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by Vashte on August 28, 2014

Thankyou for reading my website! I am encouraged by hearing from you and would love your feedback…..

I am Vashte www.vashte.com

HI! This is me. Vashte. And I would like to hear from you – reading this post. 

Would you be so kind to tell me why you are here – on my site? 

How did you find it? What were you looking for?

I started this site after the sudden death of my partner- to cancer. It was a shock to many, myself included. I wrote predominantly on empowerment, strength, determination and the healing health journey – mind, body and spirit. Encouraging others, encourages me and I find it easy to write from the heart.

I have, for all my life, supported, encouraged and powered – from behind the scenes. I did not have the belief in myself to stand on my own, I mean – why would you want to listen to me? Friends might.. family don’t- and strangers- well I just smile and look pretty. It seems all my life others could see what I had to offer, but not I. I wanted to, but there was something big holding me down. I know what it was, and it is very annoying that something I was completely aware of could still hold me down. I let it you see.

When you don’t face your issues they control you. It appears scary to face them – but when that day comes- and I hope you face yours sooner than I chose to face mine- they run for cover. Because the truth will set you free. Perhaps one day I will talk about that issue- I am sure it will help someone somewhere out-there knowing that I have personal issues too. You see, I don’t know that some of you think I do. I often write on ‘belief in self”, ‘encouragement’, ‘self esteem’- please remember I am human too and have the same ‘fears’and set backs as anyone else.

Consider this: Your perception is your reality- your reality is your perception. Think about that :)

When I lost my partner- when he was stolen from this earth, my life changed dramatically. Inside out, upside down, topsy turvy. But not in an out of control kind of way. Not in the way so many experience when they lose a loved one. I was at Rhema Bible College that year, as he was, studying for my (our) diploma in Biblical Studies. Let me tell you- I had NO desire to go as I was high on life building his (our) business!! I was taking it global baby! I LOVED it!! But he wanted to go study- so I went along like a petulant school girl, kicking and screaming. On the first day- I was hooked. What a miracle. Funny that. Little did I now what that year had in store for us. Interesting how God puts us in places to protect us- isn’t it. Places where we will be blessed despite what is comes. From ANY direction.

Inside out, upside down, topsy turvy year and year after that. I found out what I was made of.. again. When life throws mud at you- make mudcakes. So there. Why wallow in it? Get up and do something about it. So … this site started as a place for you to get to know me.. on my own. As a single entity. Out here without the support of anyone else, but you- the people who take the time to read my posts- who are you? Tell me what you enjoy the most, please?  Here, I have taken myself out of the shadowns. Here, for once, I am not selling myself short.. or am I? I’m sure I do it all wrong here – there is no plan- no agenda…

But I ask you – what is it that draws you in to me? Do I still attract you? What do you want to hear from me?

I would really like to know as… it is time I took life to the next level.

It has taken me this long from 2011 to 2014 to settle down again. To recover and to relax. I am now engaged to a beautiful man filled with love, support and encouragement. It would be easy for me to slip back into a ‘behind the scenes role’. But my loss propelled me to a place where I know I have something to say. ..Do you want to hear it? 

I am older than I look. There. I said it. Some people underestimate me because they think I am younger than I am. I have lived lives upon lives upon lives. I have lived lives within lives. I have done things I am not proud of, and have done things that surprised even me! I have encouraged, I have disappointed. I am human. I have studied the mind. I have studied the spirit. I have studied the body. I have studied food. I am a master of none- but a student of all. 

It is time to step further out off the safe ledge and into the unknown. There will always be a safety net. I don’t know what I was afraid of before- was it failure.. or success…. 

I know now that life can be stolen in the blink of an eye. It is not the things that you did that you truly regret in life.. it is the things you didn’t even try. Those are the things you will regret at the end of life.

Wholefood Workshops Sept 2014 www.vashte.com

My wholefood workshops start in Sept– if you want a close up and personal encounter of the third kind with me and more people like me – make sure you email your spot!! I was asked for these- so I have jumped off and put it out there- did you ask? Do you want to come? If you know even a little about me- you will know that my life walks this walk more than I talk the talk- so many people out there talking talking talking. So many shooting stars. Don’t be a shooting star- be the bright star that shines bright- for a very long time. Shooting stars.. they are here one minute- burnt out the next. 

Success is achieved by consistency. Consistency – so don’t be drawn in by the bright light swishing past. Be the stable light, reliable and standing strong in the end.

I run “Empowerment Coaching” via Skype – fully qualified you can ask for the creds if you are interested- and a qualified Personal Trainer…

VashteB Fashion TV Sports Shoot June 12 - Copy


But my question still remains to you- what is it you like to read from me most of all?

I am going to have this site redesigned with more structure- is there anything you would like to see more of? less of? ….

(I’m not very good  short posts am I?!) Sigh- technology is not my forte- and that’s a shame.

Thanks for listening I am off to make paleo chewy choc fudge brownies for my family tomorrow – now this a truth if ever there was one.. had you known me in London (I lived there for 10 years…)or growing up… you would have fallen off your seat had you even considered the concept of Vashte running wholefood workshops!!!! I managed fine dining restaurants but there is no way I would create the food!! !!! xxx


I would LOVE to hear from you- post comments in the comments sections below- let me grown this site organically :)

XX Vashte xx




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Paula Stone August 30, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Vashte you are such a genuine soul. From the very first few moments of meeting you I knew straight away how kind and genuine you are. It’s very rare to find people like you. But you are more than just that. You are also smart and funny and humble and open and giving and the list wouldn’t end with the positive attributes that make you, you.

Life can be a cruel mistress, but when you reach that place where you are honest with yourself and open to life being a journey, then as you describe, the universe opens up to you as well.

Philosophy and feeding my soul comes naturally to me, but nourishing my body with goodness does not. If I am to learn how to treasure my earthly vessel than I would be so happy to seek you as my guide on that path.

Thank you for being so open allowing us to join you in this next exciting chapter of life.


Vashte August 31, 2014 at 3:38 pm

Thank you so very much Paula!! I too felt that connection with you- kindred spirits. I greatly appreciate your words and listen with open ears. One desire is to continue to grow in love as a human being – nourishing the body is one way to do this as well!! So if I can help aid you path now, that would give me great pleasure! I am sure it will come very naturally to you :) Its a ‘ right’ of ours to know what each body requires, the quantity and when. Once we master that… breakthroughs happen in many areas of life :) See you on the 27th :)))


Maxine August 30, 2014 at 9:55 pm

Very honest article Vashte, and written from the heart. If I was in Australia I would definitely come to your workshops. I know how passionate you are about health.

Maxine xxxx


Vashte August 31, 2014 at 3:35 pm

Thank you very much!! I would love you to be there too…but France is looking amazing and you would be under the influence.. of white bread, cheese and red wine…lol xx I would love to join you !! I may still!!! xx


Sarah August 31, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Vashte. What I love most about you is that your real. And I love real. No more trying to please people with falseness. That’s one of my values in life- Been real, truthful,kind,loving and full of Gods love and strength. AMEN!!
I love your real food and can’t wait to learn more. Your motivation through words and blogs is awesome and I always enjoy reading them. See you on the 27th xx


Vashte September 1, 2014 at 2:51 pm

hi Sarah! WOW Thankyou so very much xx I do endeavour to be authentic- as I agree- so many people are not out there. I am very pleased you see that xx See you on the 27th!! its going to be so much fun!!!


Craig September 1, 2014 at 8:34 am

Hi Vash Te, I simply love seeing your positive comments. The way you embrace life; the way you want to share that positive feeling. Oh, and of course, your “alternative” recipes. The cauilflower pizza is Lizzie’s absolute fave!!!!
Cheers, Craig.


Vashte September 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Hi Craig. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate that- and what you have to say. The cauli pizza is my favourite too and we are making that in the workshops coming up! (it sounds pretty scary when you call it that… who likes cauliflower…really!!) Lol Thank you


Christie Collins September 6, 2014 at 3:10 pm

What I know and admire about you, Vashte –

Consistency. Knowledge and more importantly, wisdom in applying it.
You have a way of looking at life, food, relationships and health with grace and truth which is inspirational because you have been through ‘it’ which I think, makes you more able to walk through ‘it’ with others. (‘it’ – Life’s experiences, the blessings and the loss, the joy and the sorrow) and you do it with strength, humility and confidence that shows and is genuine and admirable, I feel very at ease around you, and comfortable to be my true self.
Honesty – Nothing beats it. Being real and supportive without flattery, just truth in love – telling it like it is, we all need this, and you know where to apply it in your coaching in a way that causes one to evaluate and see the truth, not just to make one ‘feel better’ but rather renews the mind and motivates to keep moving forward, Truly you’re God-sent.
Your commitment and ability to help others – You have a Great capacity, this is a gift~!

I am here on this site because I feel confident in your advice and support to my health as it has proven to be some of the BEST advice I have applied to my life, REAL change has occurred for me, and I have seen only Positive results with almost no effort, (Free/light/simple but powerfully effective changes).

What has taken many YEARS for doctors to ‘help’ me (which proved to be of no real help), you have taken one pre-session (just by my information provided alone) to understand and help me realize the truth and what actually needed to be done, and now Everything has turned around, the changes that have happened in my body and to my health and life are PRICELESS and an answer to my prayers.

What I like to read most from you is who you are. Your struggles, (it makes being imperfect okay, seeing that one who inspires me most, is also just as human as the next) and your motivations. (Your instagram posts are great for these, keep them smoothies coming :-)
I also would like to see (If it’s not on here already) more information about nutritional benefits of what you use in your foods. I find that it’s hard at times to find good, reliable sources when researching health, where you source your info from as even some ‘healthy guidelines’ aren’t factual, just another company making money, whilst leading those who are doing their best to nourish their body, down a path of false information and advertising.

Keep being yourself and doing what you do, there’s no one like you and the way you present yourself and your journey through the great world wide web is beautiful, unique and inspirational.

Blessed to have you on the journey thus far,
Thanks Vashte.


Vashte September 7, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Thank you very much Christie.
You just brought me to tears.
That means so very much and I greatly appreciate you writing that. I will absolutely do more of what you ask- if I can help you in your personal journey in health then that gives me great pleasure. I love to see you go from strength to strength as you are- listening to your own body and adjusting as you see fit.
Thank you xx More info as you request coming on the site :) xx


Cherie-Ann September 7, 2014 at 9:25 am

Hi Vashe.
It’s always lovely to read your ideas on life and food. Some of your ideas are random (to me!), but mostly I can relate to them, and it’s nice to know there are others like me who want to make a genuine difference in the world.
You also write in a very intriguing style – which appeals to my quirkiness!! Your outlook is so positive, and your ideas on nutrition are similar to mine, so it’s my way of ‘stealing’ some great ideas to add to my personal repertoire!
I think your blogs are written from the heart which again, I can relate to.
I guess at the end of the day, if your contribution makes you feel great, keep going – I know I will continue to read your thoughts/ideas with keen interest :)


Vashte September 7, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Hi Cherie-Ann!
Thankyou for your comment. I am very interested to learn what others think of my site- so hearing from you is a blessing!
I have to giggle at the ‘random ‘comment :) Good !!! I like to be different.. perhaps that random aspect can offer a different perspective.. try it on for size- if the shoe fits and you like it- keep it- if not.. leave it :)
I am very happy to be able to share my nutrition ideas.. Lord knows there is nothing out there truly original – it has all been done before- we just recycle old stuff over and over and over- its all cyclical- so share away!
Thank you for reading- and thankyou for taking the time to comment here. It means a lot.
:) Vashte


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