Love is…

by Vashte on October 16, 2012

Love is showing others that you care. We can spend a lot of time talking, and not a lot of  time DOING. Actions speak louder than words, a smile can cross any language barrier. Try smiling with your eyes, and being genuinely interested in other people and their lives. Watch how your world turns into a technicolour of light, filled with satisfaction, peace and caring.

Love is…Taking the focus off YOUR issues. Start paying compliments to other people! Walk up to a stranger and tell them how good they look; watch them light up with joy and surprise and …be even more surprised at how good YOU feel for making their day more special.

Love is… Spending time with people- REALLY spend time with people. Give them your 100% attention as opposed to thinking about where you need to be next, or the text message you are about to send. That can all wait. You actually DO NOT HAVE to answer that phone call. BE present 100% and you will see, hear and feel so much more. Just BE in the moment. Time is a commodity we will never create more of. Cherish and value every living moment of every second of every single day. It will NEVER be repeated. You CANNOT get it back once it is gone.

Love is.. Leave your phone behind a few times. The world can wait, I assure you, your world will not crumble and fall over if you leave your phone behind every now and then. Allow yourself some space to do the things you love, so you CAN participate fully with people around you.

Love is.. choosing to hold your tongue when there is nothing nice to say. Even when you are sure you are right. Be patient, take a moment to breath. Take a step back from the situation, or even take time out of the situation to calm down. No rational decisions were made when anyone was angry, upset or emotional and once those words are spoken, you cannot take them back. Words can empower, or cut like a knife. Choose to empower people. Choose life.

Love is.. choosing to believe there is good in all people. There is always a reason deeper than that which is presented. Take time to delve deeper into the real meaning,  from which the action or words are coming. Understand the WHY and you will unravel the onion and get to the real meaning.

Love is.. helping other people when you have a million things to do. People rarely remember gifts, but they do remember experiences. Make your life a series of experiences and give your time to those you care about. You cannot put a value on your time with friends and family.

Love is.. being patient and not rushing in where angels fear to tread. Life is so hussle and bussle today. Slow down every now and then and appreciate what you have in front of you. REALLY look at the beauty of the world in your world. Look at the little things. The colour of the sky, the reflection on the water, the clear water that flows from the tap, the ease of our world compared to many others.. the smile from your friend, the touch on the arm from someone who cares or wants to connect.

Love is.. connecting with people. Hug your friends. Hug your family. TELL them you love them even when they tell you they know. Speak with sincerity. Speak from your heart. We yearn for love and acceptance. BE the one who gives that love and acceptance and you will receive so much more in return.  Do not go looking for love, go out and GIVE love, If you plant the seed of love and kindness you will reap the reward in so many ways for the rest of your life.

FORGIVE and let go. If you choose not to…then you lose and the situation owns you. Let it go and it can no longer stick to you. You win the race of life.

One life, live it well.

Love is..all those things to me ..and oh so much more xx

xx Vashte xx

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