Organic Fruit Salad

by Vashte on January 26, 2012

I love starting the day with a light breakfast. It is best to use the fruits in season. If you are choosing organic then you have no choice 😉 The fruit you find in the supermarkets freak me out. I recently went in looking for apples (it is summer so they are not in season). What I found astounded me to the point of shock. The size of these THINGS (apparently apples) and the roundness – they were made for giants, or aliens – likely aliens. They made me feel ill looking at them! They were just so WRONG.

I can only imagine what chemicals and pesticides and heaven–only- knows- what- else these freaks of nature were pumped with. Once upon a time they used to freeze apples for the off season, and we would get those floury tasteless things. Now, due to our complaining they have genetically modified our food to the point it tastes ..better(?!)  than it used to, looks perfect and … have pumped it all full of toxins.


I don’t always buy organic unfortunately but I do as often as I can. These days you can get some amazing deals. You can have fresh organic  fruits and veges delivered right to your door for a price that often competes with those chemically laden THINGS.

Following a high protein diet does not usually encourage fruit salad for breakfast, but I do not follow one ‘diet’ only. I believe you have to listen to your body and eat accordingly. Absolutely you need to get TO a place whereby you know what your body is saying..and that is quite a way for many people out there. One step at a time.

I prefer a light breakfast these days and try to keep my body as alkaline as possible.

Fruit salad can be balanced with Greek yoghurt. To help balance and slow the release of the natural sugars into the blood stream, you can sprinkle with a tablespoon of 100% natural protein powder, or sprinkle with some chopped up almonds-but not many as these are mostly fat with  only a small amount of protein.  When you want to strip the fat, you do need some good fat, but ..not very much.

You are likely to get that fat from other foods during the day.   xx

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