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by Vashte on March 24, 2014

Gluten Free Health Cafe- Honest Flavours, Healthy Foods

Marie Anita's

For some time now I have been frequenting the Burleigh Head markets on a Saturday morning. Here, local farmers sell their produce; some chemical and spray free, some organic, others full blown use of sprays and pesticides. Find your true locals! They are there- search them out and get to know them. Friendly bunch they are :)

If you read my blogs you will notice I favour certain people, with certain wares. I especially favour Bryn and Colin from Raw Connections; and Marie and Maz. This post is dedicated to Marie and Maz. I fell in love with these ladies from the outset; and their sugar free, gluten free coconut muffins :) And NOW … little to my surprise I know for sure that they are MORE than sugar free, gluten free coconut muffins!! Marie always sold her beautiful sorghum gluten free breads at the markets and an array of other sugar free, gluten free treats. They would usually sell out. Very special, her food. Why? Well when someone has a genuine passion about what they do- it shows. And so it tastes… A- MAZING!!

It turns out I was not the only avid fan of this little stall. When they weren’t at the markets I was sorely disappointed- often travelling from my home in Budds Beach just to go get a muffin!! It is not often I can find quality like this. She uses pure, clean ingredients, without the over load of sugar. Often ‘gluten free’ means removing the wheat but substituting with poor quality ingredients and packed to the brim with fillers and sugars. Beware of poor quality ingredients. I cant stand it.

Not Marie’s food. Her food is clean, fresh and exactly what it says it is. 

And now… she has opened her own cafe!!! She is no loner at the markets- she is farrr to busy in the cafe!! YAY!!! Marie Anita’s is now located directly opposite the markets on the Gold Coast Highway. It is a cute location on the corner of First Avenue and GC Highway. She opens for breakfast and lunch. It is cute. It is fresh. It is quirky. It is wholefood. It is clean eating. It is delicious!!!! She opened in February and I only just made it for the first time this past weekend. I have been missing out!

Marie Anita's Renovations

The Gold Coast is severely lacking in honest, clean, wholefood cafes. This one fills a big part of that space. 

All meals are fresh, mouthwateringly delicious, clean, and made from local produce. Awesome. There is a ZERO  tolerance to artificial ANYTHING at this cafe. What a refreshing breath of fresh air! I am so sick of companys, people, cafes, calling themselves what they are not. The meals here are made with love and care, and it shows. You can feel it. You can taste it. Finally a personal, honest space where people can come to dine in a relaxed atmosphere, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that the food presented is truly good for you; or just grab a (healthy, delicious gluten free, low sugar) meal or the run, coffee on the run.. whatever.

Marie Anita Coffee

  • A cafe specialising in artisan baking- without the gluten and sugars!
  • A cafe specialising in sugar free meals and treats; as well as providing dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and raw options.
  • Finally a cafe that truly reflects ‘healthy eating’.  A cafe not just using the term for trend’s sake, but a cafe with owners and operators who work IN the space, who create from that passion, and produce meals worth writing home about! 

If you are a bread lover and have given up bread due to gluten intolerance- head down here to buy Marie’s freshly baked sorghum gluten free bread. Your body will love you for it. You don’t have to miss out. But you do need to get the right kind of food in. This could be the place where you are finally introduced to healthy eating, without missing out! Healthy food is not boring! Let Marie Anita’s prove that to you.

I’m a massive fan, always have been, always will be and I will definitely be frequenting this place to eat, drink and just hang out. It is a long way for me to go in relative terms for breakfast, but I’m very specific about the food I put in my body. So this is where I’m going to eat.  I like good food that doesn’t result in my feeling tired, sick or half dead. HERE is their website. Check it out!!

Marie Anita's menu

I had breakfast here. It was divine. My mouth was watering over the menu. So clean and fresh!! It was hard to choose- but it doesn’t matter matter -I will be back to work my way through it. All of it!

Marie Anita’s café is just one street back from the beach so if you are a coffee drinker, pop down for a beautiful coffee- have in or take out. Stop by as you drive through to Burleigh. Parking on Gold Coast Highway so you can run in and grab a takeaway! GOOD coffee, hard to find on the Coast…  It is here. If you are like me and drink tea or smoothies- then choose from a variety of fresh teas, or delicious green and fruit smoothies. …Have some breakfast; brunch or book in for lunch! Guaranteed you wont be disappointed!!!

The only thing I am disappointed about is they are not open or dinner!! lol But I will let them off- they are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 5pm. I think they are working hard enough.

Meet me here for a tea/coffee/smoothie… or delicious gluten free, sugar free treat!!! Raw or baked- they do it all!!!


My breakfast was delicious: eggs, baby spinach, asparagus and  zesty homemade hummous on lightly baked pumpkin. No bread- the pumpkin served as bread. WOW.

breakfast with Marie Anita

Craig made his own meal up- another added bonus is the flexiblity of the chef. Some places will not allow changes to menus. He had eaten but still couldnt resist the temptation of Marie Anitas clean food! He LOVED the bacon.

Marie Anita's

Marie Anita’s

1863 Gold Coast Highway (corner of First Ave) Burliegh heads Q 4220

P 07 5659 1324


They are on facebook and instagram too.

To your health- go see them!

Meet me there! Any chance I get..I’m there!

xx Vashte xx

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Jake March 27, 2014 at 10:12 am

Great post!
However, I’m curious ; you say “but I’m very specific about the food I put in my body” yet you eat eggs and bacon?


Vashte March 27, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Hi Jake! Thanks for the comment- and the question :)
For sure I specifically eat eggs. Free range and organic. Not often but I listen to my body and know when it wants them. They are highly nutritious loaded with proteins and good fats. I am not vegan. My foods fit into different ‘classes’ of food styles. I thoroughly enjoy vegan foods, savoury raw foods, slow cooked meat dishes, veges, meats, proteins and fats. The only foods I don’t consciously eat are wheat and milk based dairy, and refined sugar. Again, I listen to my body.
The recipes and places of interest I endorse are healthy well balanced meals.
One size does not fit all. My body requires variety. Mostly green veges but when it calls for something else, I listen.

I don’t eat bacon- that picture is what my dinner companion chose. As I mentioned – we all make our own choices. I love learning, listening and trying new and old ideas – and am very specific as to what I give my body for fuel. That does not mean it fits with everyone or anyone else’s choice.

My page is designed to show my journey, my learnings, my experiences. If people choice to enjoy those ideas and opinions, then that is a good thing. Some will fit, some won’t. Such is life :)


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