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by Vashte on September 20, 2014


I am about to do what I believe is the cardinal sin for posts.. I am going to encourage you to look away from my site onto someone else’s…. oh-ahhh riské they cry!

I actually think I make many mistakes with this whole website thang, so those of you ‘in the know’ are probably just having a giggle and telling me subliminally that this is not the first cardinal sin I have commited…

Sai la vie.

raw chocolate www.vashte.com

I’m figuring- and hoping, but mostly praying in the right people to my site- these people will come back as they ‘get’ me and the attempt I am making in sharing my Good News with those who want to listen :) My site has never really been to talk ‘at’ you, but more of an organic process (I sound soooo wholistic right now…)as I learn and develop my passion, knowledge and education in the health and wellness lifestyle – with you – my friends – who have chosen to subscribe and read and hang with me here for a while :)

Today I am really motivated to share with you a website owned by a colleague first, and now a friend. Rebekah Ritchie is a wonderful woman I came to know through working in this industry. We first met in 2008 when I ran the sales and promotions department for my late partner’s supplement business. She was one of the naturopaths I worked with. Over the years we have remained in distant contact (got to appreciate facebook for that)  as she was poached off to Melbourne for greater adventures at the time. Now back on the Gold Coast, she and her brother have this company: www.purelynatural.com.au and distribute the outstanding products I am about to go through below.. and more.

Firstly I am going to state that I get no kickback or reward for endorsing this website or product. I have no problem with people who do endorse for a reward but I think it better that they are upfront and honest about such things. Most are not.  I think it far for the consumer to know whether there is a vested interest (ca-ching $$$$) in promoting goods that may not be all they are cracked up to be. So this endorsement is purely because I have used the products, and know they are exactly as what they are marketed as. Rebekah is a woman of high integrity and who holds the same high regards for wholeness, natural health and integrity that I do- so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to share her website and product with you.

So lets go:

When I first opened these products –

TRU Ra Cacao Powder; and Cacao Nibs


Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar; and Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar


I almost melted from the heaven-sent smell wafting up tantilising my scences. Mamma mia.. I wondered why I had not opened them before- as I had them in my house for a couple of days already. You see- the thing is- there are no products that do this to me – send me into a spin when I just open the packaging… not like this. And trust me- I have opened a million samples of cacao, carob and cocoa powder when searching for the ‘best’ ingredients for the supplements I was involved with making….

TRU RA cacao nibs – are sweeter than your usual cacao nibs- no they have not added sugar. Cacao nibs are usually bitter in taste and not popular with kids or people who are used to refined chocolate. Try these!

Why are they so orgasmicly good? …and lets face it- as we are talking chocolate product, it can be orgasmicly good when the ingredients are right…. and these are. Come on- you have all seen the movie Çhocolat’ yes? If not- download it now- the French have always been ahead of their time in this department.. So why are TRU RA cacao nibs, powder and Big tree Farms Coconut Sugar and coconut nectar do GOOOOOOD….Why?

Well- these products are the only certified organic RAW product currently in Australia at this time. This translates to :

“TRU RA Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, and Big tree Farms Coconut Sugar, and Coconut Nectar are verified raw and guaranteed to never be heated above 46C at any stage of manufacture. It is truly unique and packed full of nutrients, antioxidants and essential minerals which are not depleted during processing due to its raw nature.

*Verified Raw *Certified Organic *Gluten Free *Vegan *GMO Free (not genetically modified) *Not tested on animals *Cruelty Free “

= the real deal my friends. The ultimate REAL DEAL. BOOM BOOM – opps no longer being all ohm and wholistic but down-to-earth and real with you!!!!

raw chocolate www.vashte.com

I am told that David Wolfe himself endorses these products. .. now THATS holistic with ohm as icing duuude.

Because the quality is so high, the rush of flavour just jumps out at you from the moment you open the packaging- therefore you many find yourself using less to achieve a better flavour than you have achieved previously using other ingredients- inferior ingredients!!! The quality of your ingredients will directly affect the quality of your food, the absorption of the food you eat and the end result! Makes sense right?!

I highlight these four ingredients as they are the ones I am currently playing with and using in mu workshops- but if you pop over to the website – you will find a plethora of other pure products to replace what you have in your cupboards now!


Rebekah has given me a discount code which I am permitted to share with you if you choose to buy from the net- so use this:

Discount Code: VASHTE ……it is live until the 25 Oct 2014 and you will get 15% discount on all purchases- crazy not to make the most of it right?

If you are coming to my next Wholefood Workshop this Sat 27th Sept 2014 – you will be gifted some samples from Rebekah in a goodie bag to take home to get you started. If you are not- and you want to come to a workshop – make sure you are subscribed to this site as dates for Oct and Nov are about to be released. …

Purely Natural have a stall on at the Burleigh Markets on Saturday mornings – they sample their hot chocolate there, cacao clusters, cacao nibs.. you name it- they share it! Feel free to go down and say hi. While you are there make sure you visit Raw Connections with Bryn and Colin who are the masters in Raw Food– try their raw piazza (my fav) or if you have a sweet tooth- any of their raw sweets will send you into natural sugar heaven.

My site is here to share with you the people I meet, the companies I love, and the wisdom I have gleaned over the yeeears of living on this earth lol. :) Our learnings can continue, can change and backflip- it all depends on what we feed on- physically, emotionally, Spiritually. What are you feeding on?

True health, true change comes from the inside out- so whether you are looking to change physically, emotionally, spiritually– it all starts from the inside out. When you hear truth- you know truth. Listen to the Little Voice within, that voice I know as the Holy Spirit- you may have another name for Him- but whatever you have for Him- that is the Voice of Truth and you know when you hear Truth.

My post today is to share with you a company I have only just discovered and to encourage you to swop out old inferior product for clean, certified, organic, orgasmic products so that you can change the quality of the foods you eat, and therefore the thoughts you think. Food plays an integral part in the thought processes and emotions we experience- how can it not when we are bio-chemical life forms? I am a Christian absolutely, and I understand a little on how God created us and that is Bio-chemically. There is no disputing that fact!

Get the right ingredients in to help your bodies and your minds work more effectively, efficiently and more smoothly. Take one step towards preventative health today- and head over to this website– use the code VASHTE– get your 15%discount and start playing with real ingredients! KNOWING I am not promoting this company for any other reason than because it is the best I have found so far.

Feel free to use my recipes to make delicious meals, treats, snacks using these ingredients-

Swop out any sweetener for Big Tree Coconut Nectar- HEAVEN!!! OR Coconut Sugar.

Use the Tru RA Cocao powder in any chocolate recipe- calling for cacao, carob or cocoa. Use Tru RA nibs in my Double Chocolate Balls!!!


Past post on :

Why I love Coconut Sugar – use it instead of sugar.

xx Vashte xx

Vashte having fun www.vashte.com











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