Set your goals for 2012

by Vashte on February 2, 2012

Feb 2012

Today is the second day of February 2012. Hold on a minute…where did January go??

If we are not careful this is how our lives can fly by without us achieving pretty much ..anything. The days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and you guessed it, then years. If you really think about it, what were you doing one year ago today? Can you pin point it? And was it ANY different to what you are doing now?

Hmm it doesn’t necessarily have to BE different but perhaps a better question to ask is:

What have you achieved? No REALLY.    WHAT have you achieved? Have you hit your goals? Some goals? Did you have ANY goals to even aim for? Get real with yourself. If you keep lying to yourself how on earth can you expect to be honest with other people? It can be uncomfortable. SO WHAT? Change often is. We are creatures of habit.

Another great question to ask yourself is: If you keep doing what you are doing, how do you expect things to change?

YOU change and the world changes with you. YOU take action and the world takes action.

Goal setting will help you define your progress in life and keep you on track so that the years DO NOT fly by without you actually MAKING things happen.

We are not put on this earth to merely exist yet so many of us do. AND it is incredibly easy for any one of us to get sucked into the vortex of nothingness – our culture encourages it. It encourages us to be mindless consumers, always needing the latest and greatest. How easy is it to swipe  the plastic fantastic card so we are not really spending money…RIGHT?


We pay. Interest is what keeps the banks afloat- YOUR interest. That bargain is no longer a bargain the moment you pay interest on it. Make your money work FOR YOU.

We don’t need everything the television spits out at us. In fact, if we are watching television on a daily basis let me be so bold as to say.. you are in the vortex!! Get out quick!! February will become March will become December 2012 and you won’t know where the year went!! More debt and a few more wrinkles for sure with nothing much to say about the year.


Write them out! I use a list every day of my life, written out. Iphones are great but there is something about a written list whereby I can cross out my little things as I do them..this gives me a sense of achievement with each little thing accomplished. Pretty soon those little things stack up to make big things. You will be surprised! Try it! TODAY!

Do not wait another day. Tomorrow never comes. Start that plan TODAY. Write those goals out. Make them specific. Tell people about them. BE accountable to someone- that is the REAL test.

If you fall GET BACK UP. If you miss the goal posts, shift them. If you are slightly off track, get back on, or change direction!!!! TAKE OWNERSHIP of your life or your life will fade away.


If your friends don’t support your goal-setting- GET NEW FRIENDS.

DON’T let people hold you back. Some people, often the ones closest to you, want you to stay the way you are. They are afraid of change. Sometimes you have to let those people go in order to grow. If they are real friends, they never go too far away..and you will be surprised who comes back into your life to tell you how much you inspire them – after they were the ones who told you that you COULDN’T.

Welcome them back with open arms and love on them. They NEEDED you to be strong when they couldn’t be.

Soar like the eagle. This life is a blessing and you have been given this amazing gift.


I will post a note on how to set goals later tonight or tomorrow to help you set goals that you will achieve.


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