting. You cannot forgive without forgetting. If you use the common phrase “I will forgive you but I will never forget it” then you have not forgiven at all. Why give another human being power over you? That is exactly what you do when you do not forget. If you harbour resentment towards a person or thing then you GIVE them a piece of your heart. Guard your heart above all else. Let the issue go, forgive AND forget. Then you will have FREEDOM. Freedom in your Spirit, freedom in your Soul and freedom in your body. Gone- forever. You are free. Free to be the amazing person God created you to be. 


How do you build a house? From the foundation up. Why is it any different when you approach life? If you build the foundation of your health, your life, your relationships, your businesses strong and on rock, when the storms come, your life or parts of it will not be torn asunder. Build your life with strong foundations. If parts of your life could do with some remodeling, then start again- from the foundation up. Building from the foundations takes time, if you do it properly. Over night wonders get results fast, and lose those results just as fast. Build your foundations on solid ground. You will stand the storm of life and come out the other side stronger still when you build from the foundation.


Fresh Food. Whole Food. Fresh Fruit. – Food for the body.

Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control (NJK Bible Gal5:22) = food for the Spirit.

Feed your Spirit with these qualities and you may find your mind and body respond in kind by creating an alkaline atmosphere, digesting edible food easily and will keep toxic thoughts away. ‘Food’ will either nourish your Spirit, Soul and Body or it will be of no value at all. Feed your house so that you grow in strength and health each day. Remove the frauds in your life, remove the false pretenses, and get on with living each day to its maximum by living out The Truth that is you. Be the unique and wonderful being you are created to be. It is never too late to start. Start today. Start now. Have Faith that you can. Have faith that you were created unique. Have faith you have the ability living inside you waiting to be given the opportunity to show up. Focus in what you CAN do. Focus in what YOU want to do. Then take the action to get you moving in the right direction. Be ferocious in your focus! Feed your mind with good thoughts, feed your Spirit with The Truth, and feed your body with the right nutrients for a recipe for success built on strong foundations.

HAVE FAITH in God who created you and has given you all the right abilities to live your life in abundance.

HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




One Life, Live it Well

by Vashte on September 18, 2012

Some thoughts from me after not posting for some time on this blog. I am contemplating life as we know it and the interesting journey we all have. We all have individual lives and journeys, and yet, we are not so different after all!  I hope you connect with my direction – I try to live this way in my life. When I fall, I just do as you do- get back up, dust off the scratches and keep moving forward. There is no point looking backwards!! It is done and we can not change the past – only learn from it. xx

  •  Life is a journey, celebrate every moment of every day. I believe every living moment is a blessing – so share your joy with the people you meet in your every day lives.
  • Smile when there is hurt, it breaks the bondage of negativity. Work through your emotions but don’t hold on to them. Let them go- all of them, the joy and the pain.. they don’t own you.. they are fleeting feelings that pass with time. Good and bad.
  • Experience life- take chances. Do the things that scare you- we are all scared of the unknown.. those who walk in the face of the unknown grow in strength and take ownership of their lives. It is fun!
  • Dream big and make your dreams your goals. Put a date to your dreams- and work towards achieving them. Don’t wish they would fall from the sky into your laps.. there is no prize in that. If you create your own life, you own your life. You create your own destiny.
  • Jump into the oblivion of the unknown. What is the worst that can really happen? Try new experiences in life, repeat them if you like them. Don’t repeat them if you don’t like them!
  • Trust your gut, or the Holy Spirit as I call Him. Listen with your heart. It is always speaking the Truth. If you feel pressured or pushed; stop. Nothing in life should be pressured or pushed. EVERYTHING can wait. Life will not fall into itself if you slow things down at ANY point.
  • Fall in love. With life. Be amazed every day you wake, with the amazing people you are surrounded by and the new people you meet. Tell them how wonderful they are. Cherish them, they are not here for ever, and neither are you.
  • Relax. Take your time. Take the pressure off. Make time for yourself and enjoy time alone. Be at peace with yourself, and most importantly learn to love yourself for who you are. You are constantly learning and growing and changing. Don’t every expect to be perfect- you only set yourself up for failure. There is no perfect human being alive today.
  • Accept your faults, know that you have weaknesses; choose to develop your strengths. Focus on the positive more than the negative. Shine like the star you were created to be.
  • Play to win, in everything. Run the race to win each time, if you do not win every race, you know you gave it your best shot, and that is exactly how you succeed in life. Give it your best.
  • Tell the people you care about that you love them. Make them feel special and surprise them with kind gestures when they least expect it. Do not expect anything in return. Shower them in love and the world will shower you with love. But do not smother them. Give them space before they ask!
  • Live your life in Truth and through Truth. Be good to others and live in integrity and you will shine like the brightest light on top of the tallest hill.


Through Vashte’s Eyes- The Gold Coast

by Vashte on June 13, 2012

London dancing queen turned beach babe…

The Gold Coast of Australia.

My Beach- Gold Coast Australia

Some people instantly think of tackiness, some people think of the party town, some people think of the beach.. whatever you think of it, this is where I am based currently and I have grown to love it. I hated it to begin with; coming from London via Brasil to the Gold Coast was a sudden change of pace and style of living BUT I have stopped looking for things found in the city, and love the purity of a smaller town, beach side.
Purity on the Gold Coast Vashte? lol – yes it is here – just stay out of the night life! That easy!

View from my home. Gold Coast Australia

I love my morning walks before the sun comes up- even now when it is cold and brisk. Something the people of the night miss out on all together- I did for many years! 5.30am in the Winter here is a special time for me- most people sleep and as you walk, rugged up, you feel the peace and tranquility of the earth. With the ocean rumbling and the sun peeking up over her as the hour dawns, there is something special about being one of the few strange people out exercising at this time in the morning- especially in Winter.

I have a series of photos to show you a part of my life and the way I see it these days. Through the lens of Vashte. A couple of these shots were taken by my dear friend Rene, thank you x An amazing photographer who I respect greatly as a professional and a friend.

Through the lens of Rene

I have fallen in love with this place. It has taken a while, but look- I am still here. I arrived late 2007. It is now mid way through 2012. Who would have thought! City chick turned beach babe! I have met some intriguing, wild, crazy people, as well as some very caring ones here. Just as there are in many places in the world.

My home viewed from the beach- Rene

The Gold Coast is a hard place to live, and I have lived in many places around the world. Meeting people who are here for a long time, is rare. So I find solitude in my dear friends spread throughout the world, many of whom are in Melbourne, and appreciate and absorb my beautiful blessed life on the Gold Coast without looking for things that just don’t exist here. Getting up early in the morning is absolutely worth it here, I miss none of the nightlife this place has to offer! I win !!

The sun sets over the Hinterland. Glass of champagne anyone?

I hope you enjoy a part of my world and can see a little of what I love about the beautiful Gold Coast!

Candy floss skies

Fire Orange Sunsets

Sunsets galore

Blood Red Skies

The sky is never the same..

 xx Vashte xx

Dancing Queen Cityside turned Beach Babe.. ;)


Australia Day 26th Jan 2012

by Vashte on January 26, 2012

Australia Day is TODAY here in Australia!!

This is where we as a nation all have a day off work and traditionally head to the beach to throw a shrimp on the barrbee or a snag :) Translation – we cook prawns and sausages on the BBQ! A fair bit of drinking is usually done; of the brown malty substance by the boys, whilst the girls will sip their favourite chardonnay share a few laughs.

An enjoyable relaxing day for many.

We are blessed as a nation to have the ability, freedom and wealth to celebrate such a day. As I indulged in an unexpected sleep-in this morning, I woke to feel refreshed and indeed grateful for (another) day off.  What to do?  We experienced unusual flooding from rains in many parts of my state this week so the usual celebrations have been called off due to the grounds being… underwater.

The sun however, in true Aussie form, is trying to peep through the clouds. This is causing incredible humidity (feels like 100% to me) as the water evaporates – mmm sticky and sweaty.  I took my (later the usual) power walk, pumping my little 1kg hand weights and breaking up my stride with walking lunges.  I do this in camouflage  (cap, sunglasses and loose baggy track pants) due to copious amounts of sweat in this heat.  I walk the talk when I tell you to train ugly!! The ocean is a girl’s favourite friend after training like this – strip down to bikinis (under the camouflage) and in you go for the morning dip. Nice. Awesome way to start the day on Australia Day, and every day.

But today, let’s be even more grateful for our lives and the quality of life that we have. While it is nice to have the day off, it is also important to take a moment and reflect on ALL that we have as a nation.

Australians are ALL wealthy in worldly terms. We have food in our fridge- we HAVE fridges. We have clothes on our back.. often designer clothes too. We get our hair cut, styled, coloured, straightened, curled… You name it.. and often we girls will get manicures and pedicures. We drive a car to work, or choose to cycle. Many (most) Australian’s drink alcohol in the weekend, many smoke, and many party all weekend long. We CHOOSE these things. Some choose a different lifestyle in health -they join a gym or get Personal Trainers. These are ALL choices. We worry about our (over) weight problems BUT we reach for that extra cookie, chip or piece of pizza….

However ALL these things are discretionary- they are things many people in the world will never know about, or ever have the option to experience. We are BLESSED as a nation.

On Australia Day this year, let’s be very aware of our wealth. You don’t need to live in the million dollar mansions with the collection of designer cars parked in your garages to be wealthy in Australia. Every single one of us JUST IS. It is a simple fact. Change your outlook on life and realise how blessed we are! Our attitude can change so much in ourselves, and has a direct impact on the  people around us.

By appreciating what we have, and realising we really CAN have what we want – you will bring more into your life.

We live in spacious homes; we are cared for by friends and family. If you don’t have friends and family who care for you, then may I suggest you take a look in the mirror and ask what you can change about yourself, make some changes then go out and meet some new people!! Fresh start! Our Government GIVES money if we choose not to work, and it gives money for those who are incapable of working. It may not be what YOU THINK is enough to live on, but it is a whole lot more than what other nations give – and that is NOTHING.

There is always a way to make it in Australia. So Australian’s… COME ON.. get moving and working!! Don’t sit back ‘expecting’ life to always to easy. The people who make it are the people who have a dream, set goals and then get to work to make it happen. That COULD BE YOU TOO!!

The only thing stopping you is you.. so get out of your own way. “You are far too smart to be the only thing stopping you from succeeding in life.”  I like that quote by Jennifer Freeman – although who is to say she coined it first? It matters not, only that it is truth for this nation.

Go guys and girls!! Tell me about your successes in life!!! I want to hear them and so do so many others! YOUR story may be the edge that motivates someone else who THINKS they can’t make it, or has just taken a knock. Success is all about getting back up, and soldiering on. It is about you having faith and believing that against the odds, you can make it! And sometimes it can be a complete stranger who helps you through one of your dark hours – or it could even be an angel sent by God Himself. YOU may never know.

If you have a soldier story- please share it in the comments below…