Protein Waffles

by Vashte on March 4, 2012

This is a naughty treat breakfast for me although I did find the recipe for protein waffles some time back but have not been able to source cottage cheese dry curds. If you find them, let me know and I will make my own waffles, protein based. In the mean time, I just buy them.

You could use bread as a base, or even a crumpet if you like them. This breakfast is not a usual part of the recommended diet due to the sugar/carb base but I do like it every now and then. Noone is perfect all the time, and my site here is to share some favourites with you.

Enjoy xx

The waffle/crumpet/toast/ will generally be high G.I. This means a fast release of sugar into the blood stream, however when it is topped with cottage cheese which is a cource of protein, the release of sugar into the blood stream is slowed significantly making this an ‘OK’ option evern once ins a while.

Top your toast/crumpet/waffle with cottage cheese (protein) and blueberries (antioxidants to the max with loads of fibre). Yum!! Easy and fast.

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