HOW to STOP Emotional Eating

by Vashte on December 19, 2012

Follow these basic steps to help get you on track..

Almost everyone is overeating in the Western World. Australia and America vie for the fattest nations in the world. YOU don’t have to make up part of this horrendous statistic. If you are sick of feeling fat, lazy and almost dead; if you are ready to destroy that cop out habit of feeding-your-feelings then read on. These steps outline my basic 12 step program for how to stop emotional eating:

1. Plan ahead. The age old saying ‘fail to plan = plan to fail’ is never more apt than in this circumstance. It takes time to think about meals, as well as prepare them. Planning is not negotiable. Plan, plan and plan some more.

2. Make the Commitment. Set the day you will start this plan and tell friends/family you are embarking on this journey. The more people you tell the more likely you will stick to it as we can kid ourselves but we tend to be less likely to kid others as easily.

3. Get rid of temptations. If it is not on the menu plan, get it out of the house. End of story. If it is not in the house you cant eat it. NEVER shop when you are hungry.

4. Get enough sleep. It is easier to give in to emotional eating when you are tired. The body looks for an energy source when tired.  If you deprive the body from sleep the next thing it will resort to is food.  Consider taking a cat nap if possible and get quality sleep as often as you can.

5. Eat mini-meals often. By eating 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day, you help keep blood sugar and moods stable. Space your meals 2-3 hours apart. A ‘meal’ is not a plate laden with food, it can be a very small balanced snack to sustain you for the next couple of hours. You just need to stoke the fire of your metabolism, not overburden it.

6. Track everything. Keep a diary of the times you eat, the quantities and foods you are eating, how you are feeling and the activities you are involved with. 90% of people who diarise their journey are successful. Avoid ‘food amnesia’ – write down EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth.

7. Start eating alkaline foods. When you eat for health you will choose more high fibre,  raw, organic wholefoods, such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and healthy high protein foods, like fish, lean poultry and high quality red meats in small portions. Ditch the pre-made, pre packaged, microwaveable, low fat options.

8. Be physically active. Move, move and move some more!!! Exercise reduces stress and is a great mood enhancer too. Find something you enjoy and you will stick with it for longer.

9. Create new comforts. Make a list of healthy activities you enjoy. Whenever you feel the need, treat yourself to something on your list. You are not a dog so do not reward yourself with food. Fall in love with something else to do and focus your attention there. Focus on what you CAN have.

10. Manage your stress. Healthy emotional DE-stress management is an important life skill. Positive ways to reduce stress include regular exercise, relaxation techniques and getting support from family and friends.

11. Use healthy distractions.
Take a walk, surf the internet, spend time with your pet animals, listen to music, enjoy a warm bath, read a good book, watch a movie, work in the garden or talk to a friend. Make yourself accountable to someone you respect; call them if you need to. Do whatever it takes to think of something different, positive and fun!

12. Get some support. It is easier to control emotional eating if you have a support network of friends or family. If no one you know is supportive, make some new health-oriented friends, go online and join health forums- they are a dime a dozen- you will soon realise you are not the only one in the world with these habits! It may help you to know this! Who knows – you may end up helping someone else and in the process forget about the issue YOU were having.. funny how life works that way!

These are just a few of my basic steps on how to destroy emotional eating and self sabotage. Just remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither were you. It has taken you years to get to where you are now, don’t expect it to magic away the minute you decide you are trying something new.

Have patience with yourself. Be firm but loving. If you do not love yourself and respect yourself to give YOU time for real results, you are setting yourself up for failure. Make the commitment? Yes! Have the focus,? Yes Be accountable? Yes! Know that you are made in the image and likeness of God and can do all things through Him who strengthens you? YES!!

Realise you are human and you will fall over. Its not about how many times or how hard you fall.. it IS about how many times you get back up. So get up NOW.

You are here reading this blog for a reason. You are here and you want to make a change in your life. You CAN. You HAVE. You have read this blog and now have the basics on how to move forward. There are many recipes on this blog to help you get alkaline and healthy, to keep you full and energetic and  don’t take a lot of time to make. Quit letting the world walk all over you. Take back your life and let the strength rise from within. The time is now. Do NOT wait another day.

Live a life LESS ORDINARY. Live a life LESS LETHARGIC. Live a live free from guilt and condemnation.

For more information on a personal programme to help overcome emotional eating email:


xx Vashte xx





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Maxine December 20, 2012 at 7:58 am

Great points Vashte, especially for this time of the year. Christmas can be so stressful for many. X


Vashte January 2, 2013 at 7:42 am

Christmas and New Year.. a lot of excess in all departments.. so now as we are in the New Year we can all reset and readjust to take this year by the horns and run with it!! Happy New Year Maxine xx


Moana Robinson December 20, 2012 at 8:00 am

Vashte this is a great fantastic website., You are so inspiring – I love reading what you write. As I am sitting here in my shorts and t shirt ready to do the housework I am now going to go for a walk outside before I start and then I have done something for ME. Thank you. Love from Moana


Vashte January 2, 2013 at 7:41 am

Hi Moana! Thank you for your comment! I write from personal experiences so they are very true to life for me, and as I think I share many traits with many people- I may possibly help a few people along the way!! :)Happy New Year to you xx


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