Lazy Sunday Brunches

by Vashte on January 29, 2012

Lola’s on Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach, Gold Coast.



That’s something unique for the Goldie!

I had been meaning to get to Lola’s for some time. The reputation precedes it somewhat, and yet I have been lax getting there. I am very sorry for that as it is clearly my loss and the local’s gain.. No longer!!!

Found you 😉

Lets backtrack just a smidge:

First and foremost we will start with a great place to stay just outside the centre of Broadbeach. Check out Maison Belle.An older style building with rooms spacious enough for you; the family AND the kitchen sink(s). Their premium 2 bedroom deluxe is larger than some people’s homes. Whether it was the time of year, the fact my friends had stayed here previously, or the set price..who knows but it went for a song this weekend.

Ensuites, tiled floors, formal and living areas, bar space, and million dollar views all round.

I’m liking it. Could easily move in.

Thick walls too; unlike the latest and greatest paper thin, shonky high-rises being slapped up all along the Gold Coast. …

Brunch at Lola’s:

I just have to comment. I’m kicking myself I haven’t been here sooner, but c’est la vie, let’s say it will now be a regular hangout.

Service with a smile and kids are welcomed. Crayons provided and baby chinos on hand. Ahh happy children :)









Lola’s has beautiful thick wooden tables with cushions which makes a welcome change to the plastic fantastic tables along Broadbeach’s main strip!! Lola’s is situated on the corner with a roundabout right there. I wondered the reasoning of placing a great restaurant roadside- however, you pay no attention to the cars. Don’t ask me how they do it but they just keep your attention drawn inside with the friendly staff and food fit for a king or queen.

Make sure you book!! There was a queue when I drove past and then again as we walked straight in to our reserved table :)  Thank you!!

They have something for everyone from light breakies (bircher muesli /fruit salad) to fav’s (eggs any style/corn fritters to savoury baskets) to something a little different (hash stacks, rosti stacks, vanilla pancakes, French toast and ohhh so much more!!!).

I choseFarm FreshPoached eggs, grilled asparagus, grilled mushrooms, herb crusted tomato + a chilli, lime + coriander dressing served w gluten free or turkish bread. Ten points for guessing I opted for gluten free 😉 Talk about perfect food!! Next time I’m going for Trim Fresh– eggs with the works and fresh spinach (my fav!)

Lola’s is open for lunch and dinner and quite frankly I might just have to sample their entire menu!!! It is mouth wateringly good. Our eyes were almost popping out of our heads as the dishes were carried past….”Excuse me Miss.. what was THAT?? Ohhhh and what was  THAT!!!” …You would think we had never been to a restaurant before. Yes, we were hungry :)

They even have their own fish and chip/burger shop around the corner for takeaways. That good.

The one thing they could improve on is the bathrooms. Poor show there. This is a bone of contention for me on the Gold Coast. Why a good restaurant/coffee shop or any establishment wants to let themselves down in the hygiene department is beyond me. The back end is just as important, if not more important than the front end.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience until the bathroom visit. Definitely going back but sure do hope they clean up their act behind the scenes – Literally!!

They deserve their reputation as a fine restaurant food wise.  Extremely reasonably priced.



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Maxine January 29, 2012 at 9:35 pm

With so many “eateries” on the Gold Coast (they say you could eat out every day of the year and never at the same place twice) it’s great to share when one discovers somewhere REALLY good. Thanks Vashte! I’m definitely going to try out this recommendation!


Vashte January 30, 2012 at 8:40 am

My pleasure!! Believe you me!!!! 😉


Adore Estate Coffee December 11, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Andrew here from coffee galleria on the Gold Coast.
We supply coffee to Lolas Cafe at broadbeach and noticed a photo of a young boy enjoying a baby chino.
Hence we would love to use the photo on our company face book site.
Can you please reply if this would be ok.


Vashte December 11, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Hello Andrew.
Thank you for the polite request. I appreciate that. Yes you may use the image. Would you be so kind as to pingback to my site or reference it?
Kind Regards, Vashte


Vashte February 27, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Why thank you very much Kurt. What do you like like about it specifically?


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