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by Vashte on July 15, 2013


Half Marathon 5 July13

What do you do for exercise?! What is your chosen form of training to keep you fit? What gives you that happy high feeling when you finished? What gives you that sense of achievement, knowing that, although you may not have ‘felt’ like it today; maybe it was cold; or you were incredibly busy all day…but you made that decision and commitment to just get out and ‘do it’. What was it? What is it that keeps you feeling alive? Grounded? High?

Find something in the form of exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you wont keep it up and it will be a fad. If you don’t think you enjoy any exercise, find something that you think you may enjoy one day, once you understand it, and get fitter. Do it for the sake of your own body. If’ that doesn’t motivate you, perhaps getting fit for the sake of your children is a good start. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to play with them without falling in a heap 5 minutes into it? Wouldn’t it be great to improve your chances of living to see and enjoy their 21st birthday? 30th? 40th?

I love to run. I have always run. I have trained my body so that it is designed to run. I trained at a very high level throughout school for track and field, and competed for the North Island of NZ in the 100 +200 meters sprint, triple and long jump. The again it seems I have always been gifted in the sporting arena. I competitively swam and trained 2-3 hours every day for both these events throughout high school, as well as played state netball from the age of 13 years. (Interesting that when I hit high school the netball coach for 13years choose not to like me so placed me in the Ç’ team. I found this intriguing and after speaking with the right people, and having the watch me play, I was taken from the C team for 13years, and placed in the Senior A team, remaining there until the end of high school whilst being selected to represent the state. My point being- just because ONE person puts you down, or says you cant- doesn’t mean it is true. PROVE THEM WRONG not in words, but in ACTION. You can’t beat that revenge ‘- and the only form of ”getting even” I condone 😉

Question: Are a person gifted or are you lead in a specific direction? Probably a bit of both; but being encouraged and lead in a specific direction helps and often has a profound impact in the life of a child. “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 Whether you study psychology, NLP, or any mind set strategy you will understand this to be true.  We more often than not to go back to unconscious behaviours naturally and easily if we do not make a conscious effort to change them. And even then it can be concerted effort and determination to break those habits learnt from childhood. So it is wise to be prudent in how and what you teach your children. I know I will be if that ever happens.

I have lived all over the world; a large part was spent in semi rural New Zealand- to run around the block meant just an 8km run.. probably more than the average city slicker :) My step father bred short-hair-German-pointer dogs -which are bird dogs – tall, lean, sleek, intelligent dogs that needed to run otherwise they would jump the fence and chase the horses and cows- so I would run with one. They kept the pace up, and deterred predators!  This is interesting as I was a sprinter, but could run the longer distances, with training.  I have both short twitch and long twitch fibred  muscles meaning I can do both if I want comfortably. Some people are designed for sprints and high impact exercise and dread the thought of endurance, and vice versa. This generally means they have what is called short twitch muscles – they usually choose fast acting, explosive, impact style, for short distance and short term. Things like Sprints, Body Building, Boom Boom Boom stuff. Long twitch muscular people are your marathon runners- anything for long distance-  the lean, beanpoles generally speaking.  Then there are people like me who have both- the danger here is to be good at many things and not great at anything! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter to you. All that matters is you do something that you get your kicks from, that you can fall in love with and that you can maintain.

!!!!Find SOMETHING!!!!

GC Marathon July 13

I recently did something scary for me, yet easy for some… I entered the Gold Coast Half Marathon at the beginning of July! A couple of years back I was running distances of 10-20kms 5 days a week. Loving it. And couldn’t get enough of it. I was as surprised as the next person when I was doing this, as I absolutely, never in my wildest dreams, would have thought I could run like that before it happened! The thing is, I was driven by something else. An emotional event that caused me to ramp my life up and enable me to push like I had never before. This I OK short term, but it went on for …too long. So at the beginning of this year I finally crumbled.. in a heap… I couldn’t run, I couldn’t even walk.. getting out of bed was a huge effort. Yes, I crashed and burned baby. I wasn’t sure I could ever run again!

But the thing about us humans is, with the right nurturing; the right nutrition; the right rest and understanding of self and events- we come back! And if managed correctly, we can come back stronger, with more learning and more understanding and much more wisdom. Without beating yourself up, or wishing we could do things differently or hating on ourselves.. just get up, put one step in front of the other and breathe. Take it easy and know that you are walking the road designed by you and for you. Learn, comprehend and come back strong. Don’t expect life to be roses every single day. Deal with the thorns, and know they will keep coming along the way. Prepare and arm yourself for them so they don’t dig in so much.

You can do it!

I can do it- so you can to. There is no difference between you and I- we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all soar like eagles- the choice is yours as to how you tackle and reign in this life!

So- I hadn’t run a distance like this in hmmm probably one year.. maybe a year and a half. One week out I was seriously doubting I could do it, but I had entered, and I had it on my goal board, so my decision was final. My goals can change but it would mean I would have to run it at a later date. Why not get it over and done with now?! I felt in my heart that if I faced this fear head on, I would break some chains I felt heavy laden over me in this first 6 months of 2013. I don’t recommend you run that distance without training; I could as although I am not as fit as I usually keep myself, I am a Personal Trainer, and I do exercise twice daily- once if I’m in a poop. And only this year did I go days without anything- which almost killed me as a person. I generally I come in fitter and many.

I reasoned that they give you 3 hours to complete the course, so even if I walked it I would get it done as I can walk 7km an hour- average pace. So if I ran some and walked some, Id be safe.

What a buzz. The energy with so many people gathered together for a sports event is electric. I recommend you participate on some funruns this year!!! There are fun walks too if running is not your thing, but get involved. Click HERE for the Link to see what is coming up in QLD. All you need is VERY good shoes, and ladies- get a hard core sports bra to protect those things!!! Your shoes are best bought from overseas- they are far too expensive in Australia- averaging 3 x the price of the USA even with the weaker dollar. HERE is your link for shoes. :)

The pump of all the people, having fun; all nervous and most wondering if they can do it rocks!!!  There are groups of businesses; people running ‘for’ someone they love but perhaps can’t; the costumes; some raising money;  the markets and stalls; the organisation- its all brilliant! It is actually even easy to get out of bed at 4am to make the start time, because of the nervous energy you create for yourself! Really I woke before my alarm! I hadn’t done that in ….6 months!!! I didn’t want anyone coming down to watch me run- I didn’t tell too many people about it and conveniently organised my man to have a boys night watching the rugby the night before :) )I didn’t know how I would finish and this girl has some pride 😉 But not so much that I can’t post my sweaty post -run pictures for you all to see. ppfff Life isn’t photoshoped with perfect makeup every day, in fact VERY RARELY and certainly NOT if you TRAIN HARD!!!

As it turned out, I ran well. Surprisingly well and smoked it,!!! Coming in with a time of 2 hours flat (started 6 minutes after 6). I felt great! High on life! Looked a mess as you can see, but running is no glamour sport. Well, not for me. I get hot. I get sweaty. I get read in the face. if you don’t like it, look away!! I did it!! I finished strong!!

Vashte Half Marathon July 13

I broke those invisible chains I felt hanging over me by committing and completing this goal. The time or how fast I ran is irrelevant in the big picture. The fact I did it is the relevant aspect. And now, I’m thinking about the BNE half marathon next month and some fun runs at night with glow sticks!! I love to run. It may not be ‘the best’ form of exercise to ‘lose weight, which I want. It may not be good for the body long term. But you know what- you can find fault in anything in life. If you do more of what you love and less of what you think you are ‘supposed to’, you may find the dreams you have come to fruition as you empower yourself to a stronger, better you, whilst doing the things you love. The things that make you tick. The things that excite you to the core- from the inside out. The things that give you joy- that are good for you.

Nothing- nothing gives me the same buzz as running. I don’t know why, and I don’t care. I know walking is better for ‘fat burning’; so is HIIT. But I dig running so I will run forever! My hardcore, mixed with drum and base, mixed with classical music in my ears; the freedom; the alone time; the beating my lazy body time; the conquering aspect of just doing it. I love it. I don’t run to race. I run for me- so I let go of my head issues, and I am a much nicer person to be around!!

I recommend you find an exercise form that you can start to enjoy. Start with one thing. Something you can do, master it- then find something else. I mix my training up as yes, I do get ‘bored’ doing the same thing day in day out. So add a few new things to training to keep the momentum up.  I started with this mammoth run so I have decided to stay up.  It can be hard to pick yourself up once you fall! I know!!! From personal experience. I’m still picking myself up- want to join me? We are all human, we all fall- what matters is how many times you pick yourelf up –

-so come on and join me and start over again!! –

Such is life!!!

Everyone does it, time and time again.

Suck it up Princess 😉 –

xx Vashte xx


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