by Vashte on June 18, 2013

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

He who has eyes to see, let him see.

He who has a heart, let him understand.

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What is yours thinking today? What is the verbal dialogue you have each day with yourself? Is it empowering, or dis-empowering?  Or do you not even think you talk to yourself? That is OK.  I absolutely do :) This could mean I constantly hear voices.. or it could just mean I like to sound of my own voice- a lot. Let’s roll with the last option thanks very much!

How do you see yourself? Do you view yourself in a positive, vibrant light, or do you constantly compare yourself to others and put yourself down? How do you see yourself engaging with your peers? Colleagues? Friends and family? How do you think they see you?

What do you hear when people speak to you? What topics do you focus on? What words catch your attention? Are they positive or negative? Are they empowering you, or are they disempowering you?

How do you feel about yourself and where you are in life? Do you feel as though you are moving forward at a pace you like? Are you comfortable in your own skin? How would you feel if you changed any aspect of your life and do you want to? How do you feel about making those changes?

Your mindset. Your mind. How you quantitatively place yourself in this world; how you see yourself; what are the words you speak to yourself on a daily basis; what you hear day to day and what do those words mean to you; how you feel about yourself – your mindset can dramatically alter any and all of these experiences through how you translate each meaning for you on a personal level. No two mindsets are exactly the same. Just as no two human beings are exactly the same. We are all unique. We are all designed for a purpose. A unique purpose that only you inherently know or have yet to discover.

Do you, or have you allowed yourself the freedom to explore the desires of your heart? The desires that only you, and God, know?

When you actually take the steps towards your dreams, your experience in life becomes more of an adventure. You begin to walk into the life you were born to create. You empower yourself by stepping out into the unknown. By paving your own walkway you are much like that first person to take those first steps into freshly fallen snow. Do you think others have paved the way for you? Well, perhaps they have paved a similar way to you, with similar dream and goals but no one on this earth has walked your walk. No one on this earth has talked your talk.

Learn from others, absolutely. Be guided by others, absolutely. But you are you and you are here to influence people in your own circle of life. A circle of life that other’s may never be able to reach. You are here for those people. By loving where you are at any given time, you open your appreciation for life and open your learning centre in the mind and spirit to be able to give more. And, just as the smallest pebble thrown into the pond will create a ripple effect- so too you create a ripple effect.

Have you noticed how a tiny little pebble, even thrown gently into a body of water, creates ripples? Not only that, but the ripples get wider and wider and more pronounced as they get further away. And thus it is, living your life.

Never underestimate the power of you. You just being here means something momentous to someone. More often than not, more than just someONE.  Open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear, open your heart to understand.

Life may have thrown you a few rotten apples, perhaps a stinky tomato or two and some of you may even have copped it with a rotten smelly fish on the odd occasion or even too many to remember.. So what are you going to do about it? Sit and wallow in that compost heap? Or would you like to take a look around- see it is a compost heap and decide to make good quality manure from this. This could be very fertile soil if you choose to act in such a way. Interesting concept isn’t it? From what you might believe to be compost, great things could grow.

What happens when you take stinky smelly compost, deposit it on soil, and plant seeds? Hmm Great things grow.

vashte.com Great Things Grow

  • Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people.
  • Good things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people.

What matters is what you do about it. What you do about anything in your life is what matters. What are you going to do to change your life today? You don’t need to leap tall buildings in a single bound and wear a lycra blue and red suit patterned with a spiderweb to make a difference. To make a difference all you need to do is stop sitting IN that compost. Choose to do something about it and turn it around for good! Change your mindset. Change your stinking thinking. Change your attitude on how you experience life.

Stop thinking the world owes you something. The world owes you jack. Fact. You owe it to yourself to make something of yourself. That something can start by a simple act of you… just smiling. That simple! It really is. It can be, if you choose it. Quit with the excuses. They are lame.

It doesn’t matter how big a compost heap you have been sitting in- in fact- If you are sitting in one mother of a compost heap, I have the audacity to turn around and say YOU have a LOT to give and YOU owe the world a HEAP of good compost. Think about it! If you are surrounded by  all this compost- you have been blessed to be able to recognise the same compost- the same pain– in other people’s lives IF you take the focus OFF YOURSELF and start reaching out to help other people. Pull your own hand in. Stop taking from the world, and start giving. This, my friend, could be the single most powerful thing you could ever do for yourself. Through giving- a little thing like a smile- you could change your own life around; not to mention the life of someone else’s.

We live in an incredibly abundant world. Isn’t it time you opened your eyes to see, opened your ears to hear and opened your heart to understand that there are bigger things out there for you. If only you took the focus off  ‘getting’ for you, and started ‘giving’ some love – even if you believe you have none to give. You do. You really do. Simple- be kind to someone else.. keep going -be kind to another person- challenge yourself to see how many people you can be kind to without the expectation of something in return or you will null and void the gift of giving. Be kind because you can. Because you have the ability to recognise the compost- the same hurt– in other people’s lives.

For choosing to open your eyes to the situations other people may be facing. For opening your ears to what other people are saying, or how they are asking for your help. For opening your heart  to understand that they are in compost too and through you offering a helping hand – you have just empowered yourself by standing taller than you did yesterday knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be at such a time as this.

God loves you more than you could ever fathom or remotely begin to understand. Let Him Love you so that you can Love yourself for who you are uniquely made to be, and therefore love on others to move them out of their compost experience of the world to turn that compost into fertile soil also.

BE the change you want in your own life. It starts with you. Noone else.

No excuses. No complaining. No looking back with regret or remorse. You are here, today, right where you are supposed to be for such a time as this. Change your attitude, change your perspective. Change your  ’lack of’ perspective to an ‘abundant life’ perspective, and give more than you think you can.

Some people truly do not think they even have a smile to give. So give it- and make sure you smile from your heart so that it reflects in your eyes. Your life will change as soon as you do this simple act of kindness- your heart will change – you will allow yourself to love again. And this.. is the most important thing of all. If you would like motivation and help with staying in a positive mindset, you are welcome to pop your name and email down in the box in the top right corner of my home page. I will include you in my weekly updates to this page which focused on encouragement, empowerment, inspiration and motivation as well as some delicious meal and recipes ideas for a healthy body and healthy mind.

vashte.com Give a smile

xx Vashte xx

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