Some Days

by Vashte on May 21, 2013

Some Days137[1]

Some Days you feel on top of the world! Some days you know that you know that you know that you know.. you can do all things you put your mind to. Some days you conquer the world just by walking on the sunshine that IS your life!

Some days???…. I hope that is most days for you!

Other days – it is hard to get out of bed. These days it seems as though everything you do and everything you say is wrong. You burn the toast (why are you eating toast anyway!!), then burn your green tea! You are late out the door in the morning and it seems as though you are walking through quick sand. You slept through your alarm and missed your morning workout…

We all have such days. These days are the days I need to look deep within and find the light, find my focus and find my energy. Don’t give it away! I know it is harder on these days to smile. I know it can be harder on these days to even be BOTHERED getting dressed.


  • Do not allow the mind and the stupid lies it tells you to knock you off your perch.
  • Do not give in to the weakness that can be you. We all have weakness sometimes. It is OK. Just get over it and walk THROUGH it. Cry if you have to, but not in despair– just get those feelings out then move on, end of story.
  • Use your words to strengthen yourself. Do not berate yourself as we are so inclined to do in these situations.
  • You are not the only person in the world who feels as though they are at the bottom of the heap. We ALL feel these feelings at times. Are you aware  the most successful person you respect has feelings of inadequacy. The difference with them is: they do not allow their feelings to control their actions.

Do you let your feelings rule your world or your FAITH?

  • Most people let their feelings rule their world. DON’T be most people.
  • Use your FAITH to build your reality. Use your faith when you feel like everything you do is wrong, or goes wrong.
  • Do not believe the little nasty voices in your head- we all have them- you are not going crazy. DON’T listen to them. DON’T engage in conversation with them (yourself). IGNORE them. Speak positive. The more you speak it, the more real it will become for you; good or bad so consider this:

What are you creating in your world through the words you use?

Impossible is nothing.

You are MORE than that. Nothing is impossible for those that believe, for those that have hope, for those that have faith. You do not need a lot to make the change- a tiny ember can burn a house down. All you need is a tiny ember of faith to start. It takes effort  a lot of effort when you crumble and fall. I know. I have lived it, many times over. But what are the options… to sit there and wallow in self pity and ask ‘why me?’ ‘Its not fair?’ ‘Life is so hard?’ -Choose to act like a 3 month old baby and need to be spoon fed?! This becomes tiresome, draining and boring for you and for others who have to listen to the whinging. Friends fall away fast as they get on with their lives. Succeeding and pushing through their own issues. Lonely? You created it through your own pathetic behaviour.

There is no time like now to change this- Get Up. Change. It can hurt. It can be painful and even more painful the longer the self pity has been in place. It doesn’t matter. Do it. Question: How painful is it sitting in your own mess right now?! With each day, with each step, it gets easier.

You may think the world wants to keep you under the thumb and helpless. So choose to walk away from this thinking. Choose your own path. Choose to get out of bed on those days Choose your pathwhen it hurts so much. Choose to be different. Do not let your head, nor what other people say- nor the concern for what other people may think about what you are doing, affect your life. You will soon learn the world can work in your favour- but it is entirely up to you and your attitude.

There will be days that are tough, there may be weeks, or even months. Plough through them. Do not stop. Why stop if you are in hell?! Keep going!! You will reach the light, you will get back on track, you will succeed in your goal. If only you keep going.

I write this as I know how it is to yo-yo in life. If a psychiatrist could grab me in a low trough, they would have a field day prescribing me medication of all colours, shapes and sizes! Yet I am an incredibly blessed, capable, successful human being?! Absolutely- we all have our strengths. We all have our weaknesses.

  • Understand what makes you tick.
  • Understand what slows you down.
  • Get over and out of bad ‘habits’ formed. It IS that simple.
  • Change your behaviour. Change the words you speak over yourself. Plough through the crappy times. Focus on the good stuff and do your best to stay out of the bad stuff.

Enjoy your life!!

When you are feeling down on yourself how about getting out and doing something good for someone else! Take the focus off yourself...the world does not revolve around you- but you sure can make it revolve around someone else and by doing so- you will find your self pity (because that is what it is really) dissipates. And life is filled with roses once again.


One Life Live it well and Live it Outloud!

xx Vashte xx

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Maxine May 22, 2013 at 1:36 am

Vashte your posts are full of inspiring information. Thank you!


Vashte May 22, 2013 at 11:49 am

Thank you for your comment and the read! x


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