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January 17, 2012

Alkalising green salad with cottage cheese

Cottge cheese with alkaklising greens and sunflower seeds

Anyone can make this meal. Its fast, tasty, and light. Perfect for dinners because the metabolism is slowing down at night. Night time is not the time to carb load on your stomach..despite my pizza below (that is a treat every now and then and much better to have for lunch as opposed to dinner).

Its always better to have a light meal for dinner, as when you think about it..what is your body going to do with all those calories at that time of night but store them away for safe keeping?! ie fat. So keep it light as often as you can in the evenings if you want to keep the weight off.

Protein and veges with some healthy fats are a perfect way to round the evening off, making it easy for your body to digest your nutrition, allowing your body to rest whilst sleeping as opposed to trying to digest that heavy meal.

Dont like cottage cheese? Easy- use chicken, tuna, fish, beef..whatever preferred source of protein you like! I also have marmite on my plate there- I am New Zealand born!! You can use vegemite..or just leave the offending ingredient off your plate all together! Whatever you prefer!

Another option which involves no cooking..tinned tuna on greens. Tinned tuna is certainly not ideal but when you are home late, no dinner prepared (and lets face it noone is perfect) this is far better than grabbing takeaways, or even worse, putting something in the microwave. I will absolutely NOT eat microwaved food knowingly.  Why? Well it stands to reason fr me that if we can cook something from the inside out with radio active waves, it cant be good for the quality of the food (destroyed if any) nor for my digestive system. I won’t be in close proximity to a microwave while its going.  Its crazy that we think its OK to eat food from this machine, but then its crazy to think we eat factory farmed chickens who are cannibalistic and grown in a matter of weeks without the ability to walk…

Tinned tuna is something I do not recommend as a normal every day practice, but when you are stuck, it can suffice.

Tuna and alkalising greens with sunflower seeds


Gluten free Dairy free pizza!!!


Oh wow!! I just HAD to share this…..

You might be able to spot the fact it is bought :)

This pizza has a gluten free base, and then is topped with devine ingredients from GOD!!!

Olives, baby spinach, tomatoes, chicken, and wait for it…. rice cheese.

Rice cheese is dairy free, and a great alternate to CHEESE CHEESE!!!

Dont knock it till you try it!! It was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten!!

All ingredients are organic so even better!

In Australia, Im pretty sure you can get rice cheese from Mrs Flannerys. :)


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