How To Live Life Outloud A-Z “G”

by Vashte on February 2, 2013


Grateful – Giving – Genuine – Gifts- Greatness- Grace – Gift of Life vs Game of Life.


Be grateful for every single moment of every single day you live. No matter what you are going through. Living life in gratitude gets you through the tough times so much easier, and cruises you through the good times. Gratefulness comes from your Spirit, and is heard through the words you speak. Give life through your words – out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks. As a man thinkith- so is he (The Christian Bible). Think grateful thoughts, speak grateful words. Give of yourself to others and you will find they will give unto you.

Be genuine in all that you do and say. Do not worry about what you think others want to hear, speak the truth always, with love. This way you are genuine and will be trusted and valued in many circles. Do not try to be something you are not. Be yourself– you are amazing just the way you are. Today.

Grow and learn every day but enjoy who you are today as well. Stretch yourself to keep growing throughout life and life will always be new and exciting for you. Through being genuine you will move towards greatness in life- whatever that means to you personally.

Gift of Life vs Game of Life.

Life is a gift to me. Not a game. Some people play it as a game- this is very tiresome for me personally. I can’t imagine anything worse than living a game of chess.. always on the look out for who to checkmate- or who wants to checkmate me. I choose to look at life as a gift of life. I work on valuing each day and cherishing the people who cross my path. It is your choice as to how you look at life – is it a gift or a game to you?

Grace – God

I believe by the Grace of God I am here. I am strong. I love this life despite the hurdles, but I have not always held this view. Now I am a Christian who loves God– my Father- dearly and it is He who gives me the Grace to carry on in strength and love each and every day. It is through Him I am grateful and through Him I am able to give. Live a life of Grace and Gentleness. We do not need to become like the world- brash and hardened. Yes, be aware of how the world works, and then win it over with Grace and Gentleness.

Glamour – Graceful- Gentle – Gorgeous- Giselle- Gem –

Gentleman – Gallant.

As a female I encourage old fashioned behaviours such as glamour, gracefulness, gentleness and being gorgeous! There is nothing more feminine or sensual than a female who truly carries these traits. Glamour, Gracefulness, Gentleness and being Gorgeous Рare not skin deep qualities. Do not be tricked into thinking this is seduction or clothing that reveals every curve. Far from the truth. Having these traits means you have respect for yourself, your body, your family and those who know you. You have class. It means holding yourself high and having high expectations in your behaviour and who you present yourself to be. Be a Giselle. Be smart and hard to catch. You are  worth it. Be a rare a precious gem. Shine like the diamond and do not let anyone dull your sparkle- many will try.

The man who is able to catch such a Giselle is a gentleman. Gallant in manner and thinking- a rare gem in this current world of ours. Look out for fakes.

Greens РGrapes РGrapefruit vs  Garbage

Greens!! Eat your greens!! Eat organic greens! Eat as many greens as you can every day!! Green vegetables; leafy green vegetables- and eat them raw more than you eat them cooked!!! Get alkaline! Flush those toxins!! Greens will help empty the garbage out!! Freeze grapes- keep them in the deep freeze for when you get a sugar craving!! Munch on them instead of other things!! Start your day with half a grapefruit!! Perfect for alkalising the body and flushing toxins!! Not too heavy, not too light!! Get healthy from the inside out :) Do not rely on genetics to keep you trim, and do not use genetics as an excuse for keep you out of shape. You are what you say you are.. so what are you????….. :

You are : A gorgeous, glamourous, gentle, giselle and gem; or a gallant gentleman living a genuine life of grace, gratefulness and giving your gifts to the world as you are unique and the world needs what you have to offer. Yes you. Your ‘little’ contribution could save lives, change lives and give meaning to lives. Be grateful for every moment of every day and give thanks to our God who created you in the image and likeness of Him. Did you know that through Christ you can do all things as He strengthens you? If you want him to of course. I do. But that is entirely your choice if you allow Him to do the same for you.

Get those green vegetables into you and experience the amazingness of potentially becoming alkaline. Experience the surge of energy as you eat clean, green, whole foods, and cleanse from the inside out.


What are yours? Have them written out, precisely and concisely. Make them achievable in the given time frame. Change them as you reach them. If you miss the mark reset and start again. Keep your goals in your line of focus. Tell others about them and make yourself accountable to someone you respect. Challenge yourself but do not make them a distant dream. Make sure you set a date to achieve them by- then set more goals. Be a goal hitter not a gold keeper. GOALS. A life without goals is just an existence.

I am not here to merely exist. I am here to make a mark. What about you? And how much of a mark are you willing to make? You are the only one holding yourself back.

So get out of your own way.

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Penny Yates February 7, 2013 at 9:17 am

Hi Vashte,

I just wanted to say I am inspired by your writings and know what you say to be very true. Keep it coming. Love the way you are sharing Gods word and imparting his desires for us to live as he intended us to live. Love your “G” input, much to be grateful for etc..
Also your photos are very beautiful and feminine, a testimony in it self!

Love Penny


Vashte February 7, 2013 at 9:34 am

Hello Penny!
Thank you for your comment and contribution!
For many years I walked my ‘own path’ but have found my way through Christ now:) Much easier and less tiresome! I hope that I can impart some of His love through my website, and perhaps help other people find their way too :) Every little bit counts!! God bless you and much love from me too xx


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