Decadent, Raw, Coconut and Chocolate Mousse

by Vashte on June 17, 2013

-Raw, Vegan, Decadent, Organic, Dessert, Processed Sugar Free, Gluten Free-

Enter Chocolate Decadence. Without added refined sugar. Looks fab? It is. :) This dessert is raw, sweet and created in a nano-second (if you have kept your coconut milk in the fridge overnight). Made primarily from coconut, sweetened with dates, and flavoured…any way you desire, this is yet another wonderful dessert limited only by your own imagination!!!

Raw cacao mousse

I recommend making small portion sizes. The flavours are robust. Deep, sensual, chocolaty pleasures of dark chocolate will envelop you if you choose to use raw organic cacao and cacao nibs. Only the best in my kitchen and for my friends and family!! This mousse has such a light texture whilst delivering power packed punches of your chosen flavours. Whilst no ‘sugar’ is added, don’t get caught in the trap thinking there is no sugar in this mousse. Dates are used for sweetness. Dates have one of the highest sugar content available naturally. This is fine so long a you are aware of it. Just keep the portion sizes small- not that you could eat large portions of this in one sitting anyway AND keep in mind- this mousse far surpasses any chocolate option you buy from the shops so please keep ‘sugar ‘and the ”freakiness of sugar” concept in proportion. OK? :)

Savour each spoonful and enjoy slowly allowing the flavours envelope your senses. Appreciate each mouthful. Stop when you have had enough. Enjoy the control you have over what goes into your mouth, how often and how much. If you put a half eaten portion back in the fridge it will still be there when you go back another day to enjoy it! :)

What You Will  Need:

  • 400ml coconut milk- 1 can. Available from the supermarket. Choose organic and a high fat content of 70% or more.
  • 1 cup of dates. I use organic dates from the supermarket kept in the refrigerated section. Make sure you remove the pip!
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup cacao nibs
  • handful of coconut flakes
  • any other imaginative ingredients you might like to add to mousse. If you like vanilla- don’t add the cacao! Add some vanilla instead! Easy!!

How To Make It Work:

The day before pop your coconut milk in the fridge. Leave for 8 hours or so. We need the ”fat of the coconut milk” to solidify – this is the part we want to use. When you open the can, you should find a solid mass. Remove from the can, using a spoon and use the solid part. There should only be  small amount of liquid left at the bottom – use this in your next smoothie.

This recipe is using high fat content. Don’t freak out. The coconut contains one of the best kind of fats your body could ask for. Used smartly, it could even help you lose weight!! Not ALL fats are bad, in fact, THIS fat can be very, very good for our body. Don’t believe the ‘no fat, low fat’ diet myth. It clearly does not work 😉

Dates: you will need to pit the dates if you have chosen to use organic dates. They should be nice and soft. If you are using dates from a packet, they will be tougher. We need the dates to be nice and soft to blend easily. To soften dates, pop them in some warm/hot water and let them soften. Then drain the water out and cut them into halves or smaller sizes ready for blending.

To blend: We want a really smooth, light, creamy texture. To get this we need a good blender or mixer. I use the Vitamix. It is a powerful machine. You can use whatever machine you favour at home! Place the soft, pitted dates in your blender, along with the solid coconut milk. Blend until creamy and smooth to look like this: coconut milk and dates

Perfect. Now add your remaining ingredients. If you are choosing vanilla- add in your vanilla. Jazz it up by adding nuts, raisins, dried fruit- whatever your preference.

I made mine a high quality, hard core, dark chocolate version this time round, so now is when I added my cacao powder, nibs and coconut flakes. Blend, or if you want to have a chunkier texture and leave bits and pieces throughout your mousse, just mix with a wooden spoon. raw dark cacao mousse

Serve in small ramekins and top with coconut flakes (as I did in my case). Or leave as a dark chocolate mousse, baring all glory as is -if you prefer. Again, play with the recipe!

This is a very sweet mousse. I will back off the dates next time and will experiment by dropping the dates completely to try to find a lower natural sugar content mousse version of this. If I add avocado to the mix, and use rice bran syrup – with no dates- I think we could make an awesome vanilla or chocolate mousse, with negligible natural sugar content. So watch this space for variations on this baby. Never-the-less, my mousse is light years better than anything you buy from the shops. All natural, all good for you. And incredibly delish for all you chocoholics out there!!

Serve at room temperature and in ramekin sized portions. You can keep your mousse in the fridge for another day but the mousse will solidify and therefore lose the lightly fluffy texture altering the taste. Just sit it on the bench when you are ready for another hit of natural, raw, decadent, divine health! Let it reach room temperature, snuggle up with a blanket and pop on a great dvd. Enjoy a night in with a healthy version of chocolate!!!! Your body will love you for it …and so will your mind!!!

You do not have to go without in life. All you need are alternative choices in foods and someone to help show you the way. After that.. you start exploring all on your own and start finding your own way. All it takes  is a little help from your friends every know and then. I hope my page can help get you started in exploring a more healthy, fun way to explore how to Live Your Life Outloud...without Dieting…without Restraint…without the ‘bad days and good days’… just learning to love your life, knowing you are making informed choices based on great choices.  Once you learn how easy it is, you are off running!! Until someone shows you, it can be confusing and daunting-  like trying to pin the tail on the donkey! raw cococacao mousse

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xx Love Vashte xx

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