Sugar Free Chocolate Protein Truffles

by Vashte on May 30, 2013

 Sugar Free – Raw- Vegan – Paleo Friendly – 100% Natural- Wholefoods- Gluten free

Protein Truffles

Sweets, Sweets and more Sweets. What is it about the taste of something sweet we all love once in a while.. or perhaps a little too often?!

Is it the fact we know we ‘should’ not be eating this decadent sweet stuff. Is this act of naughtiness our defiant child coming forth? Mischievousness on the prowl! 😉

Rules Rule and more Rules! What is that saying- rules are made to be broken?! So you ‘defy’ yourself and feed the sugar craving… “So there!!” -Thus setting in motion hours spent in regret and remorse for giving in to that temptation once again…“how could  I have been so weak?” And on it goes.

No not you? You prefer a more savoury taste? Well, dear friend, you are still feeding the same sugar addiction. Those carbs- they turn to sugar which then turns to fat if you don’t use the energy you just ingested… and quickly. Nothing like a long run after a binge on chocolate, or pizza is there? (She shudders at the very real visualisation she gets if that were ever (not in a million years) to occur- technicolour yawn …)

Soooo how do we get around this sticky sweet situation we ponder? Jump on yet another diet.? “Oh but this one isn’t a fad.. it is a lifestyle choice” (blink blink smile smile) .. whatever. It’s a diet. Get real and honest. A Diet OK? You are looking down the barrel of yet another diet. STOP!!!!!!Please!!!!! Don’t do it!!!!

How about quitting! Quitting those diets! You know they do not work! Consider easing up on yourself. Drop the guilt. Drop the rules. You WILL break those rules if not by the end of the will eventually. A great guideline to live by is the 80/20 rule. This applies across many facets in life.  Stay within these parameters and you can be fairly confident you are ahead of the pack if you live in the 80% health range and choose to stray 20% of the time. Happy days!!

That being said- my sugar free chocolate protein truffles I present to you today can fall in the 80% health range! NOOOOO I hear you cry!! Yes!! It is true!

This is wholefood. This is 100% natural food. Swop it-Dont drop it!!! Ditch the over processed, nutrient empty, calorie laden cheap crap for: Great ingredients, Naturally sweet, Nutrient dense, GOOD calorie filled foods! I make these sugar free chocolate protein truffles delicious and nutritious- you would not even know they were ‘healthy’ by the delectable taste of them if I didn’t tell you they were good for you! Bonus!!

You CAN have your sweet fix without blowing the lifestyle nutrition budget! Enjoy one or two per day as your sweet fix. 

What you need:Creating Truffles

All ingredients are approximate and can be swapped if you don’t like a certain ingredient or simply want to try something else in your cupboard. There are no rules- just take the concept and explore for yourself. Some things work, some don’t but the only way to actually know for yourself, is to experiment and try things out for yourself. I use my friends and family as guinea pigs- they don’t seem to mind at all and have no qualms in  telling me what works and, in no uncertain terms, what doesn’t! If you really want the truth – Give them to your kids, or in my case nieces… -nothing like truth in the form of a sledgehammer. Suck it up adults! Can your ego handle it?! Mine takes a while!!!

  • So.. This recipe works!
  • Use organic where ever you can:

1 Cup Almonds (preferably soaked. Even better activated) / 3/4 C Pitted dates/ 1/2 C almond milk (preferably homemade)/1 Tbspn Raw Cacao powder/ 1 Tbspn Raw Cacao Nibs/ 3 Tblspns Raw Honey (from your local markets) /1/4 C mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds

How to Make It work:

  • Very simple.
  • Blend almonds, dates and milk in a high powdered blender until smooth. The mixture will be thick with a consistency similar to a cake mixture.
  • Remove smooth mixture and add to a bowl.
  • Add remaining ingredients to the cake-like mixture and mix well using a wooden spoon.
  • The mixture needs to be slightly wet. If it is too dry add a tad more milk.
  • Roll into little balls. Wet your hands to avoid the mixture completely sticking to your fingers. Be prepared to get a bit messy. Its ok.
  • Dust your truffles with cacao powder, cocoa powder, dark chocolate flakes, or whatever you have a personal preference for.
  • Freeze – makes around 24 balls and takes 15 minutes to make!!! FAST!! Healthy! Delicious!!!

Tip:Sugar free Chocolate protein truffles

Don’t just refrigerate as the consistency will remain slightly wet. Keep these truffles in the freezer. They will not ‘freeze’- but become firm. YUM.

Delicious. Sugar free. Guilt free.

If you prefer a sweeter taste – use organic honey instead of rice malt syrup. These truffles will no longer be sugar free with honey.

Add different ingredients as you see fit. Enjoy experimenting! Stop buying cheap low quality sweets from the shops! I keep a stock in my freezer/fridge/cupboards filled with healthy sweet and savoury snacks. It helps keep my mind at ease thus avoiding the ‘lack-of’ mentality so many people strangely experience in the West. -As if we will ever run out of cheap nasty poor quality food?!  The shops are lined with the stuff!! -Very few people are actually ‘starving’ in the West so it could be an idea to ditch that redundant saying as well! It creates a lie in your own heads that you end up believing. Realistically you know simply by looking in the mirror, you are a long way off from starving. xx

Control. You are in control of what you buy. You are in control of what you eat. Take charge and make plans to ensure you are NOT missing out on anything in life. Coach your mind to understand that concept! Enjoy my sugar free, guilt free chocolate protein truffles! Wholefood and 100% natural!! Delicious!!

Please feel free to share this blog post and or make comments! I would love to hear from you!! Any suggestions on variations? I would love to try your variations!!

God bless you

xx Vashte xx

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