Peanut Butter Cookies – Look Mum! No Sugar!!

by Vashte on October 3, 2012

Well, you learn something every day! Here is what I have learnt: you can actually bake peanut butter and make it a cookie!! Don’t believe me? Neither did I till I tried it- and the result is pictured! An interesting wee cookie, very…peanut buttery so if you like peanut butter- this will be a hit. With no sugar added, they are not too bad for you but a cookie is a cookie and I am always one to speak the truth so here goes: peanuts are hard for the body to digest, and ..a cookie is still high in calories so go easy on them! Personally I think this recipe could use some sweetener, try honey or stevia as natural peanut butter does not have sweetness.

They tend to go soft if left for a couple of days, so best to be eaten as soon as possible. Try them, let me know your thoughts!You cant really dunk them..they are made of peanut butter! I like to dunk my cookies…

I see a lot of recipes using nuts, nut butters etc being ‘sold’ as high protein – well – they are in a way but they are also very high calories and fats so just beware you don’t fall into the trap of clever marketing, encouraging you into thinking that these types of foods are so good for you that you can eat as many as you like. Not true. ‘Natural sugars’,’ no sugar added’, ‘gluten free’  recipes still contain calories, which if you do not use them, those calories will still be stored as fat.

There is no magic pill or trick to losing fat. It is simply everything in moderation. When you choose to set a goal in fat loss,  you must choose to cut certain items out for a period of time to hit that goal. When you hit that goal, you can then reintroduce foods you restricted slowly, monitoring how the body reabsorbs and uses this food. Nipping and tweaking as you go.

I’d like you to let me know what you think of the peanut butter cookies! Anyone out there game to try them yourselves?!

Whats in them:

1 Cup Natural Peanut Butter (I used chunky); 1/2 C 100% natural protein powder; 1 egg; more nuts if you want them.

How to make them work:

Mix together and put tablespoon fulls onto baking paper, then bake in the oven at 150C for approx 20  minutes or until baked.

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