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by Vashte on July 9, 2013

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Occasionally I slip into a life of complacency. I don’t know if that has ever happened to you, but I am sure you know other people who have fallen into this trap too. ..

It is where I start to mumble and grumble  about “how hard life is; how nothing goes my way; how everything is difficult and everyone else has it so easy. No one knows the trouble I’ve seen so I’m gong down the garden to eat worms”….. that kind of thing. I am sure you haven’t experienced that. Its probably just me..or is it….?

Those times are the ugliest times in my life. The world turns grey and I want to shut myself off from the rest of the world and wallow in my little stink pot of self pity.

This is a phenomenon of the developed world. It can be easy to slip into this-spoilt-brat-kind-of-attitude described above especially if we watch TV, read magazines and feed on the rubbish media so easily shoved down our throats! Living a life being fed with this dead reality makes it easier and easier to think life owes us something; that we should all expect to win lottery and live happily every after. No wonder most people walk around half comatose! Little wonder zombies are so popular given the state of our minds half the time!! We are almost there!! Of our own creation!! Fancy that!!!

Reality check:

Our Lives are incredible by world standards. I don’t know about you but I know I could pick up the phone any day and I would have a number of friends and family who would rush to my aid...if I was really in a spot. And if I didn’t our society has a huge amount of support out there for people in need!!

We are an incredibly blessed nation and people!! 

Isn’t it about time we all woke up and smelt the roses!

Walking around my thriving metropolis of a city the other day it really dawned on me that I was walking around a bunch of people who appeared to be sleep walking! They appeared to be going through the motions of everyday living, most looked dead bored. Very few were smiling, and certainly fewer were smiling at strangers. (Since when was it weird to smile!) The sun was shining, it was a stunning Winters day..and they were not at work…soooo why aren’t we loving life every day?

Then I thought… do I look to the world the way they present to me?

Perhaps I look as though I walk around like a stunned mullet, or spoilt pouty princess too!! If I look like that photo of me above often.. then I’d be scared of me too!!

If we want to make change in others, then we make change in ourselves first! 

So I donned a smile, lightened my step as concocted a dastardly plan and evil  experiment on the human race and myself! mwahahahahhaaaaa (thunder and lightning rollout!)

I was going to see if I actually knew what I was talking about in my coaching after all….??!!! Will people change the way they respond to me purely because I changed my own perspective???? Incredibly dastardly and evil of me isn’t it…;)

Interesting result! Drum roll please…..

Not only did I find strangers changed the way the looked at me (yes some thought I was a loon but that’s normal). They even cracked a smile here and there.. and I may have even lightened a strangers’ day! But the really interesting result was how I felt as a result of experimenting with the human race in such a manner!!

Not only did it feed the mischievous side of my personality which is incredibly fun, but I increased my joy in the day too! Immediately!!  I actually became lighter in myself and happier!! If you are looking for that quick fix, that magic pill look no further.. crack a smile on your dial!!!! It may hurt to begin with but never fear, you will get used to it :) Results: instantaneous!!! The busier the city, the harder this may be for you initially..but ..eat some cement and get over yourself kiddo!

Did you know it is very difficult to remain negative in your thoughts when you keep smiling? The body responds to physical activity- smiling is physical activity! Watch and enjoy the experience as your brain starts to activate your serotonin (happy chemicals) and you just cant help but be happy. You don’t even need to eat a banana!

So- why do we walk around with constant frowns on our faces? I ask people- “what’s up buttercup?” They answer “Nothing” to which I am then forced to reply “Tell your face that then”. bahahahaha. In the most loving and kind, humourous way. :) Everything in life is about the delivery. Be aware of how you deliver such statements as one may end up with a broken nose… 😉

Seriously though- take a look in the mirror and catch your ‘relaxed’ state of face. It may be scarier than you think!

Give it a go! I challenge you to step out of the sleepwalking mode we all get around in, add a bit of zest, and a splash of smile and watch how your world changes for the better. Do people respond to you differently? Do people actually want to make conversation with you? People… smile back… its an natural himan response mechanism built in to us. We cant help it..unless we really do have a serious attitude problem, or you really are an alien from another planet.

It is our choice as to what kind of attitude, what kind of chip, what kind of love you want to give off. Always your choice. Why not examine who you are presenting yourself to be in this world and make changes to you before you suggest making changes to people around you.

I have always found the more change I make to and for myself; the more interesting I seem to become and the right people just appear in my scope of the world.

It could possibly work for you too. Try it out if you want more fun in your world! Who do you want in your world? What type of people? Ask yourself: Would they want to associate with you in your present state of how you choose to present to the world? What do you have to offer that is of use?

Vashte having fun www.vashte.com

A smile is The Most attractive thing a person can do with and to their face. It is a crying shame more people have not told this to the plethora of ladies I see  with frozen solid faces lately and chicken lips. Shivers down my spine…scary stuff.. no wonder small children scream and run for cover and dogs want to attack. Very alien like 😉 Shame.

Over and above the ‘beauty’, the makeup, the charisma, the chiseled jaw- A person who smiles often is an incredibly attractive person to the world regardless of the aesthetic attributes.

Some of what the world considers the most beautiful people in the world are The Ugliest as they cannot or will not crack a smile, to me. Seriously, would you want to be locked in a room with these people? I wouldn’t. I’d rather have a conversation with myself over and over.  No one really likes a stuck up princess or an attitude bearing male. All that really exemplifies is a total and utter self confidence issue poorly attempting to mask it through snotty nosed  attitude. BORING. Drop it! Life will become so much easier!

A fun loving, light hearted soul wins friends and influences people with a magnetic personality. They seem incredibly attractive, because they are. We all like to be liked. A person who comes across as open and friendly is someone we inherently want to trust and be liked by! So why not BE that person!

We all have insecurities. Why focus on them?! Have some fun in life! Lighten up! So you are not as rich as, not as smart as, not as pretty as, not as fast as… blah blah blah.. become THE most influential person you know simply by getting your JOY on!!! Watch as people flock to you and just want to hang out.

Change your world by changing yourself from the inside out! Transformational, true change happens ONLY this way. Forget the surface bravado.. we can see right through it like cellophane so … do yourself a favour and …enjoy who you are designed to be 😉 Make the most of the good stuff in life- focus your flashlight there. Not on your shortcomings. They are trivial anyway. Really they are.  Have some fun because here is a sobering thought.. you will never get today back. So who have you blessed, or who have you done something kind for today?

Start with smiling!!!

xx Vashte xx

Why dont you tell me about how putting on a smile changed your world, or someone else s? Its does not cost a cent. I’d love to hear how you blessed your world!!!! Write a comment!!! Double dare you!!

Thanks for reading my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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