You are fearfully and wonderfully made

by Vashte on March 3, 2012

Our bodies are miracles. They function, adapt and cope with all the stresses we throw at them AND the junk we stick in them. These bodies of ours are amazing works of art. They are made up of millions of cells and chemical equations, firing every second we live on God’s green earth.

How cool is that?!!

To honour our bodies we ought to become aware of the body as a whole, and stop taking it for granted. Just by appreciating how amazing our bodies are can change it at a cellular level!

I believe we are first and foremost Spirit beings, we have a Soul (the mind) and we live in a Body. This body is rented. How we treat this body will reflect in the same manner as we treat the house we actually live in. Treat it with respect, keep it clean and give it the right products (nutrients) for it to provide you with energy and clear thinking resulting in a healthy good looking specimen!

Treat it like a theme park; you are asking for trouble.

65%of Australian adults are officially classified as overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

25% of Australian children fall in this category too.

This is the result of treating these bodies as theme parks.

Australia is the FATTEST nation in the world. That is shocking but unfortunately a harsh reality. We have so much available to us in good food and opportunities to get outdoors!!!! Why has this happened??

Come of Australia!!! Let’s change these stats, if not for us, for our future generations!!

Do you want to outlive your children? No?  Didn’t think so… but this may well be the case if we don’t turn these figures around so LETS DO IT!!!

When we learn to treat these bodies as the temple they are, then they will give back more than we ever thought possible.

Change your thinking to a grateful, appreciative state to help move your body into a more alkaline state of being. This, in turn, allows the body to digest foods fast and efficiently. You may be surprised as to how much influence the brain has over the entire functioning of your body as a whole. This can positively or negatively affect:

  • weight
  • body fat percentage
  • mental clarity
  • elasticity of your skin
  • anti or PRO aging
  • muscle growth, or atrophy
  • energy levels
  • digestion

..and so much more.

Becoming aware and conscious of the foods we eat, when we eat them and the mood we are in can DRAMATICALLY change the type of food you choose and how you digest that food.

YOU are in control of YOUR body not your body is in control of YOU.

Take control of your ‘flesh’ and let your SPIRIT MAN be in control. Get rid of the SCARCITY MENTALITY. There is plenty of food and it will be there tomorrow, the next week and the next year. You are not going to miss out… in actual fact you will gain SO MUCH in confidence, control and POWER when you beat that flesh and say “NO!! NOT TODAY!!! I AM THE BOSS AND YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT”! It’s OK to talk to yourself in this instance… it is likely you will need to on more than one occasion!!

Be at peace with where you are at TODAY. Understand you are on the road to control, and self satisfaction. Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and the people who surround you.

You CAN do it.

You WILL do it – when you have a REASON to.