I Eat Fast Food!

by Vashte on July 17, 2013

  • Think healthy food takes too long to cook? Think again!
  • Think healthy food is expensive? Think again!
  • Think healthy food is boring? Change your attitude and think again! Define boring to me please?

Here is the fastest meal in the West- all healthy, absolutely delicious and nutritious and the absolute beginner in the kitchen can’t even stuff this one up!

Organic Chicken and Spinach

Organic Spinach and Onions blanched, topped with Chicken Breast sauteed in Basil and Coconut Oil. Done deal.

Please explain to me how hard that is to make?! Faster than waiting in line at the fast food outlet, and will actually nourish your body with nutrients you need! You feel amazing after eating this, as opposed to heavy, bloated and lethargic.

Simple clean healthy meals- made in 10-15 minutes.

You Will Need:

  • 100-250 gm organic free range chicken ( or whatever meat you like)
  • Organic Spinach- you decide how much- there is never enough for me :)
  • Organic Onions
  • Basil – or whatever herbs you like to season with
  • Himalayan salt and pepper
  • Coconut oil

How To Make It Work:

  • Blanch the spinach and onions in water and your chosen herbs.
  • Saute your meat in coconut oil and your chosen herbs.
  • Voile- meal prepared. Takes all of 10-15 minutes.

Shop for your greens at your local farmers markets HERE for QLD; better still, hunt down your organic markets and outlets- HERE for BNE area. Buy what is in season as the price will be more competitive and we as humans are designed to eat the foods that are actually in season as opposed to demanding our favourite foods all year round; which is why genetic modification is developing at such an alarming rate.

If we choose healthier options for ourselves, our wallets will demand where the big money is invested. Keep your food seasonal, and enjoy the added health benefits that follow- ie higher immunity = less illness. You don’t need the flu shot!!!! Funny that I have never had the flu shot and … have I EVER had an actual flu? How about a cold??? I’m working with people in close proximity- if anyone is going to get sick- you would think it would be people like me… but no. I eat well- my food is my medicine. How about you?

Paprika Chicken on Spinach

I used Cayenne Pepper on my chicken in this one as Cayenne Peeper is said to increase metabolism. You dont need those ‘pre-work’ drinks- just eat the right foods :)

Use your spices and herbs to jazz up your meals. Include Himalayan salt- it is VERY good for you. Mix and match your spices. Grow your own herbs! Add them to every meal!! Prepare a meal like this the night before for your lunch at work- take an apple and an orange to have as a snack, and a couple of grissini sticks if you feel like it. Top up on green tea and water all day long. Get your body demanding alkaline, healthy, light meals! The more alkaline you become the more you crave healthy, live, light nutritious meals like these. Simple, easy, nutritious. That simple.

Be prepared. Plan your days and weeks. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail so exactly what is it you really want in life? Do you really want optimum health? Do you really want to live an abundant life? Do you really want to be lighter, physically, emotionally and Spiritually? The foods we eat make a remarkable impact on who we are and who we present to the world. If we really think about it, it becomes logical and clear. Our bodies are made up of cells, we are made up of bones, organs, blood…physical quantifiable measurable items. Such is the human body. We function on a bio-chemical level. Biology and chemistry together. Doesn’t it make logical sense, forgetting the emotional and spiritual aspect for the moment, that the fuel we put in this machine -our body – will determine how efficiently and effectively that machine works?

  • You wouldn’t put diesel in a Maserati would you?
  • Why would you put diesel in your body- your Maserati for life?

Why are we so amazed when our bodies finally start to fail when we continuously stuff them full with junk? And then even more amazed and disappointed when we change one day, one week, one month, out of our lives, expecting our bodies to return to optimum functionality over night?  In reality  our bodies are amazing, incredulous machines and NOONE has all the answers. Noone can figure them out.

YOU are your own best doctor because noone knows your body the way you do. You know what your body digests easily. You know what causes gas, indigestion, pain, tiredness…. You know what foods make you feel light and more alert. You also know how the foods you eat affect you mentally. If you eat foods and they cause pain in your body, tiredness, bloating…anything uncomfortable- it stands to reason that you dont feel so good about yourself, doesn’t it?

Most of us can take a moment and reflect on the reality of the situation and take ownership of our own bodies, minds and situations. Really we can. It may be confronting at first; perhaps humourous if you have a good sense of humour, perhaps enlightening. But if we all just took a step back and observed the truth of the situation, we could all take a lot more responsibility for our present scenario, which then gives us the power and confidence to actually do something about it. We dont always need to rush off to expensive doctors, ‘specialists’, ‘gurus’. Anyone calling themselves an expert or guru is banned from my world- all those so called ‘experts and gurus have FAILED big time over and over. I would suggest you do the same.. there are no such things as experts and gurus– we continually  learn and grow, grow and change. You are your own specialist. End of story.

If you want help in any area of your life, research and find people who are open, non-judgmental and not linked to any one company. Find people who understand that each person is different, and each person requires a different approach. We are not the same, none of us. One size has never fitted all!!

Start with making healthier nutritious choices in your food! And watch as your world turns inside out and upside down with good things! Great changes! Exciting changes- without tooo much effort. When you begin to see results, you get excited right?! Start with your food. Food is the sustenance we need to keep our bodies functioning at peak condition– so why do we abuse it so? Make that change! You can do it! I BELIEVE IN YOU!! That is a start :) xx

If you want more help in knowing exactly what to eat, contact me! Look around my site for ideas! Perhaps I can help, or perhaps I can point you in the right direction! You wont know if you dont ask!! Here is my instagram page- dedicated predominately to food. Here you will get ideas, as well as see how passionate I am in creating everyday healthy food, made delicious.  Follow me there if you like!

Take ownership of your life today. Just do it! You will never get this day back! So make the difference today! Right now! What are you waiting for?!

I offer courses in health and wellness, delivered via skype. If you would like to know more on these- contact me and we can chat!

xxx Vashte xx




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