Scrambled Eggs on Gluten Free Toast

by Vashte on March 3, 2012


  • 1 egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • a touch of trim/skim milk if necessary. Personally I don’t opt for milk and recommend you wean yourself off it in your scrambled eggs.
  • diced onions if you like them
  • fresh herbs from your garden- these are like shoes- they will make or break your scrambled eggs. Break them if you do have them. There is nothing like fresh herbs to spice up a healthy delicious meal.
  • Sea salt or himalayan salt, and pepper to taste. I go against the grain and definately recommend salt in the diet BUT if you have table salt in your kitchen pick it up now and throw it out right now. Do yourself a favour. Eat only sea salt or himalayan salt. Table salt is not fit for human consumption.
  • 1 piece of toasted gluten free bread. No butter/margarine – you don’t need it. The yolk is enough good fat for the morning and the scrambled eggs are moist enough to soften the toast.

How to make it work:

  1. Saute your onions if you opt for them
  2. Add the eggs, herbs, salt and pepper; and milk if you are using milk. Whisk constantly. Egg whites cook faster so do not let them sit on the heat without watching them or they will burn.
  3. Once cooked to your liking, serve them on your toast and sprinkle with more chopped up fresh herbs.

Again, this is a breakfast fit for a king or queen, and made in a flash. Good food does not have to take a long time, nor does it have to be boring. Delicious fast HEALTHY food that will help increase your metabolism, by you nourishing your body with the right combinations of nutrient dense food, easily digested.

Enjoy xx

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