Raw High Energy Balls

by Vashte on October 22, 2012

nut free – cane sugar free – dairy free – gluten free – 100% natural goodness

Recipe to be released in my upcoming ebook…. 😉 Due to popularity and demand!

This snack is high in calories so you only need one to sustain you. It is packed with natural goodness, natural sugars, natural fats and proteins! These little balls are over flowing with energy and life, they taste delicious and kids of ALL ages can enjoy these! -Little kids for school lunches to the big kids in business suits running between meetings!  Choose pesticide free ingredients when you can; organic is always best! This snack will always win hands down over any chocolate bar or coffee fix  – your body will love you for it.

Choose life. Choose health and take control over yours.

! They take all of a few minutes to make- so ..no excuses!

xx Vashte xx

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