My Blessed Life

by Vashte on November 12, 2012

I am no different to you. I live my life and juggle the balls thrown at me. When the curve balls come, and believe me they do, I choose to pick up a bat and smash them out of the ballpark. That is my choice, and yours too. If you choose to dwell on the negative, you get more of it. If you choose to TALK about the negative, you get more. If you choose to LOOK at the get more.

SO, if you choose to focus on the good things in life. You get MORE OF THEM!

Well, I do anyway. Why I would be any different to you is beyond me. I am not special; I am not more gifted; I am not more privileged than you. I have created my world to be a reflection of that which is inside of me. I surround myself with people who encourage me, support me and love me and I let the rest go.I try not to judge myself in comparison to others. I am created unique to this world, as you are too. I choose mentors and people to guide me, but I have no idols. I do not want to ‘be like’ anyone else; I want to shine bright like a diamond. Each diamond is unique also. You are too.

Inside each of us there lives your Spirit. I call Him the Holy Spirit, being Christian. You have Him too if you want Him. Listen, He is a gentle voice, speaking to you in loving tones, guiding you on your unique path. Your path IS the road less travelled as noone has walked your path before you. Some cross it and you meet, some will walk with you for a short while, some will walk with you for a long while, and some will walk in the opposite direction and try to take you with them. Stay true to your calling, and walk the walk. It is not a lonely place if you embrace this amazing life, and choose to have the Holy Spirit live inside you. It is an amazing place, filled with a feeling of well being and contentment, and love.  Your choice always.

The ‘rights’ and the ‘wrongs’ of this world have changed dramatically, and will continue to change. To me, life can be sure of two things: change and death. Everything else comes and goes. I live in this world, but choose not to be ‘of‘ this world. I am a throwback of times past I suppose. I hold on to traditional values and believe in the fairy tale of happily ever after. I believe in men being masculine and women being feminine. I don’t do androgynous. You choose your perspective in life. Make your decisions based on sound Truth, honour and respect.

This life is an amazing life. We are not here for very long so why not choose to be a blessing to as many people as possible? Take the focus off yourself and help other people live joy-filled lives. I believe you will find once you do that, you will experience many blessings flowing TO you THROUGH you blessing THEM. A smile to a complete stranger can make their day- you will never know that though. Embrace and love this life of ours. I live in one of the most beautiful places on this earth, I surround myself with incredible people and I give thanks for my life every morning.

Try this on for size and see how you go. Turn the tables on the negativity of the world. Don’t buy into it. Life is wasted in negativity- NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENINGwe ALL go through crappy times. WALK THROUGH IT, HEAD HELD  HIGH.

XX  Vashte XX

I hope this article empowers you to walk tall with a smile on your face today and every day. I am just like you; living life OUTLOUD. Power to you my friend and thank you for reading this from my heart. xx

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Jaci Byrne January 23, 2013 at 7:39 am

Hi Vashte,
When I saw Maxine’s ‘like’ on facebook I just had to take a look at your website. How wonderful it is to read. I’m so impressed. Having followed the ‘great taste no pain’ website for years, I commend you on bringing together a site that encorporates not only healthy eating but healthy everything – including a healthy attitude. And although you have done this all by yourself, having known your mum in the past, I’m not surprised! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Congratulations Vashte. Go girl! Jaci Byrne.


Vashte January 23, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Hello Jaci! Well thank you very much! I GREATLY appreciate your comments. I do hope to live a life of integrity as best as I can, and hopefully encourage others to do so too. We are all human, and make our mistakes, but to learn from these and not dwell on them is a great thing and something this world of ours often neglects to teach.
The food we feed our bodies plays a huge role in our thoughts and of course, how our bodies function. It is a shame more people are not more fully aware of how delicious natural, whole food is- organic and clean. Thank you for your comment Jaci :)


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