How to set Goals and Hit Them

by Vashte on February 4, 2012


What Do You Really Want Out of Life?

The SMART system is not a new system. It is tried and tested over many years. It works as a method of defining and developing goals. Use these guidelines to identify and write your goals.

  • S–SpecificBe precise. Identify your ‘why’. Know what this goal will provide for you. WHY do you have this goal? WHY do you want it? What are you passionate about? It may be health, spiritual, financial, relationships, family ANYTHING! What makes you tick? What gets you excited about life?


If you want to drop weight; how much weight will you to take off and what size you will wear? What will this give you? How will you feel? WHY do you want this?

If you want to pay off your debt; know how much you will pay off week by week and the length of time it will take you. How will you feel when you have paid this off? What will you do? WHY do you want this?

Take the time to visualise having achieved that which you desire. ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’.  Visualise HOW you feel now that you have achieved your goal. Get emotionally involved with YOUR  result.

  • M–Measurable- how will you know you are moving in the right direction? Your goal must be measurable. You need to identify your marker.Saying “I want to lose weight” or “I want to earn more money” will not get you the results you are dreaming of. Your dreams will remain a dream. Be specific in your language and state; “I will be a size 12 by December 2012, and comfortably fit into my favourite pair of jeans”. This is measurable and specific.
  • A–Attainable–You must believe that you are able to achieve your goal. If you have not lost weight in a very long time set your goal posts closer. Don’t think that you can achieve your ideal physique in a heartbeat. It takes work and consistency. Set your goal outside your comfort zone but not so far that your mind thinks it is impossible. Once you start achieving results you can then re set your goal posts once those smaller goals have been hit. Your goals may seem somewhat unrealistic to you now, but they shouldn’t seem insurmountable. They need to be a stretch for you. Understand that baby steps will get you there. Small steps one at a time allow you to reach those goals as opposed to falling in the ditch of unrealistic expectations. Same goes for ALL your goals, especially financial. Don’t be a dreamer, be a DOER.
  • R–RelevantYour goals should be something you are truely passionate about. You want to get emotionally involved with your goals. Listen to your heart and take your mind with you. Your goals need to reflect who you are, and who you want to grow to be. If you are married, each person should have their own goals – ones that are personal to each individual whilst developing goals you can achieve as a couple too. By working together and supporting one another you can grow your loving bond even closer.
  • T–TimetableSet a date for the expected date of completion. Again make this realistic. If you set the goal posts too close then you set yourself up to fail. Set them too far away then there is no sense of urgency and focus. If you set your date of completion in a sensible time frame and find that you miss it, reset the posts. Its OK to miss the mark- just re group and keep going. Very few people hit bullseye every single time but don’t let this be your excuse for not trying.

The only way to fail is by not setting goals at all. By starting on this journey you have already won. Remember that. So many people today lump their dreams in the too hard basket. That is failure. A dream is a dream until you set a time frame to it, at which point it becomes reality and thus a GOAL. It takes action to complete a goal, dedication and consistency. BUT know that once you start.. and keep going.. you WILL get there.!

  • Once you have set your goals, spend time daily reflecting on them. I pray about mine and always ask Jesus for wisdom and understanding to know the Father’s heart. I don’t know if you believe in Jesus but His strength is what actually pulls me through the tough times. Not my strength. I would be worn out, tired and wrinkled if I left if all to me!! But that’s just my belief- you make your own decisions there.
  • Identify what actions are necessary to take on a daily and weekly basis to achieve your goals and DO THEM.
  • This is important so take note: identify what actions you currently are taking that are NOT in alignment with achieving your goals (ex: TV). Get rid of them!!! They are stealing your dreams/goals!!
  • Follow through with consistent, focused action. When you have goals you are emotionally involved with and are passionate about, taking action will be easier.
  • Set short term, medium term and long term goals. With a clear purpose, defined goals and focused action, the results are yours! Celebrate each little success in a way that will not negate your dedicated progress. Make sure you celebrate them. Psychologically this is key!!

Go get’em cow boys and girls!!!! Tell me how you go!! I would LOVE to hear your steps of success – what you are achieving, believing for and working towards. xx


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