One Life, Live it Well

by Vashte on September 18, 2012

Some thoughts from me after not posting for some time on this blog. I am contemplating life as we know it and the interesting journey we all have. We all have individual lives and journeys, and yet, we are not so different after all!  I hope you connect with my direction РI try to live this way in my life. When I fall, I just do as you do- get back up, dust off the scratches and keep moving forward. There is no point looking backwards!! It is done and we can not change the past Рonly learn from it. xx

  • ¬†Life is a journey, celebrate every moment of every day. I believe every living moment is a blessing – so share your joy with the people you meet in your every day lives.
  • Smile when there is hurt, it breaks the bondage of negativity. Work through your emotions but don’t hold on to them. Let them go- all of them, the joy and the pain.. they don’t own you.. they are fleeting feelings that pass with time. Good and bad.
  • Experience life- take chances. Do the things that scare you- we are all scared of the unknown.. those who walk in the face of the unknown grow in strength and take ownership of their lives. It is fun!
  • Dream big and make your dreams your goals. Put a date to your dreams- and work towards achieving them. Don’t wish they would fall from the sky into your laps.. there is no prize in that. If you create your own life, you own your life. You create your own destiny.
  • Jump into the oblivion of the unknown. What is the worst that can really happen? Try new experiences in life, repeat them if you like them. Don’t repeat them if you don’t like them!
  • Trust your gut, or the Holy Spirit as I call Him. Listen with your heart. It is always speaking the Truth. If you feel pressured or pushed; stop. Nothing in life should be pressured or pushed. EVERYTHING can wait. Life will not fall into itself if you slow things down at ANY point.
  • Fall in love. With life. Be amazed every day you wake, with the amazing people you are surrounded by and the new people you meet. Tell them how wonderful they are. Cherish them, they are not here for ever, and neither are you.
  • Relax. Take your time. Take the pressure off. Make time for yourself and enjoy time alone. Be at peace with yourself, and most importantly learn to love yourself for who you are. You are constantly learning and growing and changing. Don’t every expect to be perfect- you only set yourself up for failure. There is no perfect human being alive today.
  • Accept your faults, know that you have weaknesses; choose to develop your strengths. Focus on the positive more than the negative. Shine like the star you were created to be.
  • Play to win, in everything. Run the race to win each time, if you do not win every race, you know you gave it your best shot, and that is exactly how you succeed in life. Give it your best.
  • Tell the people you care about that you love them. Make them feel special and surprise them with kind gestures when they least expect it. Do not expect anything in return. Shower them in love and the world will shower you with love. But do not smother them. Give them space before they ask!
  • Live your life in Truth and through Truth. Be good to others and live in integrity and you will shine like the brightest light on top of the tallest hill.

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Maxine September 18, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Wise words! Another Icould suggest is to see the funny side of things. There usually is one. Xx


Vashte September 21, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Hi Maxine! The funny side of life.. good point there!! i forgot about that… which is funny in itself… !!


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