January 17, 2012

My Blessed Life

I am no different to you. I live my life and juggle the balls thrown at me. When the curve balls come, and believe me they do, I choose to pick up a bat and smash them out of the ballpark. That is my choice, and yours too. If you choose to dwell on the negative, you get more of it. If you choose to TALK about the negative, you get more. If you choose to LOOK at the get more.

SO, if you choose to focus on the good things in life. You get MORE OF THEM!

Well, I do anyway. Why I would be any different to you is beyond me. I am not special; I am not more gifted; I am not more privileged than you. I have created my world to be a reflection of that which is inside of me. I surround myself with people who encourage me, support me and love me and I let the rest go.I try not to judge myself in comparison to others. I am created unique to this world, as you are too. I choose mentors and people to guide me, but I have no idols. I do not want to ‘be like’ anyone else; I want to shine bright like a diamond. Each diamond is unique also. You are too.

Inside each of us there lives your Spirit. I call Him the Holy Spirit, being Christian. You have Him too if you want Him. Listen, He is a gentle voice, speaking to you in loving tones, guiding you on your unique path. Your path IS the road less travelled as noone has walked your path before you. Some cross it and you meet, some will walk with you for a short while, some will walk with you for a long while, and some will walk in the opposite direction and try to take you with them. Stay true to your calling, and walk the walk. It is not a lonely place if you embrace this amazing life, and choose to have the Holy Spirit live inside you. It is an amazing place, filled with a feeling of well being and contentment, and love.  Your choice always.

The ‘rights’ and the ‘wrongs’ of this world have changed dramatically, and will continue to change. To me, life can be sure of two things: change and death. Everything else comes and goes. I live in this world, but choose not to be ‘of‘ this world. I am a throwback of times past I suppose. I hold on to traditional values and believe in the fairy tale of happily ever after. I believe in men being masculine and women being feminine. I don’t do androgynous. You choose your perspective in life. Make your decisions based on sound Truth, honour and respect.

This life is an amazing life. We are not here for very long so why not choose to be a blessing to as many people as possible? Take the focus off yourself and help other people live joy-filled lives. I believe you will find once you do that, you will experience many blessings flowing TO you THROUGH you blessing THEM. A smile to a complete stranger can make their day- you will never know that though. Embrace and love this life of ours. I live in one of the most beautiful places on this earth, I surround myself with incredible people and I give thanks for my life every morning.

Try this on for size and see how you go. Turn the tables on the negativity of the world. Don’t buy into it. Life is wasted in negativity- NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENINGwe ALL go through crappy times. WALK THROUGH IT, HEAD HELD  HIGH.

XX  Vashte XX

I hope this article empowers you to walk tall with a smile on your face today and every day. I am just like you; living life OUTLOUD. Power to you my friend and thank you for reading this from my heart. xx

Love Is…

Love is showing others that you care. We can spend a lot of time talking, and not a lot of  time DOING. Actions speak louder than words, a smile can cross any language barrier. Try smiling with your eyes, and being genuinely interested in other people and their lives. Watch how your world turns into a technicolour of light, filled with satisfaction, peace and caring.

Love is…Taking the focus off YOUR issues. Start paying compliments to other people! Walk up to a stranger and tell them how good they look; watch them light up with joy and surprise and …be even more surprised at how good YOU feel for making their day more special.

Love is… Spending time with people- REALLY spend time with people. Give them your 100% attention as opposed to thinking about where you need to be next, or the text message you are about to send. That can all wait. You actually DO NOT HAVE to answer that phone call. BE present 100% and you will see, hear and feel so much more. Just BE in the moment. Time is a commodity we will never create more of. Cherish and value every living moment of every second of every single day. It will NEVER be repeated. You CANNOT get it back once it is gone.

Love is.. Leave your phone behind a few times. The world can wait, I assure you, your world will not crumble and fall over if you leave your phone behind every now and then. Allow yourself some space to do the things you love, so you CAN participate fully with people around you.

Love is.. choosing to hold your tongue when there is nothing nice to say. Even when you are sure you are right. Be patient, take a moment to breath. Take a step back from the situation, or even take time out of the situation to calm down. No rational decisions were made when anyone was angry, upset or emotional and once those words are spoken, you cannot take them back. Words can empower, or cut like a knife. Choose to empower people. Choose life.

Love is.. choosing to believe there is good in all people. There is always a reason deeper than that which is presented. Take time to delve deeper into the real meaning,  from which the action or words are coming. Understand the WHY and you will unravel the onion and get to the real meaning.

Love is.. helping other people when you have a million things to do. People rarely remember gifts, but they do remember experiences. Make your life a series of experiences and give your time to those you care about. You cannot put a value on your time with friends and family.

Love is.. being patient and not rushing in where angels fear to tread. Life is so hussle and bussle today. Slow down every now and then and appreciate what you have in front of you. REALLY look at the beauty of the world in your world. Look at the little things. The colour of the sky, the reflection on the water, the clear water that flows from the tap, the ease of our world compared to many others.. the smile from your friend, the touch on the arm from someone who cares or wants to connect.

Love is.. connecting with people. Hug your friends. Hug your family. TELL them you love them even when they tell you they know. Speak with sincerity. Speak from your heart. We yearn for love and acceptance. BE the one who gives that love and acceptance and you will receive so much more in return.  Do not go looking for love, go out and GIVE love, If you plant the seed of love and kindness you will reap the reward in so many ways for the rest of your life.

FORGIVE and let go. If you choose not to…then you lose and the situation owns you. Let it go and it can no longer stick to you. You win the race of life.

One life, live it well.

Love is..all those things to me ..and oh so much more xx

xx Vashte xx

If You Love Someone…


If you love someone because you think he or she is gorgeous-

then its not love its – INFACTUATION –

If you love someone because you think you shouldn’t leave him because others think you shouldn’t –

then its not love its  –COMPROMISE –

If you love someone because you think you cannot live without his touch –

then its not love its – LUST

If you love someone because you have been kissed by him –

then its not love its – INFERIORITY COMPLEX

If you love someone thinking you cannot leave him without hurting his feelings –

then its not love its – CHARITY –

If you love someone because you share everything with him –

then its not love its -FRIENDSHIP-

but if you feel his PAIN, even when he is stable and you cry for him..


if you get attracted to other people but stay with him without any regrets


if you live life side by side, laughing, crying, LIVING life as partners – man and woman..sharing life’s ups and downs together….




In My Heart…


(I saw this, loved it and want to share it with you if you have taken the time to be here on my blog…as …it really is how I feel about life.. xx)

You don’t have to be perfect to belong in this place.

You don’t have to have all the answers, or always know the right thing to say.. You can climb the highest mountain, if you want. Or quietly imagine that you might..some day.

You can take chances or take safety nets, make miracles or make mistakes.

You don’t have to be composed at all hours to be strong here.

You don’t have to be bold or certain to be brave. ..You don’t even have to know who you want to be here…

 just take my hand

and rest your heart

and stay awhile with me.


Life…make it count for something GREAT!


  • Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child.
Laughter is the elixar for life
  • Love has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with time, trust, and interest.
  • Laughing, crying, joy and anger are all natural emotions. Let them out, but focus on the positive.
Let it out
  • The greatest truths in life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness. There is no need to rush. If you are rushed, it is very likely to be the wrong decision or motivation driving you.
  • Greed will bury even the lucky eventually. Luck is not real, diligence, consistency pay off. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, ever. You have your own personal journey to accomplish.
Fly solo. Achieve your own personal journey.
  • Bad things do happen to good people. Get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.
  • Paving your own road is intelligent only if no one has gone exactly where you are going. Choose mentors but not idols. Make your own impact.
  • Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge. Educate yourself BEFORE you need it. Hesitation is the product of fear. Face your fear head on and run at it like a bull. You will see fear does not exist. Fear is a coward.
Can CAN do it if you ONLY TRY.
  • Time heals all wounds. Regardless of how you feel right now.
  • Most of the time what you are looking for is right in front of you or under your nose. Stop a moment and smell the roses. Take the blinkers off and really ‘see’ with open eyes.
  • Your health IS YOUR LIFE. Without it, all the money in the world cannot give you that quality of life back. Make your health a priority. PREVENT illness from being part of your life.
You choose what your body is made up of.
  • Chance is a gift. Act on chance when given the opportunity and appreciate it.
  • Kindness, people skills and hard work will take you further than intelligence.
  • People deserve a second chance, but be wary the third time round. Forgive and protect yourself.
  • Marry your best friend.
Best friends, lovers and confidantes
  • Take lots of pictures. When you have grandchildren you will be really happy you did.
Life.. is a box of chocolates.
  • Money makes life easier only when the money is yours free and clear.
  • Your actions now create a ripple effect. The create memories you will reminisce on and talk about in your older years. Choose your actions wisely.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. You will see things from a fresh perspective. One you cannot grasp without doing so.
  • Motivation is a feeling. It does not last. Strike while the iron is hot but remain consistent in your actions. Don’t fall for hyped up caffeine driven NLP motivational speakers.
  • Purposefully ignoring the obvious is like walking backwards into the enemy. Get real.
Open your eyes.
  • Take ownership of failure. It builds to foundation for success. Failure is one step closer to success.
  • Personal glory lasts forever. Make sure you give the glory to that whom it belongs.
All my glory is His
  • If you choose not act, you will remain the same forever. You will never know for sure and be left behind wishing upon the good old days.  Carpe diem, the time is NOW.
  • Carelessness is the root of failure. Tread carefully and always walk in love. Love never fails.. even in business.
God is Love

5 April 2012



Please enjoy this tribute:

366 days has passed since I lost my fiance to cancer. One full Leap Year. He is loved by many, many people, and he inspired complete strangers in life, in love, in His integrity with his Christian walk, and his passion to teach and give.

It has been a year in which I have taken each day as it came. Soldiering on with a lot of pace and determination. On this day however, I have stopped for a moment. Approaching today has been harder than I expected. They say time heals all wounds. Today this does not feel to be true. It is harder today, harder than any other day in these past 366 days. Yes harder. Even the day I lost him was not as hard as this.

I live, we live, and he is not here. And it is that real. This anniversary proves this is real.

Sometimes I feel so alone. Often. He made me the centre of his world, second only to Jesus. He treated me like a princess, and he loved me for all that I was. I am truely blessed to have been loved by a wonderful man like him. Some people never experience that in life, at any stage. So to have it, even if it was for a fleeting moment, is a blessing. Thank you Jesus for sending me that man. We fought, we laughed, we lived, and we loved.

I am angry that he is not here. He should be. It was not his time. BUT in the tme he was here, he made an impact. A dramatic impact. Noone who had the honour to meet my man, can say a bad word about him. He was to the end: strong, courageous, a gentleman, loving, kind and a provider. He was my rock.

Watch the words you speak about and to other people. Know that we are here for but a short moment in time. Understand the words we speak, the actions we take, and the looks we give; make an impact on others. On the ones you love, and on total strangers. A smile will cost you nothing. A phone call to that long lost friend who pops up into your mind is not difficult. Pride – is a killer. Ditch it. A hug can go a long way. Be kind and live your life GIVING to others as opposed to worrying about what you can GET from people. We can not predict how long we are here on this earth for – and when it ends, it is sudden. Make an impact. Make it positive. Your life will be enriched beyond that which you can think dream or imagine when you live your life this way.

I miss you Tony. Dearly.

Lord give me the true strength to live this life the way you want me to. Give me the strength to love again. I want that greatly.

In Jesus name,



2012 is here!!!!

We are staring down the barrel of another year – what will it bring for YOU? What will YOU create out of it?

Lets make 2012 a year of ACTION;  together. YOU ‘BE’ the creator of an amazing world for yourself, and those around you. YOU ‘BE’ the author.

The thing about life, is that we are the authors of our own reality. HOW we deal with events that happen to us and around us is entirely up to us as people. As opposed to REACTING to events and situations, work on ACTING on those same events. Dont constantly be behind the 8-ball trying to catch up and wondering ‘why me’? Dont be a VICTIM.

Be MORE THAN A CONQUEROR,  as you are designed to be.

Have you set your intentions for this new year? KEEP THEM!! Dont let them be a 7-day-wonder. You HAVE the discipline in you. YOU DO. You learnt to walk right? So why do we as adults allow ourselves to QUIT when things get uncomfortable, hard, or don’t seem to work? Especially in todays age and attitude.

Look within and bring back the determination you have used to get you this far. Come on!! Consistancy is key- to all things in life. Keep at your goals, keep them in your focus and KNOW what it is you want. Did you know that if you KNOW what you want from life, you are half way there?!

If I stopped you on the street and randomly posed this question to you:


Would the answer roll of your tongue or would you give the stock standard answer…”I don’t know’.

Think about it..and make the necessary changes IF you want change in your life. If you dont know what you want you will get exactly that- You will just be another body existing BU…

We were not created to live substandard, nor even mediocre lives!! Figure out your goals in all areas of your life:

  • SPIRITUAL (Spiritual deveolpment and growth, prayer, fasting etc)
  • PHYSICAL (eg health and wellness)
  • CAREER (eg the right career, mentors, stimulating peers, business opportunites etc)
  • FINANCIAL (income, cash flow, assets, debt reduction, retirement planning, holidays, insurance etc)
  • EMOTIONAL/FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS (quality time with loved ones, romance, sense of belonging, friendships, love ect)
  • MENTAL/INTELLECTUAL (self education and development, interests, hobbies, personal time etc)

Take the necessary steps to make your goals a reality.

Write your goals down and speak them verbally every day on rising and before sleeping.

Be patient, but focused.

Make them realistic and celebrate each small step towards achieving your goals. Once you hit that goal, re-establish the next step at a higher level.

BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH. It does not matter how impossible it looks RIGHT NOW. You are not dicatated to by how you feel nor by how things look. FOCUS, BELIEVE and KNOW you are making the necessary changes to make a better life for you and or your family.

Do not look to the left nor to the right – stay focused. YOU WILL DO IT.

Have fun, laugh lots and surround yourself with people who support you in your ambition.












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