Mango, SnowPea and Macadamia Salad

by Vashte on November 6, 2013

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Vashte's Summer Salad

Ooh lala!! It is party season and Summer is lapping at the doorstep!! What is very exciting to me about this is …all the fresh, juicy vegetables and fruits that are in season at the moment!!! hmmmmm There is nothing like fresh, organic grown produce overflowing from the farmers markets!!

Summer means BBQ’s and salads to me! It gets far too hot to want to eat heavy foods up here, and thank goodness for that! I love my fresh, alkalising, real, raw foods!! Don’t you too? They made me feel so energised and light. Have you ever stuffed yourself with salad so much that you thought you might burst?? No, its hardly likely. Is that even possible?? Try it!!! More of that I vote!!! Stuffed with salad!!!!

When you mention salad to some people they immediately think “boring”. Unfortunately those people haven’t experienced a foodie’s definition of salad. Salad’s are far more exciting than your heavy Sunday Roasts, if you know how to prepare them!!! An exciting salad is not just iceburg lettuce and tomatoes..although don’t knock iceburg lettuce on my page! It is my favourite lettuce!!

I am sharing with you a salad that was introduced to me only recently. It is not my own invention but I thought I’d pass it on as it is so incredibly tasty and I bet the majority of you will love it!!! A salad with fruit is not a salad I would normally choose, but this is so refreshing, light, easy and tasty.. I just have to be kind and share!!

When you are in a rush, and you need something delicious to accompany your free range BBQ chicken, steak or sausages.. this salad will serve you well. Four ingredients, that’s it. It does not need a dressing. It is packed full with flavour and juice from the mangoes. If a child could peel a mango- then even a child could make this recipe. If you are starting out in the kitchen, try this as your first salad you take to a ‘pot-luck’ and impress the other invitees!! As well as yourself!!

Simple, easy, and overflowing with Summer. You will love me for this one!!!

What You Need:

  • 1-2 mangoes
  • fresh snow peas
  • 100-200gm raw macadamia nuts ( a handful?)
  • Himalayan salt

Vashte's Summer Salad

How To Make It Work:

  • Peel and cut your mango/es into cubes.
  • Snip the ends off the snowpeas.
  • Place all ingredients into a salad bowl and mix! Add salt at the end to bring out the sweetness of the mangoes even more.

Voila! You have a salad worth enjoying!

xx Vashte xx


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