How To Live Life OutLoud “A-Z” ‘N’

by Vashte on June 13, 2013

Natural. What is really natural in your world? Really? Don’t just believe the packaging!!! Hint: if it comes in a package….you really do need to make sure the contents inside are what they say they are!! Sad but true!! Companies use ‘100% ‘ natural’ as a marketing technique and it works… clearly. Think about this.. arsenic is natural too so does being ‘natural’ really mean what we want it to mean in the given context? hmmmm natural wonder

The food I eat is as natural as I can keep it. I aim for the 80/20 rule; this means 80% wholefood, natural and organic, 20% not. I would love to have 100% wholefood, natural and organic, be toxin free and live in a bubble but unfortunately I don’t think this is a realistic goal to set for me. I don’t know about you but I live in a city (she giggles as she is not sure the ”çity” she lives in really qualifies as a ”real McCoy city” but don’t tell the locals, they would be mortified). In a city- or any developed area, we cant help but absorb the atmospheric conditions of in a city!!

I am a Personal Trainer. Some of my compatriots and many clients sing about the virtues of the latest and greatest ”whiz-bang-pop” fat burner from America; the pre workouts they take before a training session (as they shake and break into sweats before even hitting their training session); the cheap protein powder they can get from websites galore and the buckets of equally cheap (or not) supplements they absolutely ”must” have in order to stay in shape(?!why?!) Ask them about the ingredient list and most look at me like I am asking them where Magnesium falls in the periodic table. It is wise to question E-numbers, it is wise to research into the effects and side-effects of any ingredients you are not 100% sure on, have no idea what the product is, or just looks plain dubious.

But why just pick on the fitness industry? That is unfair of me! How about getting up right now and going to your cupboard, pulling a packet of ”premade” anything!!… hmm lets think- pancakes, cake mixtures, breads, frozen meals from your freezers, sausages, ready made burger patties; vegetarian? Cool- any frozen ready-to-eat meal- pull that. Now write the ingredient list out and google the ingredients. Give it a go, just for interest. Look up the funny names, numbers and perhaps you will start to see how many of those ready-made meals are really just made up of chemicals, synthetic ‘nutrients’, e-numbers..and more. Some of you may even discover how they try to hide the real name of the ingredients. Some products have up 40 different names in the bid to try to disguise what it really is. Example: MSG.

Fillers, artificial sweeteners and colours are prevalent – synthesized ingredients are apparently ‘just like the real thing’.. are they really???? Nothing man has made has ever stood up to the test in trying to replicate something made by God. Lets get serious in our approach to health.

  • Start to question why so many young people are experiencing and even passing away from heart attacks and other illnesses-aside from the obese.
  • Ask why the athlete, lean and apparently fit who a. experiences the heart attack,  liver or kidney failure, BRAIN aneurism etc etc; and/or b: is seriously affected by such event and worse still loses their life to such an event?
  • Ask why we fall ill to so many ”dis-eases” each year.
  • Ask why there seem to be so many NEW ”dis-eases” popping up each year?
  • Ask why are some living longer in the developed countries- the average age of life expectancy is higher – and yet… (what an oxymoron)- we are fatter, sicker, and more lethargic than ever before.
  • Why is it that the children of today may not outlive their parents???? There goes the average life expectancy increase.
  • Why are we so dependant on quick fix solutions when we know they do not work? Why are we not looking past today, why do we not see nor care about tomorrow, let alone when our children’s children will walk this earth. Are we even having children????

Consider the children being born with cancer ad a range of other terminal illnesses. Why do some develop cancer and a plethora of other dis-eases as children?? Consider the quantities of adults young and old developing these dis-eases and perhaps question WHY the not-for-profit companies supposedly researching such illnesses have not found how to treat them effectively, yet the CEO’s of those same companies drive around in the latest and greatest, secure substantial end-of-year bonuses and often sit on the board for a big Pharmaceutical company or two.

Natural. What  is natural in your life?

Isn’t it time you started to become aware of what you are allowing into your life through:

  • attitudes-what do you want in life and why? How are you setting about achieving those goals? For what purpose have you set those goals?
  • nutrition– what foods do you consume on a daily basis, and what beverages? Have you been sold the adage if it looks healthy, it must be?
  • pharmaceutical drugs– when you get a headache do you automatically reach for a headache tablet or do you ask yourself- how much water have I consumed today and go guzzle some? Children’s headache tablets…don’t even get me started!!!!! grrrrrr
  • ‘experts’ answers or as I prefer to call them- opinions. There are people out here with wisdom and knowledge but no one has THE answer for any given situation. There are always variables, there are always other answers. Always.

Did you know that  60% of people young and old adults fell into the overweight or obese category in Australia in 2012? This number is likely to have increased this year.  This is no mistake, and has taken years of strategic planning by Big Pharma, and Big Corporation. Yes I walk into contentious issues here, and this is certainly my own opinion so do your own research on this topic. I believe we are wayyy past the time when everyday people- you and I- started speaking out; it is time questions were asked and it is time the truth is told; it is wayyy past the time you and I started taking action. One of the best ways to take action is with our wallet. Stop buying the poor quality produce so readily available in supermarkets. Start questioning why you ‘need’ certain drugs. Stop, for heaven’s sake, watching television!!!!! Those ads are evil!!!!

  • Who pushed healthy living into the corner? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who pushed natural ways out? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who wants to keep you sick and tired? Big Business/
  • Who wants to make sure you STAY sick and tired and apathetic? Big Business/Big Pharmaceuticals
  • Who painted the natural style of life as alternative and hippie orientated?! Big Business. Define alternative/hippie please!!!

Imagine if everyone in the world was healthy. The economy in every country would fall over.

  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their advertising from TV; TV could not afford to run.
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their advertising from many magazines; those magazines could not afford to run.
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their funding from the education system, particularly medicinal,.. that would fall on its face!!!
  • if Big Pharmaceuticals pulled their funding from ‘fun runs’ such as the one I just ran… such events would likely not happen! Who backs the Cancer Council? Big Pharmaceuticals!!!

I have stopped reaching for drugs the moment I begin to feel run down;  I stopped believing the lies from marketing companies campaigns; I unplugged myself from some systems of the world and started questioning WHY I ‘needed’ these drugs (which sent me on a downward spiral producing more issues, which could be band-aided with more pharmaceutical drugs creating more issues… and never addressing the core problem!!! This is not a solution to me. Is it for you????); I research the effects and side effects of those exact drugs I apparently need (and laughed after I cried) …. then took matters into my own hands and started researching on different ways and means to heal but better still PREVENT illness and maybe, just maybe, I have stopped the ever present worsening condition of the human mind and body I see when I walk down the street, and on the scary odd occasion when I actually turn on the television. Perhaps you could start to explore the possibility too? It is very empowering and makes ”dis-ease” a lot less scary.

Fear: We are only afraid of things we do not understand. So start to understand the topics you are ”afraid” of. Once you peel back the layer from the onion you will find more layers, but the more you peel, the closer to the heart you get. You are an intelligent being. You were designed this way. Use your brain to ask questions, get more than one answer. Don’t look for the approval of others. You will know the truth when you find it.

I have never bought a microwave meal. I do not own a microwave so that helps, but I find them putrid things. Do some research on how they have been found to change the molecular structure of the foods they cremate.  I did myself a massive health favour in this and make my meals from scratch!! Hands in the air!!! But how is that even possible Vashte I hear you ask??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My meals take all of 15 minutes to make when I’m pushed for time- (most of the time)..and they are delicious. I bet creating my meals takes about as much time as heating in the microwave or going out to buy that poor excuse for food from the drive through. Why don’t you try it on for size? Loads of recipe ideas here!! You would have energy. You would feel full after eating. You would feel good about yourself. You could even lose that fat  without ‘dieting!!

Baked Eggs

If you want to find healthy alternatives for meals that are quick and fast but do not know where to start; start here on this page! Here there are loads of recipes for you to try that are quick and easy, healthy and delicious.

Keep it simple! That is me- Simple! I don’t like spending my free time in the kitchen- but I love good food. So I make fast food HEALTHY.

Go natural. Start in one area of your life- do not try to change everything over night! You will likely be overwhelmed, throw your hands in the air and give up – without even starting.

An easy way to start is with one step, so choose an area in life that is easy for you. Often this is nutrition. Take back the control. Stop giving it away.

Make your breakfast– not from a cereal box bought at the supermarket!! Actually HAVE breakfast!!!-it doesn’t have to be a lot… some fruit is good, a vege juice is better, a smoothie or eggs if you have the time.. prepare lunch the night before- use your leftovers from dinner! Know what you are having for dinner- get a slow cooker!! This is a God-send for me!! Throw in your meal together in the morning, add seasoning and water, turn on low and leave!!! By the time you come home, dinner is cooked! Your very own personal chef!!! Happy days!!!! There are plenty of options and ideas on the net, so how about instead of coming home to switch on the tv and lower your IQ by a further 25%; spend some time on the net researching healthy alternatives for meals; thus potentially increasing your IQ by 25%- I cant promise that for everyone.. lol!!

Fail to plan in any area of your life, then you plan to fail. So it is in nutrition as well. You do not have to hold a qualification in nutrition or dietetics to know good food. A basic rule of thumb to go by is: if it is made naturally of the earth, be it meat, vegetable, fat, fruit it is significantly better than most things from a pretty box found in the frozen aisle of the supermarket.

Healthy Whole Foods

Check out your local farmers markets for fresh healthy vegetables- they are usually on every weekend. They are a great place to get ideas on healthy meals and healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to dive in head first, make one change at a time- just like learning to walk.

Your mind and body will thank you for it. You will see, feel and experience the positive results . You may even start to question if you really need that private medical insurance and if so- change it to revolve around practises such as naturopathy, nutritionist, acupuncturists, physios, and so forth.

In my opinion, the great majority of GP’s/doctors, ‘Specialists’, in particular psychiatrists specialise in pushing drugs. Drug pushers! There is a place they send those people! Drugs they have no real idea on, nor have any care in educating themselves on. They don’t have the time.  If they cared they would inform you of ALL the side effects then let you make your own informed decision. Doctors who care, educate themselves on how nutrition plays an integral part in preventative medicine and will encourage you to change your diet first, before being so willing to hand over drugs. Drugs from which most get a significant five to six star kickback for pushing onto you, the consumer. Thank you very much.

pills pills and more pills

There are GOOD doctors out there. Often aligning themselves with natural practitioners. Look for recommendations via word of mouth, or through natural practitioners. Natural health and pharmaceuticals should work together as opposed to against each other but it would cause such a loss in profit for pharmaceuticals it is likely never to happen on mass.

There are natural answers, and they do work. IF you take action NOW. TODAY.

Throw out your microwave. Simple first step.

These are my opinions and thoughts. It is up to you to research and make your own decisions. Never before has there been so much information freely available for every person with access to a computer. Make up your own minds. Take the action you deem necessary for a more healthy, prosperous, energetic fun filled life. Before it is too late.

Unplug yourself from the matrix. Swim upstream. You are not a sheep- stop acting like one. You can think for yourself! What I say may be a whole lot of poppy cock to you! So be it- but please- head off and do some research to see if my opinion here could possibly strike some kind of truth chord. Dig a little deeper. Open your mind to other possibilities. Start asking questions for the health and sake of yourselves, your children and your children’s children.

Why have we strayed so far from the natural?

 Be aware of marketing strategies using this slogan ‘natural’ when in fact, they are absolutely not.

Open your eyes. Wake up world!!!!

Change, one small step at a time.

xx Vashte xx





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