How To Live Life Outloud “E”

by Vashte on January 21, 2013

Exercise, endorphins, Eloquence, elegance, Expression, early, earn, edify, educate, efficient, effective, effort, empathy, enlighten, enthusiastic, excellent,  expect, exceptional, emotional eating

E stands for exercise and endorphins!

Get moving! Exercise promotes health from the inside out! Walking is one of the best forms of fat burning exercise you can give your body to do! It is easy, it is simple, and almost everyone can do it! It does not cost a lot of money. Walk around the block, walk to the shops, walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift! Get some fresh air in those lungs! Exercise promotes the release of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are the things that promote happiness naturally, without the use of energy drinks!! Exercise gives you that ‘feel good’ feeling- those are endorphins.

E stands for eating.

Eat healthy. Eat fresh. Eat fresh whole foods. Eat to alkalise. Eat when you are hungry NOT when you are bored. Avoid emotional eating.

E stands for eloquence and elegance in men and women.

How you behave at home behind closed doors is exactly how you behave in public. If you use guttural language at home; you will use guttural language in public. Be eloquent in your language. It takes education to use eloquent language. Softly spoken yet educated and knowledgeable in the use of your chosen language- you will go places and earn respect in a wide variety of circles.

Be effective in your life. You reap that which you sow. Make the most of your every day. Live an exceptional life by creating your own reality. Be enthusiastic in all that you do. Aim for excellence- but make it your own standard of excellence. Be expressive in your life and do not be concerned with the opinions of most others. Every day live life to the fullest. MAKE the effort to create your life out loud!

Edify others every day- speak highly of other people and you will find they speak highly of you. When you make the effort, when you continue to educate yourself, when you live a life of elegance, life can become a lot easier.